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Fix the Sun

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Rating: 3.7/5 (50 votes)
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Fix the Sun

TrickyYou stubbed your toe getting out of bed, you spilled your cereal all over the place, and looking out the window, you realize that the sun has burnt itself out. Yep. It's going to be one of those mornings. But with the help of the last little ray of sunshine and a couple of sparks, you just might be able to Fix the Sun. Fix the Sun is a puzzle platfomer by DB based around a unique gameplay mechanism that will have you flitting and flipping everywhere as this little light of yours is let to shine all over the dang place. Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move and the [spacebar] to jump. To open the exit on each level, you'll have to collect all of the sparks on the screen. To collect them, you must leap in their orbit, then hit [spacebar]. You will be launched in the direction indicated by the arrow relative to your position. You'll need to flip around from spark to spark to grab them all. Also, you are racing the clock: spend too long without a spark and it's lights out. [R] restarts your current level, and there are 24 levels in all.

Fix the SunFix the Sun will live or die depending on how engaging you find its unique central mechanic, which comes off as a cross between Sling and those barrels from Donkey Kong Country that blast you back and forth between them. Personally, I loved it, finding that it struck a good balance between planning your moves, while having the quick reflexes to implement them. In later levels, watch out for angry meteors and the red sparks that will boost your speed, but also allow you to bop off the meteor's heads. Certainly there were a few levels that seemed to be impossible without dying several times, which is a negative. But honestly, this is a game where there'll be a lot of dying and restarting on most levels, period, making it probably not for the easily frustrated. But those who persevere in Fix the Sun will find it very rewarding. After a few levels you'll know if it's one for you, and tomorrow may rain, so go and Fix the Sun!

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Leopardmask September 3, 2014 11:42 AM

It doesn't work on Firefox for some reason. I'm hearing the sounds but it's just a black screen. Seems to work fine on Chrome though.


I know some games don't seem to work for me in Firefox either, but this one's fine for me in FF 31.0 with Flash 14.0.


The game runs fine for me in Firefox. :) Please make sure all your extensions, Flash, and the browser itself are up to date, clear your cache, and try again. Sorry for any issues!


Nice, simple game. Easy to beat, yet challenging enough to entertain during the time the experience lasts.

It seems though that the last beaten level isn't recorded on the level select menu though, so that's something to look at.


No matter what I did (even with an update) I could not get this to run on firefox. Had to play it on opera and got bored of the game quickly. Maybe with a little more effort it could be fun, but I just wasn't feeling it.


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