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WulfoLogi-GunLogi-Gun is an absolutely sensational puzzle platformer (free download for Windows only) from Darklink570. Most of the puzzles require skillful, even ingenious, use of the game's 6 guns, although some deft platforming will also be necessary. The game has 19 levels, 6 of which are training levels—one for each gun. Every level has around 3 or 4 different rooms, usually of increasing difficulty. Most rooms have a number of smaller puzzles which need to solved in order to ultimately escape the room.

The guns themselves are the focus of the game, and deservedly so. They range from the standard grapple gun to the peculiar squit cannon to the infuriating, yet satisfying, spike bow. Most of the guns have at least 2 uses—the primary use is activated with the left mouse button and the secondary use (such as the squit cannon's ability to coat a surface in a sticky substance) is activated with the right mouse button. Regarding controls, the only other ones necessary are the standard WASD keys for movement, [Q] to change guns and the [E] key to pick up or put down an item.

One of the things that I liked the most regarding Logi-Gun was the difficulty level. The game is by no means simple, and yet it avoids becoming mind-numbingly difficult. This means that, although some of the puzzles will require some serious thought, you are more likely to end up having an 'A-ha!' moment than searching for a walkthrough.

There isn't a great deal else to say, as the game is deceptively simple. One thing that I would like to point out is that despite their darker boxes, all of the characters are available from the beginning and do not need to be unlocked, as I originally thought. The game is relatively free of bugs, although there is one semi-major glitch. On Level 1-5, if you quit the level, then resume later, you are likely to find yourself at the end of Room 1, and without a gun. To solve this dilemma, simply complete the polarity beam training level again, then go back to Level 1-5.

Logi-Gun is, unfortunately, download and for Windows only, but the file is extremely small and is well worth the slight effort needed.

Tips: If you want to play the game without any help, then stop reading now. The following are some details of the game that I felt should have been mentioned in the tutorial levels, or made clearer:

  • To make a platform with the squit cannon, you need to hold down the left mouse button, then release it to fire, then click again when you want the blob to become a platform. If you are using the cannon to move upwards, only charge it to a half at the most, then the web will come back sooner, before the platform you are on disintegrates.
  • You are able to move magnetic blocks that you are standing on with the polarity beam. You are also able to pick up small magnetic blocks with E, as well as moving them with the polarity beam.
  • Falling down a hole will mean that you begin that room again.
  • Right clicking with laser marker releases a 'radar' like projectile. Clicking again will activate it, making it a send a signal to any object in the nearby area. The only use of this is to activate the blue circular switches with a satellite-like symbol on them.

In conclusion, Logi-Gun is a fantastic game with great and controls and graphics, and it will have you scratching your head in thought, but not slamming it against a wall in frustration.

Download the free full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.


And I am immediately stuck on the first level where you have a box to move around.


Sounds good, I will download it as soon as I'm back home. But I found an error in the review:

"Most of the guns have at least 2 uses-the primary use is activated with the left mouse button and the secondary use (such as the squit cannon's ability to coat a surface in a sticky substance) is activated with the left mouse button".

So there are TWO "left mouse buttons" in a mouse?(maybe if you turn it upside-down, but this is not the case, I guess...)

And that's it! (for now...)


Thanks Crocker, I'll fix it. :)

And sorry, Muddy, but I haven't played the game yet to be able to help you, and this migraine is going to keep me from playing until at least tomorrow. Good luck! YOU CAN DO IT! =)



You don't need to get the box to the end of the level.


Dangit, I'm stuck on level 1-1 room three, and I feel stupid about it. Hint, anyone?


Looks great.

And "Farmhands" looks interesting, too! I'm a sucker for farming games.


The first box room:

You can grapple the box. Your goal should be to get it on the other side of the gap near the yellow door.


Madwithmuchheart, a hint:

What else can you do with a box besides using it to hold down a switch?

Try shooting your grappling hook at it.

See how quickly you zoom over?

Any ideas?

Where could you place a box in such a way that being able to zoom right to it would be helpful?

This is a puzzle game, remember.


Pretty fun game. :)

I'd really like if there were a "restart the room" function instead of "restart the entire level" function. I figured out a level only to accidentally throw an essential object past a switch-door making it impossible to get the object back.

Like jay said, the difficulty is "Oooh... so that's how it's done!", which I like.


Further exploration of the level I messed up on revealed that I *could* actually get the object back without restarting the entire level. Yay!

Thanks for the review, jay. :)


that's Wulfo,not jay

(you gotta notice those 'by ___' signs)



Notice how you can latch on to the box with your grappling hook? Use that you your advantage.


Has anyone else tried the farm hand game? I tried to run it, but it wouldn't let me run a server and the game at the same time, and running just the game didn't work either.

Any help?


Help! Level 1-4 Room 2 is devious! I have absolutely no idea of how to go on after hitting the first green !.


I had a lot of trouble with that room, too.

1-4 Room 2 Walkthrough

The first switch is green and nestled inside of a circle with rotating gaps. I found it easiest to stand near the entrance and jump and shoot.
The second section is more difficult. There is a red switch that is (relatively) easy to hit and a green switch behind it that you cannot hit. To progress, you need to arc a shot that will hit the red switch and then run into the corridor so that a green gate closes behind you and opens in front.
Now you are in the right section with the yellow button and you can hit the green switch. I found it easiest to stand just to the right of the button, jump, and shoot. This drops the block you saw earlier.
To get back to the other side, you'll have to repeat the trick of firing an arrow into the air and rushing into the corridor. Don't jump or you won't have time to run.
Now to get back to the button with the block. Grab the block, toss it into the corridor, and get back into the right section. Drop the block on the button.
I didn't find the ice block difficult to hit if I stood level with the wall left of the torch and aimed just left of the flame. The slow aim is very useful.


Hoho. You thought room 2 was devious? Room 3 is pretty straightforward puzzle-wise, but tricky to complete.


This is driving me nuts! I can't beat Polarity Gun room 3 (1-5?). Have to switch polarity, but have no idea how.


Ah yes, of course I figure it out 3 seconds after I post.

You can repel the red block while standing on it to act as a ferry to move the blue block across the way


does anyone know how to beat room 1.3 third section
where there is the orange rings you can rotate and the
ble squares you have to move in and out


Oh god. I cannot do webs. I mean, I can DO them. But i cannot co-ordinate my fingers to jump onto one web while also aiming the mouse and getting ready to click to do the next web. Is there any easy way? (Still stuck on the training level for webs). :-(


Orange circles and blue boxes in 1.3:

Move the boxes in the way of the circles. Some of the circles will turn, and the others will not. Align as necessary.


Hey guys, glad to see you're enjoying the game so far (sorry about the mouse-button thing). Since I spent/wasted many hours of my life finishing this game, I imagine that my name may be appearing in this thread somewhat often, so, as always, feel free to post if you need help, especially as there don't seem to be any conclusive walkthroughs currently online.


I need help on one of the level 2 stages, last room of stage 5 I think...
I can get past the chemicals and got rid of the left cloud, but now I'm stuck at what to do next.
Please help!


Ah! Darklink276...he makes a lot of outstanding game maker games. He's a regular forumer on starmen.net, as well.


i've only passed the training level for the web-making gun, but i must say that this game is so deviously delightful! it's the perfect blend of skill and puzzle to make a good challenge. this definitely takes incredible hand-eye coordination to make your guy do what you want, and correctly. i'll admit, i was absolutely stumped by level 1-1r3... thanks nobody, i love your step-by-step spoilers! :D

my only complaint so far is the controls in the game... for whatever odd reason, i can't feel comfortable while playing this. i think it mostly has to do with my inability to have two seperate directional controls operating two different functions. like, moving the guy with the keys is fine, and aiming the gun is fine, but putting them together (and doing it properly within five seconds) is really difficult for my system to handle. this isn't anything the maker can fix, this is just a personal gripe that i can't conquer. (for the record, i'm also horrible at arcade games like robotron: 2084.)


I am totally stuck on 1-4 room 1, where you need to get the bow.


Hi this game is great, however I can't seem to get past the level with the first grapple box.

How do you get past the yellow gate, the green ones seem to switch too fast

BTW, I love the site Jay, I visit here everyday.


Help in level 1-5 room 2 please


On 1-4:

Throw the block off the platform to move up, then grab the lantern and set it on fire with the candle (just touch them). Holding the lantern, move into the ice blocks and you can access the bow.


