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headcase.gifPatrickHeadcase is the latest platforming fiesta from Nitrome, creator of Hot Air 2 and Skywire. Set in a world of lush pixel art where gravity is fickle and your head is huge, you play a superhero dream-avatar (yes, that's about right) with a big 'up' arrow on your helmet. You stick to walls, ceilings and floors, allowing you to move around platforms as if you were an insect. You also have the ability to jump/fly in a straight line, kind of like Superman.

The controls are about as simple as you can get: Walk back and forth with the [arrow] or [W] and [D] keys, and jump with the [spacebar]. Enemies can also be dispatched using this head-bashing method. Not only can you jump from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, but walking to a corner causes you to change orientation. This works very smoothly and, when topped off with the spacebar gliding, gives the game a very relaxed flow that's hard to match. Kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog on a slow day.

There are 25 levels to work through and the difficulty progresses quite smoothly. Be prepared to get squashed more than few times on your way to the end.

Nitrome fans will recognize many elements of the game's design, from the catchy music to the visual design and even the level select screen. Headcase is another game with artwork by Simon Hunter and programming by Aaron Steed, as was the previously reviewed Nanobots.

Its good to see a game that doesn't try to say too much but simply presents an unusual beauty in the idea that anything is possible.

Play Headcase


Nice graphics as always, Nitrome. The semi-transparent backgrounds are very cool (as long as they don't remind you of a certain semi-functional operating system).


How come Nitrome's "off the rails" didn't get reviewed? That game was awesome, and had a ridiculously cool design, from a new control scheme i haven't seen anywhere else and the classic nitrome look.

maybe I'm just a nitrome junkie, but i ook forward to playing this new one until i beat it.


I believe Off the Rails came out right on the heels of another Nitrome release, so we mentioned it during the Link Dump Friday feature at the time to get some feedback on whether it should receive a full review. But not a single comment about it was posted.


Makes sense, I just really loved that game. Classic Nitrome. Too bad I didn't comment at the time.

By the way, great site, I visit every day.


I'm loving this game! We've seen the fully-walkable platform square concept before, but this is a really nice spin on it. It's incredibly fun bopping your enemies into oblivion!


Cheers, scott! ^_^

We never tire of hearing that. ;)


Heh, nice game. :)

Plays nicely, a bit linear but I like it that way, too much directional puzzling with this short range of sight would get annoying anyway. Not too difficult, not too easy, good to see some additional goodies around to reward more daring players. And I like the cute pixel style.

One thing about the controls though: I heavily rely on the characters orientation, so pressing the up key when it would move him to the left (from his point of view) is somewhat counter-intuitive. It would make the game more playable if that was configurable.


I agree it would be nice if the game controls were a bit more intelligent. It seems like pressing a left/right key should always move the character, whether or not he's standing on a wall. But on the other hand, so much precision is needed once the levels start getting hard, it would be a shame to walk into some spikes just because you thought your little guy was going to go the other way. The way Nitrome's implemented it, there's never any accidents.

I quite like this one, actually. There always seems to be some control or pacing issue for me with Nitrome, but in this case, there seems to be a balance between the complex way the main character moves around and the limited number of things you can actually tell him to do. Controlling the little guy is almost effortless, so the nice artwork and clever level design get a chance to shine.


This game is the jam, and Nitrome is the jam for making it. I want someone to pay them to make me some DS games already, because Nitrome clearly rocks the mic, old school. If you want to join the cause, go here and dig this game: http://digg.com/playable_web_games/Head_Case_Free_DS_Quality_Flash_Platformer and digg it up.


I like this one a lot. I love how it looks when you try to jump off of the green blocks (blobs?) - so sweet.
I like the Nitrome classic look - but a lot of their games (hot air for example) I just can't get a grasp on. I think it's mostly because I use a touchpad for everything, and that doesn't always work well. But I really like this one a lot. A whole lot.

Alex Simpson November 16, 2007 12:13 PM

This is definitely one of Nitrome's better games. I haven't been to impressed with some of their recent games, but Off the Rails and Headcase are really top notch.

Oh yeah, does anyone know how to do level 9? I'm stumped...


Great game!! Just wondering...
If you keep an key down, say, to go right, if you keep it down, you will carry on travelling in the specified direction- up walls, down walls.... everywhere, until you die.
If you stop pressing the key, the guy stops, and you have to use the proper key again.

