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Rating: 4.3/5 (166 votes)
Comments (88) | Views (15,848)
DoraPrimaryAlas! Woe! Other exclamations of distress! Oh, don't mind me, friend. I'm just feeling a little blue. Only one thing can cheer me up! It's Primary, a puzzle platformer for Huemans everywhere! That's right; it's up to you to climb the Prizim Tower to stop an invasion of the dark Void from sucking the colour out of everything. Provided, of course, you aren't yella. (Although yellow is perfectly acceptable. Those are two different things. Ask a cowboy.)

Use [WASD] to move around, and [R] to interact with doors, switches, and elevators. If your jump doesn't have quite enough oomph to reach the top of a ledge, Roy may grab hold of the edge so you can tap [W] to climb up. Press the directional button towards the walls when you fall to wall-slide, letting you slip slowly downwards so you can find out if safety or a toothy death awaits. Your hero has three colours to choose from that change his abilities, making you a limited but awesome one-man Power Rangers team, and you can swap between them with ease by using the [J], [K] and [L] keys or just clicking on the screen. You can even do this in mid-leap; handy, considering certain platforms require you to be a certain hue before they'll support you.

Each colour has its own special ability that can help you out in the right situation. Blue can conjure blocks of ice to use as stepping stones or weigh down triggers, while red can let out of a blast of flame to damage enemies. Yellow can turn invisible and avoid most damage, but renders you unable to move until you become visible again. (And also activate checkpoints when available by pressing [R]!) Each of your colours will be upgraded once as you progress, adding new abilities. You'll have to learn to use not only the environment but your abilities to your best advantage if you want to survive. Just be careful, since one wrong move and your colourful butt is burnt toast.

PrimaryAnalysis: In my staggering ignorance as a player of games rather than a creator thereof, I feel confident in saying that it's pretty easy to make a platformer, but difficult to make one that doesn't have that distinctive plumber aftertaste. (Which is to say, greasy and hairy.) Primary juggles both its puzzling and its platforming admirably, and manages to make a distinct experience where you don't feel as though a hedgehog or a bandicoot could have been substituted for the same effect. The game's presentation is also wonderful, from its sticky enemy design to the music that changes subtly with your hero's chosen colour.

In fact, Primary's biggest enemy may be its awkward control set up. I have no problem with the [WASD] concept, but tangling the other action keys around those doesn't exactly make for smooth gameplay when your fingers are fumbling around each other. I also question the use of the insta-kill; yeah, okay, there are checkpoints and the levels are typically small by design, but considering how easy it is to misstep around the countless lasers, enemies, and gooey black death floors you'd think a 3-strikes hit rule wouldn't be unreasonable. Seeing the achievement for 25 deaths pop up while I was futilely battering myself against a boss was just insult to injury.

Thankfully, the controls do become more intuitive as you go along, and before long you'll be a colour-swapping champ. To prove it, you can even tackle some of the achievements that don't involve dying painfully, and track down every special crayon hidden throughout the game for extra points. (I always knew you were a few crayons short of a full box.) Despite its shortcomings, Primary is still a clever, fun, and challenging way to spend an evening. So go on. Get out there and save Huemanity.

Play Primary


PLatformers are actually pretty hard to make compared to overhead games.


Nice! :) There's this "Portal feel" in this game (in the good sense)

The only annoying thing, for a game that enphasizes on puzzles, is the instant kill.


I really really need help on the first boss fight


how do you defeat first boss?


Floor 10 monster is killing me... don't see any way to proceed...



A great concept which is, in my not so humble opinion, destroyed by the impossibility to remap the controls on a joypad.

They could at the least have the keys for primary and secondary action (the "yellow" invisibility and portalization actions) inverted.

Or have the movement keys mapped on the cursors keys.

I mean, it is all fun and all... but there are levels where it reminds me of Dragon's Lair, and its memorization of arbitrary keypresses.

And did I mention the way too narrow time windows allowed for certain actions? If I have to beat the typing world record, it would have be nice not to have to do it in the first five levels.

A shame.


The controls were kind of awkward, and the insta-kill mechanism was really annoying. I think I'm on Level 9 right now... I'll try again later.


Anyone on lvl 15 ? kindda rough...

GeneParmesan February 16, 2010 10:17 PM

Really good game, only problem I have was that it started to lag as I got onto the bigger levels. But that's more of a personal problem.

