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Nitrome Must Die

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Rating: 4.5/5 (161 votes)
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Nitrome Must DieArtbegottiRemember the joy of your first hot air balloon ride, or the fun winters full of ice skating and sled riding? We've spent thousands of hours playing Nitrome's dozens of unique games, which have given us moments of joy, excitement, and hilarity.

And occasionally, rage.

That rage is the premise of Nitrome's 100th game, Nitrome Must Die, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where two angry players decide to storm Nitrome Towers to get their revenge on the company. On each floor, a wave of enemies appear, which must be defeated before you can move on to the next level. Occasionally, power-ups like extra health and a change of weapon will appear, allowing you to conquer the tower's defense systems on the way to the top.

But don't think you can just tackle the tower on your own! Nitrome Must Die is a two-player game, meaning you can team up with a friend to reach the top... or perhaps fight against your ally. At the end of each level, each player is given the option to bank the points earned from the previous level, or risk those points for the opportunity to increase their bonus multiplier. It's not just war, it's a scorewar (trademark pending)! Grab your guns and get ready to storm the tower!

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Amazing game! Well done Nitrome! :D

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 25, 2011 8:55 AM

And we finally know exactly how "Nitrome" is pronounced. For the longest time I thought it was pronounced with a non-silent E.


Ugh, HORRENDOUS bug on one of the 71-80 levels (the one with the Mirror Image guys). HIDEOUS lag throughout. You can barely see your character (it freezes when he flashes invisible after being hit), yet alone jump or attack.


At least I've been saying it correctly. :D

The game is heaps of fun. The intro was also quite witty and fun. Like the computer being "pear", an obvious joke comparing it to "Apple'. xD

CheeseDreamer November 25, 2011 9:56 PM

I've got to congratulate Nitrome for this outstanding release. From them, I expected nothing less.

Now back trying to impersonate the dude yelling "NIIIIITROME MUST DIE!"

Brian Lutz November 26, 2011 1:57 AM

Looks interesting, but I have no idea how anyone is supposed to be able to play this with the default 1 player controls. Fortunately they're remappable (unlike the controls in some games) but it's still a bit of a pain.

Hahaha00000 November 26, 2011 3:16 AM

I'm stuck on a level between 41-50, the challenge level which bees are flying overhead and there are parachute drills from the sky, I can't complete this level without falling onto the spikes twice ! Anyone got some advice ?


yes, they did not disappoint! These games are so funny and clever! and now they torture us with all of the characters, weapons, and elements available. Good Job!!


Nitrome have done a really great job. Level 90 and counting! Woo! Actually I'm rather stuck at that boss...

Any ideas on how to destroy the Steamlands tank?

MH: That bug got me too. I got so bored I actually went and played Mirror Image. I got through it with a fair bit of luck:

If you get a shotgun or rocket (or anything really strong), go right up and shoot all 10 suckers in the face. Very satisfying.

Hahaha00000: The level with the bees and drills? Give this a shot:

Just take it slow, it takes a while but you'll get it. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DIE ON THE WAY BACK TO THE LIFT/ELEVATOR. You might break something. Well, at least I did...

BR8N03epsilon November 26, 2011 10:20 AM

Hahaha00000: I also found that hard. I usually hit fire and clicked outside the box so that it kept shooting while I did something else. That way, all the bees would be gone. Then I waited for the gap between the drill and jumped, then fired like there was no tomorrow. I repeated that and got to the end and back. Be careful with the timing of the jumps. I could usually get to the end, but died because of a failed jump back.


When a vampire like thing bites your head, how do you get rid of it?


cams: Just press all of your movement buttons really fast.


For those who are lagging on lvl 71,

get to one side of the map and put your back to the wall. This way they don't show up all at the same type and you can get the balls to hit the wall by dodging them. I tried this strat twice and almost won win a boomerang. On my third try I found a minigun so the rest was cake.


this game overall is really fun and great. around halfway through floors #91-100, something happened in the game where i got stuck in the elevator and cant go to the next level. i dont know what to do and its just such a pain having to go through all those levels again which sometimes take around 6-9 minutes maybe even more.


I'm stuck in the elevator every time and can't enter level 96, any solution for this?


I just redid the few levels about 5 times without doing anything special, and it finally loaded.


This game was INCREDIBLY buggy. I had the bug that anonymous had three times, it twice froze after I had killed a boss, and in both cases I had to restart the set. I also had the bug everyone complains about on level 7-...

...but it's a testament to how good this game is that I pulled through and continued playing, even with these glitches. Like so many of nitrome's platformers, this game was just plain awesome. Every time they introduced a new enemy, which was often, I kept on wanting more, and the game provided. It's hard to make a varied and interesting experience over 100 levels, but Nitrome managed to do it.

