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Categories: adesrosiers, browser, flash, free, game, gamebalance, linux, mac, original, rating-g, rubilon, simpleidea, skill, unique, windows

This game is rated :D for content, click through for an explanation
Babycal Throw Another recent production from Rubilon is this odd and yet simple game of timing. Babycal Throw is an action arcade game in which the player attempts to hit walking and running targets by tossing bean-bags up in the air. What makes this game special is the manner in which Rubilon has implemented the scoring and the power-ups.

Игра прачка (Orbox) Although this Flash puzzler is similar to other sliding-block puzzle games in its class, what I find special about this one is its presentation and execution. The goal of Orbox is to navigate the blue and yellow blinking box to the red goal in the fewest moves possible using just the arrow keys for control.

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