Does anyone else think Mat Annal and Heather Stancliffe are busy working on the sequel? 'Cos they used to do everything, until Simon Hunter and Aaron Steed came along.
Maybe they're taking a break?

Alex Miller November 16, 2007 1:18 PM

Ah! I feel like Nitrome has redeemed themselves. I haven't enjoyed most of their recent games. Off The Rails was an incredibly cool looking game, but frankly I felt not that fun to play. The visuals in this game are a bit saturated for my taste, but the gameplay ROCKS! You can tell they spent a lot of time on it. It'd be hard to get the controls for this right, but they did it perfectly. The levels are well designed. Everything is great! 5 stars!


Hey! They won't let me send my score!


I need help on level 7.
I keep getting squashed by the blue guy and I looked when I died, there was no way out.

Canadian Enchantress November 16, 2007 4:53 PM

lol! there's alway's a way out, Blechy...persistance pay's off ;)
(I've made it to level 16, so far, and have somehow still managed not to send my laptop 'sailing 'ore yonder'... YET...in frustration!)

Just wanted to send kudo's to the game creator(s) and comment that this is the first game I've ever played that has so simutaneously sent such intense emotions of both pleasure & utter loathing, coarsing through my veins!


Keep up the good work, Nitrome!


I'm also completely stumped on level 9. Could anyone post some hints for that one, please? Thanks!



Go over to the square above the floating brick square. When it meets, you just walk over to it.

So simple, I felt dumb when I figured it out!


I know! I felt completely stupid as well! Now that I look back, it seems so obvious!

Sooo... Anyone know how to do level 19...? I keep getting as far as the floating blue blocks with green on either side of them, but I can't see any way past them without at least losing SOME health. And I regret losing that health later on...

Anyone got any ideas?


Doesn't matter, I just found a really helpful shortcut! I don't think you're supposed to able to do what I did, but hey, it worked!


No, I don't think I'll figure this one out without help-

Level 15??? The little guy seems to jet out & land in this enclosed rectangle. NO way out. Except there is a button- probably it opens the block in front of the pipe where he came in at. But how do you push the button, and then get over there to that block in time before it closes? Because I've never been able to get over there in time to even see it has moved. I'm stumped.



The button you mention opens a different blue block- if you press the button, then jump away/opposite from it, you go into this pipe and the level goes on from there :)


@Caya/lvl 15:

Hitting space the moment you land (jumping back the way you came in) at the very beginning of the level also makes things a lot easier.


I've made it to level 23!


YES! Finally finished :)

Canadian Enchantress November 18, 2007 6:13 PM

This was THE most frustrating game I've ever played!!!!
And, what's worse:

it's inferred there may be a part II (bangs head repeatedly against wall)!

Why do I think this, you may ask?

(Quote-from-screen-you're-awarded-once-you-finally-finish-the-game!) "WELL DONE AT USING YOUR HEAD! BUT NORMAN IS NOW HEADING SOMEWHERE ELSE. WHAT A HEADACHE! WILL NORMAN EVER FIND HIS WAY HOME?" (Unquote)



I couldn't agree more, Enchantress. The frustration is mainly due to the repetitiveness of the gameplay paired with split-second timing, I think. Expect nothing new beyond level 10 or so... after that, playing becomes a chore. Why I kept playing until level 24 (and I hope to complete the last level tonight) is beyond me, but it's probably the satisfaction I receive from bashing those smug-faced, donkey-eared dimwits from their bicycles. (Oh, how I'd love to have a row of about thirty or forty of them in front of me and firm ground under my feet to jump off from).

Canadian Enchantress November 19, 2007 9:40 PM

Really Groogokk? I thought those "smug-faced, donkey-eared dimwits on bicycles" (lol) were kinda adorable. Personally, I found those little racoon masked, green lepidopterous harrier's to be my greatest annoyance! I'm not normally prone to violence, however; I have to admit, a little part of me giggled inside, every time I had opportunity to de-wing and ground those nasty, vicious antagonists! Rest In Pieces, little flutter-by's! ;)
*Good Luck, with level 25*

(if you're really stuck - post again, and I'll walk you through).


I hate level 23. especially getting past the spike guys. Once you enter theres only one way out no way back out as in returning.
I hate the part where there are so many blue cute blockys , I get squashed between them. I still haven't beaten it yet.


