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Lemmings Returns

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Rating: 4.2/5 (713 votes)
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JayLemmings ReturnsA re-imagining of the classic and original Lemmings game by DMA Design from 1991, Lemmings Returns makes use of draw and erase tools for controlling the little critters instead of assigning skills to individual lemmings.

Just click and drag to draw or erase, using [D] and [E] for shortcuts in selecting the tools. Note, though, that some levels constrain the use of tools, so you may not be able to draw or erase in every level. Use [Esc] to restart, [N] to nuke and kill all remaining lemmings. If you get stuck, right-click and select 'Main Menu'. There is also a mute function in the right-click menu as well.

This new rework is by Jason Smith, a fan of the original game, and it was created and refined over a period of about 8 months. There is no speed-up function, which may put off some who want to just plow through the game quickly. For everyone else, especially those who have enjoyed the original classic, this reworked version provides just enough differences to make playing Lemmings again a lot of fun.

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Desperately needs a fast forward option.

Anonymous October 21, 2011 1:36 PM

Nah sorry, assigning different skills to each lemming (and figuring out which other skills to use when your "primary" ones were unavailable) made the original great. This just doesn't do it for me, I'll pass.

Ryan Henson Creighton October 21, 2011 1:45 PM

Er ... up next: Lemmings' Lawyer Returns.


It's just like original Lemmings, but without any of the fun.

Honestly, removing the sole mechanic that made Lemmings enjoyable is a pretty awful design decision. The game looks immaculate and is a great copy of the original game's visuals. Just a pity he didn't spend the eight months (!) figuring out how to make it enjoyable.


Its just like Skribble, or whatever that game by nitrome was called.


I would enjoy it MUCH more with the much-needed fast forward button.

The game does manage to be fun by subverting the level designs of the original Lemmings game and have you solve them with the drawing feature.

I disagree that removing the "Abilities" defeats the point of lemmings, as the point was that you had to indirectly control a horde of creatures to save them. I could see DMA releasing this as an official title and nobody would bat an eye.

Now if somebody REALLY wants to excite me, they could make an unauthorized sequel to Lemmings Chronicles with one of the remaining 9 tribes. I'd be all over that.

Unfortunately, the fast forward thing is a game breaker. It makes this much too tedious for what it is. Gotta down rank it pretty hard for that.


hi folks im stuck at level 12 "patience" and dont have the slightest idea could anyone give a hint ?

MisterThou October 21, 2011 7:10 PM

I think this is awesome for the nostalgia factor. I actually like it BETTER than the old lemmings as this is style of play I can relate to better.

The second half seems to amp up the challenge. For level 12

You can walk into the diamonds but not out of them. So if you cut a path up such that you lead them in, then dig a hole in the top for them to get out you can solve the level.


Seeing as I'm writing this comment while waiting for my Lemmings to finish the level, it definitely needs a fast forward option.

Otherwise, it's a pretty fun twist on the game.


As much as I preferred the "assign jobs to them and let them do stuff" version, this wasn't too bad. Having to rethink how I do many of these levels with only 2 tools was actually pretty clever at some points.

Gave me a brilliant idea, though: Can you imagine how much fun the original version would be nowadays on a touchscreen-based system like the iPhone or DS?


I could sure use a tip for level 18, "A Beast of a Level". Is there a trick, or does some slight variation of the obvious solution work?

little_geoff October 22, 2011 4:28 AM

How did anyone get to level 12 or 18...I gave up from boredom on level 3! I agree with DWise: This games misses the entire point on lemmings, the challenge of using which skill when. Just look at the cover image. Where's the skill in that?! (now the origianl had 99 steps/ladders, as i recall)


I have to disagree about this game missing the point. If people want the challenge of the originals with the skills then..... well..... play the originals. This game is a different take on a classic game rather than something that simply seeks to emulate the original. Besides, the originals weren't exactly 'casual' were they? The lack of a fast forward option is a major negative for making you wait for the little guys to amble along to the goal, a very silly oversight methinks.


