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The Dark Complex

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Rating: 4.4/5 (156 votes)
Comments (367) | Views (16,722)
The Dark ComplexAlmost a year ago, Jonathan May of Wooly Thinking released on the Web a fantastic puzzle game called The Dark Room. It featured a 3-dimensional square room from which the player had to escape by solving puzzles, one for each of the primary and secondary colors, plus white. It was an instant hit and it remains one of my all-time favorite Flash games, ever.

Well, he's done it again!

The Dark Complex significantly builds on the ground laid by the first one, featuring 27 rooms and as many new puzzles to solve.

The interface and controls are exactly the same as before. Use the mouse to tilt and rotate the camera in order to view the entire room. Moving the mouse cursor to the right side of the game window will cause the camera to rotate (yaw) to the right; moving the cursor to the left will cause the camera to rotate left. The camera will tilt (pitch) upward when the cursor is moved to the top portion of the game window and, likewise, will tilt downward when moving the cursor to the bottom portion of the window. To stop camera movement, position the cursor within the center of the game window.

Once you're familiar with navigating the camera, all that's left to do is figure out what to do next. As with most puzzle games, logic and a keen sense of pattern recognition are your friends. Use them wisely. Draw a map if you must, as there are many rooms to find, but beware: you just may find yourself inside a virtual Rubik's cube.

Analysis: This game, like the first one, is gorgeous. Jon successfully combines very dark grey, brushed steel backgrounds with brightly colored highlights that appear as LEDs in the dark. The effect is stunning. The high-tech gadetry together with a moody soundtrack and synchronized heavy machinery sound effects set the atmosphere for an immersive high-tech puzzle adventure that will have you mesmerized for days. An automatic save feature allows you to continue where you left off should your game be interrupted for any reason. Very nice.

Play The Dark Complex


a very interesting game


not working for me... "www.woolythinking.com could not be found"


never mind... it loaded! :)


Nice game. I'm still working on the second room...


I think this is based far too much on the whole "sliding puzzle" type of game, which all require the same strategy. I don't like those kinds of puzzles at all.


Andrew - I think you may have made a hasty judgement on seeing only one or two puzzles in the game. You couldn't possibly have seen much of it before making your assessment.

Let me know what you think of it once you get your name in the Hall of Heroes. =)


Purple room's got me. Eh, but I'm probably too lazy to find a sequence!



I was a huge fan of the original Dark Room. This one is just as fun. A little different, but same overall concept. It's challenging, but the challenges seem a bit easier to figure out... so far.


I have problems!!! I have pushed the big button and everything is grey and there are circles and im stuck already!!! i'm usually good at these type of games but im really stuck on this one :(


Hm.. I liked the Dark Room (though I don't think I ever finished it) but this one seems more frustrating in it's layout.

I haven't yet figured out the sequence of how to get from place to place and seems to sometimes keep going in an endless loop trying to either find a room I haven't tried, or get back to one I have! Well, I suppose it'll keep me busy, but I'd rather be busy trying to solve the puzzles than trying to navigate...

Oh and each colour has more than one room, so if you're asking for help, you'll probably need more detail than, say "the green room" ;-)

hiram archibald November 24, 2005 6:49 PM


(And Jay, re: making yourself a map)

To find your way around, after you finish at least one room:

Push the button that activated the puzzle in the room, and the images floating over the open portals are a map. E.g.:

0 red, 0 blue, 0 green = back to the start room

.5 red, 0 blue, .5 green = the room connected to both the red and green rooms, and when you mix red and green light = YELLOW room

0 red, .5 blue, .5 green = the room connected to both the blue and green rooms, and when you mix blue and green light = CYAN room


I'm seriously hoping that at the end, I don't have to

solve a Rubik's cube from the inside...
I can't even solve one normally...@_@


Woah, hold on a minute! Where are all the spoilers? I can't even get out of the first room! Yes, I know, I'm pretty lazy! But I need those spoilers for the game spark to flame up inside of me!


OK Sonic here's one...
Blue room (amoeba blobs in red, green, blue):

each blob casts a shadow...

you need to have one blob of each color with identical shadow patterns on each wall. It's probably easiest to make the all blobs the same color first, then, choosing by shadow, click until you get 3 colors. Repeat this for each wall.

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 2:06 AM

Anyone got tips on:
3rd blue and green rooms?
2nd red and cyan rooms?
2nd cyan room?
1st purple and yellow rooms?

how the lights in finished rooms should be turned?

The only hall-of-famer so far is 'Jonathan'; can he help us out?


Oh god. not him again. Im doomed. goodbye, life.


lol @ Heff - aye, me too.

hiram archibald - when you say the 3rd blue room, can you explain how one is to know it's the "3rd" one?

I'm having trouble with the arrows that move as hands on a clock in a yellow room. Can anyone provide a hint please? =)


For people that are stuck with even how to get going:

In each room you will find a "button" on one of the corners of a cube. Clicking it will either reveal a game, most of which are pattern based and involves you clicking objects to change or move them (they mostly disappear when solved, but I've found one that disappears after a set number of clicks too), or a "map". The map shows red, blue and green cricles in an orbit over the "warp" gates. Click the button again to either exit a game, or close the map. Closing it allows you to use the warp gates to get to other parts of the complex / games.

Hopes that helps anyone *really* stuck.

One room I've reached and have no clue on: White room, rotating circular "saw" thing on one face, circles (one of each colour) moving in set patterns round and round. I can't even find anything to click that makes a difference! I assume it's a later thing that I haven't unlocked and can't "solve" yet.. but otherwise I'm stuck with that.


For the red room with a quarter circle and a small dot on each tile, do the dots point in toward the center, or do the dots go outside the large red ring?

It seems that this particular room starts you out with the top wall finished for you, with the dots all pointing inward. But now I'm thinking the quarter circles should line up with the large red ring instead.

Has anyone already finish this one?


Got it.

The dots definitely go outside the large red circle.


I was playing this for a bit but then stopped after realizing the sheer crazyness of the puzzle. Expecially because I was marking down which shape was in what color room and the location of the swirly mini portal circles (4 in each room it seems) just in case it's needed for the end of the puzzle >.<


Yes, I believe you may be right about the complexity of the puzzle, Harukio.

The fact that Jon is still the only person who has completed it has me a bit worried about finishing without some assistance.

Laura - the White room from his first Dark Room game required knowledge gained from completing each of the other 6 rooms first. My guess is that the white room in this game is similar. Could it have something to do with lining up the orbiting planets by pressing those triangle buttons, perhaps?


If you are still having trouble with the clock room:

the purpose of the puzzle:

line up all of the clock hands on the four side walls (In my case they all pointed not within in the partial circle arc, but i'm not sure that is significant)

How the red hand works:

The top of the room has a red clock hand. When you click it, the hand will point to whatever is "down" in your current orientation. The red hand on all of the other walls will move too, the same number of degrees but not necessarily in the same direction

How the other walls work:

if you click the bright arrow, it moves to where the red arrow is. The dim arrows each represent one of the bright arrows on another wall, and will move when the arrows on the other wall are moved.


sigh..can't figure out what's the running blockes for...the one in light blue room...

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 12:57 PM

Okay, so referring just to room colors and layers inward (using the purple rings on the map = layers from center?) will get too confusing for us.

By 3rd blue room, I mean the blue room with the puzzle whereall the walls are sky blue and there's white pixel 'clouds' floating righthand around the room.

Also,need help with the (2nd?) cyan room with the caterpillar things swimming randomly on the walls; the (2nd) red room w/ more random caterpillars, and the (3rd) greeen room with the pyramid of 6 gears of every surface.

I just had a terrible though: what if some rooms don't display their real, solvable puzzle until you rotat the triangle buttons the right way?


ahh im so far, can anyone help me with the one with the eyes full green half red half blue, i did one before this one that was easier but i cant seem to do much of anything on this one, and um help on the one with the six gears in a triangle, and the purple room with the shapes that you can click and they change colors(blocky not the blobs)


and the one with the blocky things that remind me of clouds and you click them and they go down(full blue half red half green)


AND the one where you put the spinning circle peices together

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 1:08 PM

Kieth - When you say clock room, are you talking the first yellow room with 2 diff. colored 'clock' hands on every wall? If so, I can't see what you mean.

