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Humbug 2

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MeaghanHumbug 2Before you get your hopes up, this is not a game made by Ebenezer Scrooge no matter how much you may be preparing for a visit from some specters ready to make you humble. Humbug 2 is in fact made by the evil genius of PixelContinuous. That's right, the quirky puzzle platformer that warps the logic of video games is now a trilogy with that rascal thief Ziggy out to get his ultimate prize: a crown. Navigate the convict with the [WASD] or [arrow] keys. Pause with [Q] and restart with [R] and alter your power with the [1] and [2] buttons. To interact with items hit the [spacebar] and prepare for cryptic hints on how to figure out each level as well as items that need to be collected if you want a special ending.

If you're familiar with Humbug and the follow up, Humbugger, you're aware of the fact that the puzzles are not only bizarre but scoff at the idea of "normal." Ziggy, for instance, can pause the game... and then keep moving himself, allowing him to "cheat" the typical rules of game logic in order to get past challenges. This is a great thing when looking for a game that will challenge you to think outside of the box and keep surprising you with each new level. The puzzles and platform challenges are generously balanced so that you get a healthy amount of both. There's still the difficulty with one hit deaths and sluggish movement but neither of those poison the well that is an innovative and unconventional diamond of a game.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Humbug 2 Walkthrough

Learning Your Controls

  1. Simply walk to the other side of the screen to leave the level.

Scenes One through Eight

Scene One

  1. When the chicken is in mid-jump hit the Q button. This pauses the game but Ziggy is not affected by pause.

  2. Jump onto the back of the chicken then jump up.

  3. You can use buttons 1 and 2 to fluctuate Ziggy and his strength. You will need to press 2 to make him stronger.

  4. When your strength is high enough walk through the wooden plank blocking your exit. Leave the scene after doing this.

Scene Two

  1. Interact with the torch to have the gate raised.

Scene Three

  1. Jump up the steps to get to the guard on the top. When he says "You can pass," press the space bar to take the dialogue bubble.

  2. Go down to the guard on the bottom and place the dialogue bubble where his would be. You can now pass.

Scene Four

  1. You are considered dead when your power is zero.

  2. Jump onto the spikes and allow yourself to die then raise your power up to become alive again. You are now immune to the spikes.

  3. Walk over to the other side to leave the level.

  4. See Special Gems portion of walkthrough for what to do at the vending machine.

Scene Five

  1. Similar to the previous level you will need to be at zero power to get through the spikes.

  2. After you have crossed the spikes you will notice that the "You Are Dead," bar is staying and not moving. Go back up to the stairs and jump onto this impromptu bridge.

  3. Keep running back and forth over the torch until the room is pitch black. Jump back down and exit the scene.

Scene Six

  1. Jump up to the top with the knights until you are told you can't pass and fall down the trapdoor.

  2. Go over and jump on top of the red button to open the gate.

  3. Grab the pole-axe from the poster then head up the stairs and join the knights once more. You will be able to pass this time.

Scene Seven

  1. Go to the far right side and hit pause when the cannon ball is over your head. Pick it up and run left towards the cannon.

  2. Place the cannonball in the air then unpause the game. Pause when the top cannonball is in the middle. Pick up the lower cannonball and move it so it's closely under the top ball.

  3. Unpause the game once more and pause again right next to the wall. You can now climb up the two cannonballs to get to the top.

Scene Eight

  1. Pick up the cord for the tv and place it on the knight to hold.

  2. Return to the tv and switch the channels until you are on the screen with the hot air balloons. Grab the hot air balloon from the screen.

  3. Start jumping repeatedly on top of the torch until the balloon flies you up to the top where you want to be. Let it go to drop onto the ledge and finish the scene.

Scenes Nine through Sixteen

Scene Nine

  1. Flip the switch. An elevator will lower with a wraith on it. Pause the game to stop the elevator so it's at the same height as the top of the torch.

  2. Run to the right so the wraith follows but make sure not to allow it to trap you. Run back to the left and unpause the game so the elevator will crush the wraith.

  3. Hop on the elevator and flip the switch to go up.

Scene Ten

  1. Go to the right and flip the switch to have the cannon start shooting.

  2. Once the cannonball gets close pause the game and jump on top of it.

  3. Jump up and while in mid-air unpause the game to have another cannonball shoot out. Pause the game once you're about to land on top of the ball.

  4. Jump on top of the cannon then unpause the game, if you die simply raise your power back up. When a cannonball is being shot out pause the game so you can pick up the cannonball.