Thanks Wulfo.... of course I figured it out after I posted. Now I'm just stuck on 1-4 room 3... and dreading to do what I think I have to do now that I have

the lanterns dropping..


Like KozitoMan, I'm hopelessly stuck on 1-5 Room 2. Anybody???


This is really fun! However I'm superstuck on the final room on level 1-2 >



Basically, just move the small block to wherever, then stand on the red block and fire your gun at it until it goes to the left. Pull the blue block onto the red block, then pull the red block back to the right. Then jump up onto the blue block and go to the right.


Anyone at 3-2, room...2 I think. The one with the red/green switches that rotate? I'm at the end of the level and I'm stuuuck. ='(


Nevermind, it was 3-2, room 3, and I got it.



Go up, press the green button. Go back down and use the secondary function of the squit cannon to make webs just over the moving platform. Stand on the yellow switch, then throw the lantern. Go up and right, then stand on the yellow switch. The gas is burned, then use the squit cannon to get to the flag.


Level 1-2 - Do you have to carry the lantern up to the candle to light it? If so, How??? I'm totally stuck!


I beat it! Yay!

Negative. Super Mario 2 was never THAT hard.

iggy_killer September 23, 2007 12:26 PM

i need some help with 2-1 room 2...im stuck at the beginning.


i cant get past level 1.5 any hints?


I'm completely stuck on room 3 of 2-1. I reversed the polarity of my gun, but then I don't know what to do because it looks like the only way to get to the exit is if your gun is polarized to blue.

Also, I didn't actually finish the last room of 1-5. I left the room to reset everything, quit to the level select after much annoyance, and 2-1 was available. Odd...


Hey I am stuck in level 2-5 last room can see flag.
I suppose i have cleared the room as all lights are now on with lasers and switches are in pushed position for ever, only problem is the obstacle before the flag, I think it is a bug or hard luck of mine because level is too complicated to understand the logic so i noted down the position for one,two and three dot lasers and align the cross according to them for all three cases.

By the way I have been playing this game since morning,how can i save it, i dont want to repeat all stages up to 1-5th again next time when i start the game


Sorry its 2-4 last room
I tried whole level again but still stuck there dont know what to do next,here are two screenshots showing my status


So frustrated cant even upload two images right,
try these links


Sorry Mr. Jay to give so many links and posting so many comments but thats natural after 7-8 hours of gameplay


2-1 second room...needs da help..



Yeah, from your screen shot, if you can't just walk out to the right past the flag, that must be a bug.

I think the game saves automatically, but don't want to quit to test that theory...

Up to level 3-2...


could someone tell me the secret to the first lantern room with the web gun


I need help on 2-1... the rom with the boxes and the crane-calws, i cant get up to the exit.


i cant seem to get past level 2.4 room 3


I'm stuck in 2-5, room 3. I managed to open the gate to the first button, but I'm kinda not sure what to do next. I squeezed myself up to the second bomb (not sure if I did it the right way, I just got teleported up there when I tried to grapple on to the moving platform), and I have absolutely no clue what to do now. Help, anyone?


Nvm, now I need help on 2-1, Rm3. How do I open the gate to reach the polarity changer?


It took me a while to figure out (kinda not obvious), but the boxes stick to the cranes as soon as they touch an activated crane. You can just shoot at the crane and then throw a box up there, no need for complicated maneuvers. The rest should be easy enough. If you still need help:

Attach all three boxes to the cranes, then jump from left to right over them. As you jump, shoot each crane to make the box drop down on to the button.

If you can't solve the second part of that room:

To free the grapplable wall, you need to remove the box from the leftmost button. How can you do that while still staying to the right of the gate?

What's the best way to move a box from afar?

Try the polarity gun.

Put the blue box on the leftmost button, then use the polarity gun to push it away.


For 2-1 room 3, you need to

push the button all the way in the top left to open the gate. Be careful though, the gate will close if you push both the buttons at the bottom.

In order to keep the gate open so you can get the polarity switcher,

You've got to climb to the button in the upper left corner, push it, climb back to the conveyor belt direction switcher, set it to shoot you to the right, climb back up and jump to the right at the purple button, all of this without ever falling down and having to push the two switches.


Thanks, though i figured it out a while ago. I'm working on 2-2 now.


Killock, if you're still stuck:

After clearing the mist, you basically need to use the bombs. First, destroy the blocks at the bottom. Then make a chain reaction of bombs, whereby you put one on the switch at the bottom, then drop another lit one by it, to create a time-delay switch. Use this to gain access to the switch guarded by a wall. (Sorry if that wasn't clear, it was from memory).


I'm having trouble with the 2nd room of 2-5. I can get the squit gun but after that i'm stuck as I can't reach any of the platforms because of the green gas and can't see any way to get rid of it. any help?


What are you supposed to do in the second room of 2-5 after you get the squit cannon? All the possible ways to go are blocked by gas.


No idea what to do on 2-5...


Hint for 2-5:

you can grapple to the goop left behind from the alternate function of the squid gun


Same problem as Zelie. I was loving it up until the web gun. Gave up in the training stage, defeated.


I found the answer in a forum the creator posted the game in.

Apparently, the squig cannon's secondary fire can be grappled on to. I fired above the gas and then just grappled past it.

I haven't the faintest idea on what to do in room 3, though...


For everyone having trouble with 2-5:

The web gun has an alternate fire


Yeah, I can put the bomb on the button in 2-5 room 3, but I can't get past that.


Ok, I got up through the green cloud in 2-5-3, but it was insane. Here's how I did it:

Put the bomb on the button to bring the green square down. Shoot goop on the left side of the green square. Quickly take the bomb off the button. Shoot goop on the exposed corner (to the left of the blue eye thing). Now grapple to the corner you just shot. As soon as you start falling back down, grapple through the grating to the green square, and then as you start falling again grapple straight up to the orange ceiling spot. Freaking crazy.


Mrgreg, thanks a bunch. I was pretty stuck, and that did it.


I beat it, and it was very fun. One of the best puzzle games I've ever played. The only suggestion I have is to improve the bow aiming. It seemed like the amount of time I spent solving each level was mostly getting the arrow to hit where I wanted. I know that if you hold down the right mouse button, it will slow down, but it still seemed too fast for precision shots. Maybe include another button that will slow it down even more.
Even better, have the mousewheel scroll up to increase the angle and scroll down to decrease the angle, which will pause the angle for that arrow. You will still have to have the faster aiming though when you do crazy stuff like

shoot a fire arrow at a lantern, grapple over a wall, shoot an arrow at a button to open a door, and finally shoot the arrow though the falling lit lantern to melt the ice. ;)

For those precision shots though, it would probably decrease the frustration a lot.


Have fun with 3-3 room 1. I know what I need to do, but I absolutely cannot get the timing. I'm giving up.


That was by far the best free game I've ever played, and probably the best platform game I've played on the computer. Strikes a perfect balance between difficulty of puzzles and playing skill.


For 3-3 room 1,

I'm assuming you already got the first block. Grab it and jump when the launch pad shoots up. Then make your way to the ice platform. The trick is to be able to aim slightly up and to the left to grapple onto the box. To do this, stand on the right side of that platform, and inch your way toward the edge. Press the left mouse button to throw the block to the left, and at the same time fall down the right side. This way the block will be above you, and it will be easier to grapple onto it. Remember that most of the way down theres no room to move, so you have to wait until the space opens above the button.

I hope you can understand that, it's hard to explain it in words.


I'm not sure if this is a bug or a spoiler, so I'll put it in spoiler tags anyway. It has to do with a cool thing i noticed about the polarity gun . . .

If you stand on top of a block, towards one corner, and shoot the polarity gun down and at the other corner of the same block, the block will move, taking you with it. Kind of like a moving walkway.

I haven't gotten past the first level with the polarity gun, so this may actually be a game mechanic that i haven't encountered yet . . . but i thought it was cool anyway.


Gah, someone post a walkthrough :P


Very Annoying Bug!!!!!

When I reset room four of 1-5 (by going back through the entrance) it takes me back to the menu. Then I have to start 1-5 all over. The first three rooms of 1-5 aren't too difficult, but it is frustrating. On the plus side that bug also opens up 2-1 . . . hmmm . . .


I desperately Need help on 2-3-2


Dericious! Haven't enjoyed myself this much in quite a while. Credits are somewhat hilarious. "Congradulations!"