Kendrick - did you pass the 1st purple room, with r, b, and g 'eyes' that change colors and dis- and reappear when you click them?


The one with the eyes:

I've only found 2 "eye" problems, so I guess we're thinking of the same one. Like the first, you have to click the eyes in the correct sequence. This one is trickier because it sometimes uses pair of eyes the same colour and sometimes the sequence recurrs (I think). I did it by noting down the first few (either colour, or colour and location (green, red left, etc) but I got a bit lost towards the end and it was a bit of a fluke I got through.

I'm currently struggling with:
purple room - "tetris blocks"in grey surrounded by changable coloured blocks
purple room - changing triangles to pink dots (i'm always bad at these!)
blue room - the white tiled dropping to the bottom one (called "clouds" above, I see them as fish - though not to be confused with those other fish rooms!)
yellow room - the one with 2 coloured arrows on each face that you can rotate and a blue background with green squares on it
green room - 6 diamond shaped "planets" on each face that you can cycle through the colours of (I know the probably line up somehow on each face, with one planet of each colour, but I can't get them to match exactly)
Oh and the gear one, though I didn't see it my last time searching out rooms.

I was pleased to get the block sliding ones done. At least with those I knew what I was doing :-s


Triangles that change to dots:

The purpose:

Change all of the triangles to dots in eight moves

How it works:

Whenever you click a triangle or dots, the one you clicked and the ones adjacent to each of it's four sides change from one shape to the other. After eight moves the puzzle ends and if you didn't succeed you have to try again.


click the bottom left and upper right triangle in each of the side walls only (not top or bottom walls.


Puzzle with four partial circles on each wall.


click two of the circles to make a shape with no overlapping peices (except the center). Each wall needs to end up with the same final shape (with the same orientation).


The remaining missing peice is like the tetris s peice. .:'

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 2:36 PM

Did anyone write down the correct sequence for the purple eye room (4 spots on each wall)? Like, number the walls, and go 1 upper purple, 1, upper green... etc.? I'm going batty.

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 2:44 PM

Second red room with fish/tadpoles wimming around:

click on a fish to get it to stay on a panel; wait and nail them down so that there's one fish on each panel

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 2:56 PM

Anyone solved the room with a red, blue, green, and yellow triangle on every panel? Looks like the insode of a giant game of Simon? And the colors trade place on a panel when you click them.

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 3:10 PM

2nd Red fish puzzle (3rd red room?):

similar to the first red fish puzzle

18 fish = 3 fish 'caught' on each panel


Has anyone managed to solve any of the puzzles where there are trilobite-style critters swimming around?



hmmm...I found a weird blue button that turned on a blue light that I can direct through completed rooms...I'm wondering if I have to

direct it to one of those (if there's more than one) lenses on a wall, or to one of the holes, or to the "middle" black room....
and I'm guessing there's a light for each color...


Stars puzzle (diamonds that cycle through colors when you click them)


assign a unique color to each star on wall, such that each wall's color pattern relates to each other walls' color patterns.


As you rotate around the room, some larger, closer stars seem to jump from one wall to the next. These should clearly be the same color on both walls

much bigger hint:

Where any two walls meet, the pattern is reflected, as if the wall was mirror.


any help for the floating/sinking cloud puzzle?

so far it seems that

only two can be "sunk" at once and some of the clouds are the same and others are flipped versions...but I'm still lost at what exactly to do

hiram archibald November 25, 2005 5:19 PM

I'm working up a textfile map of the cube. It's a work in progress (as I finish rooms) but people can email me for it.


Cloud puzzle solution (I think)


Some of the cloud's shadows don't match the clouds

Solution (maybe)

I think I sunk three clouds with non-matching shadows and then it was over. Maybe four.


Thanks for all your help, Keith. Sounds like you're well on the way to the hall of heroes yourself!

*goes off to have another stab*

Oh and I've found 3 "buttons" so far, green, blue and red, with lines running off them into other rooms. I assume this is something to do with the final puzzle, along with lining up all those inner/outer spinny triangle things.

Glazius Falconar November 25, 2005 6:59 PM

Alright. Stuck on the gearamids, the tetris blocks + colored blocks (tried to make contiguous blocks of color, failed miserably), and the maze + pointers in the yellow room. It can't be that you have to line up two pointers of the same color, since there's more than one pair on opposite faces...


Glazius Falconar November 25, 2005 7:27 PM

Extra note on the gearamids - when you click a gear to pull it forward, it can pull some of the ones attached to it as well. However, pulling all 36 gears away from the walls as far as they could go still didn't solve the room.



about the gearamid

some gears turn clockwise and others turn counter clockwise

i havent tried it out yet i just remember noticing that.
and for trilobites,

for one you have to put one of each kind in every face, and for the other you have to put an even number in each face

its 3


and if anyone wants help or wants to help me my aim screen name is raaa


Getting around is much less overwhelming when you have an absolute point of reference. let the button in the corner of each room be your compass. Doors to the left of the button take you south, doors to the right take you west, and so on. Some of the puzzles require you to know which way is which (the "eyes" puzzles especially).


I am starting to hate the sliding puzzles, expecially the one where every thing has it's exact place. I had everything complete except one piece was backwards, and after fooling around for a while I just gave up on that one...and now I ran into another one! (although much easier...I think)


Ok, I feel completely stupid, but after it says the thing about entering the hall of heroes, I am in the main room, right? so I click the corner button and all sides turn grey with a circle pattern in the center, when i click any of these buttons they turn colors, but no matter what combination of colors I select nothing special happens when i click the corner button again, and I can't deselect any of the color buttons, so what the heck am I doing wrong?


Anyone solved the gearamids?
Or the one where each wall is a circle with two triangles you can rotate around pointing out of each circle?


First time posting, but I love this site.

I loved The Dark Room and I love The Dark Complex even more. I have solved 23 rooms then I got pretty stuck. I read Keith's hint for the "cloud" room - thanks for that, I'm gonna see if I can figure it out from there.

The only other room I can't do (other than the white room and the centre room) is the one with green shapes on blue circles, and you can rotate two triangles on each face (red = 1/2, blue = 0, green = 1/2). I have a solution which I feel makes perfect sense but it doesn't work...

Each of the six faces is a view of a blue sphere with three green shapes on it. Then, it seems to me, you should orient the same-coloured triangles to point at each other. This doesn't work however...

I have a problem. I have been playing in Mozilla Firefox. However, at some point I briefly opened Internet Explorer to look at a early room puzzle. I thought that I would be able to continue to save my progress in Mozilla Firefox but unfortunately it has all been lost. Does anyone have any ideas if it is possible to restore my progress, or is it likely that I have to start all over again? Thanks.

hiram archibald November 26, 2005 3:21 AM

Any help w/ Cyan room in 3rd level NE corner (if start room is 1st level NW corner)? I has a red 2-piece square with a dot in the middle on every panel...something about the right sequence.


I completed Dark Room okay (okay fine; with a little difficulty), but I just can't get into games like this for the same reason I can't get into 'not pr0n'-type games. But hey, I admire anyone who can come up with such intricate stuff and (at least one) person/people can figure it out with minimal help! :-P

hiram archibald November 26, 2005 4:22 AM

For the second amoeba room (yellow, 3rd level, middle of south row):

Have to get evey amoeba with like shadows to share the same color, e.g. all the gear shadows one color, etc. Can't use one color for the whole room, since different panels are limited to certain colors. Good luck on getting the clicks to work...


The tetris puzlle is builded up like

a scrambled other cube

, where the areas have to be connected over the corners (there are six different areas wich have to been seperated)

I have now solved everything out of the gearamids (.G.) and the maze/clock room (rg.).
I think the white room (RGB) can be only solved when everything else is finished.

The room locations I gave by (Red,Green,Blue), where the . means an empty circle a small letter a half filled and a capital letter for a completly filled circle. I think maybe it's usefull way to identify the room pricesly.


