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Pocket Mine 2

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Rating: 4.6/5 (21 votes)
Comments (69) | Views (29,608)

Pocket Mine 2

SatoriHow low can you go? Roofdog Games' wildly successful action mining game is back and better than ever for iOS and Android! Tap to dig your way down as far as you can collecting increasingly-precious metal ores, gems and priceless artifacts, but don't let the game scroll you off the top of the screen! Redeem your loot for cash you can use to upgrade your pickaxe and get to the better goodies stashed further below, and complete your artifact collections for better upgrade cards. Pocket Mine 2 brings the frantic digging action with all the features of its predecessor -- bombs, exploding gas, crafting, and the crowd-pleasing Crate Radar -- along with new powerup crates like Chain Lightning, Explosive Drills, and Worm Crates. This time there are also new islands, each with their own artifacts, which you can unlock sequentially as you dig ever-deeper. But the biggest innovation in this double-your-fun installment has got to be the clothing and accessorizing feature! Y'see it's not just about looking your best while swinging your pickaxe around in tunnels a hundred meters below the earth's surface, although there is that. Whether it's Diamond Boots (chic and comfy!), Trainer Gloves, or a Brain Parasite hat many of these items grant you special mining abilities when you don them. You can mix and match, and even designate customized sets. It's time to play Princess Dress-Me-Up and get on down to the mines in your 16th-century powdered wig, boxing gloves and bunny slippers!

Pocket Mine 2In addition to the major improvements, the sequel brings with it a bevy of smaller line-item alterations as well, some obvious improvements, some not. Frequent tappers will be pleased to find that blocks like Stone that required multiple taps now only require one, and the multiple hits to remove them are then deducted automatically. Bank Blocks are now one-hit wonders, releasing a heap of cash as they dissipate. Duplicate enhancement cards are now more Fusable than before, providing ever-more intense buffs! And no more collecting a variety of Treasure Chests and then opening them with Keys at your leisure. In this double-feature sequel, Keys are absolutely required to collect Treasure Chests and they'll open on the spot releasing either cards, rubies, or equipment that will either provide buffs or else be purely for cosmetic value. The second installment also unleashes another innovative new feature: Pets! Not content with wearable equipment like a canary for a hat? Try some rare cards that summon critters like pet bats to show up to help fetch the loot and bring it to you, and pet ghosts that waft around transmogrifying Coal Blocks into pure, gleaming Diamond Blocks.

Pocket Mine 2In-app purchases are still here, although they're still optional. Rubies continue to be available through in-game play as well as spending hard out-of-game currency, and players will find the sequel is noticably more generous in dispensing them freely. This one does find a few more unobtrusive places to 'remind' you of the latest in-app purchase bargain offers, but the only gripe you're likely to have are the puzzling Gift Boxes that show up at the beginnings of some levels which are to be avoided at all costs; they're just attempts to bribe you with in-game rewards to invite a randomly-selected friend from your social media lists to play Pocket Mine 2. Let's be fair here: if you show up to my birthday party with a gift that's just an invitation to a marketing scheme, you're gonna have a bad time. That said, the ability to selectively invite certain friends from your Facebook or Google contacts lists -- the ones likely to appreciate and play Pocket Mine 2 with you rather than, say, the best friend of your ex- of three years ago -- can definitely come across as a feature. As with the original, Pocket Mine 2 also saves your game to the cloud with your Facebook or Google accounts elegantly and seamlessly, meaning you'll never have to lose your progress and can sync across devices. We also found that it plays very well with Bluestacks, enabling play on some Windows machines -- your results may vary -- and syncing your savegame just as easily across your accounts there. The sequel is also notable for giving random -- and significant! -- bonus awards to those who've played the original, so if you haven't installed and played the original yet it could be worth your while. If you have, you probably got the notification when Pocket Mine 2 was released. Some players found that the initial version wouldn't load, but as of this writing another version was just released that's sorted it out for many players. If you couldn't load it before, now is just the time to give it a second chance!

