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Sure there are all sorts of modern games coming out every year, but it's good to go back to the basics once in a while.

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History might not have been your strong suit in school. In fact, learning dates and names of half-forgotten battles can be plain tedious if your teacher isn't much of a gifted and rousing storyteller.
While history lessons can easily put students to sleep, though, historical events have more meat to their stories when rooted in their proper context. And video games are the perfect vessels to breathe life into legendary figures of old or conjure up the atmosphere of bygone days in interactive fashion.

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Ever since the launch of the original Nintendo Game Boy, handheld gaming has been a popular form of entertainment. Arguably, it's what led the cell phone revolution as well as mobile gaming. Handheld gaming is a bit frowned upon in public, but when you have to go somewhere mundane, you won't be bored either. Modern gaming systems allow for flexibility, like the Nintendo Switch. Just unplug the Switch and attach the Joy-Con to its sides. In short, you can take it anywhere. The gaming experience is almost identical in both modes. The best part is that you don't even have to pause your game.

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Early this summer, we put out a post on JayisGames.com proposing a new platform. We stated:

"We have been thinking hard about JayisGames.com ever since we took over ownership. The truth is that JiG is an extremely large site, bloated with content and old technology that has gone through so many iterations/owners it's hard to keep track of it all."

This, of course, has not changed.

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If you're a gamer, then you know staying on top of the trends is the best way to be in the know and make sure you're playing the latest hits. Whether you're into racing games, social gaming, combat games, or something entirely different, there is a lot to know and be aware of. Understanding the trends can help you understand what's out there and whether there is something new you should be looking for.

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Embark on a thrilling journey with "Super Steve Adventure," an incredibly enjoyable adventure game! Traverse challenging tracks and conquer numerous levels as you guide Steve through the excitement. Acquire gold to enhance and personalize your character in the shop. Engage in epic battles against fearsome monsters while gathering shining stars along the way. Dive into boundless amusement with the charismatic character, Steve, and let the great fun begin!

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There's something utterly captivating about neon. It's the vibrancy, the way it dances in your eyes, casting an ethereal glow. I've always been attracted to the allure of neon lights, and over time, this passion morphed into a love for hand-made neon artwork. This form of art is a unique blend of science and aesthetics, a fusion of luminescence and creativity. It's where the vintage meets the modern, the traditional intertwines with the avant-garde.

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Are you a parent worried about your kids spending too much time on their devices during the summer holidays? Don't worry; we've got your back! In this article, we'll talk about a common problem kids and parents face: how to manage average screen time for teens during the break.

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In order to develop your character well and confidently in any online game, it is important to invest in its development and find sources for obtaining additional gold.

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Since 2016, the Psyonix video game developer has run the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) every single year.

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Creating captivating and realistic 3D characters is a crucial aspect of game design.

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Picture1.jpg Stunning graphics can truly elevate a game. But music plays an equally instrumental part in building up an immersive atmosphere. When it comes to epic soundtracks, such triple-A franchises as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and God of War arguably reign supreme. Some of the most famous tracks in history, like the Mario theme tune, have even become proper anthems known and loved beyond gaming circles.

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Make no mistake, New Zealand is a country that just loves to play games. In fact, the average NZ gamer spends two hours when playing games online. But which games are they so fascinated by? Well, it partly depends on which device they're playing on. And, of course, what's popular changes from year to year. But there are some games that just know how to stand the test of time. Here's a look at those games that New Zealanders simply refuse to put down.

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Ever wished you could live the life of a blacksmith or trader? Well, your dream has kind of come true as of the launch of the brand new mobile MMORPG, Ancients Reborn.

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In Stack Ball, a thrilling 3D arcade game, players navigate through spinning helix platforms, smashing and bouncing their way towards the finish line.

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