Harukio is right about the wholeness. If you draw a map how all the rooms are connected together, then you realize:

that this is a 3x3x3 cube where in the middle is a strange axle room. Haven't you noticed these odd peep holes through which you can see rings that circle around white center? So in all we have 9 rooms on the bottom floor, 8 rooms around the center on middle floor, and 9 rooms on the top floor.

And this is not all like Harukio has also found out:

There are these power switches and control units on the outer walls of the cube. I guess that your final task is to power up the whole cube.

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 8:54 AM

I'm pretty sure the final puzzle relies on

lighting up all planets in the 'grey' room (half red, half green, half blue)

which you should be able to do by

directing the light paths to shine an 'unused color' into the center. Green from the magenta room, red from the cyan room, blue from the yellow room, and vice versa. Or maybe you need to use the room's color, I haven't unlocked enough of the cube to be able to direct the light where I want it yet.
Every clickable thing on the cube's surface, except for the lenses, is a switch gate, which alternates between letting light pass through and turning it 90 degrees.



And here is the map:


I used roman numbers for the floors, letters for X axis, and numbers for Y axis. So the start room is in Ia1. I have not visited in rooms IIc2, IIIb1, IIIc1 and IIIc2 yet, so I don't know which colour they are.

I hope that you find this useful. What comes to that blue button that Harukio mentioned, that is in room:

Ia3 on my map. And there is an other one...

in room Ic1.


And soon after my previous message I found:

third switch in room IIIa1 on my map http://serola.info/temp/DCmap.jpg


Hi everybody. I'm almost ashamed to say it, but I really can't get going!!! I don't find any buttons in any corners! I have only managed to find one button that changes things, the big shiny one that changes the walls into either grey, or if some wall has been touched, some color, and then back to the empty room. I have not ever been able to see any puzzle!

Please help me!


That is the same problem I am having Dr. I didn't beat The Dark Room, but at least in that one I could figure out how to get to the puzzles. In this one I have absolutely no clue. And I don't recognize a pattern that would lead me to figure out how to get out of the box.


I'm glad to find out that the rooms seem to be stationary, at first I was afraid those triangle things on some walls were spinning some parts of the cube around (like Rubik's cube).
...and I still hate sliding puzzles, I can do normal ones with a bit of work, but because the one's in the complex are "3Dish", when you send a piece around a corner, it turns 90º ;_;
(Red and Blue light found! yay!)
I directed the blue light to a

lense, and it shone a little compass like pattern on the opposite wall (which happened to have one of those little peepholes on it...I wonder if anything will happen if I send all the lights to that lense (or maybe there are 3 lenses)

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 11:12 AM

Okay, to get out of the first room and into the rest of the cube, you have to

turn all 6 faces of the activated cube a different color. This is done by

clicking each face, once.

I'm not sure how well you'll manage on the rest of the cube if the first room is giving you that much trouble, though.



Harukio, there are 6 sides in the cube so:

I guess that you have assure that 6 lenses are switched on and free to direct their light to the center of the cube.

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 12:36 PM

Could someone mail me the solution to the starfield puzzle? Looking at it is giving me some wicked vertigo so I can't see what I should be clicking on.

I need some clarification on that 'tetris blocks' puzzle, too. Do you use all 6 colors? What do the colors have to have in common?



I had a bit of trouble with the star puzzle until I thought of it in a different way
first try thinking of each side as a


but, each side doesn't

reflect the opposite wall

it's almost as if

there are stars you can't see, floating in the middle of the room and are reflected on the sides

if that doesn't help, also notice that it's as if

the closer a star is to a wall, the bigger it's reflection is

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 12:59 PM

Ah, finally worked out the 'tetris blocks'. Here's a little more grammatical explanation.

The blocks represent the outer surface of a cube with one continuous black patch and 5 separate regions.
Each region should show up as a different color in the "exploded" view of the cube.
Piece the blocks together so you get a sensible outer cube and then color in the regions that are clickable. Once you've assigned the 5 colors to 5 regions the puzzle is over.
If you need help getting started,

there are only three blocks which have a side with 2 open squares of black.



how the gearamids work:

I assigned each gear a number. the one on top is 1, the two in the middle are 2 and 3, the three on the bottom are 4, 5, and 6.
When you compare the rotations of any given gear to its counterpart on the other walls, there is always only one rotating the "wrong way". click on that one. The final solution:

South wall: 3rd gear
East wall: 1st gear
West wall: 5th gear
North wall: 2nd gear
up: 4th gear
down: 6th gear

how the "tetris" room works:

I sketched the lines of each block onto paper and rearranged them on a cube. when arranged correctly, the colored areas join to form various shapes. each block forming a given shape needs to be the same color as the other blocks with it. Final solution:

I dont recall the colors, so i'll use letters. it doesnt matter which letter corresponds with which color.
South: the left little block is C. the right is B. the big one is A
East: the little block is B. the big block is E.
North: the top block is E. the bottom block is D.
west: the top left is E. the top right is B. the bottom right is C.
up: the big block is E. the smaller is D.
down: the big block is D. the smaller is C.

I solved every puzzle but the yellow room on the second floor. help?

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 1:21 PM

Ah, thanks for the hint. Starfield down.

I think the secret to the yellow maze + arrows might be

to put the maze pieces together to make a cube, with arrows of similar colors pointing at each other

but I can't find a way that works yet.



I'm having trouble with the yellow room that has the puzzle with 2 arrows on each wall (that has green and blue backgrounds). I tried having each pair of arrows point at eachother (red-red, purple-purple), then I tried assigning each wall a color and having the respective arrows point to the corresponding walls...and that didn't work either.
I'm running out of ideas >.<

hiram archibald November 26, 2005 1:43 PM


I didn't quite understand your explanation of the tetris blocks.

I tried using one color for each track around the inside of the block (separated by purple border lines), but I only found 4 continuous tracks to fill in.

Can you try and explain again?

hiram archibald November 26, 2005 2:00 PM

For the yellow room with 2 diff. colored arrows on ea. panel, I tried pointing e.g. blue, red, and purple to one corner, or red, green, and yellow, or blue, green, and cyan (the same way the colors 'combine' on the map). But there's not enough of the right colored arrows to make that work, either.

Anyone know the idea behind:
blue room where each panel is r,g,b, and y diagonal triangles?
cloud room?

Those are the 4 I have left.

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 2:21 PM

The thing about the tetris blocks is

You can't use them in-place. Think of each face as a puzzle piece that you have to connect together to make a cube with a continuous black track and 5 continuous colored regions. Once you've figured out which regions go together, then you go back and color them.
You might need a piece of scrap paper to work on.
One other thing that might trip you up is that

The "mouth" on the "face" cube (with a black T) is a region all its own, since it's completely outlined. The outlines can help you work out which parts of the cube connect to each other, too.


Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 2:49 PM

Cloud room was already explained. But in brief:

you have to 'sink' the three clouds which don't cast the right shadows.

The diagonal triangle one is simple.

Clicking on a triangle moves that color clockwise, swapping it with the one that's there. You have to make every 2 triangles that touch the same color.

Still flailing blindly on the maze w/arrows and the gearamids.



The yellow room with 2 diff. colored arrows on ea. panel goes like this:

Notice the map of the planet on the background.

The planet is displayed from each of it's side.

The arrows of the same color has to be pointed to the same sides of that planet.

hiram archibald November 26, 2005 3:50 PM


Sorry, but

how do any of the 'sides'/panels of the plant match up? They all have diff. patterns of blue and green.


Yes they do Hiram, yes they do. I just give one more hint for the yellow room with two different colored arrows on each panel.

Draw each of the background maps on separate papers. Then start from those where exactly one quarter is green. Try to arrange them so that you see planet from three different angles. Then continue so that you have cube that showes a planet/globe from all of it's sides.


Amor-- I did as you said, and I got an answer that I think is correct, but the game will not accept it. can you tell me what I did wrong?

I superimposed my solution over the initial positions using paint. the image is here


One note about the gearamids (which I still haven't solved). On each of the boards, 4 gears turn one way, and two the other. Some are four gears clockwise, and some 4 gears counterclockwise. I tried pulling out gears so that three were out, three were in, making 2 sets of meshing gears, but it didn't work out.


