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Lee-Lee's Quest 2

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Rating: 4.7/5 (55 votes)
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TrickyLee Lee's Quest 2The original Lee-Lee's Quest left players with a lot of unanswered questions. Will Lee Lee make peace with his cubey neighbors? Will Loo Loo manage to ditch that blue psychopath who keeps barging in to the neighborhood castle to "rescue" "her"? Will developer Marcus Richert run out of snarky fourth-wall breaking dialogue? Answer: NEVER!. Everyone's favorite awesomely delusional platform hero type guy is back to go on another adventure/mook killing spree in Lee-Lee's Quest 2!

Use the [WASD] or [arrow] keys to move, jump, or duck. You have the ability to wall-grip and jump, and you'll probably need to use it. Gather shovels, fruits, and power-ups to collect points. Bop on enemy's heads to kill them, or, when in possession of a bomb power-up, press [S] or [down] to drop an explosive, then get out of the way! Oh, and make sure your sound is on. There's some dialogue you're going to want to hear.

The first Lee-Lee's Quest mined most of the jokes that could be used to parody a generic platforming world, so the sequel takes the route of direct commentary on specific overused elements and situations. It makes for much sharper humor, and, indeed, the incisiveness may just cross the line from parody to true satire. Whether Lee Lee is questioning who in the audience is really surprised by the appearance an Atari-esque section, or complaining that the random camera zooms just make the background look bad, or just going off on a tangent about whether an Anime-styled power-up is pandering and/or racist, he has a comment for just about everything.

This constant lampshading of tropes could have gotten old fast, but Lee-Lee's Quest 2 has a couple of things working in its favor. First of all, there's Joshua Tomar doing the voice work. This reviewer's admitted fanboyism notwithstanding, he does as stellar a job as in the first installment, giving Lee Lee just enough self-awareness to be snarky, but just enough obliviousness to make his macho bathos hilarious, and likewise giving all the enemy polyhedrons just the right tinge of world-weary anger. Secondly, there's the fact that, all humor aside, Lee-Lee's Quest 2, perhaps entirely by accident, turns out to be a solid, challenging, way above average platform game. It's almost a paradox: For a game to mock, say, meaningless power-ups, or ultra-difficult platform paths that lead to underwhelming hidden rewards, the game must therefore include them. But the mere fact that exploring everywhere and doing everything will lead to genuinely hilarious dialogue, makes such elements meaningful and rewarding. Of course, that's probably giving too much analysis to a game where grabbing a pineapple is as likely to give you a gimp suit as points. On the downside, certain later parts of the game rely a tad much on Unfair Platformer-styled tricks, but they are never belabored, and, in any case, are just funny enough to be forgiven. In short, Lee-Lee's Quest 2 is everything fans of the first could have wanted in a sequel. One can only hope that a bloated, unneccesary trilogy-completing third installment is on the way

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The play link is wrong.

[Fixed! ~elle]

inheritance.fan July 11, 2012 9:38 PM

One Pineapple gave me flapping anime eyebrows and another gave me a Staaman suit...which prompted Staaman to complain about my having legs.

inheritance.fan July 11, 2012 9:42 PM

And the sudden-death cactus was amusing. But it got rid of my eyebrows (which caused an enemy to say he was too captivated to insult me) and Staaman suit.

Tobberian July 12, 2012 4:46 AM

The cannonball surfing part making you rerun half the level each time you fall is a bad idea or mistake, gave up game after a couple of attempts.

jcfclark July 12, 2012 8:47 AM

I�m horrible at platform games, but this is just too funny not to play. Love the way you can sort of shimmy back up the side if you miss the jump and fall into the chasm.


I guess I'm the first one to catch the "Pulp Fiction" reference. When he gets the gimp suit powerup, he say's "This style is SO 1994." Pulp fiction was released that same year.

inheritance.fan July 12, 2012 2:19 PM

The third time you grab the Staaman pickup, Lee Lee says something in reverse. What was it?

Did anyone manage to get past the bullet surfing?

And I only just now realized why my game went silent...I killed the boombox. Staaman is...perverted. I am loving all the jokes in this game.

