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Worldgate 2: Contact

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TrickyWorldgate 2October 25, 1888. The Wyoming Territories. The scientist has returned from his first excursion through the Worldgate, and brought with him a strange hexagonal component. Apparently a fuel cell of some kind, its full function is but another entry in a growing list of mysteries. Still, there are gateways yet to be unlocked and further worlds to explore. Maybe this is the passage through which you'll find some answers. Worldgate 2: Contact continues the story of William Buchanan's well-received point-and-click adventure, and the twists are proving ever more intriguing.

At the start, as before, you may choose whether to navigate by mouse or by keyboard, and whether to display direction arrows on-screen. Using the [WASD] or [arrow] keys, or by clicking the arrows with the mouse, you'll turn left and right, and step forward and backward to navigate around the landscape. Click an object onscreen to examine, manipulate, or add it to your inventory. Once an object is in your inventory, you may examine it by clicking the small magnifying glass that appears when you mouse over its icon, or click to select it to use with an onscreen object. Some objects can be adjusted or combined once examined in greater detail. In general, it's best to visit the options menu to customize your experience.

Worldgate 2Analysis: The first installment of Worldgate set the bar pretty high, but William Buchanan has cleared it, as Worldgate 2 delivers the same dose of satisfying puzzles, while effectively expanding the story's setting. Whereas the first game's exploration was set in the grays and browns of marble and rock, your second trip is dominated by the translucent blues of crystal. The presentation is sparkly and beautiful, but also cold, shard, and, above all, alien.

Buchanan definitely has a skill for the balancing act of presenting challenges that are comprehensible to the human eye, but still retain that otherworldly quality that is their greatest appeal. Little details like the three-fingered activator pads, or staircase steps with unsupported gaps between them, do a lot to convey the sense that you are trespassing in a place inhabited by beings quite different from us. It is not a completely unwelcoming world, but still one that is clearly not ours.

Play the entire Worldgate series:
WorldgateWorldgate 2: Contact

There are a few nitpicks that can be made: while navigation is easy enough to pick up, there are the usual problems with attempting to convey circular-motion with only four directional keys. There are a few puzzles with obtuse solutions (though frankly, considering how Myst-like the Worldgate experience is, it'd almost be more disappointing if there weren't). And then there's that lighter, which won't be setting anything aflame unless it's examined and opened first. Yeah, that one's obvious in retrospect, but it would be a lie to say this reviewer didn't spend a couple of minutes of fruitless clicking at the start of his first playthrough. (Edit: An update has addressed this issue to make it more intuitive.) No matter, Worldgate 2 is a worthy sequel in a series many have found to be an instant classic. Not to give too much away, but the ending promises a new direction for the upcoming Worldgate 3, and frankly, we hope it isn't too long before we find out what it is.

Play Worldgate 2: Contact

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Worldgate 2 Walkthrough

Rocky Mountain Nights

  1. Examine the Lighter in your inventory. Click it to open and light it. Use the Lighter on the oil lamp.

  2. Pick up your Research Kournal from the table. Examine and read through it for some hints and background information. Turn to the right and examine the chest. In it you will find the Water Repulsion Device and a Pickaxe. Pick both of them up.

  3. Back away from the chest and turn to the right. Go down the passageway into the mountain until you have reached the circular gate. Pick up the Keywand on the left of the gate.

  4. Turn to the right and examine the ornate cabinet. Pick up the Yellow Cubic Gemstone. Examine the Keywand in your inventory. Use the Yellow Cubic Gemstone on the cross-hairs of the Keywand. Click away and turn to face the Worldgate.

  5. Place the Keywand in its holder. The Worldgate will now be activated. Enter the portal

Once More Into The Breach

  1. Walk forward until you are are on the Central Platform. Turn left and walk forward twice, then turn right to face the central podium. There will be a staircase. Climb it onto the Central Podium.

  2. In front of you will be a Blue Crystal. Use the pickaxe on it to take it. Turn to the left, and use the pickaxe on the Yellow Crystal you see to take it. Make a 180 degree turn. Pick up the Prism and use the Pickaxe on the Red Crystal to pick it up. Turn to the right and move forward down the stairs.

