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Weekday Escape N°114

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Weekday Escape

DoraWakey wakey, there's games to escape-y! You've survived a whole seven days. That's no small feat... just ask the mayfly! To celebrate, the developers have been hard at work turning out three finely crafted escape games for you to glut yourself upon. Vitamin Hana thinks if you're so smart, you can make your own way out. Nagamochi Games knows you've always wanted to play with an old man's facial hair. And Sarameya is worried you haven't been getting enough fresh air, but might have gone a bit overboard.

Wood ArtWood Art - Some escape game developers ensnare you with wicked traps and complex mechanisms. Vitamin Hana just needs a little elbow grease and some arts and crafts, and to get out of this little room, you'll have to do the same. As usual for Vitamin Hana, most of the cupboards and the like around you have codes on their locks, but while you're sussing out clues for how to open them, try and remember that you can use items in your inventory on each other. Just click the first item, click "About Item" to view it close up, then click the other item you want to use on it, and then click the item you've currently viewing to try. After all this, you'll be a master wood worker, and able to use your click proficiency to talk to dolphins!

Bonno Escape 1Bonno Escape 1 - Unless you can read Japanese, you won't know what's going on in this cute but otherwise mystifying escape from Nagamochi Games, but with a little thought, a lot of investigation, and yes, even a bit of pixel hunting, you should still be able to find your way out. There's no changing cursor, so as you explore the temple you appear to be trapped in, make sure to click everywhere to find all the clues, items, and puzzle solutions you can. It might sound like a lot of work, but since when has that ever stopped you? You've probably already escaped The Dark Complex and My Diamond Baby... what's an old man with some crazy facial hair possibly going to do to you?

BotoriumuBotoriumu - Be warned: this otherwise adorable escape game by Sarameya has an unfortunate bug as of this writing, so make sure you enter the code on the number pad beside the door very carefully if you don't want to start over! Not that a bit of extra time in this place would be such a bad thing. You're surrounded by plants and a whole lot of colours, but there are some crafty puzzles to be found in this bright, environmentally friendly game. I think I'll let you handle this one considering all the plants. My thumb isn't green so much as it is... black... so if we're ever going to get out on you, all that flora is all on you, my fine friend.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Bobo The Bear February 10, 2016 10:26 AM

Does anyone know what happened to the Find the Escape Men series? I haven't seen a new one in about a month now.


Hi everyone!
I'm stuck in Vitamin Hana (and I don't get used to it :()

I placed the blue fish on the box, but I haven't used the magnifying glass, the screwdriver and the green liquid yet, and don't understand the house-orientation riddle, because I haven't got any idea how to choose three of five in the picture

Help me, please!



Use the SD on the house picture

hatospali February 10, 2016 11:45 AM replied to midiphile

Very big thanks!


Wood Art by Vitamin Hana

I've having problems finding clues. Could someone provide gentle hints?

So far I have:

The wood block that I carved into a bird. The magnifying glass. And the carving tools.

I'm not grokking the grid with the numbers.


WillYum February 10, 2016 3:19 PM replied to WillYum

Wood Art by Vitamin Hana

I just figured out the number code to open the left side of the tall cabinet.

I just figured out the number grid to find the answer to open the left hand side of the tall cabinet.

But I find it somewhat deceptive in that there are 9s all around the grid.

It made me think that the sums would have to be more than 9 in some manner.

It was tricky. Or perhaps I was overthinking it.


For some reason, I have not been able to access any of the Nagamochi games. This has been going on for over a month. When I click the link, I get "403 Forbidden." With the first couple of games, I thought perhaps the server was maxed out or the site had been disabled, but clearly other people are able to get to the site. It is the same in both Chrome and Firefox. I am beginning to think that my IP address (from Verizon) has been blacklisted. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Coffeeteamix February 10, 2016 3:40 PM replied to WillYum

@ Willyum:

You're right, just 1 row and 1 column of clues would have been sufficient.


