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Elephant Quest

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Rating: 4.7/5 (552 votes)
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joyeElephant QuestLook over there! In your browser window! It's an RPG! It's a platformer! It's... an elephant? Yes, it's Elephant Quest, which is both of these genres lovingly baked together into an adorable JIMP-drawn pachyderm shape for you by jmtb02 with a sprinkling of shooter goodness on top. Wooly the Mammoth has stolen your hat, and in order to get it back, you're going to need to get some epic questing going on, exploring a huge, non-linear environment, completing side-quests, collecting keys, and shooting cute but evil monsters in the face with your laser.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2011Either the [WASD] or [arrow] keys will control your elephant's movement, and aim and fire with the mouse. When you first start the game, you'll notice that your character handles like... well, an elephant. An elephant who just ate a huge meal of peanuts. He can hardly jump, he's fairly slow, and his laser is not exactly impressive. As you kill enemies and complete quests, you'll gain experience points and level up. When that happens, click the button in the upper right corner, or hit the [spacebar].

In this menu, you'll first and foremost be able to spend the "credits" you earn from leveling up on a maze-like skill tree. You'll earn skill points in 5, 10, 15 and 50 point increments in four areas: dexterity, agility, charisma, and intelligence. In turn, you can use these points on the skill window (in the same menu) to buy and upgrade important skills like your jumping ability, and your cuteness. Every 25 points increases a skill by one level, so keep that in mind when spending your points. There are two other important menus in this area. The level map shows where you have and haven't been yet, marks NPCs with stars, and shows exits and connections between screens. The quest menu shows which quests you've unlocked, what you have to do next for quests in progress, and which quests you've completed as well. There are 11 regular quests, and if you log in to your free Armor Games account, Sushi Cat, another game featuring JIMP art, makes an appearance in a bonus quest.

At the bottom, you can resume the game, and in the lower right you'll notice controls for quality and sound as well as a pause button. The game also automatically pauses anytime you click outside the game window.

Elephant QuestAnalysis: A lot can be happening on screen at once, and this can be a drag on older computers, especially once you unlock a flock of minions to hover around you. If you notice serious lag issues, definitely try closing other browser tabs and adjusting the quality. Since my usual lean mean game-chewing machine is awaiting a warranty swap, I'm currently stuck on a 2006-era MacBook. Even so, I was able to beat the game and complete all the quests, so don't think you have to pass this one up if your computer's on the old side. I even was able to keep the quality on high much of the time.

The game has a freewheeling spirit of exploration akin in some ways to the classic Fancy Pants series, and JIMP's art perfectly fits the sweet yet witty humor of the plot. There are certain comparisons to be made in girth, greed and attitude between Wooly and the canine villain of the latest Sushi Cat game, so if you liked the style and atmosphere of that game, you're bound to be tickled by Elephant Quest as well.

In Sushi Cat, you defeat the villain in a cutscene, and the villain of Elephant Quest might as well have been a cutscene for all the difficulty I had defeating him in the final boss fight. That part was a little anticlimactic. Even though I hadn't actually leveled up fully, I still beat the boss without my hitpoints ever getting lower than 260/275.

Elephant QuestI had many much more challenging sections in the regular game itself, especially because I ventured into a certain locked area a little earlier than I think the game-maker intended, and then got spooked and ran away from the enemies deeper into the more difficult area (oops). By the time I figured out I was really in trouble, I had gotten myself into an area where I couldn't backtrack because platforming back was more difficult than platforming forward had been. I thus was stuck with my rather pathetic low-level elephant in an area where flying enemies swarmed you almost immediately. It was hectic but fun. I died a lot, but I leveled up fairly quickly too (it helps that dying has no experience penalty), and pretty soon I had beefed up my elephant enough to laser-blast my way out of there, and when I got to that point I felt the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Then again, there is something to be said for the satisfaction when the 97-pound-weakling runs up and kicks sand in the face of the former bully, so maybe this total curb-stomping of a boss battle fits the narrative arc of the game better than a victory you have to struggle to achieve by the skin of your teeth (or tusks). Perhaps the fight would have been more challenging if I hadn't completed all the sidequests first (this is the problem I always run into with Final Fantasy games, too). The game does try to appeal to many different styles of gamer, from fanatical completionists like myself to "what's the most direct way to the boss" speed demons. The game also offers an additional "come get some" to speedrunners in the form of the "new game plus" option, which enables you to start the game over with all your experiences and upgrades already unlocked.