I cant remember the level, but see my position,


how do you finish the last part of 2-5-3?
i cleared the gas, but don't know how to get that last switch...
help pleeeease! i need to get my homework done sometime! haha


PieGuy, that level is a little more puzzle focused than the others. Walkthrough for 2-3-2:

First grab a bomb and jump on the platform. Throw it onto the button to rise up. Light your arrow on fire and shoot it at the bomb. Before it goes off, jump up to the platform above the candle and grab the sticky gun after the door opens.

Next go to the lower right side of the level, and blow up the bomb to the left. You now have access to both bombs.

Now, grab one of the bombs and put it on the moving platform from before. Grab the second bomb and throw it at the switch while on the platform. Take the bomb you still have and place it next to the door above the candle. Jump back down to the platform and shoot a fire arrow at the bomb below. Before it goes off, light your bow on fire and jump back to the other bomb above the candle. When the door opens, light the remaining bomb and place it below the bricks. Activate the switch.

Grab a bomb, and take it to the right. Shoot the switch for the elevator and place the bomb on it. Shoot it again to raise it up. Use the sticky net gun to climb up. Place the bomb next to the bricks, and jump down. Use the candle to shoot a fire arrow at the bomb to finish the level.

The next level is even harder puzzle-wise, but very similar to this level.

For a hint on 2-5-3, check the post by: mrgreg | September 23, 2007 8:12 PM. He explains how to do it.


Okay, I'm still stuck...
I could REALLY use some help for 1-5 room 2


Well... what can one say about a game when reading the comments you see that a lot of guys can't get thru the first couple of levels? My experience is that with games like this (too hard for many people right at the start and not only in later levels) I get stuck pretty soon, too...
Tried it: downloaded it, started playing and got stuck in room 1-1 with that box. I know what I'm supposed to do but still can't do it. Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way, I dunno...

Heck, Slither Link is more fun :)))


OK, it's actually level 3, sorry - with that mobile-grappable orange box.


Hey I dont know whats the problem with my game.....Its third time i am stuck here and cant go ahead because of a stupid stopper not opening even after all lights are on, all switches are pushed,
how do I cross this *BUG*, JAY, Mr.Gamemaker help me


I'm having trouble doing much on 2-5-3. I got up to the top, and pressed the button to burn the gas, but I can't do anything else. Do I need to hit the octagon with the ! inside it?


Never mind, I got it. mrgreg, I think you took the hard(er) way of getting to the top. I did it by

Firing a web at the little overhang on the left of the room, grappling onto that, and then, as I was falling, grappling onto the orange spot. It requires good timing, but it's doable.


YAY! Finished it! And without help! I hope they make a sequel with more levels and maybe more weapons. An idea: a water weapon that colud be used to put out fires and activate mill-switches, and its secondary use would fire a water balloon that, when launched on ice, would freeze and turn on an ice block that would slowly melt down. Cool, huh?


I'm getting an EXTREMELY low framerate, even running a high-powered computer. (Except of course on 1-3) Any recommendations on what to do or why this is?


On the third room of 1-4 (the one with the lanterns falling from above and running along the conveyors), I have hit the switch that extends the very bottom floor, but every time I jump to grab one of the lanterns, I miss and fall into the pit, having to start the entire room again. Given that this room has a rotating barrier around the target, this is exceptionally tedious--am I doing it wrong, or is there a way to avoid falling into the pit?


Can anyone provide a clue for 3-2? I figured out the first part with the switches but I'm stuck on the upper level.


I can't figure out what to do in this part of a room in 3-2...


Also, I have no idea how to make the above link clickable. :/


Er... nevermind. I guess the link automatically makes itself clickable. :)


How do i reach the switch in the top left corner on room 3 of 2-1. you cant get on the platform if it moving left.



See what happens if you're standing in a spot for a block and it becomes solid again.

Move the brown box in the way of the red spot when it's clear. Then shoot the color chooser to clear the green blocks, and make the red ones solid. You'll be able to shoot through it though because the brown block is there to prevent the red one from going solid.


I'm also stuck on 3-2 trying to get to that switch in the upper left. Any ideas?


Thanks, Zuljin. I figured that out a little bit after commenting. Haha... I seem to have a knack for doing that.

Any way, I finally finished the game! :D Yay. It was really fun.

The ending was pretty funny. I loved the extraneous stats and the made up "baddies". XD


Nevermind, I figured it out.

You can use the block of ice to help with both jumps if you are quick.


Fun little game. Only one complaint: the controls, particularly when trying to move side-to-side while jumping, are a wee bit sensitive. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying it.


AHH, 2-3-3 i cant blow up the last bricks, i cant get a bomb there, i can get to both bombs and ive lit all the torchs and clear the gas



The solution for 2-3-3:

  1. First, pick up the bomb. While holding it, jump and put in on the conveyor (make sure the bow is selected).

  2. When the bomb falls down, put an arrow on fire using the bomb's fuse and go right.

  3. With the arrow, burn the gas and lit up the first torch. Throw a lit arrow at the upper torch to set it on fire (it might take a while).

  4. Repeat step 1.

  5. When the bomb falls down, quickly pick it up and drop it on the brick floor.

  6. Repeat step 1 (again!) and put an arrow on fire. See that torch up there? You'll have to set it on fire. Hint: try it from the left (if you miss, repeat the step).

  7. Go near the bomb, but don't pick it up yet. Create a platform or two with the squit cannon, pick up the bomb and go up.

  8. Put the bomb on the green platform on the left and go right. Set an arrow on fire with the torch, throw it at the bomb and step on the yellow switch.

  9. You now have access for both bombs, so pick up one of them and jump up the high platform (being shot from the yellow moving thing).

  10. Climb to its top and throw the bomb through the hole.

  11. Repeat step 9 with the other bomb.

  12. Repeat step 10.

  13. Go back down and use the squit cannon to climb up the tunnel that was filled with gas. Notice you can now reach the bombs by using the squit cannon to climb up.

  14. Go up and pick up one of the bombs and put it very near the brick wall, NOT on the conveyor.

  15. Pick up the other bomb and put it on the left side of the conveyor.

  16. Go down, set an arrow on fire and throw it at the bomb (it will probably take a few shots until you hit the bomb).

  17. When the bomb is on fire, quickly step on the yellow button to the right of you, activating the conveyor and sending the lit bomb close to the other one.

  18. Sit back, relax and watch both bombs go KABOOM with the walls!


Hey! Why is my last post so "scrambled" if I made it OK?
P.S: Sorry for the double post...



You CAN get both bombs to the "double wall". Set them up like this...
If you light the left bomb and then quickly press the treadmill button the bomb will explode next to the right bomb, blowing both up and clearing the path to the flag.


3-1-2, what to do? I have the laser gun, and have no idea what to do. Any advice?


I'm stuck at the moment, but I've compiled a walkthrough for world 1.

  • 1-1

    Room 1: Grab the grapple gun and fire at the orange spot on the ceiling. Press the button to open the door. Hit the ! block at the top to move on.
    Room 2: Hit the ! block to open the door. Move to the right until you're under a grapple target with a red floor. Hit the target, then hit another target to the left. In the space between the two platforms, hit the ! block again, jump to the top platform, and then grapple yourself to the button.
    Room 3: Grapple the gray spiky target and pick up the box. Climb up the top platform and lay the box down on top of the green platform. Make your way back down and hit the bottom left switch. Then jump up to the top right switch and use the box as a grapple target.

  • 1-2

    Room 1: Pick up the box and place it on the right switch. Grab the second box and place it on the left switch, and put the first box as a platform to get the squit gun.
    Room 2: By aiming to the left of the clouds, you can make your way up to the button on the top. You then have to make the same climb with a lantern. You cannot lay the lantern down on a web. You'll have to shoot far enough that you can make it to the next platform in one jump. Light the lantern and burn the smoke.
    Room 3: Climb up and hit the green button. Grab the lantern and stand on the yellow button below. Drop the lantern (not throw) and use the secondary fire button (right click) on the region above the blue platform (below the ice). Throw the lantern and climb to the other side to burn the smoke (If you mess up, you can hit the green button again to reset the lantern)

  • 1-3

    Room 1: Grab the laser gun and use it to find your way through the maze. Go to the far right and keep the laser on the eye-ball thing to open the door.
    Room 2: Use your laser on the black cloud to uncover a symbol. Hit the switch on the right that matches the symbol. Do it three times and move on.
    Room 3: The orange circle can be rotated with the two switches on the right, and the blue boxes can be moved with the green switches. Use the boxes to stop a certain circle from moving. You want to make a clear path to the center switch.

