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Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

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Rating: 4.7/5 (24 votes)
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Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery

JayPuzzle fans rejoice! A sequel to the critically acclaimed action puzzler, Professor Fizzwizzle, is here and it's HOT! Just released by Grubby games, Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery picks up where the first game leaves off and presents over 200 fresh new levels to sink your puzzle-loving teeth into.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryRyan, Matt and new addition to the Grubby Games team, Mike, have held true to what made the first game so enjoyable and added several new items that increase the possibilities and potential in level design exponentially. The result is a game that one-ups the original and rejuvenates the series.

In Molten Mystery you will find 3 unique sets of levels that differ by their relative difficulty: Kids levels, Normal levels, and Advanced levels. Woven through each of these sets is an optional story mode that slowly reveals the namesake molten mystery via comic strip story boards between levels. The story, however, is not the highlight here, for it's the gameplay in Professor Fizzwizzle that is the main attraction.

The level design in this iteration is just as devious as ever. This is not a game that you will rush through in an hour or two, as some levels may require more than that just to figure out a solution. If you get stumped on any level and want to move on, simply click the "Show Solution" button to have the game solve it for you.

New to this version of the game is a step counter that counts the number of steps you take to solve a level. Think you've solved a level in fewer steps than anyone else? You can now submit each of your level scores to a global high scores list. The game saves and remembers the number of steps for each level and you can even submit your overall score for each of the 3 difficulties.

Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten MysteryAnd the level editor is back allowing you to create your own levels and share them with your friends. You can also upload them to the Grubby Games site and share them with other Profizzle wizzes. This ensures that you won't be finished with the game even after you have solved all 210 levels the game comes packed with.

There is just so much packed into this game, if you're a puzzle fan you owe it to yourself to check it out. Download the demo today for your operating system of choice: Mac, Linux, or Windows.

And to reward you for reading this far, Ryan sent along 5 codes to give away the full version of the game and we'd like to give you an opportunity to win one of them. All you have to do is download the demo and name one of the items you can use when designing your own levels, along with a comment about the game for the developers. There are 36 items in all, and try not to name one that's already been named (unless, of course, they all have been identified). We will pick 5 names from those who follow directions. Good luck and have fun playing!

Update: The contest is over. Congratulations to Ariel, Harry Lee, Divy, JoeMomma, and Mordecai for all winning full versions of the latest Professor Fizzwizzle game courtesy of Grubby Games. Thanks to everyone for participating!! =)

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Mac OS XMac OS X:
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Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


I assume that you post your reply in the comments, in which case I will go for the item 'Bat Bot'.

With regards to the game, I really like it. Like Jay said, it improves on the first without taking away what made it great. The feature I really love about both Fizzwizzle games is the solution part. When I'm stuck, I enjoy playing the first part of the solution, then carrying on myself.

Harry lee June 24, 2007 6:18 AM

I like the Inflatable Bridge Powerup, but it's a shame it's unavailable to use in the level editor.

The game itself was fantastic, the advanced levels immensely challenging but rewarding in their own right and the kids levels perfect for the young 'uns with the engaging story line and just easy enough puzzles. The graphics were very pleasing and colorful, and the overall package is, like its predecessor, simply joyous to play.

Thanks Ryan, Matt, and Mike, for the several hours of enjoyment I got out of this game!


I'll go for the item 'red teleport'

As for the game, I'm a big fan of games like this. I haven't got very far yet, but I think the bat bots take the game outside the realms of a puzzle game (at least for the levels they feature in). I know you can change the game speed, and they add a bit of excitement, but it takes away the ability to stop and think what to do next in the middle of the level. I think if the creator wants it to be more of a puzzle game, the bots could only take one step for every step the professor takes (DROD-style).


I'm going to go with "Frost Gun"!

I loved the first version of this game, and so far the second is only better. I especially like the kids levels, because my 4 year old is constantly wanting to play "grown up games" (i.e. games that I play) but they are usually too difficult and it becomes frustrating (and there is little worse than a frustrated 4 year old, let me tell you...)

It's a great family game, and we have fun playing it together. Thanks GrubbyGames!