Hmmm. I'm stuck on what I think is the last puzzle in Botoriumu.

I entered the correct 9-button sequence in the door panel, and now I need to press four of the buttons to give a second code. I presume it has something to do with the paper I found, which has sillhouettes of four differently shaped bottles.

So near, and yet so far!


The bug appears to be fixed now.

Yes, count the bottles that you see

I brute forced the gray/white switches almost by accident, even looking at a walkthrough I don't get how they're clued.



Look up at the beakers on the hanging plants

there should be 3 of them

and they should be sitting on one side or the other of string that suspends them

left, right, left

I'm having difficulties with the middle cabinet drawer that requires 6 letters

and I'm fairly certain it has to do with the beakers sitting on top of the cabinet but BYWWBR doesn't work.


Thanks, Bob Goddard! That was the hint I needed.


Nevermind, just figured it out!

WillYum February 10, 2016 9:07 PM replied to Bob Goddard

I also used brute force to figure out the top middle drawer in the cabinet holding six beakers.

I was lazy.

Thank you Mark for pointing out where to find the answer to that drawer/puzzle.


Mark, I'd love a hint about that six letter code, as I kept trying the same thing that you did and having the same lack of success. It's got to be something about those

six containers, and it can't be a coincidence that some of the letters seem to stand for the colors.

Is the paper I found a hint? It doesn't have enough items...

Coffeeteamix February 10, 2016 11:54 PM

6 letter code:

Mark and Baileydonk are close:

it has something to do with the colors

but they need to combine that with another piece of info:

the number of leaves in each beaker

Specifically how you combine these info:

The number of leaves == which letter of that color name you use. (Ie. the first one is 1 leaf in a BLUE sand, so first letter is B. If there had been 2 leaves, then it would have been L)


Brilliant! Thank you for the hints. Tricky puzzles - great game.


Bonno Escape. Has anyone got anywhere with this game.

I'm stuck with 3 brushes, 1 broken ball, 1 battery. I've made a bridge to the dragon, but now totally stuck. Any help?


River Cat: notice that you still have

the matches.

Is there any place you can think of that's

too dark to see what's there?

Use the matches in that irregular-shaped hole in the floor to get another battery.


Correction: I guess you can get to that point without first getting the


. I'll try to write up a quick walkthrough.


River Cat
Have you tried looking carefully at

every corner with the gong?


Bonno Escape 1 -- quick walkthrough. I apologize for the wall of spoilers, but I don't have time to pretty it up. I've also left out the details on the actual puzzle-solving; it's all fairly straightforward.
Use the down arrow to turn around.

Behind the red fence, get a yellow piece of something.

On the right, get the clue for the four-digit code, and notice the dark hole in the floor.

Apply the yellow piece to the pedestal to the left of the door. Get a saw (yes, that's a saw) and a wire brush.

Apply the four-digit code to the pedestal to the right of the door. Get the matches and a wire brush.

Apply the matches to the remaining pedestal. Get a battery and a wire brush.

Look in the corner to the right of the door for the clue to the mustachioed statue. Apply it to said statue to get half a rock? and a wire brush.

Use the matches in that hole in the floor to get another battery.

Apply the batteries on the wall behind the right-hand pedestal. Get the other half of the rock and a wire brush.

Use the saw to cut down the red fence, and use it as a bridge to the dragon.

Give the dragon the rock, get the last wire brush.

Apply the wire brushes to the door.

Once all the green is gone from the heart, turn back to the dragon and get the key.


Vitamin Hana:

the 3x3 grid is a sort-of-magic square: the 9s all around indicate that each row and each column needs to add up to 9. (Dunno why there are 9s at the top and the left; I guess it was prettier that way?) Then you read off the digits you just filled in, left to right, to get the code.



Vitamin Hana: Wood Art hints
Short cabinet, left-hand door: the clue is

in the nearby corner.

Tall cabinet, left-hand door: the clue is

behind the left-hand door of the short cabinet.