  • 1-4

    Room 1: Grab the box and jump on the platform. When on the platform, jump and again and throw the box at the height of your jump. Grab the lantern. Take the box off the switch and jump to the candle to light the lantern. Take the lantern with you as jump on the ice blocks and get the spike bow. Use the lantern to light the arrows and hit the ice block at the right side at an angle.
    Room 2: Stand at the entrance and time your arrows so that they hit the ! block at just the right time. Stand under the long tunnel and shoot your arrows at a 85 degree-ish angle to hit the red block. While the arrow is in mid-air, run to other side of the platform. From the other side, stand to the left of the yellow switch to hit the green block. Use the same strategy to bring the brown block from the left side to the right side and on top of the yellow switch. Use fire arrows to melt the ice and continue.
    Room 3: Climb down into the hole and use fire arrows to light the torch on the right. Grapple out of the hole. Hit the green switch at the top with arrows. The only tip I can give you for that is that suicide is not the answer >.> The hole in the orange circle needs to be facing left when you start to charge your arrows. Melt the ice, turn the red switch on, and use fire arrows to light a lantern as it falls from the top. Quickly move to the right side using the grapple. You'll have to turn the switch off from the right side of the wall with arrows and quickly move to the other side of the door while the arrow's in midair. Fully charge an arrow, and wait for the lantern to fall. Melt the ice, grapple to the other side (aim for the middle) and leave.

  • 1-5

    Room 1: Push the block out of the way with the gun. Push the small block onto the switch, jump and repel the large block to the other side, use the secondary fire (right click) on the red thingy to change polarity, and pull the blue block off the switch.
    Room 2: Put the brown block on the switch. By standing on the right side of the red block and shooting at the left side, you can move yourself and the block across the floor. Use this to get the red block to the other side, pull the blue block onto the red, push yourself back to the right side and change your gun's polarity. Use this same strategy to get to the other side and push the blue block out of the way.
    Room 3: Stand on the yellow switch and pull the red block to the smoke (you'll have to change polarity mid-way). Push the blue block all the way to the right, and use the squit gun to make your way to the flag.

If anyone had tips for level 2-5 room 3 I'd be grateful...after getting the

second bomb at the top, beside the flag

Hippie_Eater September 24, 2007 6:43 PM

I have a problem with the 3-3 level I think - don't remember the room. The one with all the guns in a central room and three different rooms with three switches. I've done all except the one in the lover-left, the one with the exploding frozen block things.



Go there with the Grapple and Laser guns. Activate the laser platform and blow up the bomb, so the new bomb falls on the laser platform. Activate the bomb and run under the grapple block. When the bomb is about to explode, use the Grapple gun in the grapple block, and you'll be taken to the left as it slides through the ice.


3-2-2? How can you win?!?!?!



Part 1:
Assuming that you already have the bow, go back up and shoot an arrow at the button. The green blocks should become solid. Go onto the first green block and fully charge a shot, then jump, shooting the button in mid-air so the green block disappear and you can go up. Go between the green and red columns and shoot a fully charged arrow at the button.
Part 2:
First, take the laser block out of the way and pick up the stone block. Go up (make sure the green blocks are solid) and drop the stone block on the very right corner of the green block, so it won't hit the red block under it. Go down, pick up the laser block and do the same thing, but put it on the left side of the stone block, so it will hit the red block under it. Go down and climb up to the second eye platform, and shoot an arrow at the button to swap colors. If you did right, the stone block should fall down to the lower red block and the laser block should fall down to the upper red block. Climb up one more time and shoot another arrow at the button: The path to the exit should now be clean!



1. Grab bomb and use it to get up to the green ! switch.
2. Place bomb on revealed yellow switch.
3. Goo the left side of the moving platform and the exposed wall to the left of the eye.
4. Remove the bomb from the switch and quickly grapple from the exposed wall to the left side of the moving platform and then to the grapple point above. (This may take a few tries...)
5. Step on the green switch to light the torch so you won't have to do that grapple nonsense again. :)
6. Grab bomb from the dispenser to the right and drop it down to the candle so it can clear away the bricks.
7. Repeat step 6, except go down with the bomb this time and drop it down to the other bomb, destroying it.
8. As the platform is moving back up, get off to the right and step on the green switch.
9. "Goo-grapple"/Use web platforms to get back to the top and exit.


1. Step on the green switch to get the ice block on your side.
2. Toss the ice block and step on the light green switch when the block has almost reached the end so that it falls with an arch onto the green switch.
3. Equip the bow and make your way to the second puzzle.
4. Stack the laser-box and box on the top so that when the colors switch the laser-box will land on the second highest platform and the box lands on the third highest.
5. If you set it up correctly you can make your way up to the exit, changing the platforms when you can't go any further.


That puzzle is solved by shattering the seashell while the laser-powered platform is active so that the dispenser places the new seashell on it. Then, you shatter the newly placed seashell and time your grapple so that the grapple-box slides while you're attached to it, placing you on the platform with the purple star-switch.

I hope that helps everyone. :)


I see many people have trouble with 2-5 part 2 and part 3.

Well I instead just can't pass 2-5 room 1.
I din't use any walktrough till here, but now I'm really stuck.
I took the gun opened the vertical gate etc etc but
can't jump the other side (right of the screen) .


Walkthrough for 2-5-1

1. Place the laser block on the switch to raise the vertical platform. Grab the grapple box and bring it down.

2. Place the grapple box on the switch and move the laser box on top of the vertical platform to grab the grapple gun. Shoot the grapple switch to lower the door.

3. Place the laser box back onto the switch and carry the grapple box to the middle of the left side of the hill on the platform above.

4. Move the laser box back to the right side of the vertical platform to extend the horizontal platform. Shoot the grapple gun at the box to launch yourself up to the hill. It's kinda hard, but try to get the corner so you just make it.

5. Grab the grapple box and run towards the right and jump at the end of the horizontal platform, and release the box when you see it go towards the conveyor belt. You don't need to throw the box, just need to release it when you hit the other side.

6. Grab the laser box and stand on the vertical platform. Jump and throw it at the switch to carry yourself up to the hill.

7. Jump up to the platform to the right of the hill. Shoot the grapple gun at the box when it gets raised up. Finally shoot yourself up to the exit.


Final level, 3-3-3:

The only way I can imagine to light the bottom lantern is to somehow shoot an arrow through the top lantern (after lighting it) in an arc through all the blocks up there. Is that possible, and is it the only way?


As seems to happen all the time around here, I just answered my own question. It was possible... and I just did it.


Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that the game does create a save file when you exit the game...my girlfriend unwittingly closed it today, but nothing was lost - it creates a .sav file so we don't have to worry about that - but I'm hooked on this game and slowly making my way through it - thanks to everyone for the tips :D


On the third room of 1-4 (the one with the lanterns falling from above and running along the conveyors), I have hit the switch that extends the very bottom floor, but every time I jump to grab one of the lanterns, I miss and fall into the pit, having to start the entire room again. Given that this room has a rotating barrier around the target, this is exceptionally tedious--am I doing it wrong, or is there a way to avoid falling into the pit?


C. Niall:

You don't have to grab the lantern at all. You just fire an arrow through a lantern you lit from the other side of the room and it will melt the ice blocking the exit.

That room's particularly difficult due to all the timing you have to do with your actions.


Walkthrough for 3-1-2:

Put the bomb on the left yellow button, go down to the ice cube and move it towards the left green gate. Then, pick up the bomb, and bring it to the laser-bridge. Make the laser-bridge solid, and put the bomb on it, quickly going to the right yellow button. Hit the bomb with the grappling hook before the bridge goes away, and the bomb will land next to the ice cube and explode, pushing it into the area on the right. You can stand on this to get to the next level.


Great, I finished it.
My rank was B+ . Besides "accuracy" I really don't understand how the other grades were given at the end.
In any case, great game, definetely.
I just didn't like that some actions required hard ballistic, even after you had realized haow to perform the skill (yeah I'm thinking to 2-5-3 for example) .

Thank all for the tips in those (two for me) points where I was stuck.