I will go for the inflatable magnet

I never played the original version of this game but I had heard good comments about it. Even though, I had not played the original version, I loved this one. It really makes you think about what your next move should be.I really appreciate the "solution" button. This will ensure that once you've exhausted all possibilities in your mind that you never get stuck and can keep moving forward. I find that the first levels are challenging. I can't wait to get to the next ones.
Kudos to the developers.

Elliott June 24, 2007 8:43 AM

I'm at church so I won't get to download for a few hours...I hope there's still time then!

JoeMomma June 24, 2007 9:03 AM

The item I will mention is the "entrance tube"... because without it, you can't even enter the level... so I guess it's the most important item!

I never played the first game, but this game seems like a lot of fun. I especially like the online element. The fact that you can submit scores means that there's always a sense of competition, and the fact that you can upload and download levels mean that this game's entertainment value won't be short lived. Good fun, quirky sounds and cute graphics!


Heatgun Powerup.

Oooh, this is a fun one. I like the idea of a step counter; it encourages people to find the fastest solutions even after they've completed a level.


"inflatable barrel powerup"

I have not played the original but am familiar with the puzzle elements from other games. It's just fun to play and the music while annoying at first is strangely infectious. I really appreciate the ability to undo the last few moves, getting 3/4 through the level and finding yourself stuck because you went off the wrong ledge gets frustrating.


The inflatable teleporters.

When I played the first game in the series, I was really pleasantly surprised. It was a great game overall, and I didn't really see how it could be improved.

And now the people behind it has come along and proven me wrong. As its predecessor, this game has great graphics and a great gameplay, and while the levels in themselves are much fun, the level editor is very much appreciated (although I've never tried it due to the demo limitations), while it with all those objects makes the number of levels possible to make virtually unlimited.

Also my favourite parts of this second game is definitely the added way the tutorials are played, as being optional, and hanging as little star balloons above each level, very nice touch, and all the new fun powerups. The thought alone of inflatable powerups is quite amusing, instant travel to anywhere in the world! Where do I sign up for one of those?

All in all, a remarkably great game, and better than the first one.


Oops, I just noticed someone else already mentioned the teleports. But since jay mentions 36 items, I guess it's alright to differ from them by colour. In that case, my favourite part instead of the one mentioned above, is the blue teleporter.

ViciousChicken June 24, 2007 11:17 AM

Yellow gate.

Pretty decent puzzle game. Visually appealing. I didn't find many of the demo levels very challenging, but I expect the difficulty ramps up later. With features like "undo move," it's pretty painless as far as puzzle games go.


I'll say the Trampoline.

I played this game a week ago or so on my PC, and loved it, moreso than the original. I think the evil Batbots are a lot of fun, because they only activate when they see you. They're also magnetic, making way for some entertaining strategies to think of while trapping or avoiding them. The graphics are smooth and well-made, and I love the difficulty of the puzzles.


The Bat Bots, which at times can be a nuisance, but can also be helpful.

As a fan of puzzle games, I like Professor Fizzwizzle a lot. Cute graphics, with a great gameplay and a constantly rising difficulty level, which together garantee hours of fun. Personally I liked best the option to solve a puzzle, so that you're able to go on playing even if you're stuck with a puzzle, unlike other puzzle games.


Those slippery Ice Blocks.

When I first saw the graphics of this game I thought it anything but a puzzle game, but, in actuality, it was everything a puzzle game should be. The game was well equipped to teach the player on how to play with the wonderful tutorials and Question Marks. Once one becomes aware of how to play, many elements keep the game very modern and fun. These include the Level Editor, Step Counter, and different playing modes (Kids, Normal, and Advanced). What really makes this an enjoyable puzzle game, though, is its amazing gameplay. Its seemingly simplistic artwork and items blends with the logical gameplay to create a wonderfully fun diversion.


i hope this one works because every else i looked (bigfish had it first i think) it wouldnt work and wulfo there's 3; professor fizzwizzle, fizzball, and this one right here


Reece - this is a brand new game. It is not yet available at Big Fish nor any of the other game portals.


The sand blocks.