Whimsical and with wide-appeal, this is certain to be another major hit.

Play Elephant Quest

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Elephant Quest Walkthrough


  1. A level map with all areas numbered: Labeled Map of Elephant Quest.

  2. A map showing all the balloon locations, marked with red Xs: Balloon location map.

Main Quest/Speedrunner Map:

This map shows the locations of the six keys and six doors needed to access the main boss.

  • Blue keys are marked with blue circles and the word "key" in blue.

  • The yellow and green key are marked with circles and the word "key" in yellow or green respectively.

  • The yellow door is on the right hand side of main area 15, and the green door is on the left hand side. Both are marked with "door" in yellow or green depending.

  • The four blue doors are marked with "door" in blue.

  • Finally, everything is numbered with a suggested speedrunning order:

    1. Enter the caves and get the yellow key.

    2. Unlock and go through the yellow door, taking the downward branch to the ruins.

    3. Pick up the ruins' blue key.

    4. Go up into the forest and pick up the green key.

    5. Go up and pick up the forest's blue key.

    6. Go back to the main area and unlock open the green door.

    7. Go up and get the upper cloud blue key.

    8. Get the lower cloud blue key.

    9. Go back to the caves and unlock all four blue doors with the blue keys and fight the boss.

Elephant Quest Walkthrough - 100% Completion Style:

  • Since the game is non-linear, there are many possible orders for completing the quests. Therefore, this guide has two parts: a quest guide, and an overview of the contents of every area, divided by category.

  • All numbers refer to the official room numbers (as seen in the mini-map in the upper left corner when you play the game). Please look at the numbered map if you are confused about where something is.

Quest Guide:

  1. Wooly's Flight: The main storyline quest, culminates in collecting blue keys to open four doors to find Wooly, which is the boss fight.

    Please see the main quest/speedrunner map and guide.

  2. Bearish Means: Collect and deliver a teddy bear to Mark.

    Mark is in area 15, and the teddy bear is in area 26.

  3. Chance of Rain: Collect and deliver an umbrella to Mr Tooty.

    Mr Tooty is in area 16, and the umbrella is in area 17.

  4. First Place Trophy Chase: Find a missing trophy, then deliver it to its rightful owner.

    First, talk to Nancy in area 41. Then, collect the trophy in area 3. Go back and talk to Nancy again, then talk to Sam to complete the quest.

  5. Mr W's Throwdown: Deliver Mr W's message to The Duke.

    Mr W is in the main area 15. The Duke is in area 28.

  6. I HAS HUNGER: Find Ella's friend Bethany in the Ruins.

    First, Ella in area 5, then Bethany in area 42.

  7. Three Luftbalons: Find 3 balloons and show them to Bob.

    Check the balloon map for balloon locations. Bob is in main area 15.

  8. Time For a New Watch: Ask Mr Doo to fix Nate's watch in the Clouds.

    Both Nate and Mr Doo are in area 10. Nate is lower than Mr Doo.

  9. Seven Times Lighter Than Air: Find 7 balloons and show them to Bobby.

    Bobby is in area 2. Check the balloon map for balloon locations.

  10. All Overblown: Find 10 balloons and show them to Bobbington.

    Bobbington is in area 27. Check the balloon map for balloon locations.

  11. Buffalo's Identity Crisis: Do a lot of messages between elephants to find out who Buffalo is.

    First, Buffalo in area 23. Then Dave in area 13. Then Steve in area 12. Finally, go to Pokey in the main area 15 to complete the quest.

  12. Sushi Society Fan Club: Find 3 sushi cat dolls for Joey. This is a bonus quest only available to people who have logged in on Armor Games.

    Joey is in area 22. The three cats are in areas 7, 21 and 43.

Area Guide:

Areas are arranged by category, and arranged within category in numerical order. The numerical order is kind of strange, so check the main numbered map to get your bearings.


