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Smokymonkeys Breakout

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Smokymonkeys BreakoutRequires IE: With apologies to those on Macs and non-PC computers, I simply had to follow-up the jaw-dropping visuals of Triglav with another creation by the same team. In fact, it was this captivating clone of classic Breakout gameplay that led me to the SmokymonkeyS site to begin with.

The good news is this game can be played in PC Firefox with the IE Tab extension.

Smokymonkeys Breakout is a DHTML game that features 50 different stages composed of formidable formations of various brick types: Black bricks that are imperviously permanent; grey bricks that vanish with a single hit; yellow bricks that change to grey bricks when hit; and red bricks that change to yellow. Eliminate all non-permanent bricks to make it to the next stage.

The game is not easy as the ball travels at a breakneck pace. Excercise caution when starting a new ball, as it will travel downward at an unknown angle and at full speed. You begin with just three (3) balls and earn an extra-ball every 3,000 points. Can you make it through all 50 levels? I should say not.

Beautiful, but without sound; classic gameplay with a facelift of the ancient Orient. Click.


I am deeply offended and disturbed by anyone who developes almost exclusively for play in IE!

'nuff said!


Yes, well, anyone who knows me personally can attest that a game has to be pretty special (Triglav) to get me to fire-up that rat-bastard browser.

'nuff said. ;)


This game looks great, but I really wish it had sound of some kind. Even just a simple "ping - ping" when it hit the paddle or the blocks would have been nice.

I'm also not a big fan of breakout games that require the use of the mouse to control the paddle. I much prefer using the arrow keys for that. I find it very difficult to get any kind of accurate control when I'm using the mouse.


Anyone notice the mouth at the bottom of the screen that appears to laugh at you when you miss the ball?


Very good game. However, you should probably provide a direct link as well as a javascript one, otherwise it's really difficult to use IEtab.

amberglow January 24, 2006 4:09 PM

it works for me on IE 5.2 for Mac.

Random Bob January 24, 2006 4:43 PM

I have to agree. The game is inventive, has cool art, and the ball runs pretty smoothly but the lack of sound, jerky paddle, and the overly extreme angles on the new balls kill it for me.

There you have it... I wasted a whole comment box to simply say I agree.

Personally this one's a bit more my speed.
It takes breakout and gives it a 360 twist. The levels advance after a point and adds new types of blocks which change your balls movement.

hehe... jerky paddle... rofl lolzor!!!11! *head explodes*


Ooops, thanks Justdig. I usually do include a direct link. My bad. Fixed.

Thanks Amberglow, that's good to know! ;)


Unplayable game !

"Internet Explorer for the Mac will no longer be available for download. It is recommended that Macintosh users migrate to more recent web browsing technologies such as Apple's Safari."

I suggest mp3 files only readable on gramophones.


why don't you like Internet Explorer??? I alwasys use it and it never fails...which browser do you use...i also like AOL Explorer but without AOL internet (comes with AIM)...anyway a good game but I agree with the sound issue also...the ball goes so fast and on such a crazy angle at the beginning of a new ball i usually lose so fast :( ... a good game but not much can follow the amazing superiority of triglav...a new favorite of mine
These games you report (Triglav) are what i love to see Keep up the good work!


No me gusta IE tambien.

But it works on Netscape 8. When you set it on IE settings. I don't know about firefox though.

excellent game, I love any variation of brickbreaking challenges.


The reason that so many people don't like IE is because it sucks! Bryan, if you download Firefox you will understand! I know I sound lke a raving lunatic to you right now, but with Firefox, it has better pop-up blockers, more themes, it has tabbed browsing! Since it appears that you don't know what that is, it means that you can look at 10, 20, 1,000 different webpages and you can switch between them without having to worry about 20 different programs clogging up your toolbar! Plus, if you have a wheel on your mouse you can hold it up to the tabs and scroll through until you get to the page you want! I'm begging you(and everyone that's reading this), Download Firefox!!! Just try it. It even transfers your old stuff from IE! Just try it. If you don't like it, get rid of it. But if you do, you're going to be glad that I just made myself look stupid so that you could experience Nirvana! (*Whew*)


Its a pretty strong statement to say that "IE sucks" simply because it doesn't have tabbed browsing etc. It actually *does* if you download a plugin. And the new IE7 has tabbed browsing and anti-phishing systems built in.