  3. Turn to the left, move forward, then turn to the right and move forward onto the walkway. To your right will be an unactivated walkway, so turn to the left, walk forward, and turn to the left again to face a wall with various chromatic spectrums on it.

  4. Place the Prism in the holster. Pick up the lit lighter from your inventory. The light from it will cast a rainbow through the Prism. Move the lighter so that the rainbow cast by the Prism matches up with each of the four spectrums on the wall: first the spectrum with one circle beside it, then the spectrum with two circles, and so forth. When you are finished, a panel will open. Take the Portable Laser from the compartment, and, once again, pick up the Prism.

  5. Turn to the left and walk forward. Turn right and walk forward onto the central platform. Turn right and walk forward twice. Turn right and move forward onto the walkway. Turn left and you should be facing a stone dome with a deactivated walkway leading to it. Examine the bracket on the right walkway beam. Use the Portable Laser in the bracket. Back away, and the walkway will be activated.

  6. Walk forward towards the stone dome. Press the button to open the door, and move forward into it. This is the Power Station. Each of the six colored hexagonal Power Couplers will power one of the various devices scattered about the setting, if it receives light of the appropriate color. The symbol on the coupler will inform you as to what device will be powered: said device will have the same symbol on it.

  7. Start by placing the prism in the rectangular compartment closest to you. This will split the beam of light into three, and direct it towards the two coupler holders. Click the Purple Coupler (which powers the elevator) to place it in the left holder, and the Yellow Coupler (which powers the elevator room door) to place it in the right holder.

  8. Use the Red Crystal on the left part of the central rectangular compartment, and the blue crystal in the central part of the central rectangular compartment, combining to cast a purple beam of light onto the purple circle. Place the Yellow Crystal in the right part of the central rectangular compartment to cast a yellow beam of light onto the yellow circle. Back away from the power station and return to the central platform.

  9. Once on the central platform, turn right, move forward, turn right again, and move forward in front of the elevator tower. The elevator room door should be powered, so press the button, and its touch panel will be activated. Click the touch panel to open the door.

  10. Walk forward into the elevator. Press the inside elevator button, then, quickly, step forward before the elevator moves. There will be a button behind where the elevator car was. However its device is not yet powered...

  11. Return to the Power Station. Click the purple and yellow power couplers to remove them from the coupler holders. Click the Green Power Coupler (which powers the e to place it in the left holder. Pick up the Red Crystal from the center rectangular compartment. In its place, put the Yellow Crystal, which will combine with the blue crystal to cast a green beam of light onto the green power coupler.

  12. Back away and return to the button that was hidden behind the elevator car. Press the button. The panel will flip off to reveal a Terminal Plug. Pick up the plug.

  13. Return to the power station. Click the green power coupler to remove it, and replace it with the purple power coupler. Remove the yellow crystal from the central rectangular compartment, and put the red crystal in its place, to cast the purple beam of light onto the purple coupler, powering the elevator.

  14. Return to the elevator room. Click the elevator call button on the right side of the room to call the elevator. Enter the elevator, and press the inside elevator button to be taken to the second floor.

Going Up

  1. Once you've reached the second floor, press the inside elevator button, then step forward and out quickly, before it moves. Turn around to face the elevator shaft, and you will see a Hilt that would've been hidden by the elevator. Take the hilt.

  2. Turn to the right and walk forward. Pick up the Stone Cast. There's also a glass dome in front of you, but a quick look at its access panel confirms that the wiring is shot. Looks like we have a couple more puzzles to solve before we can get inside.

  3. Turn to the left. Note the number written on the wall: 724.

  4. Turn left again, walk forward twice, then turn to the right to see the elevator call button. Press the button to call the elevator, return to the elevator car, then press the inside button to return to the first floor.

Everyday Devices

  1. One back on the first floor, return to the Power Station. Remove all the Power Couplers and Crystals from their places. Now click the Orange Power Coupler (which powers the laser melter) to place it on the left, and the Blue Power Coupler (which powers a walkway). Place the Red and Yellow Crystals in the left and center of the central rectuangular compartment (combining to send an orange beam of light to the Orange Coupler) and the Blue Crystal on the right of the center rectangular compartment (sending a blue beam of light to the Blue Coupler). Back away from the station and return to the Central Platform.