Area 4:
Starting area
Sprouts (gives instructions)

Area 5:
a balloon
Ella (quest giver)

Area 11:
Tasselphant (gives instructions)
Cormyn (gives instructions)

Area 12:
Contains Steve

Area 15:
This is the main branching off area.
Pokey (part of a quest)
Mark (quest giver)
Bob (quest giver)
Mr W (quest giver)
Larry (flavor text)
a balloon
yellow and green locked doors

Area 16:
Mr Tooty (quest giver)

Area 19:
enemies only

The Caves:

Area 20:
enemies only

Area 21:
a sushi cat doll (if logged in on Armor Games)

Area 22:
Joey (quest giver, only appears if you are logged in on Armor Games)

Area 26:
a teddy bear

Area 27:
Bobbington (quest giver)
locked blue door (path to the boss area)

Area 32:
yellow key

The Forest:

Area 7:
a sushi cat doll (if logged in on Armor Games)

Area 8:
only enemies

Area 13:
a balloon
Dave (part of a quest)

Area 17:

Area 23:
Buffalo (quest giver)

Area 24:
only enemies

Area 29:
green key

Area 46:
blue key

The Ruins:

Area 28:
a balloon
The Duke (part of a quest)

Area 35:
enemies only

Area 36:

Area 41:
Nancy (quest giver)

Area 42:
Bethany (part of a quest)

Area 43:
a sushi cat doll (if logged in on Armor Games)

Area 44:
enemies only

Area 45:
blue key

The Clouds:

Area 1:
blue key

Area 2:
Bobby (quest giver)

Area 3,

Area 6:
only enemies

Area 10:
a balloon
Mr Doo (part of a quest)
Nate (quest giver)

Area 14:
a balloon

Area 18:
Sam (part of a quest)

Area 25:
only enemies

Area 30:
blue key

Area 31:
a balloon

Path to the Boss:

The way to the boss is behind a locked door in area 27 (in the caves). Every room from there to the boss has a door with a lock. The rooms are numbered 34, 37, 39, and 40. These rooms are totally empty, except for room 40, which contains James, who warns you if you go through the door, you can't come back out. Going forward from 40 takes you to the boss battle.

Skill Tree and Abilities Guide

  • You can complete the skill tree without having enough points to fully upgrade every skill. The random squares (marked with question marks) give upgrade a random area, so you may end up with 300 points in dexterity but only 250 in agility or vice versa. You need to put 25 points into an ability to move it up one rank, to a max of 4 ranks or 100 points. Points between no ranks don't make any difference, so you might want to only spend points once you've got 25 to spend.

  • Here is an ugly, but functional, full-sized version of the skill tree. You can use this to more easily figure out the best path to take. I suggest first going up from the start and taking the path to the +15 INT square; that will get you enough INT to go up a rank in "Credit Junkie", which will speed up your time on the skill tree.

AGL (agility):
Overview: Every skill in agility is useful, so if you get shortchanged here by the random squares, that's a real bummer. Upgrading Acrobatics fully is a must in order to reach some things.

  • Acrobatics: Each rank increases ability to jump by one square, to a max of four. Extremely useful skill, necessary to reach some areas.

  • Hide Armor: Damage deflection, 25% per rank. Useful.

  • Constitution: Total hit point increase, 25% per rank. Probably the least useful of the three.

INT (intelligence):
Overview: This is the most important trait to develop in the beginning, as the "Credit Junkie" skill enables you to traverse the skill tree much faster.

  • Weapon Targeting: This says it increases the ability to aim your weapon, but I have to say I didn't notice too much improvement. I would consider this one the least useful.

  • Credit Junkie: Credits awarded per levelup. This is the priority skill to unlock if you want to get through the game faster. You get an extra credit per rank, up to a total of six credits per level up (including the base two).

  • Spike-Readiness: Decreases damage taken from spikes, useful, especially if you want to speed run and just get through places quickly without having to use platforming skills to avoid spikes.

DEX (dexterity)
Overview: Only one of the skills here is really worth maxing out, so if you're like me, naturally this will be the area where the random numbers give you lots of points. Sad.

  • Weapons: Damage done by weapons, up to a max of 12 dmg/sec. Very, very useful, of course.

  • Swiftness: How fast your elephant goes. I'll be frank: I upgraded my elephant to only 50 points worth and I found him plenty fast. I think extra speed might make him too hard to handle. It's up to you.

  • Adrenaline: It appears this affects how much you regain from the hearts monsters drop. Since death is so low-penalty, this is not that useful of a skill.

CHA (charisma)
Overview: The best skill here can actually backfire on you if your machine is prone to lag, so those with slow machines can consider charisma to be low priority.