I feel like need to defend the insta-kill system to all the haters out there. On these small-level platformers like this I feel like the insta-kill mechanism is totally necessary. For me this game would've been so much easier if it was Nitrome-style three hearts.

Maybe it's just my personal opinion, but these "room-style" platformers need the insta-kill as oppose to the "path-style" platformers (I hope that makes sense). It certainly adds a puzzle element to the game and a level of difficulty that's challenging yet not too frustrating.


Interesting game, like the upgrades, LOVED the elevator thing. BTW, you said "Unable" twice in the review.


I wonder if the controls really have to be so awkward -- I think if my gamepad starts working in the next few days I'll map the controls and find it much more fun.


I agree with what others have said: bad control layout just kills it. I only played a few levels and my hand already hurts (with full-size keyboard). Even the R button is in a bad place.

I would really have liked to have the arrow keys duplicate the movement keys, so I could have one hand for actions, and one hand for movement.


I wish it gave you the option to use the arrow keys instead.


I was having fun with this game until I got to the "different doors can be opened by different sequences of levers" part. Without being able to see the whole map, I decided it just wasn't going to be worth it to be pulling levers, running to the door to see if it was open, and running back.


And as always, it's impossible to play if you don't have a QWERTY keyboard. Of course, the keypress routine does not detect keyboard layouts either, so good job in making the game inaccessible to non-Americans.


Can't get floor 5 crayon. It's the only one I can't get.

It seems like it might be impossible to get. The switch to (presumably) deactivate a beam to the door to the crayon is behind the beam it should deactivate. Bug?


JiGuest, I'm not an American and I do have a Qwerty keyboard, but I can't get beyond the first jump without using two hands in very awkward positions. So I gave up.

I always struggle with WASD controls, they are the equivalent of a left handed person trying to use righthanded scissors to me. I just can't do it, I'm right handed. Why must you mock me game?


I didn't find control scheme that bad, but I did find it frustratingly hard.
I gave up on level 15.


I'm stuck at level 13 can someone help me?

Randomname February 17, 2010 9:31 AM

Aaand... another game that effectively excludes people using AZERTY keyboards. How hard is it to also use arrow controls?


Cool game, just cleared it. Level 15 is much easier when you realise

you can just hold down the jump button the whole time you're wall-jumping and use left and right to control it.

That and when you stop trying to use Metroid timing! Some serious achievement bugs though - I've got 312 deaths and 1449 steps, yet have neither achivement.

About level 5, to get the crayon you just need to

use yellow's ability whilst sliding


The controls aren't just horribly laid out, there are also entirely too many of them. Instead of up or down for doors and levers, you have to use the first letter of the word "Red". You know those tests where you try to say the color and not read the word? Yeah. And when you're trying to keep track of colors and directions all at once, I don't think it would be a crime to make doors, levers, and certainly checkpoints automatic when you walk in front of them. But checkpoints even require you to change to yellow first! Oh, and does the first special ability you learn for each color use the same key? Of course not. Yeesh.


i am not a american i use qwerty keyboard and i have no problem with keys
but game after 17 lvl is so hard that it bores


For all of you complaining about keyboards it would be a lot easier for you to change your keyboard layout than it would be to add a custom control layout.


And it would be even easier to just use the arrowkeys for movement...

I really liked the concept of the game, but the controls spoil all the fun.

Randomname February 17, 2010 6:13 PM

thanks for your helpful suggestion ganondorfchampion, why didn't I think of this before? \sarcasm
Actually, with Ubuntu I can't make flash recognize the keyboard layout I want, so I'm stuck with azerty.

That and the fact that I have to guess at the position of the keys after I change the layout.

Also, most games I've seen allow to use the arrow keys, or even to assign the keys you want.


stuck on level 9


Any tips for level 22? I'm finding the first jump after I've iced the red button... well, impossible. Help please!


Hi there! :)
I'm the Animator for Primary, and I'd just like to clear a few things up for you guys!

First of all thanks for the very great review. I understand how important it is to have a good keyboard layout and both Jacksmack and I had a serious discussion. The way we had it initially was WASD with JKL.. and Arrow keys with Mouse Menu and some other additions. What we didn't expect was the CRAZY (Unpredictable would be a better word) bugs that the arrow keys gave the game. We had ridiculous wall clasps, walking through the floors, and even crashes. At the end of it all we just got rid of the second option and the game played just fine.

