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Knight Trap

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Rating: 3.6/5 (103 votes)
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DoraKnight TrapSweet Princess Nectarine has been kidnapped!... or at least, that's what you and your band of knights heard. Turns out her ladyship has a few screws loose, and the only one in any real danger is you. Knight Trap is Nitrome's latest arcade platformer and a tale of traps most foul and princesses most cra-zay. Princess Nectarine informs you that if you can make it out of her castle alive, she "promises" to marry one of you, and while neither the quotation marks or the prospect of marrying a chick with some serious courtship issues fills me with confidence, maybe that seems like a sweeter deal to you. I dunno, buddy... I'm not here to judge, I just make the words.

Just use the [arrow] keys to move around, tapping the up [arrow] once to jump, and again to double-jump. The goal is to get one knight on each of the platforms with a flag along the top of the screen, avoiding all the traps that will trigger along the way, and rescuing any caged villagers for bonus points. (Really, have I stressed to you how bonkers this lady is? Are you sure you want to... oh? *sigh* Very well... ) You've only got a finite number of knights, and since you need a certain number to complete each level, you'll want to be very light on your feet and steer clear of any hazards. While you might be able to contend with simple brainless slimes or spikes, the farther you go, the more dastardly Princess Nectarine's devices become. You'll slip and slide on magical ice, flee Dr Jones style from enormous boulders, trigger springs, bats, and more. All in the name of, um. Love, I guess?

Knight Trap is a simple, fun, and as should go without saying extremely charming game. Nitrome's signature pixelated style lends itself particularly well here, rendering all the fatal hazards with adorable flair and cheer. The sheer variety of traps on display means you'll really have to work hard to stay alive the farther you go, and helps compensate for the fact that the gameplay is actually extremely simple. (Jay, our own illustrious boss, actually referred to it as a cross between a platformer and Frogger, and he's not far off.) You'll need quick fingers and quicker feet if you want to win the heart of Princess Nectarine. Although considering how she treats her suitors, this really is one princess you might hope is in another castle.

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Thanks to Noah, Kyle, and Abhinav for sending this one in!


Abhinav April 4, 2011 7:28 PM

loved the game
first canary
second test subject blue
then chisel 2
and now knight trap
love it

AbortTheMission April 4, 2011 7:49 PM

I liked the unique plot of this game and the gameplay was fun too. Reminded me of Frogger. A lot. it was kind of repetitive but thats ok. it was good.


I'm pretty sure i know why the knights want to marry her. Not for her, but for power! Princes are a lot higher in power then just knights, ya know.


Great game 5/5

One thing I like a about Nitrome is that you just need the keyboard..

What ticks me off with some other games is that you only use the keyboard to play BUT when you want to go to the next level you have to click the freakin mouse instead of like these games you just push the spacebar...

I wonder if they realize how irritating that is..


first the bucket, yeah, its the bucket, and there was a whole lot they didn' do that would have made it better.
second came canary, which i think is OOH WOW A PLAY ON WORDS. END OF FUN.
TSB was good, but I hope they don't make a sequel.
Chisel 2: they ruined Chisel. The controls, music, and difficulty (chisel 2 was too easy) were thrown away. And the new engine they used didnot work very well. I won't tlak about that.
Ah... now to the point. Knight trap was no redemption ticket. It was boring. It had no sense of speed, no sense of progression, it was predictable, and the booby traps were Plain with a capital Fail.
Take a look at Neutronized, however, and I think that they have overtaken Nitrom in terms of game quality, Mimelet and Sky Island... so there.


Ah but the graphics were nice.

Dr. Worm April 5, 2011 7:13 AM

@Sloth: You can press the spacebar to go to the next level after you beat one. It even says "Press space to continue" at the bottom of the level complete screen.

I also think this is a very nice game. It plays well, it's a very creative take on a classic game idea, and the various traps in each level keep it from becoming too boring.

Oh yeah, and q_boy, it sounds like you only played the first level of Canary if that's all you can say about it. That game was crazy fun.


@Dr. Worm
Sloth was saying he LIKES that you can press the spacebar to go to the next level, he DOESN'T LIKE
games that don't even use the mouse to play make you click the continue button.


i dont like the game ... how repetitive it is ... bad.

IUHoosiersFan (Cheesemeister) April 5, 2011 3:01 PM

q_boy, Neutronized's games are decent, but I think they are far from Nitrome's level. I know they have room to grow, but I believe that Nitrome's average games are better than Neutronized's best game.

This game was not one of Nitrome's greatest games. Then again, this type of game is not the type that's going to blow a player's mind, no matter who makes it. This game does receive a 6.5/10 simply for the fact that other games overshadow it (Final Ninja Zero, Rustyard, Parasite, Toxic 2, etc.). But if I weren't comparing this to other Nitrome games, then I would definitely rate this higher.

After a rough year in 2010, Nitrome sure has come with games that disappoint in 2011. They will remain my favorite source for online games (and possibly other platforms with Super Feed Me in production). I honestly don't see any other site competing with Nitrome as along as they continue to do what they do.


I liked how you had to cleverly plan a route that would set off only a few easy traps so you wouldn't ruin it for the rest of your knights, and liked how the difficulty ramped up slowly as you set off more and more traps as you sent your knights through.

Then level 15 comes along and it's nothing but a linear hallway full of slimes that you can't avoid triggering. It's very difficult to time, it's long, it's repetitive, and there's no planning whatsoever. What were you thinking?

Dr. Worm April 5, 2011 7:58 PM

@ J-Q: Whoops!I think I just read the post too fast or something and misread it. My bad!

Tortferngatr April 7, 2011 7:40 PM

Pretty fun game-I found the ending to be funny.



the princess should have installed a system to deactivate all the traps if she don't want to take her own medicine
LOL ending


This game was fun fun fun fun fun EXCEPT for the second to last level (29). The way they have the flaming arrows set up, you can be partly off the screen on the left side and still get burned by an arrow being newly generated on the right side.

That level seemed incredibly more difficult than comparatively easy final level.

The whole rest of the game was fun though.


@ Carl: I found the whole thing got easier if you ducked and didn't try to jump the fire.


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