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Momentum Missile Mayhem

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Rating: 4.7/5 (35 votes)
Comments (31) | Views (7,215)
momentummayhem.jpgJohnBMomentum Missile Mayhem plays like a combination of a tower defense game and a physics-based strategy game such as Bowmaster Prelude. Waves of enemies come piling in from the side of the screen. Your weapon, a Gravity Launcher Installation, is capable of firing projectiles in any direction and speed. The launcher works just like a slingshot: grab the missile and pull it back, then release to send the projectile flying. Prevent as many enemies as possible from reaching the other side of the screen, but be wary of explosions near your launcher. Collision physics play a huge role in this game, so keep the tanks ricocheting and you'll stick around for another wave.

Each round begins with enemy units rolling in from the right side of the screen. Tanks receive more damage from collisions with each other than from your shots, so try banking missiles off the leader and experimenting with the game's physics for maximum damage. With each unit you destroy, you earn experience points that increase your tech level. Use these points to buy equipment upgrades at any point during the game.

There are a number of items, upgrades and stats you'll need to keep track of in Momentum Missile Mayhem. For starters, before firing each shot, take a look at the Stability gauge at the bottom of the screen. The more velocity you give your shots (i.e., the farther back you pull the mouse), the higher the chance that the shot will misfire and explode near the launcher, damaging it in the process.

From the title screen to the main game, Momentum Missile Mayhem looks extremely complex, but don't let the gauges and numbers scare you away. At its core, Mayhem is a simple game that gradually builds on the complexity as you play. Upgrades flesh out the experience in later levels, while several survival-style game modes give you an extra challenge after you complete the main scenario.

Analysis: The overall design of Momentum Missile Mayhem is superb, from the concept to the visuals and the killer metal soundtrack. It's also amazingly addictive, I was surprised how well it pulled me in and how long I played the game.

Momentum Missile Mayhem has some of the most impressive collision detection physics I've seen in a casual game. The missiles you lob at incoming tanks have a different affect depending on where they hit the enemy. Glancing blows send them spinning with little damage, but get a few tanks careening at each other by bouncing them off the walls and you're in for a good time. This central mechanic is so well done that the rest of the game couldn't help but be impressive.

The only issue I take with the game is the opacity of the laser aiming mechanism on the gravity launcher. The red line is often so faint that it's difficult to tell which direction you're pointing. Aiming sensitivity is fairly high, and I managed to fire off a few shots in the wrong direction because of it. This encourages you to take the game at a slower pace, but in titles like this, losing a few seconds can mean game over.

Momentum Missile Mayhem is an adrenaline-packed title that takes itself very seriously. There's a lot of strategy and customization built into this game, so be prepared to sink your teeth into a deep and immensely rewarding casual online game.

Play Momentum Missile Mayhem

Cheers to mkelican for sending this one in!

Note: Momentum Missile Mayhem can be taxing on some older systems and laptops. The game's creator recommends keeping quality settings low or downloading the game to your hard drive for a smoother experience.


Capuchin June 16, 2007 4:50 AM

Noooo! Anything but the propagation of physics-for-the-sake-of-physics-even-if-it-makes-the-game-awful-and-awkward-and-makes-me-want-to-cry-myself-to-sleep-ity.

Matthew June 16, 2007 7:39 AM

Lol, what the heck does that mean?
This game is awesome, and i've gotten 7 of the 8 types of weapon,

Weapon 1: Basic
Self explanitory.
Weapon 2: UPG. basic
More damage than the ordinary ball.
Weapon 3: Accelerator
Speeds up after every hit.
Weapon 4: Randomizer
Used in a group, the random repulsor effect will blow all of them out of the water.
Weapon 5: Sticky Bomb
Sticks to an enemy, causing damage and ganing momentum until A. the enemy explodes and the ball flies off in a random direction or B. The ball runs out of energy and self destructs.
Weapon 6: Hyper Railgun Ball
A ball made for causing damage, this guy has a medium chance to go through an enemy, obliterating them at only a minimal speed loss.
Weapon 7: Super random ball:
Has a chance of using any of the specials here.
Weapon 8: ??