Thanks for the offer! I did manage to complete it last night. And yes, grounding the flutterers felt nice for me, too. ;-)

At least there was an endscreen this time around, so I'm not complaining. There are two or three nitrome games that just say "Well done!" and that's it after two dozen fit-inducing levels.


Lepidopterous... the word has positive aesthetic qualities. If you can off-handedly throw words like those into a conversation, you deserve my admiration! ;-)


Thanks for the offer! I did manage to complete it last night. And yes, grounding the flutterers felt nice for me, too. ;-)

At least there was an endscreen this time around, so I'm not complaining. There are two or three nitrome games that just say "Well done!" and that's it after two dozen fit-inducing levels.


Lepidopterous... the word has positive aesthetic qualities. If you can off-handedly throw words like those into a conversation, you deserve my admiration! ;-)


Thanks for the offer! I did manage to complete it last night. And yes, grounding the flutterers felt nice for me, too. ;-)

At least there was an endscreen this time around, so I'm not complaining. There are two or three nitrome games that just say "Well done!" and that's it after two dozen fit-inducing levels.


Lepidopterous... the word has positive aesthetic qualities. If you can off-handedly throw words like those into a conversation, you deserve my admiration! ;-)


Okay, now this was posted three times - I'm sorry about that. I waited patiently for the post to come up each time, but there was a 505 error the first two times and the post didn't come up, so I reposted it...

Canadian Enchantress November 20, 2007 2:12 AM

Congratulations!, Groogokk on your perseverance; I offer thee my obeisance ;)

I SAVED the endscreen as my reward!; and momentarily considered posting a link to it's image here for other's to enjoy, but than thought better of it . . . after all, I didn't want to ruin the surprise for you ;)

Re: 505 Error Page

Don't feel too bad about the triple post - I've been getting the 505 message tonight too - Hint-to-avoid-repetitive-posting: Immediately after clicking 'POST', copy & cut your comment, (or, to ensure you don't 'lose your work', right click & copy and save before posting) refresh page; wait...refresh again, if necessary - or, alternatively, instead of refreshing this page, just open another window, return to the page where you commented and by that time your comment should appear. Once you comment and click 'POST', and the little grey box pops up thanking you, I'm pretty sure that whatever happens afterwards has no bearing on the safe passage of your proclamation(s). ;)


Could anyone give me any help on level 24?

I've got this far on my own and I'm pained to ask for advice, but I'm at a complete loss as to what to do once I get to wall on the far right, pick up the health bonus and then jump back left towards the flying guys and the moving blocks...


@ Plymski: I'm willing to help, but I don't quite know when you get to a wall on the far right... I'm afraid I can't find a health bonus in the first half of the level either, and due to the inebriating effects of an after-work party, my reaction times are now too slow for the second half... sorry! :-( I'll try again tomorrow.

@ Enchantress: Hey, thanks ;-) But it is you who deserves the highest merit for being the first jayisgames-poster to complete the game! As to the error messages and subsequent multiple postings: After my last post, I reloaded the site after the error message, and it turned out the message was on the board in spite of the error...

Canadian Enchantress November 20, 2007 5:20 PM

Thanx Groogokk :)

Hope this help's, Plymski.

Level 24 Walkthrough (from beginning to end):

*Note - by holding DOWN ARROW right at the start of this level - Norman will walk UP to top of left START Wall - Across Top, Down left side of wall - Down under - UP Right, etc. (basically a complete loop-you'll have to backtrack all the way back though to starting position....) - he finds 2 x health bonus gems - but of course, as you're just beginning, you don't really have opportunity for injury yet, so it's up to you, if you wish to first explore...but to get through this level, you have to begin from spiky blue block - see walkthrough, below)

Up, Right, Down (over Jelly rectangle) to just above spiky blue block on right.
Quick-as-a-bunny: (when spikes are down on blue block) Down, Right, Spacebar, UP-from right side of blue block you just landed on, to top - Spacebar-Right-Spacebar-Down - landing on Pink Checkered Block

Down Right side (avoid bullet) to bottom
From Upsidedown on pink checkered block, SPACEBAR, Right Arrow SPACEBAR to left side of Blue Spiky Block - Up (or down, your preference, just be quick to avoid spikes) over or under to right side of blue block, than - SPACEBAR to FAR RIGHT SIDE WALL.