I honestly don't understand how people are playing this. To me, the control scheme is simply too complex and the handling too loose to get anywhere. Maybe it's just me, but I find it troublesome, for example, to shoot a web platform and pick up an item and jump on the platform and get to safety before the web disappears. I think a game like this requires a drastically simplified control scheme to be playable by most people.


I'm stuck on 2-2 room 1. I walk in, grab the laser, and can't figure out how to open the door. There is one laser target that I can find in the room, and I can't for the life of me figure out what to do to it in order to open said door.


Never mind, figured it out once I posted. Too bad we can't edit our posts on here, forum style. Now I'm stuck on the second half of the room, but I have an idea of what I'm supposed to do.



The stats are all the same for everybody. Every single stat is made up and set to only be a certain amount. It's intended to be humorous.

2-2-1 Walkthrough:

1. Grab the laser gun and fire a secondary shot at the blue soundwave switch.
2. Place the block below the hole in the ceiling so you are level with the eye switch.
3. Fire a secondary shot up the passage.
4. Quickly fire and keep your laser on the eye switch and right click when your secondary shot is level with the blue soundwave switch.


I agree that the controls could be a bit tighter, but the game does require you to have fairly quick reflexes. It's just a part of the puzzles.


HELP!! i am stuck on level 1-1...the very last room there are two switched and only one yellow block i have no idea how to get to the flag!!!


Could someone please write a more specific walkthrough for 1-5-3? I can't figure out how to get the lantern onto the blue platform.


The motto of this game seems to be "If it seems too crazy to work, do it anyway." Some of the stunts in this game are just cool, like when you have to shoot a lantern in midair to light an arrow on fire, or when you have to attach to a grapple block while both you and it are falling down a pit, or when you use an explosion to catapult yourself across a slope of ice. These stunts seem outrageous at first, but you learn to figure out how to use the guns in many different ways.

All this game needs is a level editor, and also more responsive controls. Midair movement is a bit too slippery to make it easy to land on platforms. Also, when carrying an object, you sometimes have to stand in exactly the right spot to drop it in a hole. Maybe they could make it snap into place like it does for some switches?


I feel like an idiot, but I'm stuck in 3-1-2 with the explody-block and the laser


I need Help at 2-2-2. I know I'll have to get the laser-producing block. I already switched on the Blue Sound-Switch. And i guess i need the brown block to get to the Laserblock. o_O

bballman613 September 26, 2007 1:26 PM

grr, i have done so much without help, but i feel like im out of ideas and options now, im in 2-5, im not sure which room, the one with the three yellow walls above the tunnel with the red platform and gas, i just cant get up it, i know about the alt fire of squig gun, just nothing to stick it to... please help :)

jacky hallowatt September 26, 2007 8:22 PM

need desperate help on 1-1 !

jacky hallowatt September 26, 2007 8:54 PM

never mind i now need help with 1-2 :(


I'm throwing up my hands in disgust.

I can't get past 3.3.1! I've tried every technique I can think of, but I just can't get the timing. I think I just have to be lucky, but I can't get it. If there's some trick you used, tell me now.


someone please help me on 2-3-2 i cant get past it. ive got the squirt gun and thats it


Freddy - after about a hundred tries, that's where I gave up, too.


Can someone help me plz in 2-2 room 3??? I'm stuck there


Freddy and Mrgreg.

There isn't exactly a trick to it, it is pretty difficult and annoying. I found that throwing the block and dropping left very quickly helped, as you could then fire upwards with the gun, which seemed to work more than any other way.


I found a bug! I'm not sure if anyone else has said this (not really interested in reading all the past comments, sorry). I entered the third room of 1.5. Then I went BACK to the second room, and the game interpreted that as completing the level: I was sent back to he menu, and 2.1 was unlocked.

It's a useful cheat, but still a bug.


Anybody has any help with 3-3-3? In the lower-right area. I can light the candle in the blocks above, but then? How in heaven do I manage to bring the fire to the lower candle?


3-1-4 is well hard GAH


Grr, I think I know what to do on 3-1-3, but I can't get it to work. Help?



You don't. You bring the lower candle up. Use both the squirt gun and the laser gun. It's a bit tricky, but doable.


shatter, thanks I'm so stupid, as the candle hasn't had to be picked up for so many levels I just forgot that it is pickubable...

Total review:
Nice smart idea, had fun to play.
However sometimes it really tested my frustratoin tolerance, when I closed angry the window with o the frick thats depressing, but always came back to finish it.


Can someone PLEASE give a better description of how to beat the third room of 1-5. I cant figure out how to get the lantern to the far right cloud!!!! HELP.


GAH! nobody else seems to be having a problem with 2-2 room 2!

I think I'm supposed to shoot a sonic thing up towards the green door, but I can't get over to the laser switch in time!

It's a pain... anyobody help me?


ACK! Please help me with the second room of 1-5. Been stuck for two days.


Alrighty, so far I've been able to stay help free...but I'm stumped by 3-1-3. What do I do!?


Here comes your help for 1-5:


Pickup polarity beam, move blue block out of way, and jumb over it, push the little blue block with the beam to hit the switch, go right of the little blue block, and push the big blue block at the upper right corner while jumping, change the color of the beam, attrackt the little blue block. finished room,


There are more than 1 way to this part, this takes the most less text to write: Pick up the brown little block and drop it to the far left. Stand on the right side of the red block and ferry it to the left with the polarity beam (yay for violation of newtons axioms :-) but take care not to move it to the border, the brown block should be in the way nevertheless, leave some space which is smaller than the block. Pull the blue block with the beam, but not until it hangs over. Jump over the both, and if you left enough space you can push the red block with the beam to the far right. Pick up the brown block and use it to jump on the two blocks and jump over the obstacle. Change the polarity with the purple orb on the right, and pull red box to the right, and jump on it, and pull yourself with the beam over the needles. Push the blue box out of the way. finished room.


Push the blue box with the beam onto the switch. Pick up the squit cannon. Push the red block with the lantern to the right as far as you can from there, jump over the gap using the squit cannon, it doesnt matter if you fall down just climb up again with squits. I dont know if this is the best method but it works. Stand on the swith and pull the blue box to right toward you as far as possible, push now the red box with the lantarn further until the lantern falls of. Make two squits with the squit cannon pick up the lantern and jump up the right step-up. Requires a bit of timeing but is doable. Burn the right gas, and squit to the exit. level done.


Level 3-3 Room 2:

Directly after the start how do I get on the blue platform after retrieving the polarity gun?


So uh... 3-3-2

How do you get started? I pick up the polarity gun and then can't seem to do anything with it or anything else.


and of course, posting solves the problem.

I was actually just jumping around and shooting the polarity gun when I discovered

that if you have the gun set to red and stand as far to the right as possible, you can move the big blue block above you by jumping and shooting at its lower left corner.



Although this game requires you to move very quickly in some situations, rushing over to the laser switch is impossible.
If you need a further hint:

There's only so many distinct objects in this room. Examine them all.

Antikythera September 28, 2007 5:02 PM

Hey, what am I supposed to do at the very beginning of 3-1-2? I can hit the bomb, and stand on it, and it propels me, but not high enough to reach the slanted ledge.

Antikythera September 28, 2007 5:15 PM

Er. Oops. I made it past that (you have to hold it) and I made it past the laser (rather tempermental...) but I can't figure out how to get the laser...


I finally beat it. Yes!

I loved the totally random rankings at the end. :P

Antikythera September 28, 2007 8:39 PM

Nevermind XD I beat it. The credits were, like, the best part.


Finally finished! Fantastic game.

Found a sneaky way to finish 3-3-3 a little easier.

In the lower-left room, there's an exploding block on a square platform. It's possible to jump up and grab it (but only barely). Then you can set it on the ground and jump from it to reach the platform with the blue switch on it. I ASSUME that that wasn't intended...


I still cant do 2-2. I cant get the block under the red platform


I have just finished this game and I have had an absolute hoot doing it. It's really stretched my brain and my co-ordination to its limits at times and I love it for it.

My biggest two points I want to make -

1) there is no 'contact' info on the site
2) neither is there a paypal button

Just want to say thanks to them for making it!


Also I agree with everyone who thought the credits were ace. Having stressfully completed that last nightmare level the credits roll and I suddenly think...

Oh hell! I've just GOT to go back and... hang on... oh I see... ha ha ha


i know everyone is like totally done with the game but i just cant find a comment about 2-5-2 ill keep looking but i hope that some one puts out a walk through man im hoping to see someone answer this butim not looking forward to the well no duh aaarrrgggg that was so easy XP


I P.H.ail at the web gun tutorial...