Go to the game pause menu and find the Walkthrough button! Should have about 6 videos for a speedy answer to any of your questions. :)



Much appreciated, but it still doesn't solve the non-QWERTY problem.


An open note to all game developers, whether amateur or professional.

First -- I am in awe of your rockin' skills -- I enjoy playing games, but don't have the first clue how to design a game. So big props that you've figured it out.

Having said that, though -- when you release a game into the wilds of the Internet, I think you then need to follow a different set of guidelines. If you're just making games for your own fun and for a few friends, bugs and things don't make that much of a difference. Everybody knows it's just for fun.

When you put it out here in the Intarwebs for everybody else, though, the rules change. Quirky bugs, clunky controls, and other assorted coding issues aren't going to be well tolerated anymore. You're putting that game out there that "hey, my game stacks up to other stuff out there" -- well, then you need to make sure it does.

Screwy stuff like WASD doesn't work on non-QWERTY keyboards -- so the majority of the folks out there in the series of tubes can't use your game.n Doubly so if it can't be reassigned.

I get it -- it made bugs...so either find a way to fix it, or don't toss the game out here for everybody to use -- and make sure you're tough enough to take the criticism...if you're gonna run with the big dogs, you gotta deal with the tall grass.

Another recent game was Chibi Knight -- the comments from the author were "yeah, it bugs -- I can't be bothered to fix it" -- then don't put it out there. A great game, totally stalled out by a bug at the final boss.

By the way -- Primary is a really, really cool game. It's different, and lots of fun...I did enjoy playing it -- until enough different commands got introduced that weren't logical and just made an already clunky control system even more clunky -- but it's a really cool concept. I have QWERTY, but I also have AZERTY -- but it's a pain in the neck to require either left-hand dexterity (because most of the world is right-handed) -- or clumsy keyboard reconfigurations.

I truly hope you figure out the crashes and glitches, and can re-release Primary in a more player-friendly format.


LOVED the game. Although, the achievement for dying 25 times seems to be broken. I've tried dying 25 times in a single level and then completing the level, but no can do.

Has anyone figured out Mystery Medal 1 yet?

Regarding level 9

use yellow's power to get through the lasers. Oh, and one of the yellow platforms is a complete red herring, jump left instead of jumping to the yellow platform

Regarding level 22

you can jump over the gap if you use blue's power. But in order to open the door, you might need yellow's power


The character movement was a bit sticky, but I can overlook that. The most unfortunate thing was the rather large number of keys to memorize. It's programmed as a game that should be played with a controller rather than a keyboard, but it was an interesting puzzle platformer that was overall very cleanly done.


I love the Icy Hot Stuntaz reference in the loading pic. =D

Primal1nstincts February 19, 2010 12:06 AM

The first Mystery award is available when:

you create an ice block and then immediately destroy it with the fire blast

Primal1nstincts February 19, 2010 12:12 AM

Alright, shortly after finding the first Mystery Medal I found

The Second Mystery Medal:

simply kill an enemy with an ice block

doublej3000 February 19, 2010 1:16 AM

for the first secret medal, how do you actually do it?

everytime i make the block, when i try to burn it when switching to red it disappears immediately help?

Primal1nstincts February 19, 2010 9:04 AM

Oh thats right I forgot!

An important note for the first Mystery Medal:

You need the Permafrost upgrade found on level 18 so that any ice blocks you create won't break as you switch to another color

doublej3000 February 19, 2010 9:45 AM

thanks that makes sense finally figured it out now i just need to get to that level lol


Dora, thanks for the tips on the first boss; it's still SO frustrating, though! I can't get in, ice him, and get out quickly enough and I keep getting killed :( or I do, but change too soon, undoing any progress.

using a standard key for special abilities would have been much more intuitive (in battle I forget which key for which color), and not having to use a movement finger to also go through doors/activate switches would have made the platforming less frustrating.


well, I got past the first boss - but I'm not good at wall jumping to get to the top ESPECIALLY before the ice cube cracks :`(


What really bugs me isn't the keyboard layout. Instead, it's how unresponsive the game is. You need to be fast to get anywhere, even in the lower levels, but my keystrokes don't do anything if I do them quickly.