  2. Once on the central platform, turn to the right and walk forward twice. Turn to the right and walk forward onto the walkway. Turn right to see the now-activated pathway. Walk forward twice and turn to the right to face the laser melter.

  3. Place the Water Repulsion Device on the Melter's platform. Press the button, and it shall be melted into a pan full of molten metal. Pick up the pan. Turn away and return to the central platform.

  4. Once on the platform, turn left, walk forward twice, and turn left again to face the pathway you take on the way towards the power station. Walk forward, but this time, turn right. Walk forward, then turn right to face the Forging Device.

  5. Place the Stone Cast on the platter. Pour the Molten Metal into the funnel on top. Pick up the Stone Cast. Examine the Stone Cast in the inventory. Click the Stone Cast to open it, revealing the Forged Blade inside. It's too sharp to wield by hand, so use the Hilt on the Sword Blade to create a Sword.

  6. Back away from the Forging Device, and return to the power station. Click the Orange Power Coupler to remove it from the Coupler holder, and click the Red Power Coupler (which powers the Safe) to take its place. Now remove the Yellow Crystal so that a red beam of light hits the Red Coupler. Back away and return to the Central Platform. Turn left, walk forward twice, turn left again and walk forward onto the walkway. Turn right to see the blue activated-walkway. Walk forward twice and turn left to face the Safe.

  7. The Safe needs a three digit combination. Try 724, the code we saw on the wall on the second floor. The Safe will open, revealing a Red Lens. Take the Red Lens. Back away and return to the Central Platform. Turn right and walk forward. Turn right, and walk forward up to the portal, and travel through it.

Basic Repairs

  1. Once through the portal, walk forward, turn left, and walk forward into the Receptacle Device room. Use the Sword on the Wire on the right of the device to add the Wire to add it to your inventory. Return to the Portal and go through it.

  2. Once through, go to the Power Station. Click the Red Power Coupler to remove it from the holder, and click the Purple Power Coupler to replace it. Pick up the Blue Crystal from the right section of the center rectangular compartment, then put it in the center section of the center rectangular compartment, sending a beam of purple light to the Purple Power Coupler. The elevators are now powered again.

  3. Leave the station, then turn back and examine the bracket on the walkway. Pick up the Portable Laser from the bracket. Now make your way to the elevator and go up to the second floor.

  4. Step out of the elevator, turn left and walk forward so you can see the access panel. Click the access panel to examine it. It looks like some severed wiring needs fixing. Examine the Terminal Plug in your inventory, then use the wire on it, to make a Wired Plug. Use the Wired Plug on the severed wire. The indicator light should turn on, meaning that the device is powered.

  5. Back away from the panel, turn around, then walk forward until you can see the other side of the glass dome. Examine the access panel on this side. Press the button and the panel will open.

  6. Looks like that Purple Coupler in the upper-right of the panel needs some purple light. Place the Portable Laser in the Laser Holder, the Blue Sword along the bottom, and the Red Lens on the compartment on the right side. Now, the dome will open.

Three of Six

  1. Back away from the panel. Examine the DT-Core Storage Capsule, revealed by the dome. Press the button on top, and a block of ice will be revealed.

  2. Use the Lighter to melt the ice. Pick up the DT-Core

  3. Return to the elevator car, and press the button to go to the first floor. Walk forward to the Central Platform. Walk around to the pathway leading to the Portal, then walk through the Portal.

  4. Walk forward, turn right, and go into the Receptacle Device room. Click the receptacle covers to remove them, so you can place the new core inside...


If you find yourself stuck like I did try

using the lighter on something


Found a bug!

You can walk backwards towards the powerstation without inserting the portable laser.


^ Thanks.

LightWarriorK December 18, 2012 2:14 PM

A good game, just as the first. Only one trouble spot:

Walking out of the elevator before it leaves? I mean, come on, really? It's not that it's a bad technique, but it feels VERY disjointed from the rest of the gameplay. It's a lapse in the logical progression, I felt.

