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Tontie v.1.0

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Tontie v.1.0A new version of Tontie (v.1.0) was just released a couple of weeks ago, and it now offers even more features and enemies than the beta (v.0) had. The first noticeable addition is the randomly appearing treasure chest filled with coins, hearts, or even a laser gun that is good for blasting anything in sight. I was lucky enough to get a silver hammer in one I found.

The new version is both easier and more difficult than its predecessor. It is easier to access the hard-to-get items like the better quality hammers, extra heart containers, and the new laser gun via the treasure chests, yet the game is more difficult from the resulting mayhem that is unleashed upon the player who is then able to progress further into the later levels. Each new level presents a new type of enemy with its own rules of engagement adding complexity to the mix.

Control in Tontie is best with the numeric keypad, simply press the appropriate key as instructed for each enemy. Some enemies require more than one hit, others require hits with precision timing, and others instruct you to hit a different key entirely than the one it appears on.

Created by On of Eyezmaze, a Japanese Flash game designer of wonderful games like Grow and Vanilla, Tontie continues to be one of my favorite Flash games ever.

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this game is one million times better than the beta.

best addition: pause button :-)


yes the pause button rocks... but what is some of the new additions? The only thing I haven't figured out is the grey keypad looking thing that you can buy in the shop, it's between the feather and the brown heart, it later shows up when you want to start the game, but what is it?!


Those grey keypad things -- they are save points that allow you to keep kick ass weapondry and stuff whenever you start the game over :-)


what do the wings do?


the wings make the hammer faster.
also, ive bot the grey keypad thing (and another time it was in a treasure chest) but now there is no grey keypad anymore. there is only a blue plus sign wich lets you start over at the same level if you die.
duz any one know how to get more greypads? its irritating starting on level 11 wen i want to start at a higher level with a better hammer.


I bought the grey keypad I have at the shop. Have you tried looking for it there?


the first time i bot the grey keypad at the shop and after i died and went back to my saved game, there was no grey keypad in the shop anymore, only the blue plus sign. maybe yu can only buy it once? it wud suk it that was true.


Tontie v1.0 makes use of Flash shared objects, where game information is saved on your hard drive. If you want to start playing Tontie again fresh, simply remove the file that Tontie saves.

On my Windows 2000 Pro system the path to the file is as follows:

C:\Documents and Settings\Jay Bibby\Application Data\
Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\5STDUXW4\eyezmaze.com\

The .sol file is what you want to remove so that Tontie thinks you have not played the game before. The actual path to the file on your system will most likely differ in at least a couple of the directory names (5STDUXW4 for example).

If you would like a copy of my shared object file with the grey keypad still intact, I'd be happy to post it for you.


can anyone tell me what you need to beat the demon/bomb head guy with what looks to be a health meter over his head? i was stuck with a useless hammer and figured i needed something better, but even the laser gun didn't make a dent in him. thanks!


all right, got past him (thanks, silver hammer!) but now what about the grey stone guy? gold hammer required or what? thanks!


Hi, I still can't get past the demon/bomb head guy! I tried with the silver hammer, but doesn't work! I'm stuck.


oh my god, level 13 is whooping my butt >.


What does the heart-bubble item do?

(the one in numpad coordinate 6 at the shop)


DANG, level 10 is HARD! I ALMOST beat him two times, but just as I was delivering the finishing blow, GAME OVER. Life sucks.

Well, I had a gold hammer with wings, but I didn't get a stone tablet thingy, so now im back to Bronze Hammer.
Anybody got a password for a Gold Hammer? (preferably with some other upgrades, too)


the heart in the number 6 space gives you a 5th heart (full)--very helpful in the later levels.

anyone have any tips for getting past the demon bomb head guy?


how do you guys position your hand to play?? I'm figuring on later levels it's gonna get pretty hard with just one hand... any techniques??

I like to get friends over, 3 keys each and it's rediculously easy XD


One of the main reasons why I liked this game from the first time I played it was how easy it was, since I had been used to entering numbers on the numeric keypad without looking at my fingers. So, I place my middle finger on the 5 (my keyboard has a raised dot on that key so I can tell where my finger should be without looking). With that placement I can easily get to any of the keys quickly.

And I love your idea of getting more people involved! I never thought of Tontie as being a group activity, it sounds like a blast! =)


That's how I do it too, but level 12 > me anyway x_x Group tontie is fun but you always end up shouting at each other because the eyes throw everyone off, lol

The stone tablet: I bought it at around level 8, then got another one out of a chest later, but when I close the window and open the game later, I'm on level 1 with a bronze hammer and 100 coins, how can I save my progress properly?? I have max health and gold hammer with wings so I hope you can...

Has anyone else got that thing out of a chest that freezes all your hearts? they become encased in ice and smash later on, I suppose after you take the hits that your hearts would have. I wish I'd got it later on ¨_¨



Yes, you have to click on the stone tablet when your supposed to hit all the keys at the begining of the game.. the sequence of the keys are all that matters. The tablet only saves a certain save point. Usually at each hammer level.

The stone tablet will only be saved if your preferences in your web browser allow cookies or you allow flash to save to a file locally (i am not sure which one it does, but inhibiting that would cause the things not to be saved).