Wall Jumping is actually not that hard once you figure out how to pull it off :)

Don't bother with pushing jump each time. Hold the up button the entire time and just push left and right after each upward thrust.

If it still bugs ya then I guess sorry but this game just isn't for ya :C
Also play on low quality if you aren't already. I usually do just because I like the look of my fire animation in low quality better haha


I'm on floor 26 and have a problem. I can't SHIFT+jump to the left, only to the right. When I try running to the left while holding the shift key and then hit W to jump, my computer just beeps at me and my guy continues to run off the ledge. I'm sure this is a config issue in my machine, but WTF? Windows Vista on an American puter....help? I want to finish this game!


This was quite possibly the best game I have ever played online. Seriously amazing job. The only complaint I have is the amount of orbs you have to get for the achievemnt: 5000! Seriously?.....it took me forever! Other than that I spent many days playing it and loved it every step of the way, I can't wait for the sequel!


Of course they had to use the "cake is a lie" for the portals level.

frozenfire February 20, 2010 7:52 PM

Username @1:05

You seem to be running into the strange bug many people keep running into. It's usually fixed by changing some browser allowance settings or trying a new browser *But a new browser I think might make you start over so that's a nono if it does*

Try refreshing maybe? If it doesn't work then sorry I really don't know why the game is bugging out on people. Jack can't fix a bug unless he knows what's triggering it :\


I really liked this game. As far as the controls, I do have a QWERTY keyboard, so I can't speak for those with other keyboard types, but its not that uncommon for flash games to require WASD controls, especially when also using a mouse. As far as the complaints about there being too many keys, I'd have to disagree there too. Basically, there's the WASD keys for movement and blocking (invisibility) and then two main action keys, which is a pretty basic setup as far as flash games go. For changing colors, there are three methods, the easiest for me being the mouse because then you don't have to memorize the color and it pauses as you are changing color. If you're using the JKL method, i can understand how confusing it can be, so I would suggest using the mouse method.

Anyhow, I just thought that might help some that are having control troubles as well as provide an alternative side to things since the posts were getting rather one-sided.


Good game; I just finished it this morning. Looking forward to the sequel...


Great game, really enjoyed playing it. Good mix of puzzles and platforming, the assorted powers were fun. My one complaint is with level 28.

The portion of the level with the low black ceiling and the gaps to cross (with moving belts) seemed way too particular to cross. Requiring a 'soft jump' to cross the second gap is just too picky: it took me a few minutes of practice to get the right touch on the jump key down right, and even then a few deaths before passing that section. If either the wall slime on the right or the tentacle orb on the left were a little lower, players could fall off onto either wall and jump up-still a tricky maneuver, but at least consistently repeatable.


Level 18!!! is it that hard or am i an idiot???
help please....

Bomberkid March 1, 2010 11:09 AM

Hey i need help for the 2nd floor on lvl 22! PLEASE HELP


Does anyone have an easy method for beating the 5,000 orb achievement? Any good levels to rack up tons of orbs?


well i'll admit that the control scheme did kinda upset me at first. Since most of the world is right handed it's harder to control a character with WASD.

But that didn't stop me. I beat the game and got every medal and achievment.

I think it was due mostly to boredom but hey, i got it done didn't i?

It's really not that hard if you stick with it.

I"m completely used to the control scheme now. And i hope there'll be a Primary 2 soon.

So for all of you complaining about the controls you can shove it. If you don't like it, then don't play. simple as that.

But as far as i'm concerned it was an absolutely fantastic game.


the really extra super hard levels start at level 27. thats after you get the last upgrade. i dont understand how some of you finished the game. I cannot get past the wall jumping on level 27. is there any cheat codes ?


Nearly a month later I've found the opportunity to play it with a controller. It's a lot better -- no special dexterity required on either hand, and I never forget which button switches to whom. (I sometimes forget which action button is which.)