The one issue I can think of (gameplay-wise, anyway) had to do with the guns. A lot of the guns I thought were really cool, especially the ones you had to have a strategy to use, such as the drill, boomerang, and mines. The challenge levels with specific guns were for the most part pretty fun too; they forced you to learn these strategies in order to win, instead of being just about killing enemies.

And on the other hand, there were guns that were completely overpowered and not fun at all. Probably the greatest example of these are fart (hur hur) and molotov cocktail, though the latter had a hideous glitch that seemed to disable your cooldown time and insta-KO you. Both of these guns worked on all kinds of enemies and required no skill to use, making the best strategy for a lot of levels simply about waiting for them to appear.

Oh, and then there were the crappy, useless guns. I'm not just talking about toast and pea-shooter. There were also lame replicas, like ninja-star, which seemed to be exactly the same as the pistol but with a far lower fire-rate, as well as guns like nanobot that were unique but totally useless.

But besides the guns and the bugs, this game was awesome.


does any have the bug where they cant play the molotove challenge in floors 91-100?

Hahaha00000 November 28, 2011 2:58 AM

Jon : Actually, I think the 'toast' weapon is pretty cool, I mean if you charge it up, the toast fireball insta-KOs the enemy (except bosses and storng enemies)


f4un4x here again, and i finally got through the bug from floors 91-10.
like cams said, all you have to do is replay the floors a couple times and ill go back to normal.

the boss for floors 91-100 is so hard. well he is like around the last boss, but it was just ridiculous. he has massive health and the weapons they give you are the molotove, mine and the fireball. ALL BAD on this boss. why? well, the boss, hes constantly jumping so using molotove wouldnt work, and the fireball just sucks because hes constantly moving. and also when he brings in his little workers to help him, they have like the best weapons against you and the molotove will screw you over since they shoot you right into the flame running through the ground. and lastly the mine, the time it takes to activate are just painful that your enemy just walks right past it and later in the match, they end up shooting you into which will screw you over like crazy. and in the end the final boss was just not worth my time anymore since he is way to overpowered.
what i suggest is that you waste your pistol for a better weapon and take your time, and try to stall out the mines until you get like molotove, and work from there.



Actually, the mines are great against the boss and his henchmen. You should place them on every ledge and wait ;) Anyway, sometimes in the weapon crate you can find a banana bomb or minigun - both quite useful in that level (but I prefer mines).


The boss on 100 isn't that hard, just leave mines everywhere as they have massive damage and jump around and shoot. What's is really annoying is when he's in the robot suit and goes to the roof. He is impossible to damage.


OMG Nitrome this is one horrible game too many, BRB I need to invade Nitrome Towers and shoot Matt.

In all seriousness there are two things I dislike about this game 1: the guns aren't balanced as mentioned by a previous poster 2: You need to play through 10 levels every time you want to play a boss level. Erg, not good for someone obsessed with bosses like me. At least it does have a boss at the end of every 10 levels though.


I finally finished! Now this is a game! So well done, mega frustrating sometimes but it seems all of the really good ones are. That final boss- oooo.

isuckongames December 4, 2011 1:53 AM

For a level which has teleporting enemies,there is a bug in if they teleport to a specific area(just below the exit door)they self destructs.

aaaaaagghhhhhhh December 9, 2011 7:28 AM

any ideas on how to do the level with the vampire things in 51-60???


I must admit, I've never been so excited to play a game that involves the destruction of my favourite games website. I was especially sad when

I had to destroy my favourite characters: Blue and Fat Cat

Nitrome did a great job with this 100th game, bringing back memories of all their other earlier games and putting them in as enemies. Almost all of the games were referenced, be as an enemy, a weapon or even a little cameo appearance!

The weapons were one of the best things about it. Some weapons flat out sucked (pea-shooter, points), others were useful in certain circumstances (Bullethead, Chisel) and some were just fun to use (Moltov, Minigun).

I just got past

The tank from Steamlands

and can't wait to see what the last ten levels will bring. Maybe in the end, Nitrome will live? Only time will tell the tale!


I cannot get passed level 66 the chalenge level with all the weird looking cats things.All i got is a pistol plz plz help :D any tips?


This game needs a boss rush mode, I really hate the current way levels are laid out.

Leopardmask January 31, 2012 6:50 PM

@jon the toast you have to

hold the mouse button down

to get power. You do get some decent power then. That took me a long time to figure out...

Troubled player February 3, 2012 9:20 AM

May I ask how to defeat the boss of level 81-90? The tank thing is so hard :/


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