The thing that freezes all your hearts is a nice bonus - especially later in the game, it allows you to take a lot of hits for a while (i am still not sure if it is a time interval or if it is a damage amount).


ok... I'm on level 18... And I ahve no idea what to do with the stone guy... Anyone one knows?? >.


has anyone ever gotten past lvl 20? I've heard from a few ppl who got there, but couldn't get past, so when i reached lvl 20 i gave up after i died once.


how do i beat the stone guy on level 18?!?!?


I just found this game and i've gotten up to the demon/bomb guy but haven't yet beaten him. Sometimes though i die for seemingly no reason. how does that work? do you have to kill the guy before the time runs out? and what is that circle next to the hammer for? in between levels it says life, but i've never really seen it change. is that killing me? It's so hard when there aren't instructions. but it's such a fun game. I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks!


to kill the stone head guy in level 18, just hit him numerously, i never count how many times i hit each, probably five to six times.. having the wing and golden hammer is a must!..
I can't get passed level 20... anybody have a clue?


Haha, this rules.

I already was good at keyboard games such as Stepmania (DDR simulator, works with keyboard or USB dance pads, I use the former), and this rocks. Too much to even begin with.

The ray gun and crystal hearts are awesome. =p


I just beat level 20, which is the last level. I think the game had a glitch in it. I previously reached level 20 many time, but could never even half- way kill the master guy, but this last time he started off almost dead... dunno how that happened- maybe because I hadn't used any continues? (it was the first time I reached him without using continues).

Great game-
I would suggest not trying to kill the stone guys at all unless there is nothing else troublesome one the board, AND you have golden hammer, AND you have wings.

I would also suggest getting max money in the first 10 or so level, and buying things in this order: wings, gold hammer, extra heart, extra heart.
If you are losing earlier, buy the hearts first.
Of course if you are dying to should buy life, but you can't beat higher levels without better hammers + wings.


The ice containers for hearts melt as you make more mistakes, you can see the ridges in them going away to let you know how much ice you have left before your hearts are back to normal. when the ice turns smooth, watch out

With the gold hammer, i believe it is 6 times for the grey monsters that appear in level 18 or so.

The only way i got past level 20 was after a million continues i got lucky and got two treasure boxes of ice hearts right when i needed them, and whenever the bombs came up that would turn all the monsters into the same blue bomb headed ones, i'd hit it, because then at least my enemies were all uniform and i knew what i was dealing with.

I hate the numbered ones with the blue guys on top, EVIL!

Also, blasting the timed enemies with the laser really helps them go down and die faster.


i am super addicted to tontie. have reached level 19, and it's so bloody engrossing.

same here, have not been able to defeat the stone guy but shall try your tips out. i think the key to finishing the game is not really skill but luck. your skill level is probably almost at its peak one you hit level 19. from then on you really need glass hearts and ray guns.

oh well what do you guys think?!


I just beat the game and the code for level select, gold hammer, full hearts, and diomand hearts is: 7, 2, 6, 5, 3, 8, 9, 4, 1. Type that in the beginning and you will start with all of those things


How do you get the gun and what's diamond hearts and how many levels are there?!?!?! i onli got up to level seventeen please help!! thanks


You get the gun at random out of a treasure chest. Treasure chests pop up out of the holes in the same way monsters do. Diamond (or ice) hearts are hearts that have been frozen by hitting a diamond (or ice) heart that comes out of a treasure chest. They allow you to take some damage (make mistakes) without losing health. There are twenty levels.

Jeff_from_MD February 16, 2005 1:01 AM

anyone who beats this game...should enlist in the military. They need those kinda genius-type caliber guys.

schteeeven March 11, 2005 9:20 PM

ok...i was on level 17, gold hammer, wings, two extra heart things, all the works...and i buy a save thing. i come back, use the save point, and it brings me to level 1 with a bronze hammer??


thats cos it aint a save point... ta one you buy just gives you 100 coins and a bronze hammer....on level one. you cant actually 'save' your game.....i know, thats sucky


nice forum, wish i had found it months ago.
so far i've made it to lvl 17 and my roommate to 18. He uses the bombs that turn everyone else into bomb head guys like smacky suggested. I think I will try that too once I play again since those grey rock guys on 18 look very difficult.
So far the changing eyeballs with the blue maces are the worst for me.
I believe those grey keypads are more like lvl codes than save points. the one you buy allows you a code to start on lvl one with a better hammer. and the one you get after beating the guy on lvl 10 allows you to start on lvl 11 with good stuff. if that makes since. I'm still waiting to find the third one but it sounds like you get it once you beat the game (from whiteboys post)

happy 10-key punching...


how do you kill the red guy on the second level


you would have to hit him twice unless you have a hammer upgrade


my buddy made this tutorial for tontie
its not done yet but will give a brief overview of the first few lvls and such.


Each of the bosses just have enormous amounts of health, so you just have to keep hitting them. If you don't kill the little guys, everytime they drop back down you get hurt, so that's why it seems like you just die. This game is so damn hard, stuck on the demon guy, but i can't buy any more stone tables because i think there's a cookie or something and i bought one when i was at level 1 before i knew it was a save point... =/ does anyone know how i can reset it?