Kevin, arrows have to point

into same direction. Let us presume that the top middle image in your photo is the north pole of the globe. Then the bottom left image is what you see from one side of the globe. Now the north pole is up, south pole is down. Then you just select the arrows that can point into same direction. E.g. red in the top middle image to the right, and red in the bottom left image to the right as well.


I wonder if anyone has solved the whole puzzle? I have solved all the map things in all of the rooms (thanks for the tips), but now I really have hard time with these switches and lenses :(


Not yet, Amor Lassie. Jon is still the only name in the Hall of Heroes, so I believe it is safe to say that no one other than the author himself has solved the whole puzzle yet.

I'll bet that many are very close by now, though. =)

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 7:51 PM

Whoa! Could you share your strategy for the room with all the gears?

Anyway, the globe hint reparsed a little bit:

Once you have the globe figured out - and Kevin, you've got that done - you need to align all the arrows so that each pair is pointing at the same face of the globe. In Lassie's example, the red arrows are both pointing at the "green/blue arrow" face of the globe. There are probably multiple solutions, but you may have to give each face its own color of arrows.



Amor Lassie: You solved the gearamids? How? Please?



It consumed my life, but I have finally defeated it!

Too bad I didn't beat the author at it :P

I did it almost entirely by myself too. I still should give credit where credit is due though:

To Jay: For linking me to the puzzle, and I stumbled onto his attempts at the red circles + dots before I'd gotten to that puzzle.

To Jonathan: For creating the puzzle.

To Amor Lassie: Got me to figure out how to solve the arrow puzzle (though I'dd already made the model...)

To Kendrick: Small helps and support through AIM

As for me helping on puzzles? I'll help on the 25 smaller ones, but I want to see other people get into the Hall of Heroes before I help on anything after that.

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 8:25 PM

Some hints for our man in the final stage:

You need to send each color of light from the lenses to the room in the center, the right color of light at each lens. The colors you'll need to use are

picked out along the borders of the pinhole view from each 'lens room' - you need to send every color that isn't in that room through the lens. For the magenta room, send green. For the blue room, send yellow (red and green).

To move the light around

you should use the triangular spinners. Hitting the triangle alternates between sending the light straight and twisting it 90 degrees. Lenses always let light pass through straight. You can hit the spinner even with the 'guide post' from a completed puzzle on. This is helpful because

the overlay with two arrows on every spinner shows the two directions light will come out from that spinner.


Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 8:27 PM

Someone else who solved the gearamids! Tell, tell! Seriously, I've got no freakin' clue how you're supposed to win that puzzle, let along how to get there.



Congratulations, Tiralmo, on being the first in the World to make it to the Hall of Heroes! =)


TY, Jay

By 'gearamids', you mean the room with 6 gears on each of the 6 faces, right? If so:

6 gears on 6 faces, 1 can be selected at a time, all of the faces have the same triangle layout.

Each face has one gear which doesn't belong.

Look at the other faces to figure out which gear is wrong.

Look at the gear in the same position in the other faces. (For example, look at all of the lower left gears.) For the ceiling and floor, call whichever edge of the triangle that is parallel to an edge of the face the bottom edge of the triangle. (sorry if that's a bit wordy...)

Look at how they turn.

One gear will spin the opposite way.

Click that gear. Repeat this entire process for the rest of the gear positions (Remember: each face only has one incorrect gear), and you'll have it solved.


ignore what GF said about the final stage about which color goes where cause its wrong


G'day guys,

Thanks for playing - I thought I'd make it harder than the first since people said they solved that one in less than an hour :-)

By the way, GF's tip for the location of the colours in the final solution is wrong.

Jon :-)

Glazius Falconar November 26, 2005 10:32 PM

Huh. Thought that was what I noticed.

Is there at least only one "right" position for each light?





Just solved it. Couldn't have done it with out you guys. Thanks to Hiram Archibald, Christine, Laura, Amor Lassie, and Tiralmo. This took way too much time when I should have been doing more important thinks, but I'm glad I did it.


Hints to the end game:


Make the planets in the center room (which can only be seen through peep holes) solid rather than hollow, by shining the right color light into each peep hole

Hint regarding The peep holes:

All the peep holes look into the center room of the complex. There are six, one looking from each wall around. above and below. When you click on any one, you see 6 planets of six different colors.

When you look in the peep hole, you may see a orbit line from light shining from the opposite side of the room. The color of the line is the color being beemed in


The orbit should be the same color as the planet orbiting in that orbit. If you've done it right, the planet will be solid

power buttons:

There are three power buttons that can be turned on and off. red, green, and blue.

They are in the rooms that are three straight moves from each of the doors in the starting room (the black room).

They all need to be on


When you turn on a power button, it sends a color down a trail. There are various junctions along the trail where the color will either go straight, turn left, or turn right.

There are buttons at each junction that control whether the colors will cross, or turn.

The junction control only has two positions, One that makes the colors cross straight through, and one that turns them in some direction.

All of the switches in the same plane orient the same direction. They will all be right turning, or all be left turning along the same plane.

The beams:

Opposite each peep hole is an eyeball looking thing. It is capable of beaming a colored light into the peephole.

The color it beams is determined by the color of the light coming through the paths that connect to it.

It needs paths lit vertical and horizontal to have enough power to beam properly

I hope I haven't made it too easy ;)

Glazius Falconar November 27, 2005 1:53 AM

Phew! Did it!

It took a perspective-rendered map over 2 sheets of looseleaf to finally puzzle out the last sequence.

Here's a very small hint.

Take it one trail at a time. Once you figure out what the colors coming from the faces should be, ask yourself where the light needs to go and try to get it there. Once one trail is down, the paths for the other trails should get a little less fuzzy.


hiram archibald November 27, 2005 3:12 AM

Looks like nobody needs help anymore.

Just for kicks, 2nd amoeba room (yellow, 3rd level):

Just keep clicking on a given face until you get it's setup right.
My labels for the shadows:
'ciircle' = amoeba with a donut ring inside it
'rim' = amoeba with a ring around the edge
'gear' = well, the amoeba a rotating gear in
'wheel' = a necklace of little dots rotating around the edge
'blob' = a squarish blob in the center
'three' = three dots in a little triangle

all the circles are purple

all the rims are green

all the gears are cyan (light blue)

all the wheels are red

all the blobs are yellow

all the three's are blue

hiram archibald November 27, 2005 3:16 AM

Did anyone bother to write down the sequences for the purple room with pair of eyes (1st level) or the green room with a single eye on each panel (3rd level)?


Help me!!!!!

I solved all room, but I don't khnow to place the beams.

What is the orbit with sphere blue, red and green. The orbit appear when you solve a room.




No - you can't change the shape of the orbit... it's fixed per projector. You have to work out which projector is projecting the orbit of which planet, then change the COLOUR of the projector to match the planet's colour. Direct the light paths around the entire complex to the right projectors.


The Red Green Blue things that orbit over the doors when you've solved a puzzle just tell you the co-ordinates of the room beyond the door. Ie. instead of X-Y-Z co-ordinates, you've got R-G-B co-ordinates.


SuperJew777 July 11, 2006 12:40 PM

OK can somebody PLEASE help me on the green room with the red slider pieces. For some reason, there's not enough pieces to match the back ground. Please help!!!


SuperJew777 July 11, 2006 1:33 PM

And any help on the Simon? What type of pattern are you suppose to put it in?

SuperJew777 July 11, 2006 1:36 PM

Never mind, for the simon, you just make sure that connecting sides have matching colors. That pic that somebody submitted made it look much more complicated. Sorry for posting so much.

SuperJew777 July 11, 2006 9:06 PM

OK i just found out how to do the red clock room.

Basically, the point is to have all the hands match up. The small green hands represent the position of the other green hands on the three adjacent faces.
When you click the red arrow on top, the small red arrows on each of the walls move in varying degrees. When you click the green hands, they align with the red arrow in the background.

If you try this, you will probably be able to get all the green hands relatively close to each other. The trick of this puzzle is that when you click the red hand on top, it points towards you. So move around the cube and click the red arrow and it will follow you. In this way, you should be able to control the movement of the red hand.

With those hints, you should be able to do this puzzle. Write me if you need more help.