  • Miniphant Swarm: Per rank, you will be accompanied by more little floating elephants that independently attack monsters. They are extremely useful because you get the same experience for their kills as for kills you make yourself. If you have a slow computer, you may find that the miniphants cause too much lag, however.

  • Quest Uptake: Increases XP bonuses per rank, I think by 25% per rank. Mezzo for usefulness.

  • Cantering: Makes your avatar toddle and look "+1 cuter" per rank. Totally useless, of course, but fun!


My goodness what a fine and inspiring games maker is jmtb02.

My heart skipped when I saw he'd made a new game as he'd managed to draw me away from my platforming/RPG fetish to play his crossover 'achievment' games but you can imagine my physical reaction to finding out it was a platforming RPG.

The controls and game dynamics are so lovely and tactile (lazer sound especially).

I'm loving it. Very very much.

Thank you Mr Cooney. Again.


This game was fun and I enjoyed it overall, but a lot of times the screen felt very crowded, especially once you complete a few quests and have some things following you around, and then there are messages popping up on screen constantly and pictures of enemies and things flying around everywhere. It didn't help that I ran into a bug where I got stuck in the ceiling, and when I reloaded the page I had all my quest items back (but the quests were still marked completed so I couldn't get rid of the items again). It just made seeing what I was doing into a huge mess and caused significant slowdown.

The game was charming enough that I finished it despite this. I can't get enough of that elephant.


Am I the only one having trouble finding Nancy's Trophy?

Otherwise, great game!


Okay, so apparently I did have it and didn't realize...


Something went wrong with the level map when I was scrolling and it went totally black. I reloaded and the map is back but the names are all gone. Can someone tell me where Sam is?


Am I the only one having problems with the controls? I tap the arrow button once and half the time the elephant (adorable as he is) inexplicably runs 5 or 10 steps instead of 1. Makes landing on platforms practically impossible, as he keeps running off the other side. :(


Wlangford - I was also unable to find Nancy's Trophy.

CrankYanker February 22, 2011 12:36 PM

Same here for Nancy's trophy... also can't find the 10th balloon.


FYI, Sushi Cat is Joey Betz + JIMP, not Jmtb + JIMP.


Wlangford - aaaaannnnd, just like you, I somehow picked it up without realizing it.

CrankYanker February 22, 2011 12:58 PM

Same here for Nancy's trophy (picked it up somewhere). Still missing 10th balloon though.


Lots of fun, although it has its share of problems. For me, the biggest problem was that it slowed down a lot, even on low quality. I don't exactly have a slow machine, but maybe that's my own problem. I ended up avoiding the "extra minions" upgrade just for the fact that I already had enough stuff cluttering up the screen. I also found it somewhat difficult to control the elephant at times, particularly when jumping and standing near edges, and found that upgrading the elephant's jumping capabilities served primarily to slow down my travel time. And you can count me among the many who were apparently confused by the quest involving Nancy's trophy--I backtracked through the entire cloud level looking for that trophy, since by the look of it on my quests page, I hadn't even completed the first step of "find trophy and bring to Nancy."

Nevertheless, I did enjoy playing, and was very pleased by the ending.

HairySammoth February 22, 2011 1:20 PM

I'm not sure if it's a bug or deliberate, but in the quest for Nancy's Trophy

you need to talk to her twice in a row, then go and see the other Elephant (Sam, I think - he's in the Cloud zone to the left).


Yay, elephantacular! =)

CrankYanker February 22, 2011 1:44 PM

Found the 10th. It was hidden in an obscure room. Has anyone figured out what the elephant drawing in the first cave level is about? It shows up on the map, but I can't figure out anything special about it.


I've gotten stuck several times inside walls I couldn't help but jump into (because of my jump height and design of the level)


Bugged flash storage, so I can't play. Yay...?


Arrrrgh there is a quest called "Wooly's Flight" (find the yellow key in the caves) and I can't figure it out at all. I visited all rooms and even beat Wooly. And I could've sworn I got a yellow key at the beginning. Halp!


For those of us (ok, me!) who don't often play this sirt of thing... How do you get past the flying red things in the ruins? They kill me immediately. Therefore, I can only visit the grasslands and the caves, and it is getting pretty stale. Do I jsut have to keep killing the same things over and over to get enough experience to survive?


Just dodge them... jump around!

I'm having trouple finding Pokey for the Buffalo quest. Where is Pokey?! :o


How do i get past area 28 going up???? I keep getting killed by the birds. Ive tried jumping around but they keep getting me :(


@ ThenAgain-

He's right on the home page.