I need help on 2-4, mostly on the blind circle spinning room with lasers.


Level 1 room 3 walkthrough

Get the yellow box and put it on the green platform, then press the button. Now hold the button that opens yellow and use the box as a grapple hook!

The ninja of blue October 31, 2007 6:21 PM

I need halp!

omgitsgir November 6, 2007 8:32 PM

I too am stuck on 2-5-2. I've made it over to the block and gotten it over to the left side of the screen, but I can't get it over the wall to get it into the area with the gas.

Sorry if it didn't make sense. Here's a picture :D

I know the block has to follow that path, but I can't get it over that wall...


I need help at lvl 2-5 stage 3
her a pic: http://www.2send.us/uploads/29688ed288.bmp
pllese help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, like some others I am stuck on 2-5-2. I believe I have to throw the bomb into the small room to the right and then grapple to it but I am unable to do so. Am I on the right track? Please help. If anyone can write a walkthrough we'd appreciate it :)


Ooops! Messed up the last post. It is actually 2-5-3 that I am stuck on. Got past the first hurdle (jump on the bomb to get up to the room as opposed to putting the bomb up and trying to grapple to it.) However, now stuck on same point as K7. Looks like the laser has to be blocked.


Got 2-5-3 Finally! Great solution, keep trying and you'll get it.

Pick up the upper bomb at top level. Drop it into the chute with the lift. Jump down right behind it, pick it the bomb (while fuse is still lit) and drop it on the bomb below holding the lift down. The lower bomb will blow up and the lift will rise. Jump off the lift and get through the gate before it drops. Trigger the last switch and.....freedom. At least til stage 3.


The link is dead. :(

[Edit: Thanks, Vault. Fixed. -Jay]


sombody can help me with 3-1-3?


How can I do level 3-1 room 3 please ask for my question!!

Anonymous January 13, 2008 7:19 AM

how do beat 1-4 room 2
the block cant get on the switch


All right, here's a Full walkthrough for Logi-Gun
(well, not exactly full, it doesn't include the tutorial levels).


Go right. Pick up Grapple Gun.
Shoot sticky part of ceiling with Grapple Gun.
Jump on button. Go right.
Shoot switch with Grapple Gun.
Move on.


Go right. Shoot switch with Grapple Gun.
Go further right. Shoot sticky ceiling with Grapple Gun.
Stand on the edge of the platform.
Shoot sticky floor with Grapple Gun.
Shoot switch with Grapple Gun, turning it off.
Jump up and shoot sticky wall with Grapple Gun. Land on button.
Fall down. Shoot switch with Grapple Gun.
Go all the way to the right.
Shoot sticky ceiling with Grapple Gun.


Move right. Shoot gear with Grapple Gun.
Pick up sticky box.
Go to the right and up.
Set sticky box on the rightmost green door.
Press leftmost yellow button.
Stand on rightmost yellow button.
Shoot sticky box with Grapple Gun.
Pick up box and finish level.


Move right. Jump up, using door as a platform.
Go right. Pick up box.
Set box on rightmost yellow button.
Pick up other box.
Set box on leftmost yellow button.
Go back and pick up the first box.
Set the first box on top of the second box.
Jump up the boxes and go left to get the Squit Cannon.
Use the Squit Cannon to get back up.
Use the Squit Cannon to get up to the exit!


Use the Squit Cannon to get to the button.
Press the button.
Go back down and get the lantern.
Set the lantern down at the bottom of the shaft leading up to the candle.
Make a web platform.
Quickly pick up the lantern and jump up to the next blue platform.
Repeat twice. Light lantern with candle.
Use lantern to burn gas clouds.
Use the Squit Cannon to get to the exit.


Use the Squit Cannon to reach the green button and press it.
This will bring the lantern to the other side of the door.
Pick up the lantern, stand on the yellow button, and set it down.
Put some sticky webs right above the elevator, so that the lantern stops on top of it.
Pick up the lantern and throw it onto the ice and let it slide to the elevator.
Remember to keep standing on the yellow button.
Use web platforms to get to the other side of the level.
Push the yellow elevator button.
The lantern will burn the gas clouds and allow you to reach the exit.


Hold D and constantly jump until you get to the laser marker.
Use it to find a pathway through the room.
(Sorry, you'll actually have to put some effort into this one).
Remember to start by triggering the switch to open the door!


Use the laser to find out what symbol is obscured by the smoke cloud.
Trigger the switch with this symbol above it.
Go back and mark the smoke cloud again (the symbol will have changed).
Trigger the switch with this symbol above it.
Mark the smoke cloud one last time. Note also that the symbols change every time you play the level.
Trigger the switch with that symbol above it.
If at any point you trigger the wrong switch, you have to start over.
After getting three switches right in a row, you can go on to the next room.


The button on the left moves the boxes backwards, the button on the right moves them forward.
The blue laser switches turn the circles clockwise and counterclockwise.
Use the boxes to jam the circles in place and line them all up.
Then pull the boxes out, rotate the circles so the holes are facing you, and shoot the switch.
At that point, the door will open and you can proceed.


Go right.
Pick up box, jump on elevator.
Throw box onto yellow button while standing on elevator.
Jump up and pick up lantern. Light lantern on candle.
Use lantern to melt ice blocks, get Spike Bow.
Use lantern to light arrows on fire, then shoot them through the tunnel to melt the last ice block.
Walk through the door and proceed.


Use Spike Bow to hit switch. Time it carefully.
Go right. Shoot an arrow up to hit the switch.
Remember to run right as soon as you fire the shot, otherwise the door will close on you.
Fire a shot to hit the lower switch.
Stand close to where the closed door used to be, and hit the other switch again.
Remember to run through before the door closes.
Get the box, place it between the doors.
Hit the switch again, remembering to run through the door before it closes again.
Use the box to hold down the yellow button.
Shoot an arrow up so that it is lit by the torch and melts the ice block.
Keep going.


Go down and pick up Grapple Gun.
Light an arrow on fire with the lower torch.
Use it to light the upper torch.
Use the Grapple Gun to get back up.
Hit the switch with the Spike Bow. Time it carefully.
Light an arrow on fire, and use it to melt the ice block.
Also trigger the switch on the floor.
Quickly light an arrow on fire and shoot a moving lantern with it.
Quickly switch to Grapple Gun and use it to get to the closed door.
Quickly shoot the switch and move right before the door closes.
Fully charge a shot and aim straight across.
Shoot the lantern as it falls. If you time it right, the ice block will be melted.
Shoot the gear with the Grapple Gun. If you fall, quickly move left and land on the door so you don't die.


Pick up Polarity Beam.
Use beam to push box aside.
Use box to get up.
Use small box to push button and open door.
Push large box aside to reach polarity changer.
Change the polarity, pull the small box back off the button.


Pick up small orange box and place it on yellow button.
Stand on the right edge of bottommost large red box.
Aim the polarity beam at the box's top left corner to ride it over to the left.
Suck the large blue box on top of it.
Push the red box (the blue box will move with it) until they're close to the edge.
Put the blue box slightly to the right side of the red box, so that they can be used as steps.
Step up and change the polarity.
Go right and suck down the newly presented large red box.
Ride it across the spike pit. Do not change the polarity.
Push the large blue box into the hole and press onward.


Push the small blue box onto the button.
Change the polarity and go right. Push the large red box until it won't go any further.
Pick up Squit Cannon.
Change the polarity back to blue.
Use web platforms to get up the shaft the red box was blocking.
Go down the shaft to the left and suck the box back so that the right shaft is unblocked.
Go back up and down the right shaft.
Set lantern on the red platform. Change polarity to red.
Go back up the shaft, then down the left shaft and push the box to the right side.
Go down the center shaft.
Change the polarity.
Push the red platform until it's past the yellow button.
Stand on the yellow button and push it the rest of the way.
Suck the blue button all the way to the left to knock it down and burn the gas cloud.
Cross the gap. Suck the blue platform all the way to the right.
Use web platforms and the blue platform to get to the level's end.


Use the moving platform to cross the gap.
Use the conveyor belt to do a long jump across the next gap.
Pick up box.
Stand on elevator and throw box onto yellow button.
Pick up Grapple Gun.
Go back down, take box off yellow button.
Stand on elevator and throw box onto button again.
Right before the elevator stops moving, shoot the switch and jump up.
You can proceed at this point.