Steve - Tontie makes use of the Flash local shared object to store its game data on your computer. If you remove the shared object file associated with Tontie from your computer, it will reset the game for you. There is information on doing this in the comments above.


Yay, Tontie is my favorite! My best score is 42k, and I can beat it about 50% of the time, starting from level 10. I can beat it almost every time if I start from level 1, since the last boss dies in a couple hits if you play it all the way through.

BeatTakeshi April 6, 2005 12:28 PM

Awesome game.

Yeah the money is the most important thing to beat the game (after luck of course ;-).
I got stuck many times after level 15 with not enough money to buy the golden hammer.

- Hitting the bombs with an eye is definitly a good strategy.
- The grey stone guys should be a primary target, they hurt to much if you let them leave.
I'm now able to beat level 20 (needed 2 laser guns the first time) but levels 18-19 without the best hammer with wings is impossible for me !

I felt that the skill required didn't get higher after level 15, it's all about equipment.


OMG!! I just beat level 20!! Guess that's the end. Too cool


finally able to beat 20! i was stuck on 18 forever and then broke through all the way to 20. The hardest part about this level for me was that it'll put a stone guy on the number that the Master(eye) has... in which case you will not be able to have enough time to hit the stone guy and thus loses lots of blood. But finally i got lucky and got lots of shops in a row (Master always resets to eye right after exiting the shop)and a diamond. whew, i loved it when it was beta, but this is awesome!


Does anyone have any idea why Tontie v1.0 isn't working for me? I have Firefox 1.0.3, Shockwave Flash player 7 installed, but when I load the site it says "loading" for a few seconds and then just gives me the blue background color. The eyemaze logo and score and level markers are at the bottom of the game screen, but the game itself doesn't seem to load...anyone know what's up with that? Thanks.


It appears that ON's site is suffering from extremely high volume, or the server is just running ultra-slow. Try again a bit later.


Well I am a new Tontie fan. And although I've only been playing awhile, I have gotten up to level 18 or 19, I forget which.

I'm particularly partial to the little pink guys whose heads turn into hearts and give you more life if you hit them while their like that.

However, I am wondering if there's something wonky with my game since I am not a fan of the ray gun. The ray gun, for me, takes forever to shoot. I hit the key and wait 10 seconds or more before it aims and shoots. In the meantime, little guys I could be dispatching with the hammer disappear.

Is this a problem for anyone else?

numpad_junkie April 28, 2005 2:10 PM

I love this game! It's great practice for my non-dominant hand. It's too bad you can't hit more than one creature at once though. I've made it to level 21 a few times on the beta (helped more than a little by caffeine), at which point it's going so fast that I die after about three seconds. The beta's simplicity makes it more fun in a pure mad reflex kinda way. My tip for beating lvl 20 in v1.0 is to use no repeats (the boss' life will start at a way lower point) and to hit the house whenever it pops up, since the boss will be attackable for a few seconds when you re-enter.

Shocked! May 3, 2005 2:50 PM

And there was me thinking it was unbeatable at lev 20!! wow thx for the tips peeps!

Jason Rizos May 3, 2005 9:19 PM

This is the only flash game I've ever seen that won't let me load, kind of like the site is down, it just does not load the flash. But I love it! Any suggestions, email me, I love this game. I've tried everything.


Is there another site with Tontie v1.0? The site won't load the flash game. It just hangs. I've tried the beta, and after reading about v1.0, I'm dying to try it.


I wish I knew what was up with On's Eyemaze site. I can't even surf to the main page. It's a terrible shame, but I imagine he is victim of his own success with making free online games.

We'll just have to wait and see what develops.

nicole May 7, 2005 1:43 PM

I think the problem with eyezmaze site and everything is the fact that entenity.net posted a link to the game a few days ago. And any link that they ever post ends up crashing the site if they aren't prepared for an overload in site hits.


Some reason I can't get to the website to play Tontie version 1. If I go on a different computer and go to the same website, it works though! Does anyone know what's wrong?


Any idea on other sites we can find version 1.0 at? I need my tontie fix!

Jason Rizos May 23, 2005 3:36 PM

I thought it was a Windows XP only thing, but no. My laptop plays it (great, no keypad) and my work PC plays it, both XP. But my W2K desktop and my girlfriend's XP desktop will not play it. Nor will any of the eyezmaze website load. Could have to do with flash versions or firewalls.

Xebarsis May 27, 2005 2:02 AM

I tried disabling all of my firewalls and internet protection and lowered my security to the lowest possible and the website would still not load. Is there any way I can just download this thing? lol

Funkapotamus May 27, 2005 1:39 PM

I've beaten lvl 20.
If you can make it through the game without continues or saves, the boss will die in two hits from the golden hammer. I don't think it's a bug so much as it's a reward.
If you have a free stone tablet slot and you beat the game, then the last tablet turns into a cheat code to enable level select. Also, whenever you start the game you have 999 coins, full hearts, a golden hammer, and a 50 shot laser.