FYI, all the elephants are labeled on the map, once you find them.


Ack. Nope - I think my computer is just too old for this one. If I jump, I can't aim at the same time - my controls are lagging horribly. Too bad - it was being kind of fun!


Great game! I did have some lag on a couple of areas, to the point my elephant wouldn't respond to my telling it to move until ten seconds later, after the birds completely kill me. -_-

Now I'm stuck on the boss. Methinks I didn't level up enough for this, but I can't go back and grind.


I'm really stuck. I'm in area 31, the one right outside of the southwest key room in the Clouds, at the lower door. You have to ascend a series of narrow steps, with gaps in between them and low ceilings so that you have to jump and move right at exactly the right place. I died maybe 3 or 4 times in the entire rest of the game, and I've died at least 50 times here. When I tap the right arrow key, the game ignores it, and when I hold the key down for literally the shortest time of which I'm physically capable, it overshoots and sends the elephant off the other side of the platform. Did anyone else have problems like this? Does it have to do with the fact that I maxed out my speed and jump skills?

(PS - I did find a way out...

The old "game doesn't save your exact location and when you reload it puts you in a slightly different place" trick.

Still, I'd like to know if anyone else noticed the control problems.)


What obscure room did you find the tenth balloon in?


My computer is awful and it keep reminding me of this when it come to great games like this. I keep on getting a debugged looking map half 9/10 times I try loading the game after the first cut scene and finally when I was able to play it I keep on getting problems when it come to movements that I commanded a min ago and having the mouse delay and lag behind.

My computer suck so badly that it not even funny...Anyway as far I ~could~ get from the game, it seem to be a great game and I would give it 5/5 if it wasn't the fact that I can't play it. (I not voting because I haven't seen the full game, it not because I can't play it.)


This is one of the few shooter games I have been able to play with a touchpad, since you can hold and shoot... I love jmtb02's style of design and it's awesome to see him delve into the world of RPG/shooters! :D This was an adorabl game. Hopefully a sequel is in the works...?


Aw, that was a cute game, kind of on the easy side but overall a great experience. :)


Another awesome game by jmtb.

For anyone who gets stuck in the walls or ceiling (happened to me twice), just reload the game. It saves your progress.


After getting killed by the Wooly boss several times, I quit, and opened the game again later. Fortunately it booted me out of that room so I could go back and finish Nancy's & the 10 balloon quests, but now I've lost the names of elephants on the map. No big deal.

What has me totally stuck is that 10th balloon. I can see it in area 28, near the orange elephant (Duke?) but can't seem to make the jump. I've tried to get to it from both sides. Any ideas?


I found the tenth/last balloon, but cannot reach it. It's the blue one.

I should have increased my Agility more, but it's too late now.

Any suggestions?

Also, I cannot beat Wooly. He just rushes me and stomps me to death. I try running toward him and then jumping and turning around, but he's too fast. Any ideas?


I think this game is adorable. And fun. Love it.


I swear I've been through the whole map, I can't seem to re-find Bobby, the one who wants to see 7 balloons.


I've found my tenth balloon! It may not be yours, but this was strange...

In area 36, after killing the line of enemies heading down the tunnel, I went up to the door at the top, then down to the bottom of the room. The tenth balloon spawned there.

Cyberjar88 February 22, 2011 8:31 PM

Does anyone know where Pokey is? I swear, I've been all over the place looking for him!


can't find the 10th balloon. also had the same problems with the map where after i clicked the mouse stayed connected to the map and cleared it off. after i reloaded the map stayed still as long as i didn't click it but was blank from names. also, can't find mr doo for the watch quest. where is he?

Somerandomguy February 22, 2011 9:06 PM

New Game +...
I see a nippon ichi term... Huh?!


Not fair. Not fair at all.

I am supposed to write over 100 pages of stuff with an excessively short deadline, and here I am, having spent half of my night after an elephant.

But it was worth it. Oh yes it was!

This is sort of Metroid without the boring parts!

(and the absurdly large powerup tree screen was cooooool!)


I'm disappointed that there aren't enough ability points to get all the abilities. Otherwise, fun!


This has gotta be one of jmtb02's best releases to date, and that's saying A LOT.

Great quality game on just about every level.


as A statement, you can still go out of the boss fight.