Usually people claim that Firefox is better than IE because of it has better support for the W3 standards. This is true, and developers find it difficult to code for Firefox *and* IE. In a perfect world they would both be standards compliant. Of course, Firefox is also not fully standards compliant. Safari seems to be winning the race in that one.

Personally I like IE. Until a few months ago, IE was the only browser that could run my (standards compliant) dhtml code properly. Firefox was simply too slow. Fortunately Firefox 1.5 renders fast enough to run my stuff.

We have to remember that IE6 is quite old and there are some problems with it. But we owe IE a lot. Before IE came along, dhtml practically didn't exist. There was the horrible Netscape stuff, but IE really brought it all together.

All browsers have good points and bad points, and I think that before we make "this browser sucks" claims, we should count slowly to 10, and then make a more balanced statement. How about "I prefer Firefox to IE because Firefox is more standards compliant".



Thanks, Brent. That really does put it in its proper perspective.

And that is the primary reason for my frustration with IE: there is the W3C way, which covers most of the other browsers, and there's the IE way.

From a Web developer perspective, if you want your Web pages to look and act the same across all major browsers, you quickly find that you essentially have to do everything twice: once for IE, and once for everyone else.

That's a huge productivity suck the entire Web development community has had to endure. We need W3C compliance across the board, and the sooner the better.

And I would venture a guess that the reason the Smokymonkeys games run in IE only is because 3 years ago the state of the browsers was indeed very different than what it is today. IE was used by close to 90% of all people surfing the Web (a guesstimate) and it didn't make sense to support anything else.

The Count January 25, 2006 7:26 PM

I just got a typekey account and couldn't resist adding to my previous post and saying that IE doesn't tell you about updates that you can get, and Firefox does have a better way of managing downloads. See, I didn't flip out this time.=)


I know this isn't the purpose of jayisgames, but I have to respond to the post suggesting that IE does not tell you about updates. It actually does. Its all covered by windows update. Since IE is integrated into windows, updates to IE will be automatically downloaded along with any other windows updates (providing you have windows update switched on--recommended).


My two cents:
FireFox > IE

But anyways, jay i dont see what you love so much about this game. It's very small, theres no sound to speak of, and the paddle doesn't affect the angle of the ball the way it should.

But the Oriental theme is cool, and theres the mouth at the bottom, supposedly laughing, but maybe it's just really cold and its teeth are chattering, cause i cant hear the laughing. =P

There are much better Breakout/Arkanoid clones out there. (DHTML, Oyster, etc.)

Atomic1fire July 9, 2007 6:32 PM

Yeah IE7 has tabbed browsing now
After firefox
and Firefox had many of the features that IE7 has now
without the crappy layout IE7 combines the history,favorites and new rss reader together
needed not really
Firefox lets you customize so you can add what you want
for me the IE6 layout was better
but I still have made Improvements over that On my copy of firefox
Firefox 3 supports the acid test which is a better way to define if a brower supports standerds
which is a big improvement over IE
not to mention that your less likely to get spyware
such as (wildtangent which has while is used for some ok online games is not really needed)


Jay- Yes, well, anyone who knows me personally can attest that a game has to be pretty special (Triglav) to get me to fire-up that rat-bastard browser.

'nuff said. ;)

Heh, I think many of us can say we feel the same way, But personally almost NOTHING will get me to use IE. Its horribly vulnerable (Ever tried Acid on it?), Aesthetically unpleasing, and just inferior to my favorite two browsers, Opera and FF.


i don't even have IE becuase i have a mac. one thing i did do however, is fire up my [expletive] old pc and i quite liked this game. they just need to make a version that works with FF


"I am deeply offended and disturbed by anyone who developes almost exclusively for play in IE!

'nuff said!"

I am deeply offended by and disturbed by anyone who develops almost exclusively for play in IE or windows!!

'nuff said!


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