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Raider: Episode 2

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Rating: 3.8/5 (44 votes)
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GrimmrookRaider Episode: 2In Pseudolonewolf's challenging platform game, Raider: Episode 1, we followed the adventures of Arkus Zei, a lone space pirate who decided to chase a legend of a ghost starship filled to the atmosphere scrubbers with treasure. For those tenacious enough to have seen the first episode to the end, you'll know that the greatest prize buried within that ship's hull wasn't made of gold, silver, or indeed any other precious metal (if you haven't played Episode 1, now would be a wonderful time to stop reading this, and go play it).

Now, in Raider: Episode 2, Zei finds himself grudgingly following the instructions of his new human traveling companion. She promises him a great treasure beyond even his money riddled imagination, but in order to collect, they'll have to travel to several different dangerous locales. First on the list is a strange jungle planet with creeping vines twisting their way around stone columns erected by civilizations long past. Oh, yeah, and spikes and monsters. It just wouldn't be a Raider game without spikes and monsters, would it?

Controls of Arkus are widely customizable but generally you use the [arrow] keys to move, [A] jumps, [S] slashes your sword, and [D] allows you to shoot your gun. For a more in depth explanation of the controls, there is now a tutorial provided where you are given an arena to acclimate yourself to the control scheme without having to worry about dying.

Episode 2 bares those trademarks established in the first Raider. Graphics are beautifully retro, with the colorful jungle backdrop proving to be a refreshing change from the rather bland backdrop of Episode 1. Meanwhile the music is just perfect, the jungle beat working magnificently to create a feeling that is simultaneously encouraging and threatening. All of this sets the stage for a platformer that is vicious. Indeed, with as difficult as the first Raider was, this one may be even more challenging. For those of us that revel in ridiculously hard platformers, this is a good thing.

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I played both the first and second episodes of this game, and it is so hard I can hardly believe it. But I don't give up playing though.


It's really cool how the tutorial not only explained how to play, but also why some of the functions work the way they do. Otherwise, this game is too crazy hard for me to enjoy.


I got really excited when I saw this was posted, and then I remembered how condescending this designer is in his little Isiah-like notes in which he proclaims himself the sole guardian of proper game design, playing Prometheus to us squishy, Wii-raised mortals who obviously don't have the attention span to make it through a game that isn't so easy it plays itself, because we haven't seen one before he created this masterpiece of a breakthrough.


Someone once told me that a good writer always adheres to the rule "show, don't tell" when it comes to character development. There's some connection between this aphorism and the labels on each difficulty level that explain who should and should not choose each one... and something ironic about looking at those labels while recalling the invective in the "How to Play" guide against games that "take you by the hand"...

...and, for that matter, about a post like this one complaining about someone's writing coming off like he's full of himself.


Well played, elemeno. :)


I loved the first episode, and I'm really happy to see that the second one came out! This one is even harder than the original. Just beat it, and I found the

Annunakai Statuette.

Anyone know where the other relics are?


I'm kind of sad that this is on the line between 'hard' and '<censored> you, player' again, and the game is crossing the line quite often :(

And somehow, this game is unable to hook me up like some other games and especially egoshooters on those 'don't play this difficulty setting unless you are mad'-difficulties. I just don't know why. Maybe the theme of 'hey, you need to jump pixel perfect to make this maximum distance jump'-difficulty is just worn-out for me.


I *might* have kept playing if the respawn didn't take so darn long. IMO only hardcore platformer playerz need apply.


I could beat the first game, but not this one. I don't know whether pseudolonewolf is a masochist or just really hardcore, but I'm beginning to lean toward the former.

J'onn Roger September 3, 2009 9:23 PM

Yay! Have been waiting for this ever since I played the first one!


Also, I noticed that many of the comments so far have commented on how difficult the game is, and how sarcastic the author can be. While this is true, I'd like to mention some small kindnesses; in this level, at least spikes only take off 1 hit point, and there is a save feature!


Nobody likes jumping puzzles :/


Elemeno - You are absolutely right on all counts!

Well done Pseudolonewolf on a really exciting looking game that's obviously lovingly made and very competent at that.

The easy/hard thing is a matter of taste, I'm actually not a fan of things that push the hard barrier too far, but the ever-so slightly arrogant proclamations on the tutorial...

"..Unlike in some other platformers, once you reach the top of a ladder, you won't climb and stand on top of it; instead you must jump off the ladder.

This may seem inconvenient and not at all intuitive, but it's rarely ever an issue due to level design, and once you learn to jump off ladders, it's a lot quicker anyway."

... are hysterical! Pseudolonewolf could have simply said it's hard to code dis-mounting ladders on a platformer.

It's really competently done though and looks great!


I just beat the game. Nice fire whip attack for the boss.

I also love Arkus' continued love of sarcastic metahumor.

BTW, I'm not playing this on Medium, if only because I tried that once. I epic failed.

As long as you don't try for rankings, beginner is great. The skulls warning you of danger are a nice touch (lava is still annoying though,) and the boss managed to distinguish itself from the first one relatively well. Even though they looked similar.

"It's nice to know that they're putting these signs up for me. Apparently, I am a simpering buffoon with memory disorders."

"Apparently, lava kills you, so I should be extra cautious. But why wouldn't the intense heat from the lava be affecting me?"

Boss Quote: (note: Likely got the order on the words wrong)

"Ah. Since strength is the only form of worthiness most beings in the galaxy seem to know, I assume that means we fight. Irritating."

Also, I looked on X-gen, and it appears Raider Episode 1 was also updated slightly. The Tutorial's available there, too.

In other words, if you are a Wii-bred gamer like me, just stick to beginner, where infinite lives make it a more serious "I want to be the Guy."

Besides: I got 2 relics. Despite deaths...as long as you play beginner, we can maintain at least an N64 difficulty rating.



Have found 3 relics so far.

The Eye of Yalort:
[spoiler]is in room s1. You get to it from room 4. Rather than going right towards the checkpoint, go left. You can allow the elevator to take you over the spikes, and then jump left once it stops. However if you've checked the checkpoint first, you pretty much have to walk through the spikes. [/spoiler]

Will post the other two as soon as I get a chance to play through the game again and note the room numbers and names of the relics.


Obviously I didn't do spoiler tags correctly last time... anyways, to the next relic is the Lingon Mask. To get to the Lingon Mask. the blue and pink blocks must be activated, and the red blocks must be deactivated. Red can be deactivated by going up the right side vine in room 20, climbing the blue blocks, climbing the next vine past the doorway into room s3. There you will see a switch that controls the red blocks.
After turning off red, you'll need to go all the way back to the bottom of room 20 and take the left vine. Climb the pink blocks, the vine above, past the doorway, etc. into left side of room s3. Follow the vines up, and you'll find a series of short vines and spikes above a pit of lava, leading you to the Lingon Mask.


To get to the Annunkai Satue:

When you are in room 29, after checking the checkpoint to the right, go to the left. Notice that the left wall ends before it hits the floor, leaving a space/hole/doorway that you can walk through. This leads you to room s4, in which is the Annunkai Statue.

[edit: spoiler tags added. -eileen]


Interesting that a space-age laser pistol is actually weaker than a sword.


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