UP to Pink Checkered Block (Health Bonus will be encounterd as you move upwards) - from left side of block - SPACEBAR to moving green jelly block on left (try to nail the 'flutterby' in the process!)
Once on right-side of moving block, time it so the moving block aligns with 'ceiling'/underside of pink checkered block above and to the right, than walk on to the right side, than DOWN (Norman will now be upside down).

SPACEBAR (if you missed the flutterby flying left, you'll nail him now, flying south! giggle-giggle!)
You've just picked up 7 gems and landed on another jelly block - this time, it's a long rectangle one.
To your left is another spikey blue block - when the spikes are down, walk over him. (Just hold LEFT arrow to walk-onto right side of block) (up-to top of block) down-back onto 'jelly floor'.) Avoid Bullet from above, repeat with other Blue Block on left/edge - when you get to left side: SPACEBAR into Tube Tunnel.

Norman shoot's out and land on 'an island' with 3 Jelly blocks and 1 Pink checkered block - UP to top and DOWN left side of 'island' to Pink Checkered block - NOTE: You're about to embark on the path of Another series of blue spikey blocks - do this as quickly as possible!
SPACEBAR (left direction onto blue spikey block)
You land on a blue spikey block platform - pause for a split second to wait for the spikes to pop up - they pop up in right-to-left sequence, beginning with block to your immediate left; timing is everything (as you well know by now!) - hold LEFT arrow and walk to left side of 3rd blue spikey block on left - SPACEBAR
You FINALLY land on top of a pink checkered block! DOWN to left side of that block - SPACEBAR into tube/tunnel
Oh the joy of smashing through pink blocks and stepping on blue buttons!
You should be able to take it from here, but, we've come this far therefore; we shall tarry on :)

The tube sent Norman crashing through a breakable pink block - you've landed on a blue button, embedded in the left side of a jelly block.
Look above you, and you'll notice 2 blue sliding blocks.
Walk DOWN as they're parting aside to offer you a path...SPACEBAR Up!

LEFT to set up to crash through the Pink breakable block on the right - beware of the spiky blue block just on the other side!
Land on left side of spikey block, than quickly UP - now you can SPACEBAR down and take out the masked bastard!
Take out that flutterby and from right side of pink block SPACEBAR to checkered wall. UP to bottom of blue spikey block/onto button - SPACEBAR down - quickly move to right side of sliding blue block (LEFT arrow) - SPACEBAR through Pink Smashable block to land on
another 'island': 3 x Green Gel Blocks + 1 x Pink Checkered Block + 1 x Blue Wrecking Ball on a sparkly gold chain.

UP to other side/right side of pink checkered block (time it so that when you begin, ball is aligned with top green block.)
SPACEBAR right onto left side of another 'isand'-(Same layout as the one you just escaped from, less one green block).
When ball is down, move UP and over, down to right side of pink checkered block.

SPACEBAR to blue spikey block - land on left side, DOWN and quickly to RIGHT SIDE - SPACEBAR and . . .

You're Done!

You made it!

Congrat'z!!! . . . and 'all the best of luck' with LEVEL 25! :)


Now that's what I call a detailed walkthrough! Nice work!


Oh so much fun! It's easy enough at first to get me hooked and then challenging enough as it goes on to keep me trying when I fail a level. Plus, it's simple and doesn't require that you learn a ton of controls or wade through over complicated graphics.

Plus it's adorable!

nitromeaddict November 22, 2007 1:13 AM

great level 24 walkthrough, as that's what i was looking for when i came here. while i didn't think i'd make it this far, the walkthrough has essentially convinced me to totally give up. though it is a great lesson in try try again. something about the pacing, maybe my own fluttering internet speed (hello broadband), means it's very tough to time this level. 23 out of 25 is not bad, though. here's wishing there were level flags so you could start partway through a level. what's the fun in doing the same parts over and over?


I dont really mean to be mean but you're not explaining it well enough for me.


Thanks a million Canadian Enchantress. Despite the slight feeling of emptyness I got from finishing that level, I'm sure it would never compare to the frustration of never getting past it.