SuperJew777 July 11, 2006 9:09 PM

Ok, I think somebody already said this, but just to clear it up:
About the light-blue room with white pixel-clouds floating around...

Each of the clouds cast a shadow. There are three or four shadows, however, that aren't the same as their clouds. Click those and you will win.

amaroid July 21, 2006 1:18 PM

wow I just found this forum!!

I must say I solved all rooms, which takes me few weeks...
but now I have no idea what to do with the white room
I dont want to look at spoilers yet
But I have to say that I never played such a difficult game before


is there any way to find out how should I lead on the ligts? I suppose I need to fill those "planets" in the white room and also in the center of the complex, but I have no idea how to do that...

Please forgive me my bad english, Im not a native speaker..



Look up the page about 10 posts ago for my solution to the "lense problem".


mychimaera August 2, 2006 1:27 AM

I just can't figure out the first red room with the four circles on each panel, each having a different design around them. I've done the first blue and green and some of the rooms attaching to those just fine. Can I get a hint?

I've tried getting a differently patterned circle on each panel and I've also tried matching circles on opposite panels, but that just doesn't work (unless I'm missing something).

mychimaera August 2, 2006 8:04 AM

Nevermind. No hint needed. I was making it harder than it was.


first time poster!

ok i've read through the entire page, read through all dr's spoilers about his walkthrough, and i still can't figure it out! its so infuriating! i've done exactly what he said to. can you please just post the URL?


Hey guys,
Jay, awesome website!!! Came in handy with both archipelago games and a little bit with this one.

Jon, you the man. can't wait to see the next one. keep up the good work.

Ok guys, i'm doing really well, almost at the end game, but i need a hint with the satellite room. Yellow background on the ground floor. Don't want a solution, just an idea about what i'm meant to do.


Ok, now I have went through most of the cube on my own, because there are some simple puzzles. I have read the hints when I got stuck, but now I am just at a huge freaken brick wall. The yellow room with the 'globe' and satalites---I made two 3D models, and have put each satalite with respected colors at only place I could figure out that they would actually be there. I am aparently not doing something right, so could some one please tell me what the secret is. Thanks...


Feeling your pain Carrie!!!


Hey monster, there are a couple of guidences already posted. one main one that got me further but still stuck was by Sean McKenna | June 19, 2006 6:21 PM. Hope that helps!!


Thanks Carrie,
i wasn't sure if the clues about globes, continents and arrows was the same puzzle.

I'm having trouble working out the shape of these "continents", it seems like they don't join up. I read in an earlier post that there are only three continents and two are triangles. The satellites, or arrows, are supposed to point to the centre point of the continents, but the satellites rotate on the spot as well as round the globe, which is confusing me.

This is the only puzzle still holding me back, i've solved all the others. I'm pulling my hair out!!!

Anyway, can only keep trying. Will let you know if i get any further.



Hey monster,

I changed the arrows to satellites, and coloured the continents to make it easier, but it's still the same solution...

There are 3 continents: 2 are semi-circle-like and 1 is triangle-like.

There are only 6 satellites (1 of each colour, but each one is shown from 2 different angles to make 12). Make each satellite of the same colour hover above the planet at the same location (but remember you're viewing from different angles).

If that's too hard, then don't bother because you don't actually need to solve this room to complete the whole cube puzzle.



Hi Jon, the man at the root of my frustration. :-)

Thanks for the hint. I realised that

there were 6 satellites, six centre points, and three continents but i didn't realise there were two semi-circulars, and one triangle. I thought there was one rectangle (ish) and two triangles (red and green).
On the basis of this i tried assinging numbers to centre points then, a colour to a centre point i.e. red = 1, purple = 4 etc. This didn't work because i had three colours competing for two numbers.
I think i got the layout of the globe wrong.

I will persevere, it's annoying me too much now!
Thanks again for the advice and all your hair tugging, mind-boggling games. You have some imagination!!!!

When is your next one coming out?



Solved the planet puzzle!
unlocks a lens

First i

drew out every side of the room, and what colours of sattelite were on the wall.

Then I

numbered the points on one of the walls. Then numbered the points on the other walls by working out how they relate to each other. For example, the wall with all three colours is rotated 90 degrees to the right to get the wall with yellow across the top and the red on the bottom right.

A note on the numbers (this is a big hint on working out the shape)

the six walls represent the views of a globe taken from six different centres. Imagine a sphere. There is a point on the top, and a point on the bottom. The other four points are equally spaced (90degrees apart)points on the equator (or round the middle).
As you look at one wall you can only see five of the six points, as one is on the other side of the globe. There is a top, bottom, left, right, and centre. There is one view for each centre point. Imagine that you are in orbit round the earth. The point imediately in front of you is the centre point (closest to you). If you drew a line through this point there is a point you can't see on the other side of the planet. Now look at the extents of the planet. You can see the North Pole and the south pole (top and bottom points) and you can see to the left and right. The planet, although a sphere, only looks like a circle. The puzzle is the same.

Next step.

Once you have worked out how the views on the walls relate to one another, you will have a mental picture of the globe. You now must work out how to position the satellites.

A note on the satelites

there are only 6 satellites. However, because of the views, you can see each one from two different views, making it appear like there are 12.

How to complete the puzzle

assign a colour of satellites to each of the six points on the globe. There are only two possible solutions for each satelite. Now position the satelite at this point. For example red points to point one in both views, both green satelites point to point 2 and so on...
This should be you.

Use paper, it helps a lot

Good luck


OK... so three different people have asked for help on the first red room only to immediatly post a "nevermind, I got it." So obviously the secret is to ask for help and then it comes to you. So... help?


Hahaha, that's usually the way it works around here Keith. ;)


Hooray for monster, but people, I still don't get the satelites. And, if there are two possible solutions for the satalights, then how do you know which is the right one? Im still lost....


Ha, I finally got it (room with the red spirals). I just had to write it all down and take a look at it on paper. Piece of cake, after a little time off.

I also got the satellite room.

Carrie -

copy the satellite room down on paper. Then cut it up, and piece together the puzzle (think three-dimensionally). That should help.

Actually, there should be 8 possible solutions, but any will work. Don't worry about that, though, you'll see what I mean when you solve it.

Now I just need to hack through the stupid slider in room GGB, and I've ready to deal with the colored tubes.


Done! Excellent game! Can't wait for another one like it! Now I just need to avoid thinking about how much time I spent doing it.

...for some reason the scoreboard lost my name & comments, and just changed them to "undefined," but I'm #172.


I got # 174 and I am so happy that I finially got the hint I needed. So, to help all those who come along and have my problem here is the true hint no one botherd to put up for the satalites

the satalites connect at a place in commen but its not on thier screen. so look for an edge point that would have the same face as the same color satalite you are working on.

hope that helps ppl.


I'm having so much difficulty figuring out the blue room with the partial circles on it. I've read all the previous posts, but I can't get it! Could anyone please help me!?!?


read everything about the yellow puzzle (globe and arrows) Still can't make it! Anyone can help? Clearly not vaguely. Been working on it for 3 days. A lot of comments but if you're not willing to share how to work it just don't post anything. Can't take anymore riddles! Yes I'm totally frustrated. This game has been released over a year ago I'd like to finish it. Totally stuck! Be clear please! Don't want to read that if this arrow is the opposite side from this other colour arrrow.... or if the line is suddenly vertical... On the edge of giving up which would be sad at this point. 2 more puzzles to go. Stuck on this stupid one!


Can anyone help me with the room about the globe and the continents? I got the satellites in the correct position but the game was not solved. Please help me.


I found doc's walkthrough


Luis, how did you found it?

Luce Bella January 23, 2007 3:41 PM

wow, this is def. more complicated than Dark Room, it didn't take long for me to beat that one, any tips for me before I get to far into it? I've only beat one of the blue ones so far, that one with the triangles, and I'm working on the one with the funny shaped pieces right now. I don't want to miss doing something right at the beginning and not know it or whatever later.

Luce Bella January 23, 2007 4:05 PM

ok, I'm in this pink room and there are little eye looking things and I click on a color oval-ish shape and more pop up I've been doing a sequence until it "starts over" (I think it starts over that's why the "") but I don't think my idea is working, am I on the right track? I need a hint! please!