I just wish there was more to this game. I've been through it 5 times from scratch without continues. I need more!


What am I supposed to do when those bad guys with the swinging ball and chain start hitting me? I lose a lot of health when I hit anything while they do it, and I lose just as much when I don't hit anything.

I realize hitting them before they swing is my best option, but I often miss that and am curious if anyone knows whats the next best option is?


Tontie v1.0 is OK, but Tontie Beta is immesurably better than the new version - far more skill and less reliance on power ups. Just a shame that the level just gets faster after level 10 with no new enemies. My best score on Beta is 54K on level 13.


I played the beta, I thought it was fun and now I've learned about the new version but the eyezmaze website doesn't work. Is there anyplace else I can find the game?

Xebarsis June 3, 2005 8:40 PM

As everyone can see, there are a lot of people who want to play the game but don't have the option too. Please does anyone know of a way to play version 1 without having to go to the website?


Hmmmm.... Eyemaze seems to be down, and its been that way for awhile. Ive been playin tontie forever. Theres only a few times that i havent beaten lvl 20 when ive played. Sometimes i use the 1st or 2nd tablets and start the game. Dont like usin the 3rd, gotta earn them powerups heh. Anywayz if anyone has a link to v.1 that isnt on eyemaze could u post it? I need my fix....


I'm with Mugen...I've got the serious tontie withdrawls!!


A lot of people have been looking for it since the eyezmaze site went down. There hasn't been any mirrors because of the lock code it had on it to keep it in the site. Here is the only mirror I know of, has some minor text issues when it got re-compiled, it's way better though than the beta version!



Thank you, Tooth, Thank you!!


Thanks Tooth. Man that mirror is one messed up version, but it still plays the same. It only looks and sounds different. Thanks again.

Toothizmz June 19, 2005 7:02 AM

It doesn't sound different to me at all. The only thing that looks different is the Text which really only matters when playing those eyes that change numbers because the numbers are a little off to the left side. I got used to it pretty quick and have gotten up to level 17 so far!

Since it's the only place that has a working mirror, I'm sure not complaining ever since eyezmaze went down, I can sure get over the text flaws! What's the highest level you guys have gotten to?


The music stops...doesn't have a repeat. The text is a little different, but no biggie.

I've gotten to level 20, but I can't beat it.


It appears that the Eyezmaze site is back up, as I have been able to access and play each and every game on the site just now.


Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm busy playing :->


when i was on level nine with level one hammer (i know i know...) i ran out of lives. when i went to main menu, i did a new game. on the part where you smash the panels out, it had numbers from 1-9 listed in a random order, i did that and a little chuckle sound played i magically became on level 11 with silver hammer with wings and 100 coins!!


I now have 2 bricks at the start, and I have no idea how I got either of them.

One of them is already mentioned and get you level 1, bronze hammer, and 100 coins.

The other isn't as good as Whiteboy's above, but it hasn't been mentioned: level 11, silver hammer with wings, 100 coins, 5 hearts -

9 6 5 8 1 3 4 7 2


Oops, I missed Mike's mention of the level I gave. Sorry.


Oh my gosh. This game is so amazing. However, I'm really bad at it and can't get past lvl 10. Oh well, guess I'm off to pratice more ^_^


Does anyone have tips for playing without a numpad? I die at level 2 on my laptop.


I can't get past level 10 either XD
Everything confuses me on there XD

but uhm, what's the brownish heart mean?


Can anyone explain how the saved game works? As mentioned above I grabbed the saved game icon and also an empty heart container. when I restarted it gave me a silver hammer and wings back at level 11. The next time I died and used the number sequence it was gone, giving me 100 coins and placing me back at level 1 without even the extra container I purchased. The game is fantastic and the graphics do explain a lot, but a quick little help screen would do wonders.



this is set in a spoiler only because this page would take forever to load

hey its scott,eye maze is simply the best with thare grow and tontie and they have some other fun games out but hears tontie for you at each shop you can buy
single heart 50
doubble heart 90
tripple heart 120
wings 80
password tablet 100
heart container 150
bronse hammer 150
silver hammer 200
gold hammer 300
but after you buy the tablet you can by continues in its place for 10 at the begining of each level thare is a new enemy at the begining thare is the basic tontie and then
2-red tontie (2 life -15 if not killed)
3-spike ball (-3 life if hit)
4-numbrah (1 life -15 if not killed)
5-yellow tontie (1 life -25 if not killed)
6-theft tontie (4 life -0 if not killed)
7-mace tontie (1 life -30 if not killed)
8-bomb (1 life -0 if not killed)
9-blue mace tontie (4 life -35 if not killed)
10-demon tontie(unknown life never disapears)
11-mini demon tontie(5 life -40 if not killed)
12-ran-numbrah(6 life -45 if not killed)
13-big theif tontie(8 life -50 if not killed)
14-demon bomb(1 life -0 if not killed)
and thats about as far as iv gotten but hear are items that you get from chests to help (crystal heart)invincibility
(hammer) any type of hammer (may revert you back to bronse or piko)
(heart container)more health
(eye coin)turns all enemys into coins
(eye heart) turns all enemys into hearts
(ray gun)lets you shoot any enemy without harm (you can shoot numbrahs in thare place so dont shoot number in thare eye)
the codes and thare purpouses are at start screen hit
816475239 to start with 100 coins and a bronse hammer at lv.1
965813472 to start at level 11 with silver winged hammer and 5 hearts with 100 coins
the final code im afraid i would explode looking foor but this is all i could do

by clicking the spoiler you will see names made up but pretty accurate to what the designer wanted and thanks to tontie i go outside smashing small one eyed creatures with a winged hammer


Hmm. I just found the Tontie review on Jay is and thought I'd check out the forum on it. Glad to see lots of Tontie fans - it's my favorite flash game.