I didn't need the full walkthrough in the end - just needed the bit where you shoot down off the first pink block by the moving blocks. So simple when you think about it!


nitromeaddict November 23, 2007 6:45 PM

okay, i got through level 24 because i couldn't resist trying over and over.

anyone have a level 25 walkthrough? i didn't get spiked but i don't see how to get through it without getting injured 3 times, which equals death anyway. thanks.


:) Hey come on, nitromeaddict! Now that you've made it past lvl 24 you know deep inside that you can do 25 on your own! ;-)


Okay, I just tried the level again just now. I thought it would take me another two dozen tries to complete it but it didn't, so, with my memory refreshed, let me walk you through:

The first time the level loads, you have to jump off the blue spikey block because the spikes will come out a lot quicker than in later loads, so I never try to complete the level with that load.
Instead, load the level again, and run up immediately so you're facing upwards, then press space and knock that bicycle rider off the screen. This may be difficult to do (took my 5 tries just now and about 20 last week), but it gets that guy out of the way. (alternatively, you can jump off to the right, wait a while and come back when the bike rider is in a better shooting position for you).

Now wait for that ball-on-a-chain to swing away from you, run right and jump into the tube, knocking out the sleepy cannon guy sitting on the entrance.

You should now stand on a green jelly block below three cannon guys shooting down. You will need to run left or right and then down, onto a moving block. Time it so that you can run in front of a flying bullet, onto that block, and around the bottom corner so that bullet doesn't hit you. Stand on the blue area of the moving block, and jump down.

You'll fly through a pink breakable block into a cave with a number of green flyers, knocking out some (hopefully most) of them in the process. Now make your way back up to the top of that cave on the right side. Stand on the blue spikey block when the spikes are retracted, then jump off to the left, through a pink block.

Walk up the wall on the left to the next spikey block. Jump off so that you don't land on the underside of the moving block, which may get you caught between the block and some spikes. You should go through a bent tube and land on a small green jelly block. Go left, up, right, step on the trigger and then stand on the retracting block, and jump off in the right moment to knock that electricity guy off the screen.

Again, you land on a jelly block. Walk around it, onto the trigger and right on onto the retracting block. Try to get on top of that block so you stand upright, then jump off upwards, knocking out one of the flyers. I lose a health point here now and then.

Now you're on a jelly block. Move left and up, then continue just in time to pass through under that moving blue block and onto the trigger; walk right back up that moving block and jump off quickly, but not too low. You should fly right, through a retracting block and into a cave with lots of diamonds. Collect those (or don't), then go back to the retracting block. Step onto the trigger, then jump to the other side, walk onto the spikey block until you're facing left, and jump to the chequered block that has some spikes on its left side. Jump up.

You land on a big chequered block. Walk right and up, until you see tubes leading left and right. Jump off so you fly into the right one (the tube that leads left only means trouble). You should land at the entrance of a green jelly cave with spikes left and right. Walk into the entrance, step on the trigger and go in. Walk down past the big fat blue moving blocks until you stand above some breakable pink blocks. Walk back onto the underside of the lowest blue moving block, then jump off in time to fly down through the breakable blocks.

And that's it! You made it!

Go back for more loot if you want, there is some strewn on roads not taken in this walkthrough.

I hope all this helps! Let me know.

Canadian Enchantress November 25, 2007 2:42 AM

* Plymski - You're Welcome! :)

* nitromeaddict - Thank you & You're Welcome :)

* Groogokk - Excellent Job on your Level 25 Walkthrough ! *applause*


;-) Thanks! Well, I guess one of the two of us had to do the walkthrough, right?


I'm really enjoying Headcase, but am stuck on Level 11 - I don't seem to be able to get back out of the areas that have all the little guys on bicycles, and can't find any more pipes.


What place exactly are you talking about, lilac? Do you mean the place where a number of individual bike riders is circling around single blocks of chequered pink? There is a pipe in the ceiling of that room, on the left side.


I desperatly need help on level 15???? After the whirly twirly pipes in cant figure out how to get downwards. i know im missing something silly but i have tried on and off (due to frustration) and still cant get it!!! Grrrrr!!


Thanks, Groogokk! For some reason I was confusing that pipe with the ones to the right of it! It's the simplest things that prove the hardest...


help!!! i cant get through level 23 i just keep going in circles with no end in sight.
Can someone please help me?


i really need help getting past the bullets on level 19.