'Case anybody wants my mapping, it's enclosed:


On a Mac, I've implemented this mapping with ControllerMate.


how do you keep up the ice block long enough to attack lvl 10 boss?

ive sent out my ice blocks but cant get them to not hit me with the ice box

theo the gamer March 15, 2010 10:22 PM

mike the spioler for lv 10 is

When u see the target put down the ice block and use the door or get away from the goo guy. Then when he turns his back use ur mouse turn into the red guy and use fire on his back


With the first boss you can do it very simply, When he pops up her can do three things, he can go away (every first time), he can spew black stuff all over, or he can use his arms to crush you. There is also just an arm popping up, later more. When he goes away, nothing happens. When he spews black stuff, (be yellow) become invisible using S, the ink may hit you but cant kill you. When the arm comes up, just the arm, you can do the same thing and nothing happens. The way to kill him is by using the ice block. When he comes up and theres a blue target in front of him, you know he can crush you. Dont go away, but synthesize an ice block on the target, take some steps back (all te the other well) and he will crush the ice bock, damaging his arms. When he hits the ice block, you must quikly turn into red and hit him with flames. He will have lots of pain but wont die. If you do this three times, using the doors or the platforms or fireboost in the final level, the boss dies and the door will open to the elevator. (the boss comes three times) Good luck!


Is it just me or does anyone else here some Justice beats in this game's music?


Great concept, good puzzles, horrible implementation. This game was ruined by the play control.

1) Do not require a flash game to press 3 keyboard keys at once. Many times the 3rd key won't be recognized. So while jumping between platforms you have to hold the direction, the jump key, and hit the color change key. Many times the color change key would simply not be recognized. I'd mash it 6 times and nothing. Really made me not want to finish.

2) The wall jumping was horrible. Holding up meant you'd keep jumping so most of the time I'd just hold it down trying to jump up the wall jumping sequences. Yet, sometimes I'd even HEAR the wall slide sound and it wouldn't jump. Since you have to immediately hit the other direction to get where you were going, it was usually an instant fall to my death. This occurred so often it was shocking to believe the game was released like this.

3) Wall/floor - character interaction was poorly implemented. The guy is bouncing along the floor so you can't really even tell if you are at the edge. Sometimes I'd run off the edge without jumping and other times he'd jump and I never could figure out what I was doing differently. Since many of the jumps had very little margin for error, this was pretty game breaking.

Oh, and fighting the exact same boss 3 times? Come on... boring. Once you got between the pits you never even had to move to kill him. It was just a waiting game and timing your color changes and invisibility right.

This game did some things well. The combinations of abilities and how they were used in the puzzles was really good. The theme was neat. And the music (especially the way it changes depending on which color you are) is well done. But the things that were wrong made all the effort put into the things that were right seem wasted.

Heartless May 4, 2010 2:08 AM

I'm having problems with level 26, the fire jump thing? I can't figure out if you're supposed to press "space" first or "w", but either way it doesn't seem to work.

heartless May 4, 2010 2:23 AM

ah. nvm. it's SHIFT not 'space', i feel like an idiot now >.

Zeeshan June 9, 2010 10:53 PM

To defeat the first boss, simply wait for a blue target to appear and put an ice block there and travel using the door. The boss will hurt himself once he hits the ice block. Then quickly use a flamethrower on the red target. The red target will only appear when the boss breaks the ice block. Do this three times and he the elevator will now be open.

Bug Question June 20, 2010 10:03 AM

I cannot fire jump to the left. I can fire jump to the right no problem. Thoughts? Just quit?


For those who find hard continuous wall jumping:
try to jump against the wall and (without releasing the jump key) wait to start the second jump, the press inmediately the left or right key. You just have to wait to start the second jump to start changing direction.

Hope you'll find this helpfull!!!


I'm stuck at level 12 can someone help me? please
I cant go through


The sequel: Secondary. XD


the level 10 monster is scary

jimbobman903 January 15, 2011 9:36 AM

am i the only one who can
a) not beat the first boss
b) has th worst problem of "stuck" keys in the entire universe, where the actual key comes back up after pushing it down but the effect is the same as if you are holding it...
i have to hit the key really hard to unstick it...:(


this game rocks~! ^u^
i'm at level 28 "nearly there" and am startlng to go crazy cause some of the levels are soooo hard@!
i like it when you have to change colours jumping platform to platform

and that level "death hall", man, climbing up those walls or those slppery platforms drive me nuts!~

primary rules!!


i saw some of the comments saying there are too many buttons...actually you just have to get used to it, pretty soon you don't even have to think and you can change between them easily...(it did take a day to get used to though)

those who have wall juming problems:

1。 ↑ ← always jump up first, then and in the direction you want to go

2. ← hold on the dirction you want to go(←), then let go of the up button(↑)
if you keep holding ← too long, you will slide down slowly, whitch is very useful on the
level "death chamber"