There is a fan site at www.tonite.tk This is a great site with lots of info. I haven't played since I beat the game several months ago, but here's a copy of some posts I and others put on Tontie.tk as we beat the game. Hope they help:

POST #1: Level 20 is indeed a very tough challenge. Tips for getting to level 20 in the first place:

1. Up to a certain point you need to acquire all the gold you can. But after a certain point, I feel that picking up gold makes the game harder. Moles pop up quicker in those empty spaces! At about level 14 or 15 I stop going after most of the gold, empty blue heads, cactuses if my hearts are full, etc. Anything that doesn't HAVE to be hit should be let alone. It slows the game down. Once I have all my hearts, the gold hammer, and wings I'm done. It's nice to have more gold and I do try to pick it up but only when I can.

2. This one is probably obvious but without the gold hammer and wings the game is a lot tougher.

3. The lazer gun is useful but only before the grey stone moles appear. After that it can kill you pretty quick - it doesn't fire fast enough.

4. The order of which mole to attack first is crucial as you play higher levels. I usually go after numbers first. Green and red moles are last as they damage the least. Once gold doesn't matter anymore, stealing blue moles (the ones with the sacks) should be dispatched whether their eye is showing or not. You can't have less than zero gold. At level 20 picking up gold won't help.

5. It takes 7 whacks with the gold hammer to kill a stone mole, so after 7 of your quickest whacks move on.

POST #2 (THIS IS NOT MY FAVORITE STRAGETY, IT IS THE WORK OF GALT. BUT I TRIED IT AND I SEE MERIT IN IT): there's no reliable way to beat the boss, but your best bet is to save up continues throughout the game so you get to the last level with plenty (25+).

every time you have access to the item store, you should be going and buying a continue, as they only cost 10 gold.

when fighting the boss, i'm most successful when i try to focus on the other moles and just take a few whacks at the boss when i'm not too busy elsewhere.

whenever a shop comes up on the final level, go to it, because when you leave you'll get a free chance for 5 or 6 good whacks at the boss.

the easiest way to win (although you can't predict when it will happen) is to get the crystal heart to prevent some damage, then get the ray gun shortly after. with both of those, you can essentially start to hammer the boss and forget about the other moles. ideally this happens when he's about half dead.

obviously, this perfect situation (where you get both the crystal heart and ray gun fairly quickly) doesn't happen often, and that's why it's important to come with plenty of continues. during the level, you should try to keep around 10 gold at all times so that when a shop comes up, you can buy another continue. doing this allows you to take a great deal of attempts, and you have to hope that during one of them, you'll get exactly what you need.

POST #3 - Holy crap - I did it!!!! Level 20 boss is beaten - I am the "Tontie Master". And I was down to the silver hammer no less.

I never found a super-stragety to make this easy. I have tried Galt's suggestion of combining diamond hearts with the lazer gun. It didn't work out for me, but I still think it's a very good idea.

I can't believe how high my Tontie proficiency got! It seemed impossible a few days ago. Interesting. Well I guess it's all good, because winning Tontie feels GREAT! Thanks ON for striking a good balance between challenge (hard enough), boredom (too hard), and entertainment (enough changes to keep one interested).

Right - here are my tips for beating level 20:

1. I agree with Galt - all moles popping up must be dispatched just like any other level. The big boss is whacked during quiet times in between.

2. Therefore, everything from my post above applies, especially not picking up gold, not hitting blue heads etc. No time. Having diamond hearts obviously is a huge help. Learn to use the pink moles to your advantage.

3. The big boss is a number. For me, this was a challenge. When trying to whack a mole you whack the boss instead and take a lot of damage or downgrade your hammer. I developed some skill at keeping an eye on him to avoid this. That meant that sometimes moles got away as they could not be hit. So be it. Hitting them later when the boss has changed his number works if you can keep up.

4. The practice afforded by continuing is very helpful. It's painful to play level 20 over and over, but it's necessary. So as Galt says, buy those continues and keep at it.

5. There's fast whacking. And then there is the kind of fast whacking required to beat the big boss. Your fingers will be sore.

Here's the exact sequence of events for me: I started on level 10. I picked up all gold until about level 13. I happened to win an extra heart from a chest at that point, so I could relax about the gold a bit. In level 19 I downgraded my hammer (unusual) but I had managed to accrue about 300 pieces (also unusual at that level) and so bought a second gold hammer. I entered level 20 with full hearts, no diamond hearts, the gold hammer and wings, and basically no money. I got the diamond heart when the big boss was about half way gone, obviously this was huge. My hammer got downgraded when the boss was about 75% gone but I soldiered on and got him.