Google PlayPocket Mine 2 (Android, Android Tablet)

Download on the AppstorePocket Mine 2 (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

Amazon AppstorePocket Mine 2 (Android, Kindle Fire)


wubbamilk March 30, 2015 12:34 PM replied to Satori





Fun so far, although it's a little frenetic for my tastes. We'll see how I feel if I'm still playing in a week.

code: bspv5526

laschan2001 April 3, 2015 5:06 AM

Hello everyone! My friend code is: sbdh5537. Please feel free to add me to your invite:-)

cheesetoy April 3, 2015 11:29 AM

My code is fshs6983. See you in the mines!

dumberchild April 3, 2015 4:45 PM replied to Satori

add me, ftmx7979


With the update you can now flip your device 180 if needed. I particularly needed to flip. I am not sure what else came with the update.

Notes on play:
I like the game but it has some drawbacks. I was looking for one that I could just play on the side when I was bored, this almost fits that criteria, but not quite. You often have to wait to play (energy) and the levels and they take quite a long time to complete. Not only move quickly so you have to really pay attention if you want to earn, but there is a lot of grinding to get items. There was an all precious stones one as well, however it took so long to save up for it to really earn that it was gone before I could really make use of it (later another came up and I got 33-50k a play); I did however appreciate the 80k (total, 3+ plays) or so I earned while it was still there. The special levels that come up once a day or every couple days are still too hard to beat the last level after 5 days of nearly non-stop play or I am just using the wrong strategy. At least for now; I hope after fully completing 5-10 islands these will be more completable. Update: fully completed and crafted all items from the first 10 levels. I have completed castle, but need to craft three items. Completed ruins, but not collected all of the items. I still cannot beat The bonus level (per example Fairy Tale)

Level play:
The levels can be a bit trying when the popups for treasure blatantly block the screen. The pause is a wee bit inconvenient, although I only managed to off myself once because it shot me to the top of the screen on pause and I did not tap below fast enough. Worms, grenades and even sometimes drills are often too slow to be useful, being that they can delay you enough to get you past the top of the screen. As long as you use strategy to dig fast and efficiently while managing to still collect then you don't get behind. It seems like once the speed increases it never goes back to what it started as, not that it is on high, just not as slow as the beginning.

It would be great if you could trade out lower items for higher like 5-1 ratio; well you sort of can, lower being a 80-1 ratio. As most app games seem to be it keeps you playing, but not much change to keep you coming back, it is entertaining enough that I have not quit playing, just not really intriguing. A full day or more just to earn the items for one section is a bit frustrating. Update: Using certain card layouts, this can take less than a day, I have managed to get even two full sets in a day. Why are epic artifacts not worth more magic cubes? like better gear and higher cards. I had trouble with the pets, they seem to be too slow to be helpful.

I saw one of my cards not appear after earning. Sometimes the ads do not pay out. I had a treasure location pop up on the main page like the dailies, but it had no time and after a few hours, not even playing it once nor looking at it, it disappeared, although it may have been a 24hour one that ended at midnight. Sometimes the ad crashes the game. I was playing a level and then below me was a completely open area followed by a black area, as soon as I tapped it the game crashed. An ad was playing, the volume was not working (I actually was turning it up) and the game crashed. After my last hit even if worms are going or things are still blowing up the level ends. Closing the keyboard exits out of the gear shop. It seems like the game slows down after playing for hours (but doesn't crash) to the point you have to quit because you cannot complete a level.
Chris, it shows you have not played the mountain, but have played the castle and levels above.

The friend invite rewards could be better. You don't really want to bother real friends for small benefits. Am I the only one that only adds people on social media I know or am very likely to meet one day?

It is fun, but it could use a little improvement. A more paid version with Epic cards and gear could be fun.

A card that had bonuses of precious stones that are explosive, there are more and more per crate. There does not appear to be a car that adds bombs that have precious upgrade, more explosive and more bombs.

The gameplay reminds me of a lot of other diggers I have played. A freeplay level where you could just dig around and see what you can find could be fun, for high score or just "zen", but with no earnings.

This one is more original. I have seen a few near complete copies of mother load. This one throws a wrench in the mix and changes it up; the cards and gear add a level of complexity. Some interesting artifacts, bonus levels (that are maybe even surprising) and crafting that is a bonus in and of itself.

I can see this staying on my regular rotation of games for a while.

Any tips on completing those 100 hit levels? Getting more money at a time?Going for record depth? Update:

Depth and money seem to be well achieved using frenzies of precious, metal and crystal; about 3,300 "bucks" and 275 depth on regular levels. Of course with a few items of well, effectiveness of items vary.

Confused by the Prestige upgrade
what is this about?