3.↑ �' in that half a second you're sliding down press the up button, then add in the oppsite direction from the first,

keep repeting those steps and get used to them
so this is the whole thing in arrows:
h=hold l=let go

↑h ←h↑l ↑h �'h↑l ↑h ←h↑l ↑h �'h↑l

or a easier way to think it
left=1 up=2 rigth=3
2 + 1 2 3 2 1 2 3 2 1 (hold on the 1's and 3's)

about the boss on level 10 and 20
try to stay on yellow all the time,and follow him
when he attacks press "down"
when the blue arrow apperars turn blue quickly and make a ice cube, turn back yellow and press "down" fast, then turn red and blast him

do this 3 times and you can pass the level


ahhhhhhhh!!! finally complete! 1 week(437minutes)
and 420 dies(oh my)
you know, level 30 is actually even easier that level 15(wich is good cause im totaly pooped out)^-^good game, good game(start of level 28 was a bit rough)
now i'm gonna look for my crayons and medals ^_^


i can't get past level 13, any tips?


reply to vvvvvv
where do you have problmes?
is it the wall jump at the end?

the beginning is just pressing "R" and being invisible
the three buttons from left to right are on on off
after you get to the checkpoint there are two enemies
then slide with invisibility trough the two black holes (after opening the door with an ice cube)
jump over the pits with black holes (you dont have tojump over the second one, you can use invisibility)
the end is just wall jumping
use the 1=a 2=w 3=d "-"=hold

Julianne Orton April 21, 2011 4:42 PM

I can't get through level 13. It's at the very beginning where there are two doors. I can't get through the 2nd door. Please help?
Thanks so much to anybody who helps!


reply to Julianne Orton

when you get to the level
turn yellow
go down to the conveyor belt with the laser (press"�""invisibility before you go through, after you are trough press "�"" again to turn off invisibility)
then make sure you turn on the first switch before you go through the 2nd laser
the first switch will open a door with a crayon in it(i think) you can't go through that door again until you finish the whole level

then jump up to the top with another 2 lasers(dont forget to turn on the switch)
when you go through the 2nd laser, keep invisibility on all the way, until you are safe

about the two doors
the one on the left is the gate to the end of the level(you have to go through the whole level to get to that one)
the door on the right is just a crayon(you dont have to go there)
if you want to, you still have to finish the whole level

hope this helps you ^_^


reply to N@ February 18, 2010 7:54 PM

me too!!

jayzen13 May 21, 2011 10:01 AM

Well the keyboard problem is okay with me(coz i'm lefthanded haha!) it has good gameplay, storyline and concept. But the game controls are somehow fit for left-handed people, so I see why most of the people here complaining are mostly right-handed. I suggest the makers of this game create an alternative game-controller option for the right-handed people. Hope this helps! Anyways, i say thank you for the game makers, I pretty appreciated your game.


I ♥ this game so much!! The keyboard thing got me so mad at first then it worked out lol its on my favorites! :P


Level seven the switches are tough!


Oh man!! level 13 is sooooo annoying

Anonymous August 13, 2011 6:53 PM

Levels 7,8,9 and 16 have a lot of enemies. Kill 'em all and don't let any of the orbs pop! Start with level 7 and work your way to lvl 16. You can skip level 10,11,12,13,14, and 15. If you still don't have the achievment, work your way again.

Anonymous August 27, 2011 6:52 AM

Great game! Lovin it, pisses me off some times but thats the good part i guess.. Can anyone help me with level 25? How do i open the door???


BLEH! How do you get through the door in level 12?

kevalcantar July 24, 2012 7:28 PM

I have finished the game and can tell all of you how to beat level 10 and all the others and tell you the end on one condition: what is the name of the sequal and when will it come out and on which web page.


I couldn't get past level 5, because the 'invisible' mechanism was frustrating.

FA, if you're somehow still reading this two years later:

The text for that level says you can use conveyer belts and slippery floors to keep moving when invisible

slip into the gap under the yellow bridge, get the crayon, go through the door, turn off that one set of lasers to get back to the main floor


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jayisgames.com Online gaming has grown tremendously in recent years thanks to the improvements in technology. Online gaming has become more available than ever before with mobile gaming really taking off in the recent years. Mobile gaming apps have been developed...  ...

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