Anyways, my biggest complaint about this series is that it's broken up into parts, when it feels like it's a single story. Quite unlike the Submachine series. I assume there are very good reasons, so while it's my biggest complaint, it's only a little nit-pick, but I would like to see, when the series is done, for it to be packaged into a single and seamless game.



I totally agree,

The leave the elevator early dynamic really was absurd.

Other than that, great game!


Great game can't wait for the next installment. I disagree

I think the elevator thing is indeed logical because of the inclusion of an elevator call button which would not be necessary if the elevator were always on the same level as you were


^ That spoiler is exactly dead-on.

Also, it's a tip of the hat to Myst...which had the exact same puzzle in it. Exact same.


i am stuck

According to the part when i first enter the portal, i'm to go straight until i hit a central area,then i go left, straight twice then left again. i'm supposded to see a staircase. i see no staircase. what am i doing wrong?


^ Typo in the walkthrough. Last step is to turn right, not left. Look to the center of the circular area where the hill is.

[Fixed. Thanks. -Jay]


I agree that

The walking out of the elevator was too obscure. However, I liked that several objects had multiple uses, which is unfortunately rare in short point-and-click games.


I don't know if it's just the way mine loaded, but there's a bit of a glitch every time I navigate, in that a picture of a galaxy/space pops up for a brief instant before the next area comes into view. Incredibly distracting.


^ You're using Chrome, right?

There's something wrong with the Chrome flash player causing that glitch. IE and Firefox run perfectly fine. Unfortunately, there's not much to be done about the Chrome flash player.


A bug,

If you walk backward to the powerstation/safe area from the central platform, the game flashes and glitches back to the beginning.


I feel I must chime in about awkward nature of

leaving the elevator before it starts moving

because there's a signal from the game that tells you NOT to do so: immediately after pressing the button, the cursor/pointer vanishes. In computer interfaces, this is a signal to the user that they cannot interact with the interface, and must wait until the cursor returns.

If the game software is telling me to wait, it's more than counter-intuitive to take action before I'm told I can resume interacting with the software.


^ Hmmm, nope. The cursor does not immediately disappear. It remains on screen briefly during the motor "starting up" sound. And if you elected to display on screen nav arrows, you will see that those also disappear only after a brief delay.


The elevator was too glitchy, we can rationalise it away but the movement in this series was already glitchy enough to begin with. Still I thought the other puzzles in this 2nd outing were quite inventive and a clear step up above the 1st.


Great game, Wyloch :)

And I feel sorry for you about the Chrome glitch. Lots of people are using Chrome and most of them won't understand that you can't fix the problem that is outside of your game.
I've encountered DOZENS of problems with Chrome Flash player myself and I'm starting to think they are doing it on purpose so people move on from Flash technology :P

kees.tjong December 19, 2012 4:43 AM

A bug that kept me from completing the game the first time around:

If you use the blade on the box with the mirror before powering it up, the blade is removed from the inventory with no way to get it back.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmg9uM_dtV_F2QNKat4cHAuN3IRTjuixn8 December 19, 2012 4:48 AM

How did you get into the box without powering it up? Are you saying that you could use the item with the closed box?


^ Yeah Im curious to that as well. Its supposed to be impossible...



water repulsion device!!



@Wyloch, yeah. Chrome's flash seems to be acting very weird lately. :\


I am looking for a 3D artist who does character modeling. Your work would be used in Worldgate 3.

Of course, this is totally unpaid and for fun ;-) but you would be credited from the main menu for your contribution. I work in 3ds max 2008, so whatever you use would have to be compatible.

I prefer not to discuss the model subject here at risk of plot spoiling. Please e-mail me if interested ([email protected]).



actually on the walkthrough

it turns out after entering the portal, it says to turn left, but it is in fact right. following that turning left, you end up at the elevator.


I loved this one, just like the first. Had a little trouble with the elevator at first but then I thought a little harder and got it.

Can't wait for the next installment!