I got very very close several times without diamond hearts, so I don't think they are absolutely necessary. However, there is still an element of luck because sometimes, with the combination of numbers, you can downgrade your hammer or take a lot of damage all at once. Very fast and correct whacking of all moles is ultimately what got me through. The tips above from Galt and myself cut the difficulty in, ummm, I'd say in half.

POST #4 - One last note. I played some more over the weekend. Dispatching the big boss is becoming routine now, but luck is still a factor. Sometimes, suddenly, almost every elevator comes up with difficult moles - a couple of stone moles and some doubled up moles, maybe there's a red or purple bomb in there too. I try to get them all but the number on the big boss prevents me from following my usual strategy, and so most of the moles go down without being knocked. This will wipe out anyone's hearts all at once and there's not much you can do about it. So just keep trying. For every time like the one above, there is a level where you keep the gold hammer the whole time and get a diamond heart, and that's the time you'll win.


Hi I,m Denna from holland.
And I also like tontie very much. My personal best is 25410. I guess my highest level is 18 (the one where you get the red bombs -100) But I've reached it only once. :( I have two number pads to start with. And thnx to whiteboy now I have the last code. :-D thnx!
I want to thank ya all for the info on this site! Allthough it's old It's very helpfull.
Bye bye greetz Denna. :-)

CloneWarrior May 20, 2006 12:28 PM

I got to level 10 today and I'm wondering. What weapon do you need to kill the Horned Tontie? I can't kill him no matter what I do!

If this was already answered, I'm sorry, this page is very long...


Hi CloneWarrior
To kill the Horned (bombhead) Tontie from level 10. You must kick him untill the thing above his head is empty. You'll need a golden hammer to do that. So buy it at the shop. And the wings are also very usefull. It makes your hammer go faster (maybe you already knew that ofcourse). Try to kick him in between hitting the other ones when his head is not a bomb and he wil go down!
Ow and reading this page can be usefull. There's some good info in there. Including codes to start with a bronze, silver or gold hammer. :-)


any body reached level 20?

how can kill the boss? its blody hard

Caekmonster November 11, 2006 1:37 AM

just thought I'd announce that ^_^
the only way i could do it was by being very, very lucky and getting a laser gun and then crystal hearts a tiny bit after. oh, and the obvious: gold hammer, wings, a million continues, and massive amounts of skill ;)


Wooo just completed lvl 20! i wnt there 2 b more levels...now ive completed it its kinda like boring..i ope they make a new version


I found a way to glitch the game Open spoiler to see how.

To glitch it so that no enemy's appear except bosses sometimes, after you enter a shop exit by pressing 0 and press zero as fast as you can. This might make it so no enemies pop up allowing you to finish the level by waiting. You won't earn any points this way though.
Also the codes/tablets are


Sky, I tried that glitch but it kept sending me back to a previous level.


i know this page is not that active , but i would appreciate any help i can get, new to this game , and another furom i'm own has weelky game challanges , an have got to win this game . i have read about the codes , but when i log em in i see to always start at the begining with 0 nothing , hammers wings etc etc. what is the trick there? how is this done what am i missing? TY in advance


I forgot to say that sometimes it sends you back a level if you try to glitch it but most of the time i get through okay.


a good code is 965813472


Yeah ty , i seen that one an was using it , but i start at the begining, with no help,no thing from the shop , which i read above , someone saying that ya start out with 100 coins etc etc


This game would be more fun if my computer had a number pad. I'm on a laptop and I only have the numbers at the top of the keyboard in a line, which makes it way harder.

Katherine January 19, 2007 9:06 PM

the level 10 boss (weird bomb-head thingy) isn't very easy to beat, and it's very tedious. here are some hints:

if you have a silver hammer or above you can kill the ones without eyes and gain coins. you can also kill the maces with anything above a bronze hammer.
the bomb-head tontie on level 10 takes a while to beat because you have to hit it like 50 times. the best thing to remember is that you don't lose life if you don't hit the "no-eyes" (i'm sure they have proper names, but i don't know them)
when there aren't a whole lot of tonties around just smack the bomb-head about 5 times really fast and then continue playing. it may look like it's not working, but i promise if you do it properly, you'll kill it by the end of the level.

and for those of you who don't want to do it yourselves,

the level code (for level 11, flying silver hammer five hearts and 100 coins) is 9,6,5,8,1,3,4,7,2

RaceBandit February 2, 2007 11:13 PM

Okay, having just beaten the game, I'm going to give a detailed explanation of so much stuff it probably won't be funny.