Short cabinet, right-hand door: the clue is

behind the left-hand door of the tall cabinet.

Tall cabinet, right-hand door: the clue

will be on the corner of the five arrows/houses picture. You'll need something to read it with.

Chairs are good for

looking in high places. In a pinch, they can also supply art materials.


I am having a seriously hard time with the black and yellow puzzle in Bonno--possible over thinking it, but it's driving me crazy!!!




Yellow puzzle:

What you want to do here is change how you look at it. Gonna have to turn your head. Put the red triangle at the top (pointing down) and see if that helps you.

Notice that there's only one yellow square per row now?

Starting at the top, hit the keys in the sequence of the yellow blocks.


Thanks, I tried that, but I see 8 spaces and not four. I saw the red arrow and knew what that meant, but I am just drawing a blank!! TGIF!!


Duh! Finally saw the light!!!!


In Botoriuru, do you have to somehow activate the drawers and cabinets before you can enter the codes? I keep seeing "no reaction" every time I try to click on one.

Lucie February 12, 2016 8:17 PM replied to Lucie

Wait, huh, they seem to release when you solve other ones. Still, I'm sure I'm going to need a walkthrough at some point...

Patreon VIP Chiktionary February 12, 2016 10:03 PM

I guess it was the bug at the end that put Botoriumu Escape in the Weekday Escape mix. Now that the bug appears to have been fixed, it's definitely a game worthy of its own write-up.

It took me a little while to figure out too

Have you found the first note by clicking the four corners of the brown picture above the door? The dark characters are a clue


Ohhhhh thanks Chik!

WillYum February 12, 2016 11:52 PM replied to Chiktionary

At Chiktionary.

I had no idea! I never found that item. Managed to finish the game without that information. But it now explains the...

Four shadows in a white box outline. I kept thinking that they were a clue for the box with the four pink up and down sliders.

I just realized after a bit that some puzzles would not react/operate until the correct color circle was turned on.


Wow, Botoriumu. I needed a video walkthrough at several points to get past this one.

When you start, only a couple of puzzles are open for interaction.

The 9 squares on the right hand cupboard, and the 9 button grid near the door.

Ignore the one next to the door for a while, since that comes later when you've unlocked all the left hand cupboard doors.

Don't over-think the first grid.

Colour the squares corresponding to the locked doors on the left hand cupboard. Why is that the answer? Nobody knows.

Clues you can see right now that will help you move on.

The black blob character things have arms that appear to be pointing to corners...


The fact you can move the 3 smaller pictures and swing the hanging pots does not mean/do anything. Also, the squiggles that appear to say 'open' on the corners of the slider puzzle are also not clues.


The 4 vases (ex-beakers/conical flasks etc?) on top of the left hand cupboard have clues for quite a few different puzzles


The coloured ball things are 'switches' that allow you to access certain puzzles. Where the coloured switches are and exactly what they open is the info you get from solving the wobbly brownish picture above the door.


Glance at the dialogue that appears when you click on a vase/beaker. It will give you a number or a colour/word, which will help you figure out which puzzle it's a clue for.


While we're on that, when you get to the 6 letter puzzle,

you have to use the colour AND the number of leaves to solve it. It will make a word if you've done it right.


That colourful row of vases you can view but can't really click on has something interesting going on with its roots...


I have no idea why the final 4 digit code is that number, or why the numbers do not line up with the traditional 1-9 number pad. Good luck with that, or have a sneak peek at a walkthrough.

Good luck, and enjoy. I brute-forced the left cabinet code a bit early because if you only have 2 doors left, there's only 2 possible answers.

At least there's no pixel hunts in this one? But then it bothers me when

someone makes an escape game with however many inventory slots then only gives you two items to use, and won't even leave the paper unfolded!


I had to giggle when I tried to use my very basic understanding of Japanese to read the intro to Bonno

Just before the game starts, the little kid says "Mamma mia!" :D


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