Can anyone help me with level 23? I feel desperate asking for help, but I have been trying for days and I can't complete it. Please, can anyone help me?


can you please give me a walkthrough of level 6?? i cant get through!!


can anyone help me on level 19?


i need help on level 22!!! please someone help me! just give a walkthrough please!

im desperate!


please can you help me with level 20 someone please?i cant get past it help me.

Anonymous January 14, 2008 8:16 PM

don't worry....level 23 eventually ends. you jsut gotta keep at it. it requires a bit of patience!

when you get through the mase of spikey guys, you just have to get around the blue block and jump down, you have to be fast...but it's a lot faster than wandering around then dying!


OK, so I know I'm a bit late to join the party, but if someone could post a walkthrough of level 22, I'd be soooo grateful!! I played this game when it came out, stopped for a while, and now that I've come back to it, I'm completely stuck! Help!? Anyone?


Ok, so Level 15. I headed back to the little chamber you zoom through with the button over the pipe, but I can't work out where to go from there!



hello i eventually got past level 20 but now i am stuck on level 23!! i can get to the bit with the blue blocks but im unsure of what to do next. Could someone help me please? or post a walkthru for level 23


Who needs a cheat for level 19? SO...

Here is one! More to come!

On level 19, walk around to the left on the green block. Launch yourself off the pink square and keep walking, upside-down, to the left. Norman (the headcase guy) will no longer be in view, but there are NO ENEMIES so it is okay. keep walking until you come to the Coin Cavern. Collect coins if you are into that kind of thing, and if you need the health boost (though I don't see why you would need one) collect it. Then go through the pipe. You will have avoided 6 enimies and collected many coins.

casscivi March 5, 2008 7:46 PM

AWE nobody has posted for like a MONTH
ugh i desperately need hel pon level 19.
Annie, your post didnt help me cause i didnt get it.


I passed level 25 and I am getting bord of this game.

RANDOM PERSON March 15, 2008 10:12 AM

im stuck on level 22! i got so frustrated that i almost broke my computer. can someone please help me!?!?!?!?

lily Hammel March 29, 2008 3:34 PM

level 15

Chu! ^-^ April 24, 2008 9:39 PM

Wow, this game is totally awesome, but I desperatly need help with Level 15. I have already gotten through the beginning (where most ppl have trouble), but I still need help getting to the bottom of the level. Help. Please. Soon.


Help! Level 22!

Visitor June 21, 2008 5:58 AM

Glitch on Off the Rails:

On level 9, if you press W or Up at the jump at the end, you'll be upside-down on the tracks, but you'll still be alive! (this only works when you're at the Finish flag.

Visitor June 22, 2008 4:27 AM


To pass Level 15;

You have to keep jumping when the time is right. Sorry, this is all the info for Level 15 I have. Despite me writing this, I used to have alot of frustration there. But, if this doesn't help, keep trying, you'll finish it soon.

Anonymous July 24, 2008 12:25 AM

I need help with lvl 18!


desperate on level 6!

This game is great but hard!


How do you beat level 25? Please help.


now i need help on level 8! i hate the bullets!


I desperately need help with level 15. I don't get it. I end up after the pipes and there is no way out.. spikes everywhere and even when I get to the bottom I can't go anywhere. Please help. Thank you.

Jocelyn Phillips October 10, 2008 11:46 AM

For serious. We need a walkthrough for level 19. I know all you people who've made it past it can help. Share the knowledge ya'll. Please!

Carny Asada October 21, 2008 9:19 PM


I'm not sure where you are in the level, but:

You can walk on or jump from the blue blocks when the spikes aren't extended, you just have to be quick as a bunny. Be ready to move as soon as you land!


Realize that you may not want to break ALL of those pink blocks. You may need some of them to reach that blue button. Launch from the button to get to the next section.

And finally:

Run and jump as quick as you can to get through the blue blocks and the electrical fields! You CAN walk around three sides of the blue block, if you time it right. Smash the green guys!


Please! I need help on level 10! Please help me!


the level with all the blue balls
level 6
Walkthrough please!


Please help on level 19.

isaacbeach February 12, 2010 5:18 PM

this is my favorite game ever! nitrome is the best. i think this game should have won best game ever in the world!


:o it went from 5th nitrome game to 2nd nitrome game (rating wise) =D Now only to beat final ninja >:3


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