I loved this. I feel so connected to my old favorites of Myst and Riven. :D My little brother walked in the room, peeked over at my screen and said, "Myst?" So I'm not the only one to reconize it!

The elevator was a huge shoutout to Myst and I loved it. Those who are complaining just simply either have never played it in my opinion...or just needed to think a little harder when they see an elevator call button on both levels. Why would you need one if the elevator was constantly there. Idk, I like it.

Still tho, I can't WAIT for the next piece and to see what happens! Great series.

kees.tjong December 20, 2012 6:49 AM

How I managed to lose the sword:

Before going back through the gate to get the wire, I used the blade on the closed box to see if I could just break it open. The blade vannished from the inventory, so I had no way to get the wire. The box stayed closed, probably with the blade in it.

kees.tjong December 20, 2012 6:57 AM

I just checked it again, but now its working fine. :)

Technocolor December 20, 2012 1:20 PM

This is such a great game and series. It's a real shame that Chrome's flash isn't quite properly compatible with it. Using Firefox feels so strange and foreign, but it'll have to do. It's too beautiful to miss out on. Great work, can't wait until the next one. Hopefully Chrome will get its life together by then. >:C


I'm sorry, but the klunky-doesn't-begin-to-cover-it navigation means that I just cannot become a fan of these games. And on this one, the dizzifying starscape background really, really didn't help.


What is it you find klunky?


LOVED the starscape and found the navigation very comfortable once I got the hang of it. Any initial oddity (not that there was much, since I love Myst) only contributed to the alien-ness of the environment.


If you find that Chrome's Flash player isn't working for you, just install Adobe's and disable Chrome's built-in one from the plugins preferences. It's not hard to do.


Based on the ending, I am hoping that the next chapter is

an escape game!


Played through all of Buchanan's Freewill and Worldgate games today. I like the high aims of the Freewill storyline but felt the Worldgate execution was much better - clearer sense of whether a puzzle was being resolved versus simply interacted with (which, to be fair, interacted with isn't necessarily a bad thing, but having SOME sort of apparent result that is something other than just different is a definitely good thing).

Looking forward to seeing more of these games - this Worldgate series is just beautiful.


Regarding the navigation, I think it would be much better if I could just click where I want to go rather than traveling there by going forward/back/left/right. If I can't get there from here, ok, but if I can, just take me there. I found it especially annoying when I had to go forward+right (or left) to get to something I could see right there, and after the forward step it seemed like I was in the middle of nowhere.

Sorry to have given only two mushrooms :( but I abandoned the game quite early because I was spending all my time trying to get where I wanted to go.

I confess that I hated Myst, so maybe I shouldn't even try this kind of game ...

JetSetVegas December 28, 2012 4:01 PM

I also found the elevator puzzle to be too obscure. Not everyone has played Myst. It's cool that the author wanted to give a shout-out to Myst, but at least keep the puzzles within the framework of THIS game.

JetSetVegas December 28, 2012 4:09 PM

I liked the first installment better. The elevator puzzle was just one of the things I found annoying about this game. Let's hope that the next installment redeems this one. Kinda like when the second installment of a trilogy is not as good as the first, but the third makes up for it, (I'm looking at you Ocean's trilogy).


Totally reminding me of Myst. The feel of it was there from the beginning, although maybe it was the portal device that put me in the mood. (Myst was what got me into gaming in the first place.) The elevator... I was stumped but once I realized what I was missing it made me smile.


Maybe it's just me (because no one else commented on it), but games that force you to keep backing up to accomplish something drive me crazy. Going back to the power station over and over again made me want to quit. You want to challenge us to figure out how to power up certain devices? Great. Let us power them up without having to continually leave one device, go back, turn it off, turn the new one on, and then advance to the new one. Not enough power to run all of the devices at once? Okay, let us carry around whatever we need and power on the device when we get to it. Otherwise, half of your game is just running around nonsense. It's exactly what I hated about Myst, and I loved Myst! And I like this game, too, except for that. That and the plot hole in the story where there doesn't really seem to be anything of value in any of these worlds except for a D/T core which allows you to get to another world where the only thing of value is another D/T core, and so on. Other than that, and the navigation, it's a great game.

elle January 10, 2013 3:04 PM replied to Amadeus

I understand that feeling and have experienced in some casual download games. It's a weird matter of taste, though. If it's presented well, all that moving about and doing things (and going back and forth), is something I enjoy in Myst, this game, and other true first person adventure games. If there is another way to keep us immersed in the environment, though, with less backtracking, I'd be all for that as well. "Task" puzzles feel much more hands on and real than simple read a clue, input a code....Just don't give me a maze (a sound maze at that, dang you, Myst!).