Shoot all three switches.
Put one box in each claw.
Jump across the boxes, shooting the switches on the way.
The boxes will fall down and open the doors.
Pick up Polarity Beam.
Shoot all three switches again, place all three boxes again.
Make sure the blue box is on the leftmost claw.
Use the same method you used before to get across.
Use the Polarity Beam to push the blue box off the switch, making sure you're past the door when it closes.
Go onward.


Put both boxes on the yellow buttons. The blue box should be on the rightmost one.
Use the yellow pushing thingy to get up.
Shoot the switch. This will make the conveyor belt turn the other way.
Push the blue box off of its button.
Suck the red platform over to you, then suck it back to the left.
Push the blue box to the right so you can grab onto the sticky box.
Use the Grapple Gun to get up there and trigger the switch.
Get on the right side of the conveyor belt.
Use the momentum from the conveyor belt to hurl yourself over to the switch.
Shoot the switch.
Now go back over until you come to the rightmost red moving platform.
Carefully stand on the right edge of this small platform, and suck yourself over to the right.
Change the polarity.
Drop down.
Push the leftmost red platform all the way to the right.
Put the blue crate on the left button this time, and the red crate on the right button.
Use the yellow thing to get up there again.
Push the red box off the button.
Shoot the switch to make the conveyor belt turn clockwise again.
Push yourself to the left and grapple the box again.
Use the conveyor belt to hurl yourself over to the top right, suck the box out of the way, and proceed.


Pick up Laser Marker.
Activate the echo switch.
Go right.
Put the box directly under the shaft leading to the new echo switch.
Shoot an echo bubble up, open the door for it by shooting the laser switch, and detonate it when it comes near the echo switch.


Use the bottom left laser switch to bring the elevator down.
Stand on the elevator and use the top switch to carry yourself up.
Jump onto the left platform and pick up the block stack.
Set it on the yellow thing. It will snap into place.
Hold down the yellow button to push up the laser box.
Take the laser box.
Toss the laser box down.
Take the block stack and toss it down as well.
Set down the block stack right below the lower left laser switch.
Set the laser box on top of it.
This will hold open the door and allow you to trigger the echo switch.


Go up to the top left.
Drop through the blue platform and set the laser box on the conveyor belt.
Set the laser angle changer on the yellow button, then use the top left laser switch to bring down the laser box.
Leave them there for now.
Get under the echo switch and trigger it, opening the door to the box.
Use the laser box and the laser angle changer as a platform to get up to the box. Toss the box down.
Set the box on the conveyor belt at the top right.
Set the laser box to the left of the rightmost laser switch.
Set the laser angle changer directly below the middle laser switch. It will snap into place.
Stand next to the closed door just before the exit, and shoot a laser into the angle changer.
Watch the magic happen.


Go up and pick up the bomb.
Use the candle to light it on fire, then get it next to the brick wall.
The brick wall will be destroyed. Continue to the second bomb.
Use the second bomb as a step to get up to the Spike Bow.
Set the bomb next to the brick wall.
Shoot an arrow so that it hits the candle then falls down on the bomb.
Go onward.


Pick up the first bomb, stand on the left elevator, and throw it onto the yellow button.
Light an arrow on fire with the candle, then use it to light the bomb.
Jump off the elevator before the bomb explodes.
When the bomb explodes and opens the door, get the Squit Cannon.
Use the Squit Cannon to get to the far side of the level.
Light an arrow on fire with the candle at the bottom right, then use it to light the rightmost bomb.
Go back to the other side of the level.
Set a bomb on the left elevator, then stand on the elevator yourself and use another bomb to press the switch.
Now we have to be just a little fast. Toss the bomb on the elevator onto the ledge, light an arrow on fire, light the bottom bomb, set another arrow on fire, jump up, light the top bomb, pick it up, and run through the door to explode the brick wall. Don't worry, bombs can't hurt you.
Press the green button to congratulate yourself. And also let you access the other elevator.
Get a bomb (again), shoot the switch next to the rightmost elevator to bring it down, put the bomb on it, then send it back up and use the Squit Cannon to follow it.
Put the bomb next to the brick wall blocking the exit.
Drop down, use the candle to light an arrow on fire, and light the bomb with that arrow. If you're finding it hard, put the bomb closer to the edge.


First we need to get rid of the gas cloud.
Take the leftmost bomb, shove it onto the conveyor belt, and when it comes down (lit), use it to light an arrow, then shoot that arrow into the gas cloud.
The torch should light. If not, just repeat the process for the torch.
Use that torch to light the other torches.
Now go back up to the bomb. Make a web platform that's almost halfway up the jump to the next platform, but not quite.
Pick up the bomb, jump on that web platform, and jump up higher. Set the bomb on the top of this platform.
Use more web platforms to get up yourself.
Set this bomb on the elevator.
Using the torch to light an arrow, set the bomb on fire and quickly press the yellow button to send it up to the switch, which it will trigger.
Now the door to another bomb is open. Yay.
Use this bomb to destroy the brick walls at the bottom. (This can be done earlier, but you don't actually need to do it until now)
Go and pick up a bomb (either one) and then use the yellow things to get yourself up to the top - bomb in hand, of course.
You'll come to a place that's too low for you to pass under. As it happens, however, you can throw a bomb through it, so do that.
Repeat process for the other bomb.
Now use the Squit Cannon to get up from the other side. Put one bomb next to the brick wall, and the other one on the left edge of the conveyor belt.
Use a flaming arrow, lit by the nearby torch, to light the bomb. Then quickly press the yellow button.
The first bomb will trigger the second bomb, destroying the barrier and permitting you to pass.


Shoot the switches to make the laser machines mark the platforms and sticky spots. From there it's just a walk to the exit.


Get the Laser Marker. Use it on the semitransparent blocks to make platforms.
This allows you to cross the first part.
Continue using the Laser Marker to map out the room.
Once you come to a red block, a door, and an echo switch, use a laser to erase the red block and an echo marker to trigger the switch.
Grapple the ceiling and continue. You'll come to more yellow blocks.
They'll stop the laser from going through, so use echo markers to find grappleable areas. Make some platforms to land on after grappling them, and you just need to get to the exit at that point.


Here's a little twist.
Start by studying the layout. Then use the green button to turn off the lights.
Use the laser switches to rotate the circle with holes. Then use the three switches (in any order) to fire the lasers and hit the laser switches. You'll have to adjust the position of the circle after every switch.
If you make a mistake, it resets.
If you succeed, the door opens.
Do the same for the next, only this time you have two circles to contend with.
Use the crosses to tell you when you have the right rotation.
After opening both doors, you're finally done, and can continue to the next level.


Place the laser box on the button. Jump up to get the sticky box.
Put the laser box on the yellow thing now, and the sticky box on the button.
You can now obtain the Grapple Gun, so do that.
Use the Grapple Gun to shoot the switch.
Now move the sticky box off the button and put the laser box on the button.
Take the sticky box up and set it on the little mound.
Take the laser box off the yellow button and set it so that it triggers the bottom laser switch.
Use the Grapple Gun to get to the sticky box, grab it, and place it on the conveyor belt.
Now put the laser box back on the button, climb up, and grapple yourself across.
Now just go up to the exit.


Stand on the button until the wheel is wound all the way up, then quickly jump up and grapple it.
Alternative: Just jump up. Slightly harder but still easy.
Get the Squit Cannon.
Use it to get to the other side of the level. (Use the right mouse button to make grappleable webs since the gas clouds destroy platforms).
Push the green button. Toss the box across to the other side.
Go back to the other side, put some webs on the ice near the gap to stop the box there.
Go down to the bottom, put a web on the box (which should be plugging the gap) and grapple yourself up. Go onward.


Go all the way to the right and get the bomb. Shove it through the gap in the platform to your immediate left.
Get to the other side of that platform with the Squit Cannon.
Use the bomb as a platform to get up to the switch and trigger it.
Take the bomb with you to the other side and put it on the yellow button.
Here comes the hard part. Put a web on the block that comes down, quickly take the bomb off the switch and throw it away, put a web on the leftmost top corner, then use the Grapple Gun to get yourself up, right, up.
Press the green button to burn the gas clouds.
Go over to the right and get the second bomb. Put it on the moving block.
Put the other bomb back on the yellow button. The brick walls at the bottom will be destroyed.
Go up and toss the bomb down there again, only follow it down this time. Quickly shove it down so it blows up the other bomb, then jump up and go through the door.
You'll fall on the green switch and open the door to victory. Congrats.


