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Link Dump Friday №313

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Link Dump Fridays

DoraThe tracking device I implanted into his neck while he was sleeping tells me our very own Steve is back from the Penny Arcade Expo and packing a ton of previews and interviews he's preparing for you because he loves you way more than I do. Which is A LIE, because he does not sneak into your house to tenderly croon to you and stroke your luscious hair late at night while you're asleep. And now, to distract you from that, have a bunch of previews and news!

News and Previews

IbCome And Play With Ib, Forever and Ever If you love free indie horror adventures but haven't yet played Kouri's fantastically creepy Ib, you're seriously missing out. It's the story of a little girl who becomes trapped in an art gallery that turns into something monstrous, and must find a way out with the help of two strangers. And if you have played it... get ready to be really, really excited, because the latest version has finally been translated, and this update isn't just about squashing bugs... it adds substantial new content like a new dungeon and more endings! As if you needed another reason to re-experience Ib, but this one's a doozy, so turn off the lights, turn up the volume, and clear your schedule for the evening.

Broken AgeDouble the Heroes, Double the Adventure Double Fine broke records and essentially ignited the video game funding craze when their Kickstarter campaign for a proposed classic point-and-click adventure was a massive success, and now we're finally seeing the fruit of all that labour and cash. Broken Age, planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, will tell the tale of two protagonists living paralell lives... a young girl chosen by her village to be a sacrifice, and a young boy on a space station all by himself save the computer that cares for him. Though other details are scarce, you can pre-order for Beta access, and enjoy the game's stunning and otherworldly teaser trailer right now!

Papo and YoFamily is Complicated Minority's Papo & Yo, a platforming puzzle adventure originally only available for consoles, is finally PC-bound with a planned release on April 14th on Steam. The game is one that will hit very close to home for some people. Quico is a young boy who is best friends with an enormous beast named Monster who he loves more than anything... but Monster's addiction to poisonous frogs that turn him into a rampaging danger to everything around him makes him a threat to the very person who loves him the most. What's interesting, however, and more than a little heartbreaking is that all of this is a dreamworld metaphor for Quico's home life, with his abusive and alcoholic father being represented by Monster... someone he loves and wants to help, but also fears. It's a powerful topic handled in a startlingly artistic way, and one than can (and already has) resonated with a lot of people in an unexpected fashion.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1Roll For Desktop... Success! We were more than a little fond of the iOS and Android meta-RPG Knights of Pen and Paper from Behold Studios, which was, essentially, a game about playing a bunch of guys also playing a tabletop fantasy game, which you were... also playing! If you don't have a mobile device, however, you're not being left out, as the game is finally coming to PC, Mac, and Linux very soon in the Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition! But this isn't just a simple port, oh no. In addition to a ton of improvements, it'll have even more content to enjoy. No word yet on whether mobile players will also get a new version, but in the meantime, I know something you can watch to get in the mood.

The King's League OdysseyAre Alan Tudyk and Paul Bettany in This One? Kurechii Studios always does work that's not only fun but gorgeous to boot, and we really enjoyed the simply yet addictive sim-strategy hybrid The King's League, so we're even more excited to know we'll be getting our hands on the sequel very soon! Due next month, The King's League: Odyssey puts you in the role of a knight fighting to earn a place in an esteemed order. With the gameplay you know and love of the original but a bunch of new improvements, like an updated art style, and even some new additions, like sieges, factions, and more special characters, this one is coming after your free time in a big way. Check out the official site for some tasty screenshots and the official trailer!

Legend of Grimrock 2Well That's... Certainly a Change Almost Human's classic dungeon-crawling RPG adventure Legend of Grimrock was a massive hit with fans of its clever first-person puzzle action as you lead a group of prisoners trying to escape from a massive, deadly dungeon. Which means you spent a lot of time grubbing around deep underground. Which means this first screenshot of the hotly anticipated sequel should be a bit of a stunner, since it features a rather stunning wide open outdoor landscape. Uh... wow. We're moving up in the world, literally, and it looks like it's going to be beautiful.

Kickstarter/IndieGoGo Projects

Planet ExplorersVisit Exotic Locales, Interesting Creatures, And Be Eaten By Them! Pathea Games wants to send you to infinity and beyond, where you'll probably be promptly stepped upon by a giant alien, in their upcoming sandbox RPG sim Planet Explorers. Planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, you play one of the few survivors of a colony ship that crash-lands on a hostile planet, where you're forced to not only try to stay alive by yourself, but also build a new home as you explore. With multiple modes to play how you want, as well as multiplayer so you can colonize with a buddy, this open-world adventure looks like it could have everything you need to be transported to another world for a good long time.