  5. Jump up and place the cannonball above you then go on top of it so you can get up the brick wall.

  6. Leave the scene by jumping on top of the castle and going right until you exit.

Scene Eleven

  1. Flip the switch and run towards the barrels.

  2. Jump on top of the barrels (avoiding being hit by snowballs).

  3. When a snowball has flown next to the knight and obscures the "not" in cannot pause the game and walk past him.

Scene Twelve

  1. Pull the chain to have the wrecking ball crash into the castle.

  2. On the bottom there is a brick jutting out. Interact with it and pull it out to make the tower collapse.

Scene Thirteen

  1. Jump up to the top of the clock tower and jump to the left to land on top of the sun. Jump on it until it goes down and the bridge to the right lowers.

  2. Go over to the bridge to leave the scene.

Scene Fourteen

  1. Jump onto the top of the staircase. Keep jumping until the spiked wheel is adjacent to you. Pause the game and jump on it.

  2. Jump up and unpause the game to have the spiked ball move up but pause it again quickly before landing on the ball to avoid death. Keep doing this until you can reach the key at the top of the screen.

  3. Once you have the key pause the game and jump down, unpause and run through the door to leave the level.

Scene Fifteen

  1. Put your power at three and find which wooden doorway will break down. Go through that doorway.

  2. Up your power to eight and repeat the same. Go through that same doorway a second time to escape the level.

Scene Sixteen

  1. Flip the switch and pause the game when the weight is at the same level as the second ladder rung.

  2. Go over to the spikes and let yourself die on them. Put your power back up and return to the spot under the weight.

  3. Unpause the game and let the weight kill you. Once again bring your power back up to live.

  4. Go to the right where the spike is hanging from the top of the structure and kill yourself on that. Up your power to be alive again.

  5. Head left and kill yourself on the spikes to the left. Up your power to be alive again.

  6. Use the bridges to leave the level.

Extra Awesome Ending

  1. Assuming you've picked up all the items through the levels the bat will take you to an angelic place.

  2. Hit the post to place the diamonds in correctly.

  3. Go to the outhouse and hit it three times in a row until you see and S. Pause for a moment then hit the outhouse again three times with small pauses between each hit until an O appears. Finally, hit the outhouse three times in a row at normal speed to make the last S appear. You will be given wings.

  4. Return to the angel.

Getting Special Items

Blue Diamond

  1. The first gem can be found on the menu screen. Above the poster there is an arrow drawn on the bricks. Click the brick to the very right of the arrow tip. You will receive the blue diamond.

Pink Diamond

  1. On level four at the vending machine enter in the code: 5369. After you enter the code interact with the area where it says unlocked.


  1. Received on level six. In order to get the cookie you must have the pole-ax and walk in exact time with the knights.

  2. If you're patient and wait you will notice there's a well spaced gap that you can jump into and follow the knights.


  1. On level eight when you're floating up turn your power to zero in order to receive the harp. When you reach the angel you will need to put your power back up so you live once more and take the harp. Restart the level to get out of the scene.

White Diamond

  1. Level twelve. After you pull the brick out from the turret pause the game quickly. Place the brick so you can jump on it and pull out a second brick from the turret.

  2. You want to be able to climb to the top of the castle and get the white diamond from the cloud on the far right.


  1. Found on level thirteen. To get the bat you must pause the game when the bridge has fallen halfway. Go halfway up the clocktower to jump onto the bridge and collect the bat. Once you have the bat unpause the game.

Green Diamond

  1. Found on level sixteen. At the very start jump up and down eight times in a row.


Does anyone know how to collect the hidden items, especially the bat? I can't figure out the clues offered by the official walkthrough.


I agree about the sluggish movement, but honestly I'd be more concerned about the single hit point if ...

dying meant anything on most levels, beyond giving Ziggy a convenient "You Are Dead" sign to use as a bridge. As it is, it actually speeds the game up that it's not too hard to get those signs.

LightWarriorK November 26, 2012 9:19 AM

I saw this and thought.... "Oh no..."

inheritance.fan December 11, 2012 2:55 PM

I can't get the white diamond, even by following the walkthrough.
Can't find a video of this collection, either.

inheritance.fan December 11, 2012 8:26 PM

Also, if this is the "third installment", why is it "Humbug 2"?


It's the 3rd installment in the Humbug series. Humbugger wasn't as much a sequel to the first Humbug as Humbug 2 is, which is probably why this one has been given the number "2".


I can't seem to get the

hot air balloon

for level 8, no matter how many times I change the channel. Can anyone help?


Oh wait. I just can't read. Never mind.


Anybody confused about the white diamond:

Try unpausing to make the tower fall down. You need to readjust the bricks a few times, but let the tower fall, then pause. If you still can't reach the top, then do it again


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