Luce Bella January 25, 2007 7:08 PM

ok so I def figured that room out already so you can ignore that, although it doesn't look like anyone's been posting anything anyway so I guess it probably doesn't matter...


Hi fantastic game, took about two weeks on and off to complete, unfortunately got an undefined message on the hall of fame so I'm not quite immortalised but I am #260 on the scoreboard. More please!!

Off to complete Return to Archipelago wish me luck.


can someone help me on the eye room? i have no idea what to do, and im not really sure what the other hints meant


Ok, so I only have the satellite room to solve, then the big puzzle.

Was I right to

draw out the "globe" onto a cube such that the continents are not all chopped up, and then put the satellites at the points on the edges of the cube where each would meet up with its pair?

Because I did that, but it wasn't the solution. I thought it would be the same as the

points on a globe technique

but I guess it isn't.


I can't solve the tetris room for the life of me (r2g1b2).

***N.J. E$HA*** April 20, 2007 12:41 AM

How do you even start this game? Can someone help. I haven't even finished the prequel to this yet!!

David Odland May 17, 2007 6:15 PM

Bummer, looks like this game is offline now. :( Really wanted to check it out!

Anonymous May 28, 2007 10:22 PM

Are there mirrors anywhere?

lynnsang May 30, 2007 3:00 AM

Does anyone know what happened to Jonathan May? His BlueHost domain is suspended.

Here's a place to play Dark Complex, but can't find Dark Room. Too sad.


Pengwin June 21, 2007 6:24 AM

Here is the solution to the eyes puzzle at r1g0b1

Upper left pink eye / Lower right green eye / Lower left pink eye / Upper right lightblue eye / Lower left lightblue eye / Top white eye


Can anybody help with the yellow room with the blobs floating around? I've tried making them one color per side, and then i made each side the same as the one across from it, and nothing seems to work.
please help!

nextorniquete September 20, 2007 10:09 PM

Haven't seen any walkthrough around, so i guess I'll post mine:

::A First off, the layout:

You start facing this high-tech dark environment which you may consider either a cube from the outside or a cubic room from the inside; I started thinking they were boxes as seen from the outside but eventually I realized that in order to solve the final puzzle its better to see it as a room.
There are a total of 27 rooms (cubes) arranged in a 3x3x3 grid connected through spiral spining sort of doors. You can access all but one room as you solve different puzzles.
The goal consists in breaking your way through the maze and reach the white room (opposite corner from where you start, the black one), and be able to solve the dark room (the one you cannot enter, placed in the very middle of the complex) along the way.

::B The rooms:

Each room consists of 6 squared walls. Each wall can take different shapes:
1 The circle with a wavy line crossing through the middle: thats a closed wall and it means that the room hasn't been solved yet
2 The spiral door: those are doors that lead to other rooms
3 Spining stop sign: those are the walls that enclose the whole set of rooms. They play their role once you start to solve the final puzzle. (There are 48 of them.)
4 Circular lens: those are also walls enclosing the rubick-like structure. Only difference with the spining signs is they are placed in the center of every face of the "big cube", that makes six of them.
5 Peepholes: the room in the middle of the set cannot be entered, but you can see whats going on inside through these holes. If you have mastered already the geometry involved in this thing you can easily gess that there will be 6 of them, always facing the corresponding lens.
6 Circular source of light: those are bottons that you can activate and a source of light will come out of them; where it goes has to do with the final puzzle along with the spining walls, the lenses and the peepholes. There are three of them (red green and yellow) placed in 3 corner rooms

Also in every room there's a button placed where three of the walls intersed (namely a vertex). They are always oriented in the same direction so they can be usefull when trying to orientate throug the maze.
These bottons (total 26 as the middle room cannot be accesed) can activate two different things:
1 puzzle mode: you'll be solving these all along the way and when you do the room can be considered solved (closed walls become doors or spining sign or whatever and the vertex button can be accesed in the second mode)
2 orientation mode: when a room is solved the button activates different signs on each wall. if the wall faces the "outside world" the sign is a circle with two arrows meaning the direction light beams can go. If the wall faces the inside world the sign is an orbit with 3 coloured (red green and blue) disks either full, half or blank.

::C Orientaing through the maze:

As stated before, the vertex button always faces the same direction (the one that would connect the black room to the white one, passing through the dark one), but as this may be difficult to follow, the navigating system can be accessed through it:
The orbit in every inner wall tells you which room you'll find yourself into once the door is opened. The circles orbiting can be read as a RGB color pattern. Say you have three blank circles, thats 0red, 0green and 0blue, the room you are accessing will be black. Half-full disks will be half coloured rooms while the full disk will indicate a full color. This way a half-full red disk (and the other two blank) will lead to a red room but to a not so red as the one with a full red disk.
Now, as you progress through the maze, it's handy to draw a map with every room. Some people do it as three maps each featuring a different "floor", some others will go for sketches drawing lines in between adjacent rooms... either way, at the end, you'll recognize every room just by the colors and the stuff in the walls, but for starters, it good to have it.
The way the different rooms are connected corresponds to a color-mix. If you face the corner button, every time you go up you'll be adding half a tone of green, right is half a tone of red and left half a tone of blue; if you go down it'll mean you'll be having half a tone less of green and so forth.
Now it's easy to see that the rooms called black, dark and white correspond to the all blanks, all halfs and all full. Those three correspond to special rooms, the black one is where you start, the dark one is the one placed in the middle of the complex (and the one you cannot enter) and the white one is the final one).

::D The puzzles

In this walkthrough i'll be naming the rooms according to their RGB color, having the black room called 000, the dark room 111 and the white room 222. The source of light beams will be in rooms 002, 020 and 200. And the lenses-peepholes rooms will be placed in 011, 101, 110, 112, 121 and 211.
It's interesting to note that people usually face this game organizing the rooms in layers, having the bottom layer a 0green value, the middle one 1green and the top one 2green. Draw a map if you feel like it because the order i'm providing corresponds to slices in the red direction as thats the order the numbers are following.
000 (The black room)

Easy one, just puss the center of every wall and you're free to go.


You have to match the 5 flying triangles whit the shapes in the background; to do so just puss a triangle and it will move to the next wall if its empty. To rotate triangles just make them flip arround a corner of the room.

002 (The blue light beam source)

You have to form the same shape in every wall with two non-overlaping disks. This one is tricky and sometimes won't work, so come back later for it, it will eventually crack.


Slide puzzle: four shapes go to each wall. Theres one shape with only three copies, leave that one for the last wall.

011 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

memory game: three pairs of shapes to match. The look identical when you start, but turn into the shape to match once you click on them.


You have three cells casting three shadows in every wall. Make the cells in one wall different colors and match each color with each shadow in every other wall.

020 (The green light beam source)

There are 6 cogs on each wall. You have to detect the one spinning odd compared to the other walls. That means every corresponding cog spins left or right in every wall but one: puss all those six.


Slide puzzle: The hardest of the three around the complex. You have to place identical shapes in each wall and orient them so they make a circle. To do so find the one shape with only three individuals and leave that for the last wall. Star working on a corner and keep going from there until you reach the other corner where you'll place the empty spot (the one you'll use to rotate shapes). To rotate a shape simply make it go through the three walls in a corner. Its easy at the beginning, as you dont have many oriented shapes; when you reach the corner where you should finish you have to move around the pieces in order so they dont break the order. End up in the wall with three shapes and move them around till the form an almost circle.


You have six "fishes" of 3 different kinds; you only control where they stop. Make a fish of each kind stop in each wall. Thats 3 fishes per wall.


Selec in every wall the shape that repeats in every wall

101 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

This is sort of a combination-memory kind of game. You have to find the correct sequence to activate the white eye on top. The sequence is: magenta, green (bottom one), magenta, cyan, cyan, and white.


Don't take this as a simon says as it will make your head spin. It's as easy as making colors match side by side. that makes three pairs of each color arranged on different axis. Draw an unfolded cube if it helps. To make colors cycle just press them: once you click two in the same wall, the will switch.