Power Jam: Roller DerbyDerby Rules If you don't go to roller derby tournaments, you're seriously missing out, and if you're like me and always wanted to compete yourself but, y'know, can't even stand up on skates, you might be interested in Iglu Media and Billy Goat Entertainment's Power Jam: Roller Derby. Planned for PC, Mac, and Linux as well as mobile devices, the strategy/simulation hybrid will both allow you to develop, customise, and train your own squad and compete against other players, while commanding and directing your team during bouts. What's neat is that the developers are working with actual players and referees to deliver the most authentic experience possible, and if you love sports games but you're sick of the same ol' same ol', this will definitely be one worth checking out.

BLEAKGray Skies Are NOT Gonna Clear Up Most games are about escapism to a certain extent, so how bad does your life have to be to want to escape into the universe of Tenwall Creative's upcoming platforming adventure BLEAK? Planned for PC, Mac, and Linux, the game is set in an oppressive, dark fantasy world where at birth your arm is amputated, replaced with a pickaxe, and you're sent off as slave labour until you die for your vicious overlords... and considering the hostile landscape and acid oceans, escape doesn't really seem likely. That is, unless you're smart, fast, and brave enough. You'll be able to play as one of three characters and set off on a journey to try to survive in a completely original world full of unusual new races, each with their own unique language. If you've been looking for an adventure that's "something different", this one definitely qualifies, and looks very promising indeed.


Kickstarter Gone WrongThat Probably Did Not Go As Planned When nine-year-old Kenzie Wilson's Kickstarter for funding to be sent to a camp to learn how to make video games took off, she was probably pretty excited. Unfortunately, when the campaign went viral and they skyrocketed past their modest $829.00USD goal, things started getting ugly when the internet took a closer look and demanded to know not only where all the extra money would be going, but why Kenzie even needed a Kickstarter to begin with since her mother, Susan, is hardly hurting for cash. In this editorial by Kotaku, they delve deep into the internet's latest lynch mob and discover the ugly side of people once more. While it's true this seems like an ill-planned idea, albeit one probably not intended to be deceitful, sending threats and abuse at a little girl and her mother is probably not the best way to make your voice heard and be seen as a logical, helpful human being. C'mon son.

Game Development in Ghana: Leti ArtsAnd You Thought There Were No Pioneers Left You might not have all heard of them yet, but Leti Games are sort of a big deal... not just because they make games, of course, but because right now they are the first and only game studio in Ghana. Video game development is something a lot of people tend to take for granted and not think that much about, especially in certain parts of the world with more privileges than others, but in West Africa, Leti Games is in the unique position of having a harder time than others to establish themselves and train their work force, but also to essentially create an entire new industry in their country. It's a reminder that things are different the world over in ways you might not normally think about, but wherever you go, creativity and passion are paving the way.

Do you know an upcoming indie project or some community gaming related news you think deserves some attention? Send me an e-mail with LINK DUMP FRIDAY in the subject line at dora AT casualgameplay DOT com with the info, and we'll judge it with the all-seeing glare of our own self-importance for inclusion in a future Link Dump Friday article!


I know it's taken me a long time to speak up, because I've been trying to like the new LinkDump. But I really, really miss the old LinkDump -- it was like a treasure box of fun little games -- some were awesome, some were meh, but it was fun to discover them every Friday.


@JustMe I completely agree. I still click it in my RSS reader by reflex though I hardly ever find something useful in it.
Also, this week's completely one-sided report of Kenzie Wilson's Kickstarter doesn't help either.


Ok, thanks for the heads up on the Ib update, but you might want to tell us the new Ib version number, and/or a link to where we can get it. The links only reference the old post, with Ib version 1.02, which seems to match the one I already have.


The problem lies in the "some were meh" part. Regardless of how they ultimately wind up being scored by the community, every game you see featured here is one we felt was genuinely good and worth featuring, and that wasn't always the case with the Link Dump Friday feature when we were often scouring for five games just to fill space. We've never wanted to be thought as a site that just puts up "whatever"... there are portals out there for that, and as a result, the feature wound up being revamped. I try to find a wind range of topics for everyone each week, but, well, you can't win 'em all apparently. That's why we cover more of the smaller games in shorter "mini" articles that would have otherwise wound up in obscurity in Link Dump so people can rate and comment on them.

frickineh March 29, 2013 11:59 AM

I don't mind the new link dump. I'm not always aware of what's coming out and it's nice to know when I want to keep an eye out for something new. Like, I had no idea they were making a new Legends of Grimrock, but I'm really excited for that.



The new version of Ib is version 1.04, and can be found here on Vgperson's site.


Bizarre. I absolutely love the new Link Dump Friday. Before, I would vaguely scan it, and then started skipping it entirely, before not bothering to even check JiG on Fridays. Now I spend more time reading through it than I do on anything else on this site.

You're doing an awesome job, Dora!

Solatoral March 29, 2013 10:33 PM

I never really cared about LDF's, but I think now they're a combination of game and news, and it's really nice.

The thing I AM let down on is the "Weekend download" things that used to run. If I remember, John once said he had to stop them just because there weren't enough quality games that he could put out there each week, and I do see his point, but it makes me a little sad regardless. :(


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