Get the Grapple Gun and continue to the right.
Go up and shoot the force bomb to detonate it.
Now that the blue block has been cleared away, simply grapple the ceiling, press the green button, go back down, and proceed.


Take the force bomb, set it in the middle of the floor, shoot it, and stand on top.
Jump up right before it detonates to launch yourself up.
Set the next force bomb right below the switch, shoot it, and shoot the switch. Right before it explodes, start running to the right. The force of the explosion will push you under the closing door in time.
Go to the right as far as possible. Put the force bomb as far right as possible and use it to catapult yourself up, then drop down so you can get the Laser Marker.
Grapple yourself back up. Put the force bomb on the leftmost yellow button, and move the ice cube to the left door.
Use the Laser Marker on the semitransparent block to make a platform, then set the force bomb on it. Quickly get to the rightmost yellow button and press it. Right before the platform disappears, shoot the bomb with the grapple gun.
The force bomb will push the ice block all the way to the right.
Now just run to the exit. Yup.


Get to the green button in the middle of the level. Easily done.
Press it to obtain a box.
Put the box in front of the tunnel to the yellow button, then use a force bomb to shove it in. It may take two.
Now line up the three force bombs behind it.
Shoot the one in the back. It will cause the other two to push the box to the yellow button.
If it doesn't do it the first time (and it probably won't) just line up the bombs again. It'll push the box a little further in every time.
Your reward? Another force bomb...as if three isn't enough. Well, actually, three isn't enough.
Put one force bomb in each of the three holes in the center of the level, and one above the wooden slats at the left.
Now it's time for a race. Go to the bottom, put the bottom right force bomb in the middle of the floor, shoot it, and shoot the upper one through the wooden slats. Use the force bomb nearest to you (that you shot first) to catapult yourself up. The race is on.
Get to the yellow button at the far right as quickly as possible. If you do it before the last force bomb explodes, you've beaten the timer and will be given the ice block to use as a platform to the exit. If the bomb explodes before you hit the button, you were too slow and you need to set the whole thing up again.
Do you really need a guide to tell you to use the ice block as a platform to get up the exit? You're pathetic. Anyway, use the ice block as a platform to get to the exit.


Stomp on the icy green button and then continue to the ice block.
Toss it to the left so it hits the icy red button, and right before it lands on the button, jump up.
This should let you get up to the top.
Now get the second ice block, stand against the yellow button, and toss it to the left while running after it. Jump on top of it and jump off again to get over the first hurdle to the green button, then use it as a stool once again to get to the button.
Press the button. Self-explanatory.


First go to the left and press the green button. Pick up the ice block that appears, toss it to the left, and hit the icy green button right before it comes to the last red block.
It will press the green button and allow you to get the Spike Bow.
Press the icy red button and then go up. Shoot the switch to turn the green blocks on.
Jump on the leftmost block, shoot at it again, but jump to the right before the green blocks disappear. If done correctly, you'll get to the next platform.
Stand next to the red blocks blocking your way and shoot the switch one last time.
Position the box on the very left edge of the top green block.
Position the laser box on the left edge of the regular box.
Jump up the shaft until you come to a closed door, then shoot the switch. Repeat until at the top.


Shoot the first color switch to pass the red blocks.
Shoot the second one to pass the green blocks.
Shoot the third one and stand on the green block.
Shoot it again.
Shoot it once more, but jump up and to the left before the arrow hits it.
Standing atop the red blocks, shoot the switch again.
Go as far left as you can, and shoot the switch protected by wooden slats.
Immediately before the arrow hits, jump up and to the right to stand on a ledge.
Then jump to the left to enter the tunnel.
Proceed to the left, up, right, down. You'll come to a box, a switch, and some other crud.
Use the box to block the red outline, then go back and shoot the color switch again.
Stand on the yellow button and shoot the green switch.
Now use the box as a stepstool to proceed to the top of the level.
Stand on the rightmost red block, and shoot the color switch twice. As soon as you fire the second arrow, jump up to the right.
Stand on the very edge of the rightmost red outlines, then fire two arrows at the bottom color switch.
ALTERNATE: If you cleverly use the green blocks near the bottom as a step to get up to the red platforms, you can skip most of the level.


Pick up Grapple Gun.
Shoot the sticky ceiling at the left, then the sticky box. Pick up the box.
Use the yellow thing to get upstairs.
Stand on the edge of the icy platform and toss the box to the left. Fall down to the right and shoot the box as it falls.
This will put you on the green button, which will open the door to the next room, so continue.


Pick up Polarity Beam.
Push the big blue box out of the corner and all the way to the right. Then suck the red sticky box down.
Change the polarity and push it down the hole.
Change the polarity again and suck it as far to the left as it will go.
Change the polarity once again, push the sticky box the rest of the way to the left, grapple the box, and suck yourself up on the elevator.
Go to the right until you come to the Squit Cannon. Switch it out, leaving the Grapple Gun on the ground, not the Polarity Beam.
Press the green button.
Go down to the wooden slats and find a blue box, an ice block, and an elevator.
Put some sticky webs on the ice block to stop the blue box there.
Give the blue box a gentle suck.
Now the blue box should be on top of the ice block. Go up to the top (you can use web platforms or grapple the ceiling), stand on the yellow button, and change the polarity when the door opens.
Push the big blue box into the hole and continue.

All right, there are three puzzles here. They can be done in any order.
Puzzle One (bottom left):

Use the Grapple Gun and Laser Marker.
Shoot the force bomb and turn the semitransparent block into a platform. The newly created force bomb will land on it.
Shoot that force bomb, keeping the platform bright.
When the force bomb gets close to detonating, switch guns and go to the left a little.
Right before the bomb detonates, shoot the sticky box.
The sticky box will be pushed to the left and you will be pulled with it, onto the button.

Puzzle Two (top left):

Use the Spike Bow and Grapple Gun.
Get the color switch to light up green only. Then shoot it and jump up right before the arrow hits.
Now shoot it again, to light up both colors.
Go up and a little to the left. Shoot the next switch until it lights up only green, then stand in the center of the red outline and shoot it again until it lights up only red. Jump up, stand on the wooden slats, and shoot it again until it lights up only green.
Stand on the green blocks further to the left, and shoot it twice. Naturally you must jump up and to the left right before the second arrow hits.
Now just press the button.

Puzzle Three (right):

This requires the use of several guns. Start with the Squit Cannon and Laser Marker.
Use the semitransparent platforms and web platforms to get the lantern up to the ledge on the left.
Now that the lantern is up there, go back and switch the Laser Marker for the Polarity Beam.
Use web platforms to stay under the elevator, and push it up with the Polarity Beam.
Once it's all the way up, switch out the Polarity Beam for the Spike Bow.
Get up to the yellow button, hold it down, and shoot an arrow through the torch and onto the lantern on the elevator.
Now go back, switch the Spike Bow for the Polarity Beam, change the polarity to red, and suck the lit lantern down.
Switch the Polarity Beam back for the Spike Bow again, and shoot through the elevator lantern onto the other lantern. You may have to reposition the unlit lantern.
Now take the newly lit lantern and burn the gas cloud. Use web platforms to get up to the button and press it.
Continue to the end of the game. Yes, the statistics are random, except for Accuracy.


well, i'm at 3-3-3, but for some reason, i am totally unable to access the two left-hand rooms. i have a green wall blocking my path to the immediate left of the room with the various weapons in it. i can completely beat the right-hand room by pushing the button in the gas, but the other two rooms are inaccessible to me. i have also tried restarting the level, but still no dice. is there a switch somewhere that i'm missing?


the power of posting...

for whatever reason, i guess you can't have the squit cannon in your possession. putting that down opens the green door.

Miff_Otter January 30, 2008 8:32 PM

It seems like a fun game, but the second tutorial is too hard.


Wow- how did everybody get past 1-2-3? I don't get it.

In general, I'd give this game a C- just because it doesn't have a decent save function. Very frustrating.

Seriously though, how does one complete 1-2-3? The walk-through is not very clear. Thank you!

Rodentmaster November 9, 2008 6:02 PM

first of all, i just want to say, GREAT GAME!!! but in the level 3 levels, why are there exploding conch shells? anyone?


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