Well later I did purchase it. It say 457k is enough to upgrade back to 200 hits. Even with 491k, maybe a little more, I was only able to upgrade back to 200 hits. It will be a little while before I can afford the next upgrade. I guess it just makes it so that you can upgrade to 210

Another update:
There are now Facebook and twitter buoy icons
They do not seem to give bonuses. However they may do so if you are logged in.


New Block:

May have happened at the update or may have happened at the ruins, not sure.
The fireworks bounce around at an angle. Sometimes predictable depending on the space. I usually can get it to land at the bottom to help dig.

Completion of Artifact collection crafting times and items:

1. Common card 10 minutes
3. Rare card 15 minutes
5. 100 Magic cubes 30 minutes

1. Rare card 30 minutes
3. Epic card 60 minutes
5. 5 keys 120 minutes (2 hours)

1. 1 Ruby 120 minutes (2 hours)
3. Legendary Gear 240 minutes (4 hours)
5. Legendary Card 480 minutes (8 hours)

I believe it instructed at some point that cards do not stack. Does gear stack?


I stumbled upon this game & it's really fun so far...Please add me to your friend list, I still have 44 slots open!

Friend Code: pdrf3228



I have no friends, but when I went to add someone's friend code (sorry, Satori, if you receive multiple requests), it says that I have the max number of friends.

Also, if I click 'share my code' the game crashes.

Finally, what is the best loadout for the 5th level of the Fairy Tale sequences? I can beat 4 but never 5. I wondered if it's just luck of the cave or if there is a loadout I can use to increase my chances...Thanks for any help.

My code is dbvg2292 if you want to try and add me.

devonryder540 April 18, 2015 9:15 AM

Hey guys. I came here to try and find a strategy to get more rubies in the "Ruby Stash" extra level. I keep getting twos and threes, and its saying the jackpot is 100 rubies. is there any way to get that easier or do I need to keep grinding? i have about 50 rubies left and ive used another 50 (spent about $5 in in app purchases). Also feel free to add me, my code is: nzth9395


Add me - Nssw4846

cheesetoy April 18, 2015 8:52 PM

GF friend code is



The most I ever got from Ruby Stash was 10.


I have not had any luck with Fairy tale either. Just barely manage to get 4 using

bomb squad helmet lv3 for its 20% more powerful explosions
gloves of might for the 7% chance to cancel damage on rock blocks hit
red ogre boots fir 5% chance to cancel pick damage on dirt blocks hit

Precious frenzy currently level 6
Metal frenzy currently level 6
Crystal frenzy currently level 3

I hope more leveled up cards or better equipment that I plan to get in the next treasure level on friday will get me past level 5.


I managed to beat labyrinth, but I had to use rubies.

some Ruby spending

Generally it is not worth it to spend rubies to go farther on a level. I wasted so many just to get a little more earnings that for the longest time I barely had any rubies. However it can be beneficial to use them on bonus levels where you are close enough to the bottom that you know you will make it.


and Labyrinth gives you

Rubies, about 1 per level, but sometimes I found them in chests. If you do not finish a level you can keep getting them.

So yea that kind of made it my favorite level next to precious galore.

Madamonyx April 22, 2015 2:04 PM



Well I finally played chests galore and the best I got out of it was

2 rubies and one legendary gear. 50+ keys used.

A bit disappointed.


chests galore is at the very least a good way to

exchange keys for magic blocks and if you are lucky more than one ruby to replace the one you spent


With 1007k, it took all but 126k to get back to 210 hits

New card

Rigging blasts
makes the above blocks explosive (metal and maybe others)

New favorite gear

Alien eye piece
Detects veins in a 5 block radius (especially useful when you have explosive metal, crystal or precious cards in use)
+22.5% more powerful explosions

I have had a problem since the last update and I think it started with the previous. things explode under where I am at; I cannot see the area, it is still blocked by blocks and blocked out. The problem isn't just that things are exploding there it is that my gems and nuggets and such are going into those areas. They go above as well and I cannot get to them without wasting hits.

Make that problems. The game froze up, I could not move, but the screen continued moving up. I was frozen in time in mid air.



At the end of the round of digging you can see your winnings denoted by each ore, bucks and artifacts.

I am not sure if it was there before or just updated. I am pretty sure it is new.