^^ As for plot, do you know what a DT core is? Did you see the clue in the journal? Should be apparent now what the device is.

And rest assured, this series is planned for five installments. Plot holes at this point are simply questions that have not yet been answered - including why they are hidden.


^^ Sorry. You're right. I shouldn't judge the plot until the game is finished. Anyway, it certainly does not take away from my enjoyment of the game. Perhaps it was an unfulfilled ending after spending six years watching "Lost" that had me making a preemptive rant. Regardless of how it plays out, your game is amazing.


Good game. I agree that the constant visits to the generator were annoying, and I wouldn't have been able to figure out the elevator by myself, I think.

On what D/T is:

From the atomic diagrams, it's pretty clear that it stands for deuterium and tritium, isotopes of hydrogen, and thus the cells power some kind of fusion generator. (Apparently there is such a thing as D-T fusion.)


Very nice game,I don't like installment games.I would be willing to pay for the whole game, start to finish. There is a "download entire game" button on the home page, whats that about? Why can't we play the game in full screen? What am I missing here?

elerihamilton February 7, 2013 3:32 PM

I REALLY wanted to play this- but the spinning background actually made me seriously ill after only a couple of screens. Would be awesome if there was a way to turn it off.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawmDlowUjNLxrxJvBF4NklGw28RAr0MSv_Y April 17, 2013 4:16 PM

I too found the elevator counter-intuitive,

Push button, then STEP OUT of the elevator? Blasphemy, I say!

but my main nit-pick is with the color combinations, which should be additive (RGB,) not subtractive (RYB,) since we're working with light and all.

Other than that, great game, and I can't wait for the next one!

coronacoreanici May 13, 2013 3:06 AM

Still waiting expectantly for the next game. When should it be out?


Weird coincidence that I revisit this one day after ^.

Best estimate: end of summer 2013.

Smoothjc1 June 30, 2013 2:14 PM

Laser wont work ? clicked on every thing ( as in Use the Portable Laser in the bracket.)I have clicked on the circles, inside(middle) of bracket,the edges, the round thing in the front,
I have examined the laser to see if I have to turn on/off no luck, Driving me crazy. Help someone please thanks.Me


Ummm-did anyone ever think to install the same program that IE and Mozilla use for their flash to make it work in Chrome. We installed DirectX and just allow it to run when we open Chrome and it works like a dream....really? Anyone?


Right now I use Chrome with its built-in so-called pepper flash switched off (and without having installed anything in addition), what might be the reason that I had no problems with playing Worldgate 1 & 2. Perhaps anyone who does not want to change to other browsers while playing Worldgate should give it a try.

[If you don't know how to do this: Enter chrome://plugins into the omnibox/address bar just like any URL. If you see on the top right of that page anything like "+ Details" in quite little blue letters click on it to change it into "- Details" and expand the list.

You simply have to deactivate the top entry by clicking on "deactivate" (depending on your browser's language version, e.g. in German "Deaktivieren") at the entry's bottom. This top entry is currently Adobe Flash Player - Version: 11,8,800,168 - Shockwave Flash 11.8 r800 -- PPAPI (Out-of-Process)

Note: You will only be able to access any saved flash data when using the same flash player (e.g. first one deactivated, second one active) with which you acquired them. If you turn on the other flash player again it will look like every stored data has been removed until you switch it off again. - However, for several reasons like security and performance you usually should keep that built-in flash version active as long as you do not have problems like this one here.]


Why does this game still appear on the advertising banners when round 3 and round 4 are available?


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