110 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

This is the "map room" and is probably the one causing more trouble around. You'll have to draw this and even build a 3d model.
The thing we are facing is a sphere seen from 6 different sides (it it were the earth it would be seen from top, or north hemisphere, bottom, or south, and another four arranged all along the equator). From those 6 points you see half a sphere. Thing is the views are not arranged correctly, and you'll have to find what's the exact layout (this is the only puzzle I actually built in 3d). YOu'll find it has 3 "continents"; one will be a small triangle, another a full octant of the sphere and a third one spaing through 4 different views in a long slize of the sphere.
When you have that figured start with the arrows. There are 12 projections of them (2 each colour). You can think every two pair is representing the same arrow satellite or whatever or not but the thing is they should both be facing the same place (not to each other as i though or long). The fact that they have to face the same place is what makes the easy to be though as two different projections o the same thing.
Either way, arrange the arrows so each pair is facing the same point (this will be a point placed in another "face"). In this way two arrows placed in the ecuator could be both facing south or both facing north. Actually you'll find that every pair of arrows (or pair of proyections of the same arrow) is paired with another pair, so a pair can be facing one point while the other is facing the opposite (2 pairs of arrows in the ecuator facing one north and one south sort of a thing).
If you are still having trouble you can go for the trial and error mode: there are 12 diferent possitions for every face keeping in mind that arrows should face either up, down, right, or left (not diagonaly) and the cannot overlap. 12 for each wall makes zillions of combinations, but i've been told some people did so (or at least tried).
Also there's no need to solve every room to exit the complex, but as this is one of the lens ones it will make it harder at the end.

111 (The dark room)

This one room consist in 6 coloured orbs orbiting a white "sun". It cannot be accesed, but you can see through the peepholes whats going on. As the solution to the room makes you get to the end of the game along with the white room and the light beams, i'll be discussing it in the final spoiler.

112 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

You have about 12 clouds in the sky casting their shadows. Shadows usually correspond to their clouds, but when they don't (and this will happen 3 timess) they shoud be clicked and sent to the bottom.


This is the "starfield room". Some people solve it easily, but the ones who don't usually despair trying to figure it out.
The puzzle consist of 6 projections of the same 6 stars in different wals. You have to paint each star each color, keeping in mind that all six projections of the same star should be painted equally.
Sometimes you'll see a star passing from one wall to another, but that's just the trick of the game, they usually are different stars that share she same distance to some walls.
The projections are actually refections if you preffer it to be like that, just figure the way to tell wherr exactly the stars are in a 3d kind of way.
To make it easy star with the one on top, it's uaually the easiest to spot as it will be placed on to of every lateral wall. You may see it small or big, but that depends on where it is exactly: stars farther away look smaller so figure out which corner it is closer to in order to find it in the top and bottom walls. Once you have that figured do the same thing with the other stars.
The second and third stars appear to be in the middle slice of the cube if you are slizing it from top to bottom, but one of them is slightly closer to the top, thats the key to tell one from the other; paint them and figure out where they are exactly in 3d just like you did with the top star so that you can find them in the top and bottom walls.
The other 3 are a little harder: two of them are at the same altitude, so start with the other one. The last two stars will be overlapping in two of the walls, but you can tell wich is which by looking at their bigness: small porjection means farther away from the wall.

121 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

This is sort of a combination-memory kind of game. You have to find the correct secuence to activate the white eye on top. The secuence is: green, red on the left, blue, red on the right,blue on the left, and white on the top wall.


Memory puzzle: this time you'll be facing 6 equal shapes wich turn into two others as you click. You have to get 3 pairs out of the first and second click on each shape. trick is the pairs are arranged in a way that makes the first-clik shape match a second-click shape, so you cave to make 3 second-click shapes be firs when clicked.

200 (The red light beam source)

You have six "fishes"; you only controll where they stop. Make a fish stop in each wall.


The "clocks room" not a so difficult one but some people experience trouble with it.
Your goal is to align every green arrow in each wall. To do so you can use the red arrow on top.
Every green arrow cast a shadow in each other wall, but in a different angle.
Start on one wall and see if the red shadow overlaps with any of the shadow greens. If it does so, click the green arrow and it will align with them. If it doesn't click the red arrow ad you see it spining until it faces down, now the red shadow has changed; keep moving the red arrow until its shadow overlaps with any of the green shadows, then click the green arrow, watch it moving till it aligns with the shadows.
Change wall and make the green arrow overlap the two already aligned shadows (they will not be aligned with the red one nor they will be pointing in the same direction, but two green shadows will be aligned).
Keep doing the same thing until every arrow is overlaping in each wall.


You see 4 triangles in each of the 6 walls, if you click one it changes itself and the triangles sorrounding it into circles. If you click a circle it changes itself into a black triangle and the ones sorrounding into white triangles. If you click a black triangle it changes itself into a white normal one. YOu alse have a limited number of clicks.
The goal is to have circles everywhere (4 per wall makes 24circles).
An easy way to do it is avoiding two opposite walls (say top and bottom) and click on the same two opposite corner shapes of the remaining walls. In our example (top and bottom out) it would be clicking on each top-right triangle, and then each bottom left. 8 clicks and you are free to go (and you didnt bother with black triangles either)


Slide puzzle: you have identical shapes everywhere. They should be forming a circle in every wall. Read the gide to 021 for help, but this time no different shapes arround, only orientating problems.

211 (One of the lens-peepholes pairs)

You have 18 "fishes"; you only controll where they stop. Make 3 fishes stop in each wall.


This is the "tetris room"; sadly nothing to do with tetris, this one is hard to spot.
Colours are not important at the begining, only the pink lines.
You'll have to rearrange the walls so they form a cube where the pink lines match with the sorrounding walls. Its easier if you draw it or even make a model in 3d.
To rearrange start with the wall with a closed rectangle; it has a pink line running along the edge and there's only one other wall like that, so put them together. Keep going with the only one line along the edge, there are two, but with different orientations and are easy to place in the correct possition. The other two will be easy to figure once you have the other 4. Now you see 5 different areas. You only have to paint them in 5 diferent colours in the corresponding not arranged room.


This one is not very hard, you have to turn the walls so the line divides the whole cube into two different areas one each colour.


You have three cells casting their three shadows in each wall. The shadows contain shapes, 6 different ones total (18 cells, 18 shadows, 3 individuals of each 6 shadows). You'll have to match a colour to each shadow, keeping in mind that each wall can have only 3 different colours.
You'll probably will havve to make a sketch ot this and figure which shadows repeat in which walls along with which colours repeat in each wall. Once youve done that put together eache shadow with its colour.

222 (the white room)

This was your goal since the begining. There's nothing to do here, you only observe circles going arround (full or blank deppending on how close you are to the solution), and a stack of six spiky circles.
The goal is to make every circle full, and to do so you'll have to make the orbs in the dark room full as well.
You cave to conduct the light beams to the correct lense so it will project an orbit in tne dark room and light up an orb.
Start by lighting up one of the three sources and redirect the light through the maze untill you reach a lense (now is when you should be considering the maze a set of rooms and not a set of cubes seen from the outside).
To redirect light press the spining stop signs; you'll see in each room light can come from onli two adjacet rooms and leave through the other two, to figure out which way a room can go, light up the vertex buttons and the circles with two arrows will tell you the direction in which light flows. You don't have to igure out every room direction since every side of the "big cube" follows the same two directions.
Once youve hit one of the lenses look through the peephole and see if any orb has been activated if it hasn't it means you light up a wrong lense.
Every time you hit a lense, an orbit will be displayed in two different places: one is the wall with the peephole in the same room; the other place is right inside the 111 room, the dark room.
Once an orbit is porjected inside the dark room, it can be seen through the peephole in the opposite room from the dark room: say you lighted up an orbit in 021, youll see it from the peephole in 221.
The orbs follow the orbits pojected in the dark room, only, they will be seen following the correct orbit from one room if the correct light is hitting the lense in the opposite room.
Now, if you have pictured the whole thing, you can start messing arround with lights and figuring which lenses should be hit witch which lights. Keep in mind that when two different colours hit the same lense, the mix to form a third colour (it's impossible for the three colours to cross a lense at the same time givven the design of the complex). You have RGB (additive mode): red, green, blue, megenta (red and blue), cyan (green and blue) and yellow (red and green).
Once you find out the correct light for each of the lenses, satart drawing a path for the 3 lights to light up the correct lenses and no other, and ding ding! you're done: all of the orbs will be lit and all of the circles in the white room will be full, click the stack and enter the hall of fame.