I really like this game. It has an easy learning curve, and appeals to first timers and long time puzzle solvers alike. The tutorials helped a lot to learn how to play the game. The thing that keeps getting me is the fact that you can transfer motion through multiple crates/barrels. Overall, a well-written game, with a great storyline. Thanks, Matt, Ryan, and Mike, for a great game that will surely remain on my Mac for a long time.

Samus Man June 24, 2007 4:21 PM

I'm going to have to say the classic wooden crate.


I will have to go with the grass terrain. It's traditional. like me.

Anyway, I think the game is great. I havn't played many levels, and I havn't played the first game either, but I really like this one. The optional tutorials are really a great feature. I also like the fact that you can "compete" against other people by trying for the lowest number of steps. I have also played all of the kiddie levels. They are really cute and a great idea for the kids. All in all, so far I love this game!

Samus Man June 24, 2007 4:47 PM

Oh, I forgot my note to the developer!

I've always enjoyed Professor Fizzlewizzle, but I have to say that the sequel takes the cake. It keeps that good old feel and adds new elements to the puzzles that keep me coming back for more. On another note, I'd love to see a Fizzball sequel ;).

Steerpike June 24, 2007 4:55 PM

I'll say the Wooden Bridges, which look like they're going to be great fun.
I really liked the first Professor Fizzwizzle... my kids *loved* it, and they're really excited that there's a new one available.
Best new feature - the Undo key. My only real criticism of the first game was that it was just too easy to take one step too far (even when you'd worked the puzzle out) and have to start the level all over again...


Thank you kindly for all your feedback so far. The guys at GrubbyGames are impressed with the community we have here, as well they should be -- you folks are the best! =)

You've all been entered into the drawings, and I've just finished creating a spreadsheet with all your names (and will add more as new people post comments). I had it generate a random number between 1 and 17, and the winning number is.... 15!

Ariel is the FIRST winner of our HOT Molten lava weekend giveaway! =) I've sent an email to the address you included with your comment. Please just confirm by replying to that message and I'll send you a full version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery!!

jzcorum June 24, 2007 5:41 PM

I dig that you can put the question mark boxes on the levels with custom messages. That way you can taunt (or be nice and give hints) to other people who try your level.

I enjoyed the orginal game and I'm intrigued by the new gizmos in this new version. And the step counter is a simple addition, but appreciated.


You might like to put a little penguin there alongside the Apple and Windows logos. :)


I myself own a trampoline, and they successfully imitate how fun they are in real life, in the game! Therefore I shall choose that as my item.

I actually really loved the graphics in this game more than anything else, as well as the last one; they are different, and yet fun and easy to see at the same time (trampolines do look like trampolines and so on and so forth!) There are so many great improvements to this game from the last one too- beating your old step score certainly adds a mighty reply value for score freaks like myself.

Karin M Designs June 24, 2007 7:04 PM

I enjoyed this. When I told my 6 year old that there was another Professor Fizzwizzle game, she jumped up and down with excitement. She adored the first one, especially the ability to make your own levels. She also liked the second Fizzwizzle game, which failed to hold my interest for too long. This third instalment is terrific and with new things to play with and make levels with, my 6 year old gives it 10/10 :) I think I agree with her.


I'll go for just the plain old Wooden Barrel, thanks.

I like the game a lot, but I found it to be a little bit close to the older Professor Fizzwizzle game for my liking - there were only a few new elements. Compare that to the difference between (for example) Journey to Rooted Hold and The City Beneath. That said, the elements that were already in PF encourage a lot of thought and puzzle play, so that can't really be that bad a thing. I would have liked even more "branches" to explore, though - one problem I have with puzzle games of this type is that when you get stuck, you get stuck forever. This version tries to escape that by showing you solutions, but that's really just cutting off your own nose because the entertainment of that puzzle is gone forever.


The next winner was selected from a random number between 1 and 21, and the winning number is.... 2!

Harry lee is the SECOND winner of our HOT Molten lava weekend giveaway! =) I've sent an email to the address you included with your comment. Please just confirm by replying to that message and I'll send you a full version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery!!