1. Pikopiko Hammer: If you don't use any codes, you start the game off with it. You can also find this in a chest--don't pick it up!! It does 1 damage.
2. Bronze Hammer: If you use the first code, you start the game off with it. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up only if you have the Pikopiko hammer!! The third way to get this is to buy it from the store. It does 3 damage.
3. Silver Hammer: If you use the second code, you start the game off with it. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up only if you have the Pikopiko or Bronze hammer!! The third way to get this is to buy it from the store. It does 5 damage.
4. Gold Hammer: The best hammer in the game. If you use the third code, you start the game off with it. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up unless you already have it!! The third way to get this is to buy it from the store. It does 7 damage.
5. Ray Gun: If you use the third code, you start the game off with it. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up at all costs!! You cannot buy this from the store. It does 8 damage. Hitting the wrong thing with the gun doesn't do damage. Once you fire it 50 times, you lose it and go back to your hammer.


1. Heart: Costs 50 coins. It fully restores a heart.
2. Double Heart: Costs 90 coins. It fully restores two hearts.
3. Triple Heart: Costs 120 coins. It fully restores three hearts.
4. Wings: Costs 80 coins. It helps swing the hammer faster.
5A. Password Tablet: Costs 100 coins. It allows you to use level passwords. Once you buy this, it's logged into the cookie you keep for the game. As long as you have the tablet, you never need to buy it again!!
5B. Continue: Costs 10 coins. You must have the Stone Tablet or it will appear instead of this. When you get a Game Over, you can press + to reset the level with a score of 0 and half the coins you had when you originally got the Game Over.
6. Extra Heart: Costs 150 coins. If you use the second code, you get one of these. If you use the third code, you get both of them. Gives you an extra heart, already full. Once you have 6 hearts, you can no longer buy this.
7. Bronze Hammer: Costs 150 coins. When purchased, replaces your current weapon with the Bronze Hammer.
8. Silver Hammer: Costs 200 coins. When purchased, replaces your current weapon with the Silver Hammer.
9. Gold Hammer: Costs 300 coins. When purchased, replaces your current weapon with the Gold Hammer.


1. Horned Coin: Replaces everything on the screen with coins.
2. Heart Fruit: Replaces everything with hearts.
3. Crystal Heart: If you use the third code, you start the game off with this. You take no damage for the next 11 hits. Pick it up at all costs!!
4. Pikopiko Hammer: Replaces current weapon with Pikopiko Hammer. Do not pick this up!!
5. Bronze Hammer: Replaces current weapon with Bronze Hammer. You should only pick this up if you have the Pikopiko Hammer.
6. Silver Hammer: Replaces current weapon with Silver Hammer. Don't pick it up unless you have the Pikopiko Hammer or the Bronze Hammer.
7. Gold Hammer: Replaces current weapon with Gold Hammer. Only ignore it if you already have it.
8. Ray Gun: Replaces current weapon with Ray Gun for the next 50 attacks. If you already have it, the gun is reloaded.


I've split this part up into 2 sections to reduce loading times.
Levels 1-10:

Level 1: Tontie--HP: 1, Score: 5, Damage: 10
Level 2: Super Tontie--HP: 2, Score: 10, Damage: 15
Level 3: Flail--HP: 3, Score: 5, Damage: 0--Does 20 damage every time you hit it unless destroyed in that hit. Always drops a heart when destroyed.
Level 4: Numbrah--HP: 1, Score: 20, Damage: 15--The Numbrah will switch around the controls of the space it's on with the number shown. For example, if it's on space 3 and it's flashing a 1, pressing 3 will make the hammer attack space 1, and vice versa.
Level 5: Gold Tontie--HP: 1, Score: 10, Damage: 25--The Gold Tontie is invincible when it's covering its head. Hit it when it's unprotected!!
Level 6: Thief--HP: 4, Score: 15, Damage: 0--Every time you hit the Thief, unless it gets killed, it steals 3 coins from you. Always drops 2 coins when killed.
Level 7: Tontie with Flail--HP: 1, Score: 20, Damage: 30--This Tontie can protect itself by swinging its flail around. If you try to hit it when it's swinging the flail around, you'll take 20 damage and the Tontie will take none.
Level 8: Blue Bomb--HP: 1, Score: 0, Damage: 0--Don't hit it or it will explode and deal you 50 damage!!
Level 9: Cyan Tontie with Flail--HP: 4, Score: 25, Damage: 35--A stronger version of the Tontie with Flail. The flail is stronger--if the Cyan Tontie swings it around, it deals you 30 damage.
Level 10: Super Tontie Bomber--HP: A lot, Score: 500, Damage: 9999--The Super Tontie Bomber always spawns in the 8 section. Tontie Bombers will swap their heads with Blue Bombs. If you hit the Bomber when it has swapped its head, you'll take 50 damage. If you have the Stone Tablet when you kill the Super Tontie Bomber, it will drop a second tablet. Pick this up and you can use the second Password. No more enemies will spawn when the Super Tontie Bomber is killed.