What was the 7-6 reference? And on 8-4, could anyone pass the upper level?
And the ending....Wow.


inheritance.fan - your answers/comments are:

Reverse speech

The exact same thing he says the second time, about falling for it again

Cannonball surfing

not yet - just a question of getting the pattern down, but the trip around is so tedious...

7-6 Reference

It's the Scousers from Harry Enfield and Chums (UK sketch show) - plenty of it on Youtube

8-4 top path

Yes - much easier to wall-jump up the left side of the pit. There you will find a door, which leads to

Shovel Hell, where the devil will take all of your shovels. Why? I don't know, but I'll be trying it again with 100% of them shortly to see if something special happens. There is an achievement just for making it here also.


Have you noticed you still have control? Tried jumping on anyone? :)


Complete Achievement List:

Kill your father (he'll identify himself)

Kill Gary's brother (so will he)

Call a Spade a Spade
Reach Shovel Hell

Gathered 200 Pcs of Gardening Tools
Collect more than 200 shovels across all plays

Listened to a Lot of Conversations
Listen to more than 200 (complete) pieces of dialogue across all plays

Beat the Boss with a Gun
What it says on the tin

You Can't Make an Omelet without Breaking an Egg
Blow up the ostrich egg with a bomb

Skeleton Man
Blow up a starman with a bomb and then collect it

Cannon Ball Surfer
Bounce on 8 cannon balls in a row


Addendum to Cannonball Surfing

I've now reached the end. The pattern 1-2-3-2-3-2-3 etc. works well. Several golden shovels and then a warp zone which allows access to the start of worlds 5, 6 and 8.


OK, all done now, although it can't be finished with 100% due to a few bugs.

Another great game, and a large improvement on the first - which I still love and replayed prior to starting this one - in particular, the platforming is more challenging, the achievements more interesting (and the hardest not bugged!) and the levels, gameplay and humour obviously a great deal more varied. Thanks Marcus!

That's the good, on to the bad - just some bugs and annoyances which it would be great to see fixed. I stand to be corrected if there are ways around these which I've not figured out...


Things which appear to be bugs:

1) The cloud on the 2nd floor of 5-6 is not solid, making it very difficult (but just possible) to grab the shovel, and not possible at all if the enemy suit fruit from 5-5 is in effect. This makes it impossible to 100% this world - it's fruit or shovels.

2) The top-right level boundary on the 2nd floor of 5-5 IS solid, and accessing this via the clouds and jumping right at the edge is the only way to get the shovel mentioned above.

3) Re-entering Shovel Hell after losing all your shovels and collecting some more (from 8-1) causes Lee-Lee to enter "speaking" mode but with no speech and no exit door - requires a reload.

4) Killing yourself with a bomb as a level ends allows you to start the next with zero health.

5) Skeleton Lee-Lee and Staaman do not display correctly in the LLQ1 stage - Lee-Lee just loses his mouth and Staaman does not change appearance at all. N.B. I think this is the first opportunity to bomb a Staaman.

6) Savegames don't record that you killed Gary, so you'll get the wrong dialogue with his brother if you quit and reload.

7) Leaving 7-4 to the left whilst the green screen is up will prevent the background flip when you return, and will sometimes replace oranges in the background with purples.

8) There is no way to access the door and three golden shovels in 7-3 (the door seems to lead back to 5-1 but there's no entry there either).

9) There is no way to kill the left-right enemy on stage 1-5 as there are no bombs in world 1 and the platform cannot be reached, again preventing 100% on this world.

Non-bug annoyances (may be intentional difficulty!):

1) There are only bombs in worlds 2, 3 and 6, but there are enemies and objects in most worlds that require bombs to destroy them, which makes 100% in world 1 impossible and means that you have precisely one chance to 100% levels 4-5-6 together (as if you die or restart you lose your bombs - this makes the cloud/shovel bug above much more annoying) and the same for levels 6-7.
World 1 - Left-right enemy
World 4 - Mushrooms (do not think these qualify as enemies)
World 5 - Razor blade enemies
World 7 - Razor blade enemies and fireball launchers (do not think the latter qualify as enemies)

2) The walls of the warp zone enclosure cannot be used for wall-jumping, making it impossible to leave once you drop in.

