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The Missile Game 3D

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Rating: 4.5/5 (57 votes)
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JaredMissile Game 3DHave you ever had that weird feeling that you are a giant, controllable, seeker missile flying down a long tunnel avoiding obstacles? What?! You say you haven't? Then you must not have played The Missile Game 3D by Damien of DX Interactive.

The gameplay is very simple, as I alluded before, you play a giant, controllable, seeker missile flying down a tunnel avoiding objects in your path. These objects consist of different rotating circular discs with shapes cut out of them. As you play you go through 9 levels which increase in difficulty as you progress. By the later levels, if you're like me, you'll actually be moving your body, dodging and ducking, trying to avoid those rotating doors. The game also has several interface features that show you your speed, progress, and the like. However, if you don't want to blow up you'd best be watching the road.

WARNING: This game is known to cause seizures in patients suseptible to them. Please use caution if you have a similar health condition.

Analysis: For a fun and simple game that's taken a simple concept of "avoid the object" and infused some life into it, look no further. The Missile Game 3D is something you'll be able to jump right into and enjoy—perfect for a work break. But a bit of warning, you'll be coming back later to take more stabs at getting through the levels. I'd also advise not playing this game at work, because you'll look like a fool as your body convulses as you try to dodge the discs by moving your body with the mouse.

Overall, great game! (Wear a helmet!)

Bonus: Wow, another review with a bonus! (I spoil you guys.)

I got in touch with Damien and asked him about any possible sequels. He had this to say:

"This game was always just a side project, it went from start to completed in about a month and the point of it was to eventually learn how to code full 3D in flash. I have almost finished the full 3D code now, ready for a space age 3D police chase style racing game that will eventually get done. Which I suppose could sort of be counted as a sequel, although the only thing they'll have in common is the black-and-white visuals and very fast gameplay.

"A couple of people pointed out the similarities to another game called Tunnels of Armageddon. I recommend playing that one too, if I knew about this game before I finished the missile game, I would've added in some motion blur because that looks sweet!"

I'd personally love to see a space age 3D chase game! My only wish though is that the game has a little more color instead of just black and white, and some more details would be nice as well. A pause button and ability to turn off the music would be nice as well.

Play The Missile Game 3D


good game btw bit like the heli left click ones


WOW. Definitely one of the best games I've played in a very long time.
Very smooth and clean, great idea, fast paced.

Loved it!
Kudos to Damien


Even though I'm really, really, really bad at this game, I'm having a great time trying!

Love this game! :)


Wow! This thing is intense! =O

wylie.conlon November 19, 2006 12:53 PM

Awesome game- great clean graphics, and the gameplay was really fun. It reminds me of another game where you're going through tunnels (in near black and white) that was also reviewed here, but I forget the name.


This game gives off a very ncie sense of speed once you get to +3. I found myself tensing up as the gates approached with unrelenting speed. I am now addicted!


very awesome game...I've yet to beat it. I've hit the last wall before the end on the last level with one missile left way too many times.

I had to laugh though because I was ducking and moving as it got faster in later levels. Then, I closed the window and the first line I saw of the review was "if you're like me, you'll actually be moving your body, dodging and ducking, trying to avoid those rotating doors."


now that was fun! one of the better games ive played recently. Jay please keep up the good work beacuse the site, and you, rock!


Heh, pretty neat. :)

I quickly stopped after crashing a few times, but it's a game I'm going to try again tomorrow. And probably next day. And then some more.

I especially like how it tries to trick the brain by reversing - and sometimes not - the rotation of next obstacles. I like that sort of stuff.


I love the game and think that it is very good in black and white, colour would be a bit distracting. There are what, 6 different walls, and still each level feels unique.


What a load of fun, I feel the need to pull out my mouse so I can get a little more precision. I just wish it were a little more detailed and maybe different shades of greys and sepia tones?

Regardless, a very immersive experience. Bravo!


nice music, cool sfx, smooth play, intense

simply but awesome, well done


hint: you can run along the sides and not crash!!!
(yes, it took me that long to figure it out) :)


wow, ths game is awesome. THe best i got is lvl 8 at 38%. im addicted to this game now too.


Wow! What a trip! Too bad I gotta hit the hay now. I'll definitely play this game often. Talk about smooth.


Hah. This is what the first Death Star should've had in its exhaust port! No way the proton torpedo could navigate that all by itself...


Fun little game. Mouse setting on "touchy" is more or less a requirement.

But I would like if the difference between "hole" and "obstacle" could be a little bit more pronnounced. At higher levels all that whiteness is a bit misleading.


absoluteley awesome :) I love it


This is great :) I need to get my Wii on the internet so I can play this with the remote :P


I love playing it with Low quality, it makes it feel faster because it's hard to see.


One teeny question....

how on earth do you fire the missiles?


D'OH! Please ignore my last post.

Feel free to memorize this one though. There'll be a pop quiz later.


This is the best game ever! I haven't completed it YET but I'm sooooo gonna try it again and again... awesome


realy nice game!!!!

my best is level 9 with 48%
I want to finish it now


The game seems to be down.


I came back to play it this afternoon and now the link is working for me. Waa.
I will try again tomorrow. Great fun!

That Graham Guy November 20, 2006 7:19 PM

It's back!


If you die hopelessly on low levels and want to see the real action, I found a cheat for you ;)

Shift-click the start link to start directly for level 7


gah. the game looks great but i'm spending most my time making sure i remember to push up to go up, and not move the mouse down, so i guess an invert mouse option would be nice.

it doesn't feel natural to me, would like to play but it's a bind.


why is it that this game makes me move my head around more than quake ??


I did it!!!!!
yes...so good

love this game thaks Jay


Wow, absolutely fantastic game!!!

I could play it forever... provided I don't get bored with it, which is never!

I just loathe those 3-holed barriers... they're terrifyingly the hardest blockade of them all.... ugh.


addictive, been playing it for 45 minutes at least!


Such a cool game, but what is the music track?? Coz i love it!!!




Superb. most games get boring after a while, but not this one. Here are my strengths and weaknesses:
Rectangles, the one with 2 triangles attached to a circle and the one at the end of the TUT.
The rest


I beat it all without dying once!! No joke :D


I made it through in a couple of tries :)
This is the kind of games us air force drill their pupils with.


Ha. Loved it. You know how when you really get into a game and your body starts to move in the same directions as you're moving in the game? Well, I was all into like that.

Joker102 April 9, 2007 8:15 AM

Yeah, I found myself ducking and dodging on the first level, especally when it got fast.

crocrker April 14, 2007 9:46 PM

great game, it reminds me the minigame of Rayman 3 - Hoodlum Havoc (is it?)

Anonymous April 30, 2007 2:02 PM

i love this game!!!!! after about level four, the speed gets insanely addicting, and it's so intense. I've beat it quite a few times.

Anonymous April 30, 2007 8:19 PM

the other anonymous up there was me, anyways, i do the same thing as NoOdLeS and Joker102, lol

785mattd June 1, 2007 2:17 PM

I made it through level 9 and only used one live on the last level. Woot!


i almosted pooped when i beat the first level i was so excited!


I've always liked playing this game but I no longer can.

On level 7, I was whipping the mouse around like a madman when the lack of contrast between the holes and the "filled-in" spaces got to me. No, I didn't just lose a life - it triggered an epileptic seizure.

Now, obviously, I'm not going to try this game again (which is upsetting, as I think it's a great idea and gameplay mechanic). Could you possibly add an seizure-warning tag or something in the future?


Just added a warning below the review, Denzel. Sorry that happened to you. =/


Thanks a bunch, Jay.


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