I was the one who asked about how to get to the last balloon. It was in Area 28 - I knew where it was and could see it, but could not reach it. I had to go to a monster filled room and keep attacking until I could level up and increase my jumping abilities until I was able to jump four blocks high.

Agility is very important.

It helped me defeat Wooly as well.

Great game. Excellent.

Brian Lutz February 23, 2011 2:46 AM

Managed 100% completion without too much trouble, aside from a glitch where the map disappeared and I had to reload to get it back. Pretty good (most JMTB02 stuff is) but I just can't seem to shake the sneaking suspicion that it could use a few hundred pointless achievements...


Regarding lagged/ignored/stuck control problems this is something I see in a lot of flash games and have assumed it's endemic to flash and not worth commenting on for particular games. Mostly exiting and restarting the browser solves or at least minimizes the problem for me (it worked for this game). Sometimes the problem will come back after a short time.


Enjoyed the game! As neddo said, can't get enough of that elephant. JIMP's graphic is icing on the cake, and suits elephant "universe" just fine.
I made it to level 29-30 with 2 quests not completed, and still, boss-battle was fairly easy.
The ending scene made me chuckle in its genre-deconstructing absurdity:

elephant forgiving mammoth after the final battle and they sharing their caps for the rest of the day

Equivalent of that would be

Chrono making peace with Lavos, and they happily frolicking on the remains of charred earth, or Shepard forgiving the Reapers, 'couse its in their nature to be like that..


Only one problem with it: the sushi cat quest does not appear to be showing up - though the cats themselves are there, there's nobody to give them to or talk to about them.


What do the yellow "+?" squares on the skill tree do, exactly?

Holyhabanero February 23, 2011 5:34 PM

Sam is in area 18


whats with the cave painting, it shows up as a star on the map so how do you unlock it?



The yellow squares are just one of the four attributes, but you can't tell which until you buy it. If I remember correctly, they are often 10 points instead of 5.


Agility is the most important skill for getting all the balloons and definitely for beating wooly. You need to jump over him or you wont survive.


This was such a fun game!

For anyone else needing to level up before facing Wooly, I found that the best way to do it was with area 24. It was easy, with only crawlers and droppers, and gave 34xp when all killed, plus it usually dropped 2 or 3 hearts, each one good for extra xp. It's also through the door from area 28, which gave the 44xp for killing all enemies (the highest amount I found). Although for area 28, you've got to hit both sides, so you'll need agility's extra jump(s) to do it.


a 5 :)


@Neddo: What I'm really wondering is if the yellow +? squares are random, or if they're the same from game to game. That could affect which skills you're able to max out.

@joye: I notice in your image of the skill tree, there are two squares you haven't used - the red +5 HP just above and to the left of the center, and the orange +5 AGI hanging off it. Not that one more +5 AGI is going to do much for you. :)


@inhumandecency: I also have that problem. I died now 60 - 70 times. Will try the

old save game trick.

pokemega32 February 24, 2011 3:40 PM

On the main page it says that if you log in you get a special Sushi Cat mini-quest.

How do you access it?

finnoodles February 24, 2011 4:46 PM

I was wondering if anybody else is having trouble with the sushi cat quest?

I talked to the elephant that appears in the caves when you've logged into armor games and I've got one sushi cat, the one from the caves, but I can't find the others and the elephant that talks about the quest has disappeared once I refreshed the page. I'm still logged in though.

Is anyone else having this problem and knows how to fix it? Thanks!


Really cant find nancys trophy. anyone help??


Does this game not save? I started it a few hours ago and now my progress is lost...

szymon100000 February 24, 2011 9:47 PM

I have a problem. The game says as if I were playing at another flash site, though I am at "Armor Games". This has stopped me to play. Help? Windows XP
Another tip is what has happened to me before:

Picture of what the problem is.


I think the yellow question mark icons on the Credits map are randomized for each game. Unlike joye, I got 320 AGI, 270 INT, 280 DEX and 270 CHA.


I have been having so much fun with this game, but now I got my elephant caught in a graphical glitch! Stuck inside a cloud block in 'Area 6'. I hope I get my stuff back if I restart, this game is awesome.


Oh man - I got caught on the same block. A cloud block the top of 'area 6'? I was able to get my game back.. but beware of that level. It isn't stopping me from playing! I'm just going to avoid the block.


Three words.
Easy. Boring. Grindfest.