First post here !!!

First, I have to say that's a really great game. I solved "The Dark Room" but here there's some rooms that I don't catch...

1 : a red room with a weird puzzle :something that looks like little "living" forms, much more like viruses or amoebas, that float around...

2 : a blue room with some things like parts of circles that I seem to reconstruct :?

3 : another blue room, with weird shaped things hat float around, which resembles sliced fruits or somewhat (kiwis, lemons...). I don't even catch the point of this (???)

4 : a green rom with piles of cogwheels on each walls (I don't catch the point too)

(and sorry for the froggy english, I'm french...)


Hello everybody! Long time no see!

I have been busy doing other things, for instance I now have a son 18 months old.

Here comes an explanation and the link to my coveted Walkthrough.

The link to my walkthrough was hidden in a javascript code piece in one of my frames of my homepage. Looking at the left when first loaded there is a menu. Looking at the source code of this menu frame one can see that there are two invisible links, of which one is leading to a page where I have some spoilers/walkthroughs. So, You have to find the right frame to show the source code for, and then you have to read the links in the js-code. Not very hard... or?

The link to the walkthrough will be on this page, and it is as follows: Complete walkthrough to The Dark Complex

Maybe this posting is too late to be of interest to anyone, but anyway...
Greetings to all! Doc.


I'm so sorry, the link didn't appear as it was meant to, so I'll put it in chars here:

Greetings, Doc.


Another thing I also forgot to mention: when I helped a friend in completing TDC I noticed some of the rooms have swapped place, but are still the same rooms. i.e. the nomenclature does not always fit the present TDC.

The solutions still work though!

Greetings doc.


A thousand thanks ! Wonderful walktrough !

Anonymous January 14, 2008 9:23 PM

Is this game scary? I just don't want any random monsters popping out at me.

throttle. August 11, 2008 11:01 PM

Oh, hello :D

Once I've finished the Drak Room I found myself wondering why the hell do I want to play this one ??

Or at least I want to start playing this one.

I know I sound really stupid but can someone please tell me how do I enter any room at all cause I'm stuck and I haven't even started yet.

Any help will be appreciated.


After solving a couple of puzzles, without understanding the navigational system of the game, (which was clear to me in the previous version) I went looking for a walkthrough here, not for the puzzles though, but for a logical way in; just to get me systematically started from scratch.
My appreciation for the efforts of Nextorniquete for the walkthrough, but I found that the initial explanation is most confusing, realizing at the same time that is certainly most difficult to explain such a scenario, with all kind of shapes, symbols and light.

1. a circle with a wavy line crossing through the middle => (no idea, maybe you mean the closed lens)

2. a spiral door => no idea either, all spirals I found didn't act as doorways.

3. a Spinning stop sign => no idea either, haven't seen anywhere

4. a Circular lens => never saw a square one, (I guess you referring to the lenses appearing quite from the start)

5. Peepholes => How does a peephole look like? and what is a corresponding lens?

6. a Circular source of light => every source of light is circular e.g. daylight projected through a keyhole against a wall will still projects a circle, not a keyhole

So what I'm saying is that the explanation even switching between the game and the the walkthrough didn't ring the faintest bell.

Again, no take away, from your efforts.



I completed this game with much help from here. I don't know that it took my name & comment because I was redirected right after pressing the button. If it did record me, I am bad dog gregg. If anyone can see my entry, please let me know. Thanks again to everyone here for all the help. Great game. Very hard. But very worthwhile.

Kratospie February 7, 2009 6:44 PM

Hey everyone, this is my first post here on Casual Gameplay, so Hello World!

The reason this is my first post is because i have been stuck on this game for months, my only problems are 2 rooms,

the red circle puzzle one(the one with the same shaped parts)and the green circle puzzle one(the one with diffrent shaped circle parts).


Oh my god, the Star Room is IMPOSSIBLE!! My poor brain is going to split in half. Please help!!! My sanity is at stake here


@Sither: I saw your comment in the Help Squad section and couldn't help but feel for you. I played this game last year and this puzzle was tough as there weren't any definitive solutions posted. I ended up making a 3D cube model. So I had to help another engaged in such a cerebral game. See below for explanation and screenshots:

Many comments talk about mirror images and reflections. Nothing could be more wrong. It is quite simply six stars in a three dimensional space viewed from different perspectives. No different from our familiar constellations. Of course, in such a group the stars are not on the same plane. Some are more distant than others, and would look much different from another angle.

I use the same room orientation as the walkthrough; using the button you push to activate each puzzle as a reference point: "Based on its position lets call the wall right to it W1, the one next right W2, next W3, and the one left to it W4." So as you face wall 1, the button is at upper left. From wall 4, upper right.

These are all four walls. Assigned colors are arbitrary, of course.


Only two walls offer a view of all six stars so here are both. When facing either wall, pan straight down.


The ceiling is problematic because no one wall affords a view of all six stars when you pan directly up from facing one. So I provided views from all four. The top shot is the only view that has all six. It is taken from the corner of walls 1 & 2 (1 being at your lower left and 2 at your lower right).

I spent some time doing this so I hope it helps. As far as the game, aside from too frequent reliance on slide puzzles, it is an astounding effort. I've never seen anything like it before or since. Enjoy.


oh wow, i knew the original site went down a while ago, but i didn't know JIG was hosting this!


And I am now motion sick again. Totally worth it.


Obviously the most complex game in the entire history of flash. (Including future flash games)


After hours, and hours...
I'M OUT!!!!
But I'm NOT looking forward to a sequel.
NEVER EVER playing it..

but then again, I'm sure I'll change my mind. Despite the headaches, this game was amazing anyway.


Oh gosh my eyes...I'm getting dizzy. The game is very weird.


this game is impossible im too lazy to draw a map and all of the rooms are to complex to memorize the symbols make no sense to me its a good game though

[You really need to take notes with a game like this. Especially this particular game because it's so massive in size. -Jay]


i know jay but this game... so hard Its really hard even when you know how to beat the room, its still hard whoever made this is a genius

Svarta Svansen April 2, 2011 1:14 PM

I'm having fun on this. As usual, the moment I'm having the most fun playing games on this site is also the moment I should least be wasting time.

Oh well. But hey, I figured out the coordinates on my own! I have my own map sitting in front of me right now with the R, G, and B axes labeled and a symbol at the top corner of Room (2,2,2) showing the direction the button is.

I don't know if someone has already mentioned this, but a little something to help navigation:

Facing the button, you're looking up in the direction of Room (2,2,2). The opposite corner is then in the direction of Room (0,0,0) which you started in.

The wall to the right is the +R direction, the ceiling is the +G direction, and the wall to the left is the +B direction. The opposite faces go the other way. Behind and to the left is -R, the floor is -G, and behind and to the right is -B.

When navigating always know where the button is. The button is your North Star.

Some or all of this might have been repeated, but hey, a little update for those too lazy to read the previous pages.

Svarta Svansen April 2, 2011 3:36 PM

No offense meant with the "those too lazy" comment. Kinda gives off a tone I didn't intend.

Whiteberry April 16, 2011 11:24 AM

Is this game Google Chrome unfriendly? Every time I enter either the Dark Complex or Dark Room 3, by clicking the dot that accompanies the "Escape the room, get into the hall of fame" thingy, I am thrown into PLAIN, BLACK, DARKNESS! (Though Dark Room works well for me) Perhaps it IS part of the puzzle, or is Google Chrome REALLY failing me? HELP PLEASE!

[All 3 games run fine in Chrome. Instead, it might be that you need to turn up the brightness a little on your monitor. Both games begin quite a bit darker than the original Dark Room. Once you get a few things lit up, though, it's a bit easier to see. But the brightness on your monitor might be the culprit here and set a little on the dark side. -Jay]


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