Levels 11-20:

Level 11: Tontie Bomber--HP: 5, Score: 30, Damage: 40--A significantly weaker form of the Super Tontie Bomber, but the bombs aren't weaker and these guys actually go down after a moment.
Level 12: Super Numbrah--HP: 6, Score: 30, Damage: 45--When the Super Numbrah blinks, another number is shown.
Level 13: Super Thief--HP: 8, Score: 30, Damage: 50--The Super Thief actually does open its eye. If its eye is closed when you hit it, it steals 30 coins from you... if it survives your attack.
Level 14: Bomb Core--HP: 1, Score: 0, Damage: 0--Don't hit this unless you find it easier to kill Tontie Bombers than what's on the screen right now, because if you kill it (and it only takes 1 hit to kill this) everything on the platforms becomes Tontie Bombers.
Level 15: Tontie Medic--HP: 1, Score: 50, Damage: -30--Every time you hit the heart it switches its head with, you gain 5 life. If the Tontie Medic leaves the screen alive, it heals another 30 lost HP.
Level 16: Cyan Tontie with Flail standing on a Super Numbrah--HP: 4, Score: 25, Damage: 65--The Cyan Tontie is protected by the control swap ability of the Super Numbrah, and by the flail he's holding onto. If you kill the Cyan Tontie, you have to deal with the Super Numbrah it was on.
Level 17: Red Bomb--HP: 1, Score: 0, Damage: 0--Don't hit it or it will explode and deal you 100 damage!!
Level 18: Stone Golem--HP: 50, Score: 40, Damage: 70--This one's just mean...
Level 19: Down Bomb--HP: 1, Score: 0, Damage: 0--If you hit the Down Bomb, your hammer's level is decreased.
Level 20: Tontie Demon--HP: a lot, Score: 1000, Damage: 9999--Final boss. The Tontie Demon sits on top of a Super Numbrah, switching its head with either a Red Bomb or a Down Bomb. Because of the Super Numbrah, you must take care to NOT press the wrong button--otherwise, your hammer could be dropped all the way from Gold to Pikopiko. When you kill it, it drops the third Stone Tablet

Stone Tablets: 1. Gives you the code 816475239, which starts you on Level 1 with the Bronze Hammer.
2. Gives you the code 965813472, which starts you on Level 11 with the Silver Hammer, Wings, 5 hearts, and 100 coins.
3. Gives you the ultimate code, 726538941, which lets you start on any level from 1 to the highest level you've reached. You get the Gold Hammer, Wings, Ray Gun, 6 hearts, and 999 coins.


I am the tontie master!!!

Now seriously, it took me about 50 tries to finish the last level. It's soo completely unfair, it's like 10% skill and 90% luck.

But nevertheless, an amazingly fun game. Imagine how a simple whack-a-mole concepte can become so incredibly addicting..


I'm late to the party but I LOVE this game. So fun. It's like Whack-a-Mole meets Teletubbies, on crack.


how do you use these "continue" things? when i buy the blue plus sign nothing happens. please help!


I will love you so hard if you can tell me how the continue things work. PLEEEEASE help.


Something special about the ray gun(very special!!!):

Most tonties(or bad stuff) effects are useless aganst ray gun, because most effects is only aganst hammers, so you can blast through number eyes, spike bags, yellow tonties and a lot more stuff without thinking. too bad there is only 50 bullets per gun.


Great game, but I can't get past level 9 >.>
Jay, you might want to edit in something about .sol's in the review, To stem the questions about reseting your game.


I HAVE DEFEATED TONTIE, thx to a tip posted by someone earlier, if you beat levels 1-20 w/o losing a life, the last boss's health is reduced DRAMATICALLY, it took only a few seconds to beat him. if you use the first code to start w/ a bronze hammer and 100 coins, it still works, im going to try it using the 2nd code now


hi all of u
I am in lv18 with the stone man, it realy hard.
I have already played a week !
who have broken this stage ? n can u tell me how to ?
thx a lot

tontie password : 726538941


New(ish) code (that apparently alot of people missed)!

pokemega32 September 7, 2007 3:56 PM

That code wasn't missed...

He added it when he announced the Silver Tonties...


OMG lvl 20... I really want to see what the ending is but it's so hard. I would have got there in one life too if I didn't make a stupid mistake and get the Pikopiko hammer from a chest. :'(


umm i was wondering if anyone could explain the continues to me, i mean i buy many continues but when i die nothing happens, help plz.


I can confirm that if you beat levels 1-19 without using a continue the boss will have about 10% health.

I killed him by just hammering him and ignoring the other things. It took about 3 seconds to kill him.


1st code is


2nd code is


3rd code is


4th code is


Try it! :)


my high score for s. tontie is 1846. beat that!!!!!!!



i figured the only way to get it was just get super lucky by gettin ice and laser at the same time...i tried for like 2 hours and never got it...waited till the next day, and beat him in like 2 tries!! haha. gosh that level is just mean haha.

howd you get the 4th code for silver tontie??? haha

is there a second level to silver tonties??


this for who is playing tontie v.1.0 this is a note:if you want to whack the silver tontie this is the code




four codes best to worst:

are you sure?

726538941 816475239 971384265

Anonymous April 9, 2009 5:06 PM

Beat it!
To answer some questions:
You get 3 grey keypad things. 1 saves the 1st ten levels, one saves the next ten, and after you beat level 20 (last level) you get a 3rd. The 3rd will let you return to any level. If you return to level 20 you get 999 coins unlimited life and crystal hearts.

Another tip that really helped me with the last few levels is don't completely kill those pink heart guys. If you let them drop, you get a pretty big boost on your health.


this code gets silevr tontie 726538941


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