I managed to completely max out Agility and none of the others.


I've been taking a look at the map, and as far as I've been able to figure out, you get a minimum of 160 HP, 245 INT, 245 AGI, 240 CHA and 240 DEX. Then there's 19 yellow squares which are probably randomized. Since they give a minimum of 5 points, you could be so unlucky as to not be able to max out any of the four stats. And with a maximum of 10 points, even if you're lucky, you won't be able to max out more than three stats.


Yep, I just restarted the game twice, and both times went to the shortest yellow square. The first time it gave me 10 HP, the second time 10 DEX. So they are indeed randomized.


I wasn't sure what to upgrade so I didn't upgrade the xp grant. I feel as if I will never beat Mr.Woolly Bully.


i didn't ... get challenged early enough ...

I played it for ten minutes but nothing really happened so I stopped.

gonna go play Achievement Unlocked 2 instead

Kariscope March 31, 2011 10:30 PM


Elephants can't jump. :O

Anonymous April 3, 2011 10:25 AM

Finished this :DD It took 2 hours thou :L

iloveelephants April 9, 2011 9:58 AM

There is no Area 9! I spent ages looking to see if there was anything in area 9 and it doesn't even exist!

Anonymous April 18, 2011 12:19 AM

i keep jumping too high and sticking to the roof so i have to reload the pg over +over again!


I didn't see where anyone had mentioned it but you can replay the game with all of your stats intact. That is where I discovered a WEAPON SECRET!

If you go back through and complete the quests it gives you even more weapons. I think I counted at least 10 miniphants flying around and I had two of every weapon chained to my elephant. It made defeating Wooly at the end twice as fast. I'm sure this could be done a few times, so for speed runners if you want to defeat Wooly even faster this is a must.

Additionally the miniphant swarm could make it so that you don't even have to bother firing your weapons when going through levels. Works best if you have a powerful number cruncher.

Silent Gamer April 21, 2011 12:22 AM

The only part I found frustrating is in area 28 because I found it impossible to get the balloon and get over the ledge, can any one can help me please! I really want to get over the edge! Thanks :D


fetchund you need to get some minions, then jump so the birds can't get you so that the minion{s} can shoot at the birds

metatroful April 27, 2011 1:45 AM

i cant get the yellow key
im still having trouble
i have upgraded to full and done everything (every quest except for this one
i know its in area 32 but i still cant find it

BlondeOne<3 April 27, 2011 4:07 PM

Im finding it hard to kill the 'Zippers' Any advice it help would be nice :) x

Anonymous May 1, 2011 3:35 PM

how do you do the grasslands without being killed in 29 seconds?????


The Adrenaline ability either allows for regeneration of HP or the amount of HP you get from the hearts.


For you who can't find a particular elephant (or bison), you can look on the map and it shows you where all the elephants are that you have found.

Ronoc11 June 24, 2011 6:10 PM

When I got to the lowest point on the map, I dragged out into the blackness underneath Wooly's lair and discovered two tiny rooms way down at the bottom. Neither had any connections or visible doors. Anyone else notice this? Glitch or secret?


I have a problem...

when I say new (normal) game, it doesn't do anything.Instead where it says log in for sushi quest it says loading agi??? Does anyone else have this problem


I'm in area 6 of the game, and on the floating platform next to the upper door, my elephant got stuck. As in it can't move an inch. I jumped underneath the platform and somehow I stopped moving. Fix this glitch? And is there any way to get... un-stuck? :(

robotpeach February 9, 2012 1:47 AM

Having leveled up pretty high and purchased every available box of ability points from the topmost mazelike menu, I somehow have:

-1 extra credit...useless and unspendable
-Maxed out stats in dexterity, but 10 extra dedicated points to spend in that category
-A need for 20 agility points, 30 intelligence points and 20 charisma points.

In a word, frustrating. A bothersome problem for the perfectionists among us which kind of ruins an otherwise fun game.


Very fun. :) I'm gonna play it again now.

But just a note on the walkthrough:

I'm pretty sure the "Adrenaline" skill makes your elephant slowly regenerate health over time. Though this is still not a very useful skill because, as you pointed out, dying doesn't really set you back any.

Otherwise great as far as I can tell.


This game is amazing. It is the perfect length (making you wish it lasted longer but not getting tired of it.) Great controls and so cute. The elephants are so charming.


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