I don't think anyone's mentioned the ladder yet.

I've just discovered your site, thanks to Wired Magazine. This game is the first one I tried and I love it. I'm having fun with the step counter in the demo version, and I'm going to check out the original version also. Thanks!


Welcome to the JIG community, Susan! :D

You will find lots of great casual gameplay here, from downloads to free online Web games and interractive narratives.

We feature mostly browser-based games during the week, and save the more time consuming downloads for the weekend. We're always open to constructive criticism, and we love to encourage feedback for the developers that often frequent the reviews we write. So do feel free to add your voice to the discussion threads.


mojofltr June 24, 2007 9:36 PM

Professor Fizzwizzle (am I the first to name this button?)

The kid and I have spent many hours together working through the various puzzles of the first game. I was very pleased to find that The Molten Mystery seems to pick up where its predecessor left off and yet the gameplay still feels as fresh as it did back then!

Cheers! :D


The next winner was selected from a random number between 1 and 23, and the winning number is.... 4!

divy is the THIRD winner of our HOT Molten lava weekend giveaway! =) I've sent an email to the address you included with your comment. Please just confirm by replying to that message and I'll send you a full version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery!!


The next winner was selected from a random number between 1 and 23, and the winning number is.... 6!

JoeMomma is the FOURTH winner of our HOT Molten lava weekend giveaway! =) I've sent an email to the address you included with your comment. Please just confirm by replying to that message and I'll send you a full version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery!!


Metal barrel. I like the interaction with magnets.

So I like the undo button. When I was playing, I was thinking to myself, "it's too easy to accidentally walk on ice or something; maybe I should say something about that...wait a minute". Anyway, great game.


Yellow Teleport

You gotta love this game. The way the puzzle difficulty ramps up is perfect, so that while the puzzles are challenging, they don't (usually) overwhelm you. Even if they do, the solution button comes in handy. Great game, keeps entertaining me, the levels go on and on.



The best item is the heat gun. When I saw the original I thought they should be a counterpart for the frost gun and this is perfect. Also it lets you destroy the crates <:).

This is a great game for its simple concept and its fantastic level editor which made the original fun for so long. Keep up the good work!

Harry Lee June 25, 2007 4:42 AM

Yay for the HOT Molten Lava giveaway! Thanks for the great game. I really like all the new features I couldn't see in the demo!

Brian A. Thomas June 25, 2007 8:33 AM

I'll say the EMP Powerup. I have no idea what it is for off hand, but the Bridge was already used which was cool and handy.

I really enjoyed the demo and experimenting with the level editor. The animations are really cute, such as when you wait too long (an experiment I do with lots of games ever since I discovered it with Sonic ages ago), touching hot metal and with the aforementioned bridge I mentioned. When I fell into the hole, I had just pushed a barrel to a trampoline which sent it back and he ducked out of the way. I can see ways to make that useful, not sure if it will be in the final version or not. Anyhow a very good job and wish I had discovered the original version before since I really enjoy these kind of games.
My only other comment would be that it would have been nice to at least finish the final demo level, although I can see it ending once you try to use the heat gun as well, so I am not sure which is best from a marketing point. Great fun though.


The final winner was selected from a random number between 1 and 27, and the winning number is.... 11!

Mordecai is the FIFTH and final winner of our HOT Molten lava weekend giveaway! =) I've sent an email to the address you included with your comment. Please just confirm by replying to that message and I'll send you a full version of Professor Fizzwizzle and the Molten Mystery!!

Our sincere thanks to everyone for reading the review, downloading the demo and participating in our drawing by leaving a comment for the very talented crew at Grubby Games. You never know when there will be more swag given away, so it pays to read every review(!) ;)


Thanks very much Jay, and everyone in the JiG community! We truly appreciate your comments and helpful feedback.

Congrats to the winners! We hope you enjoy the game :)


Thanks very much to Jay and Ryan for this awesome prize! It'll make this exam week plus working a whole lot more exciting!



I'm so excited that I won. Thanks JIG and GG.

I forgot about my absolutely most favourite feature- the dancing professor whenever he's left in one place too long. Cracks me up every time :D


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