If anyone can find the last ball type, show everyone here, I'm DYING to find out, i can only get to Tech lvl 11 before i get killed, and i have to do it on armageddon mode! HELP!


Awesome casual game!

The ZPE is very helpful, I make sure to use it as often as possible. Apart from that, most of the strategy seems to be making the most of the time given to you - always placing your shots in order to do the most damage possible.

Maybe the game could use some tweaking. There's a wave early in the game featuring a boss tank with a massive amount of health. That level seemed very hard (I felt like I barely managed to beat the bahamoth back) but then the difficulty dropped off sharply. Maybe I just got a little smarter about which upgrades to buy, I'm not sure.


JonMW - i had the very same problem, i just think that boss is hard.

I love this game! i cant stop playing it! its such a simple idea yet so much fun. although some of the shots cost too much energy.


Few things:

I had trouble with the laser guidey system too, but the more velocity you add to your shot the more apparent it is, so a few point into stability and you will be able to pull back futher and see it much better.

With the boss, if you get the thing that lets you pick up tanks, you can use it to move the bosses even if you dont have level 3, you just have to be really quick.


I found certain aspect deeply unappealing. the lock-instability region seemed to have little to no effect other than reducing the possible velocity of projectiles.

Waves get boring, quickly. by Wave 22 the only thing that changed was the colour of the tanks, and mixed waves of boss tanks gets tedious quickly, with you waiting for enough energy to either use the high-mass or high-damage "special ammo" : which have their own cooldown timers, independant of whether or not you have sufficient energy to fire them, which got VERY irritating.

To get where I did;

Invest in 2 levels of the tank-grabber straight away and then go for Explosion and implosion. After that, dumping into Stability, energy, and shot-type worked well; I never got antimatter or the final level of tank grabber, as even having a boss tank pass the post only drops you a single life, the same as a tiny scout tank.

all in all it did feel rather like a physics-for-the-sake of it. upgrades like placeable guard towers or terrain changers (make it snow, slowing tanks by 25%) or so forth would have been more welcome, along with the possibilities for multi-shots. It would also have been nice if, like bowmaster, there has ben an option to fire all shots at 100% power, and another for all shots at maximum stability.

in the end you get what feels like someones coder sandbox, playing with physics and shwing off what they can do (impressive) rather than giving a game worth playing (disappointing).


I'm just happy that i seem to be good at this game. I'm on wave 17, and I've let three enemies pass.(with my type of gaming, that's good) I really like this game! Nice pick, Jay!


I found this game highly entertaining, I must say. I've been playing it for a week or so now...

In survival, my usual upgrade path is:

5 stable
4 stable, 1 energy
2 projectile, 2 stable, 1 energy
1 shockwave, 4 energy
5 shockwave
Energy from there out, with occasional experimentation with other options

Explanation of something in the previous section:

There was no need to go past the green projectile, really. With good launch angling, it'll nail whatever you need, and I used the pink one as my primary attack once I got it at 100% stable.


Oh, and Matthew? the final ball is a 1-500 damage super-high mass ball, that knocks everything around real good and doesnt bounce off tanks.

as the for use of other projectiles, I ended up using the 800e "HUEG" damage one to headshot boss tanks, but beyond that, stayed with the cheap and easy 250e blue that you start with, preferring to save energy for the tankgrabber, implosion and explosion abilities.

Matthew June 17, 2007 6:42 AM

THX for that one. the best ball is ball 6, even with the stupid reload time. my usual upgrades are:

5 Weapon
5 Stability
5 Energy
10 Grabber (LETS YOU PICK UP Nuke Tanks)
15 Antimatter or Implosion

Using implosion on a boss tank will make him stand still and all his friends will smack into him. follow that up with a sticky ball and he will be killed by a lvl 1 ball. or use ball 6 and watch the explosion. OR use grabber on any nearby Nuke Tanks and show him. OR use antimatter balls to blast him. (wow, i got a lot of ideas here)


Nice game, but all the shaking and instability stuff gets on my nerves.