Sorry for the double post but my previous one, when I read it back, seems a little inflammatory and I didn't intend that. Sorry about that guys. Hope I didn't offend anyone.


Hi, firstly - great variation on a great game. Nostalgic? yes. Good game play? yes? same as the original? NO!? but then the picture makes that pretty obvious. Needs a fast forward? Perhaps, but I can be patient. This is a great Tablet game too! not many of them around atm :)

Anyway... definitely looking forward to a walk- through on this one. I'm stuck on Tricky 17 "The Gauntlet". Simple enough to get them there, but I cant see a way to speed it up... I keep running out of time!

Thanks in advance :)


I'm really having trouble with level 12 (patience on fun. Maybe someone could post a screenshot of how it should look like (MisterThous comment couldn't help me...)


Can't play this without a fast forward option, too boring.

Procrastinateher October 22, 2011 7:05 PM

Whilst the lack of a fast-forward option makes it somewhat boring at times (unless you have something open in another tab once you've made the path safe), I am enjoying playing it.

The nostalgia, and the fact that this might be a little easier than the original - or at least a 'new twist'.

I am however already stuck on level 11, since

I can't figure out how to get them to either be facing the exit when they get to the top, or turn around and not fall back into the tunnel I made to get them there

I'll probably keep playing in order to beat the levels that gave me strife in the 90s.

As an added bonus

These Lemmings seem to survive a longer fall, if I remember correctly.
They still go splat though, it just takes a distance that's like 1/4 to 1/3 of the entire screen.


Aargh, I need a hint for Tricky level 11, "Lemming in the Attic"!


I should note that it's not conceptually hard, just that my lemming is too slow. I wonder if the processing speed of my computer has something to do with it?


Great job. The game designer not only ripped off like a billion other games exactly like this, but also had the balls to remove the 1 mechanic that made the original fun. And no fast forward button.

BlueBlood October 24, 2011 9:25 AM


This is bad on so many levels.. No Fast Forward is a HUGE minus. I get the feeling the developer just made this, on his way to making a proper version of leemings.. There is NOTHING that this version offers. What, draw a few lines and wait an hour for the millions of extra lemmings he has added, to walk them?

This version made me want to play this all ver again -

That is the only bonus.

Emely Garigen October 26, 2011 4:32 PM

Awesome! This is very interesting game. By playing the game I am feeling very excited. I am playing this game continuously. But there is a mention that it is not theoretically tough. Also my lemming is too slow in the game. I am also feeling trouble with level 12. Can anyone help me?


Send me a mail and I will send you a screenshot for all levels under 18.
Can anyone help me with level 18?

[Sorry, we don't allow email addresses to be posted in comments due to privacy concerns. -Jay]


I've been going back to this time and again, and I've really warmed to it. The lack of fast-forward still is annoying, but many of the later levels have such tight time limits and require such precise moves that you often don't need it.

The later levels really stretch the mechanics pretty tightly. You'll find yourself constructing narrow sets of bridges through tiny tunnels, carving out one-way passages through rock using the Lemmings' ability to climb through narrow ceilings, and find yourself perfectly optimizing a path through a stage because last time you missed victory by three seconds.

While the game is definitely a puzzler, from the second half of Tricky on you're generally given just barely enough time to reach the goal, so you never have the luxury of stopping up the Lemmings while you build a path. The game almost exclusively limits you to building or erasing, rarely both, which presents a serious challenge since you can't undo your mistakes.

I'm stuck on Taxing level 18, "Home Stretch". I can get to the exit, but I always wind up about 6 seconds short. The fastest path I can see is to make the lemming turn around the least number of times when he climbs, which I can get down to just 6. Maybe the crooked path needs to be straightened... hmm...

earthelemy December 23, 2012 5:31 PM

No fast-forward!
Timer is buggy (can't do first mayhem level)
Seems more like a joke than a real game.
Fun but not so fun.
Plus lemmings mass suicide is a myth...


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