3) It's impossible to beat the second cube enemy to the shovels in 1-3, so if you want to collect them you need to get to the 2nd floor, die there to reload the stage and then drop down from above.

4) The top cannon in 6-5 cannot be destroyed, and once you've dropped down you can't return to previous stages at all - this is the only stage which has a point of no return so it jars a bit.

5) You can make it across the gap in 7-3 with the enemy suit, but will then be blocked by a wall in 7-4, with no way to proceed or die, so you need to backtrack to find a pit into which to throw yourself.

6) Many of the fireball launchers in world 7 cannot be destroyed even if you set off a bomb right above them (no ground below). Both launchers in 7-1 can be destroyed but none of the others. It would be nice if this worked for all of them given that you need to have dragged the bombs here from world 6.


Last post until any fixes emerge I think!

Tried a minimalist run as I thought it might affect

Shovel Hell.

It is very nearly possible. No regular enemies need to be killed, no golden shovels need to be collected, and only a single fruit plus 15 shovels cannot be avoided.

Unavoidable Shovels - would be nice if these could be moved about a bit, but I think that might be asking a bit much :)

1-2: 3 near the end - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
2-1: 6 near the start - too close to fit between - 1 must be collected
3-3: 5 in the tunnel - cliff above too high to climb - 5 must be collected
3-3: 3 near the end - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
4-1: 3 after the moing platform - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
4-5: 8 on the stretching platform - too close to fit between - 2 must be collected
5-1: No shovels, but 3 fruit near the end - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
5-4: 3 at the maximum zoom level - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
World 6: Nothing at all you need to collect here!
7-1: 3 near the start - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
7-1: 3 near the end - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
7-3: 3 on the peak - too high to jump over - 1 must be collected
World 8: Nothing here either!
15 shovels (7.9%), 0 golden shovels (0%), 1 fruit (3.7%), 1 enemy (1.3%)
Suggests totals of 189-191 shovels, 75 golden shovels (from a previous run), 27 fruit, 75-77 enemies


JDA, thanks for the compliments and big thanks for the bug report! Normally I'd get to it immediately but I'm on the road this week and the next but I'll try and send adult swim a fixed version as soon as possible after that.

I know you can't 100% every stat of the game (i.e. "left-right enemy") - actually adding the stats screen at all was very much an afterthought (suggested by adult swim very late in the development process). Now that you've identified all of those spots (+bugs) for me I might just subtract them from the stats though, making it possible to get 100%.

Big thanks!

Unowninator July 23, 2012 2:26 PM

How do I get the middle-right achievement?


Thanks Marcus - still preserving your reputation as the most responsive dev on here then! I do appreciate the response - particularly since I wasn't sure if I was taking a fun game far too seriously :) No rush for fixes, gives me something to look forward to.

I've also found a new bug which prevents completion but is quite fun.

If you keep bombs all the way to the ending you can kill yourself, which then restarts the scene but respawns Loo-Loo as Lee-Lee with a bomb fuse, eyelashes, zip mouth and gun and prevents the ending from playing. I did try to blow up Loo-Loo first to reproduce this behaviour, which did nothing visually but may be a factor (thinking of the Staaman which doesn't respond to bombing in the LLQ1 stage). I've also kept Zero to the ending but that doesn't seem to break anything.

Unowninator - I posted a complete achievements list further up. The middle-right one is:

Beat the Boss with a Gun

Unowninator July 23, 2012 4:54 PM

But how am I supposed to kill the boss with a gun if I can't use it? Pressing down only makes you drop the gun, and when I tried to use other buttons, Lee-Lee said "Hey, why are you pressing all these keys? It says right here "all you have to do is press down."

Unowninator July 23, 2012 5:08 PM

Okay, I apparently misunderstood what you meant, because I just got the achievement. Thanks.


I sent a new version to Adult Swim last week with most bugs mentioned by JDA fixed (though I left some things that were actually intentional). I'm not sure whether it's up yet or not but if it isn't, it should be soon!


Atleast on my machine, Firefox gets completely stuck. On IE the game works just fine.


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