Also, at wave 22 it gets all difficult all of a sudden and when that wave is beaten, it suddenly says "victory" and the indicator says "wave 24". I would have preferred to have the time and points to max out my weapons before the game ends.

Oh, and I definitely want a weapon that can be shot no matter how low my energy is. I hate to watch those tanks pass by without being able to do anything about it because the energy fills so slowly. Maxing out the energy also doesn't serve that much because in the last waves I was always on the low end of the energy meter.
Well, nevertheless, I played this game longer than I should, so... nice game. :-)

atomfitz June 17, 2007 3:24 PM

wow...great game, a little too many lives though... i managed to beat it without losing any of them


Survival mode sort of tended to get a bit monotonous after a while. Or, at least it seems so when you play it for an hour anyways. I lost concentration after a while and accidentally anti-matter attacked right next to the launcher, ending my health at -41/650. Whoops. Forgot about the "damage from explosions near the launcher" thing.

It's a great game overall, pretty fun with lots of variety. It seems like something around 30 stability gives you 100% on all weapons at all ranges and 35~40 energy is fast enough to replenish most of what you use before an energy-filler appears to fill back to full. Of course, you really would need to play for a while to get that high though.


See, here's the thing - you don't need absolute stability on all weapons. After trying them all in normal, I play survival and NEVER GO PAST PROJECTILE 4. Even 4 is just if I get a bit bored with my current things. Green gives you a ridiculously powerful blast if you aim it about 10-15 degrees from the top or bottom, causing it to bounce back and forth accelerating. Rather than going for massive damage on boss tanks, get one level of the Half-Life Gravity Gun and use the trick where you click-and-drag very quickly to launch it without spending all the points. Between that and spamming purples with massive amounts of energy levels, I did fine for a while. The only reason I lose is when the small guys have high HP and get launched past by a rogue bouncing green (L3) or white (L4) behind their main line.


I've tried this game 3 or 4 times and I always wind up destroying myself. Seems no matter how consistently I try to aim the launcher the ball detonates on top of the launcher.


It's fun playing Armageddon mode with your 45 points to start.

And you have the option to take off the screen shake if it's annoying.

All you have to do to have fun with it is put 10 on energy, 9 on stability, max out your zero point option (so you can pick up big ones) and then use each earned upgrade for whatever you want.

It takes the sting out of the stability learning curve.


I absolutely love this game. It is true that it's just the same thing coming at you over and over again, but you get to blow stuff up! It's like billiards, except the balls explode! I'm glad that I play this alone and at home, because I find myself cackling loudly every time a nuke tank goes ballistic or a bouncing green projectile wipes out every tank on the screen. I did consider turning off the screen shake, but then I realized that's part of what makes it so much fun. Pure, unbridled destruction. Great stress relief.

NoTableAccess June 19, 2007 7:56 PM

326167... in survival extreme...
took over 3000 ingame seconds according to counter...
the 4 creeps that shot past me were all accelerated by a huge explosion/implosion... so my advice: never activate an implosion without a readied shockwave to repel incoming minitanks...

nice! what are your highscores? i can't seem to access the table... mysql error on the page :-( (c)


I hate not having a "pause" function. Of course, if one is there and I just haven't found it yet, then I hate being too stupid to find the "pause" function.


Nah, there's no pause button. It drives me insane, too.


the 8th ball is

as the game puts it, "HUGE mass, practically unstoppable"

(woot first use of spoiler tags!) THIS... GAME... IS... AWESOME!

desumancer June 28, 2007 8:38 PM

looks like you've all got it down. The pink one gets you far when you use it right. Zero point costs no energy and you can drag bigger tanks around for a bit even if you dont have a high enough level; smash the bosses into the wall to pick them off.

