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Cold Storage

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Rating: 3.8/5 (120 votes)
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JerradCold StorageCold Storage is a game about a yeti trapped in what appears to be some sort of frozen larder for an enormous beast. Eager to escape the gruesome fate that has befallen others of his kind, he must use conveniently placed bars and poles to spin and launch himself, with an arcade-y display of timing and reflexes, through sixteen levels to the exit.

The yeti can be controlled both on the ground and in the air with [WASD] or the [arrow] keys. Once you hit a pole, you'll immediately latch on and start swinging. Press the [up] key at just the right moment and you'll launch high into the air, hopefully enough to reach the next pole. Of course, this being a Nitrome game, it's not going to be that easy. There are obstacles and enemies blocking your way, and frozen creatures to save should you feel particularly benevolent (or just want a high score). Fortunately, to overcome these hurdles, you're given a variety of poles that will affect you in different ways. Some poles are slippery, meaning you'll slide off if you don't hurry; others will give you a boost that will let you kill the bad guys and break certain rocks on your way up. Make it to the top and you'll have the chance to try again, through 16 levels of ascending difficulty.

Analysis: With Cold Storage, Nitrome has managed to live up to all expectations, both in presentation and playability. The graphics are exactly what we've come to expect from Nitrome, and the gameplay is as smooth as it is engaging. The timing and reflexes needed for this will be a discouragement for some, but there's no time limit, so even if you fall back to the bottom there's no penalty for having to start over again. And fall you will! Many, many times. But of course you have to expect that; nobody ever accused yetis of being excessively acrobatic.

Although the game is a bit short at only 16 levels, this is made up for by the sheer length of each level. The downside to that, of course, is that you have fewer stopping points to be able to return to at another time. But chances are you'll be so hooked that you're not going anywhere until you've finished the game. As frustrating as it is fun, Nitrome has once again delivered an excellent diversion from the real world.

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I didn't like this one to much. It gets to repetitive after you get halfway through. Also its really annoying how the yeti always jumps just short of certain poles.

Anonymous December 8, 2009 6:10 PM

It's actually reasonably fun -- but unfortunately it does slow down on my machine.

Anonymous December 8, 2009 7:06 PM

Tasty game. You need to have a clear and sober head when challenging this one; In other words, you need your wits about you.

Great amazing game.... FOR FREE. Another beauty from the Nitrome labs. I also love the music Nitrome do ... my favourite is Thin Ice's tracks which I never get bored of.

More please, you great people!!!


I thought that the mechanics were pretty difficult to deal with at first - I was just staring at the yeti waiting for the right part of the animation to hit so I could time my jumps right - but the game became a lot more fun once I realized that

you can bounce off of the rocks to get to those hard to reach frozen critters and poles.


So fitting for this time of year. I have a blizzard warning, and winter struck (snow and a lil' colder temperatures) on December 2nd. We have 1 foot of snow and live in eastern Iowa. Terrible outside, hopefully school is cancelled tomorrow. I love JIG, keep up the good work.

fattywads December 8, 2009 8:19 PM

usually I don't like nitrome games, but this one is fun if you:

keep the beat with your foot on the super poles, you can swing off of them really easily. that whooshing sound is when you want to hit up!

fattywads December 8, 2009 8:40 PM

Never mind. I spoke too soon! Way to go Nitrome. Way to make your game annoyingly frustrating half way through! You did it! (again), level 10 is impossible to get through on the first try, and by level 12 the hit detection goes out the window! Bravo, guys!


Accidental cheat?

If you press space after you die once while the name of the stage is still up, it will skip the stage. I assume it was an accident this is in there?


Love love love this game. I'm a nitrome nut, but this one is finally a platformer based all around the keyboard, which I love.


3.6/5?! this is one of nitromes best games, if not their best :D


I liked this game quite a lot, like all Nitrome's winter offerings. Their platformers are the best; I agree that it was a bit too short... they could have easily made another 9 levels to make 25 (which ganondorf would have loved).

@JIGuest (the second one): all of the winter games seem to have a memorable (or at least nice) soundtrack, Thin Ice being no exception. Go Lee!


man, this ending is so sad.


I just watched the ending....that's just...cruel.


Frustrating, with no fun to make up for it. The first few levels were easy and boring and rather quick to finish. After that you kept dying or falling down... But making it after much hard work. I could pat myself saying: Finally, the next level!

And... then, of course, the difficulty skyrocketted. Nitrome's games get me hooked, don't get me wrong, but they need to get their difficulty straight. Honestly. I mean, for example, level 10 is hard, and then there's the last level and I finish it - two hands tied behind my back. (Which is saying a lot since moving and clicking the mouse with your foot and toes is quite hard)

Everyone say it with me: Wut?

...I wanna know the ending. But honestly, I don't want to play through it to see it or to know what happens. Can someone post a spoiler? - Thanks in advance.


i find that its easiest 2 jump when u

wait until ur yeti's back is facing u, then jump

otherwise, u don't jump very high/fall.


I'm totally stumped at level 14, to the point where it's driving me a little insane. Any suggestions??


The ending:

You escape from the cave-fridge-thing, amidst cheers from an unseen crowd. You then become a toppling on the giants hamburger.


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