Pretty fun game enjoying it feel free to add me. nkfg5922


vdhc9597 still have some open friends slots available.


Home on the main page
See your friends and their character set-ups.
This is a huge benefit. If your friends are doing better than you then you can see what characters, cards and gear may be benefiting them.

Upcoming events
prep for up coming events
For now it shows dailies and the weekend. It does not seem to show the special levels

Coal Galore
Metal Galore
Crystal Galore
Precious Galore
The Rig
Ruby stash

Most recent special offer
60 Rubies, 10k and 70 keys for $4.99
I mention it because the other ones I have seen only offered one item.

The islands are now numbered
28 seems to be the total

I don't know if it is an error. After the update the levels are now 13 wide instead of 7. Labyrinth played as normal, it was wider, but the puzzle was still the same width. It seems preset block set-ups stay the same, but the random ones continue to be this super wideness. 13 down there is a blank row that you have to use a hit on.


New Bonus Stage
Tourist Tuesday
"Get the unique artifacts from previous mines you missed."
It costs 1 ruby per play. My new favorite level.

I forgot an update. The little loading guy now shows as a level loads and before it shows the cards you have selected.


add me up ill accept fast !

rayebs May 7, 2015 6:49 PM

Friend code


New stages:
Memory Game
You play other levels to get the letters to complete the word RUBIES then you can play the level. It is a match cards level. Play is once per day. You can find the letters on the day that the level is available.

Nightmare #3
Not sure what happened to 1 and 2. No treasure collection on this level, just level completion rewards.

New Gear location feature:
Scroll up button. Very useful.

27 is the top level for now. "28" is coming soon.


New stage:
There is a treasure chest every 60m! Open it or keep going. The deeper the chest, the better the reward!

I think I went for the third one, I managed to get 12k from the level, a few keys and some gear.

For some reason it says it under Upcoming Events, but it is active today.


The 12k must have been from about 2k from the level and 10k from the chest, because my next round I got about 3k.

I forgot to put on one of my earlier posts that I got an offer for a character. Digitron 2000 for 8 rubies, of course I accepted it. This may happen with other characters, so far just the one.


add me mnvj7385

dataking May 20, 2015 2:54 PM

add me xfmd4863

Bob and bob May 21, 2015 9:59 PM

Where are the daily letters found, are they in creates? Please add me qmpv7769


I will join you! Please join me!



You can now find the letters in the special levels or at least I had not found them there previously. I found them in dungeon as well as nightmare.

Nightmare now has artifacts to collect.

heyzeuscristos May 23, 2015 7:43 PM

Friend code cntn4329

MiaDade82 June 1, 2015 10:17 AM

sfjt4738 Add me! I send gifts!




Add me on Pocket Mine 2 and you won't be disappointed wkwc9677


Add me on Pocket Mine 2 and you won't be disappointed wkwc9677


Add me

Colbyd77 June 8, 2015 12:08 AM

Everyone feel free to add me. I have 0 friends. Lol. My code is rcmc9867

volosatik June 11, 2015 9:06 AM

Add me


Finished islands, primarily artifact hunting.HMST3772

benj1150 July 2, 2015 9:52 AM

Please add me!

Jessica July 14, 2015 3:02 AM



Add me, pls


add me too.. all of them has max friends lol.. so i am posting.. rpvm9289

Hellreject August 3, 2015 3:17 AM

My friend code is xgwd8795. Feel free to add me too.

MeowMeowMan August 3, 2015 10:04 AM



feel free to add me too, vnmg4247 thanks

StickModedIu August 6, 2015 3:13 AM replied to coco

sjfs2788 got a lot of slots open!


my code rrjk5263


my code is: jsgs4258

Dig for friends 37 August 27, 2015 11:22 AM

Please add me ssct9278


Hi. Just discovered the game, and would love to add friends. My code is [wgdx2844], and I only have 2 so far, so open for lots more!

Hope to see you there,

-DoctorD (wgdx2844)


my code is:svrp5922


I'm not on facebook, so I have a new friend code after Pocket Mine 2 dropped me earlier today . . . nhmr8446

Add me please!




Posting a code for a friend . . . .


and (please) don't forget mine; I still have lots of slots open . . .



Add me please: tkgc2698


Add me please slot available


Add me!! Friend code FNVX3574


Add me please. Friend code hjqj8928
I have got 48 spaces to fill.. Thank you


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