In survival mode, you'll eventually want the last ball.

with a high enough energy, you can have 5 of them vertically bouncing around the screen and slowly clearing it.

lastly, yeah, those small flying tanks get really annoying.

Heretic July 18, 2007 1:24 PM

Yeah, go for the ZPE manipulator, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED


If you have antimatter, and pick up an antimatter bonus
Your antimatter timer resets to zreo, so annoying.


i think that they should make a second with even more stuff and upgrade. but with the physics they could do it for the comp coming up. or just because its awesome!


The author is working on MMM2, screenshots and a list of new features can be found here:


There hasn't been an update in nearly 2 months, but I can be patient, it'll be worth the wait.


its finally here!!!! mmm2!!!!! ive been waiting for this my entrie life!!!(well not really but i have been waiting for a while now) yaaaaaaaaah! if you want to know where it is go to armorgames.com. theres even a free play/ sand box mode!!!!!!!!!


Ok, so here are the projectiles:

1.Basic Missile

Your first gun. Nothing special really

2.Heavy Missile

Stronger than the basic. Still nothing special

3.Accelarator Missile

Accelarates every time it hits a wall. Greater speed means greater momentum, which means it will have GREAT force

4.Angle Randomizer Missile

Goes to a random angle everytime it hits an enemy. The most unpredictable of the eight missiles

5.Sticky Missile

Sticks to an enemy until it ASPLODES. Most reliable missile

6.Hyper Railgun Missile

HUGE damage. Can crush the medium-sized ones, and totally wipe away the small ones from existence

7.Black Hole Missle

The game says it's special is "Singularity Drive, Ethereal". To say it in a way you can understand, it sucks a large enemy, then suck the small ones, and then the small ones get hit by the large tank/robot which was sucked in the first place. The penetrator of the missile family


The title is VERY self explanatory, and so does it's special description


its really annoying when in armageddon your're doing great, somethign explodes and a wall of the mini tanks flies past you - i mean flying across the whole screen in like half a second
great game, more upgrades would be good

MMMMaster February 7, 2010 9:48 AM

I just started playing this like one hour ago, and i'm already at wave 21 and with 36 lifes yet. I think i've did good so far, i prefer to fully upgrade th ZPE(catcher) so i can grab the big tank/boss and throw them in the walls making it a One-hit kill(while it's charging i use the yellow shot, the sticky one, which is pretty good for them too). I prefer to use the cheaper blue one during the wave and patientlly hold my ground against them, I always beggin with the Red HUEG damage shot so i can break down their vanguard formation. Hope I've helped someone =].


Yay! I just finished the game, the last waves brutal it counts as 2 instead of 1, i mean when u finish appears wave 24(Not 22), I began it with 36 lives and finished it with 21 (I didn't go well anyway, but who cares im done with it.) All u gotta do is keep your head and play with attention, and ZPE Lvl 3 is great in this last wave since you can take many big tanks out with just one hit. To end it i just used ZPE at maximun and all the skill points left i disributed in Energy,stability and projectiles at the proportion of 2 2 1. Like this tou can pick all of the shots.
The special shots are:
Lvl 5: Yellow one, DMG:1-700 Sticky (the secret in this one is to send it very slow so the Sticky damage is greater)
Lvl 6: Red one, DMG: 3000-4000 HUEG damage (I sugest u to use it only in the beggining of the wave cause it drains a lot of energy, and you will let a lot of others tanks pass)
Lvl 7: White/Black one: DMG: Random Effect: Random ( I don't sugest using this at all, cause it drains a good amount of energy and can do almost no damage at all, use it if you're feeling lucky)
Lvl 8: Shiny Red one: DMG: 1- 500 HUEG mass, unstoppable! (It's good if u use it in a big line of tanks, otherwise discard it, 'cause it drains a lot of energy and do a very little damage)
Hope this very little guide here helps a lot of people. =]


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