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Rating: 4.8/5 (171 votes)
Comments (74) | Views (16,813)

knytt2.jpgJohnBKnytt is a downloadable game of exploration and atmosphere for Windows created by Nifflas, the author of Within a Deep Forest. The game emphasizes discovery and intrigue over everything and creates a massive world with varied environments and lots of places to explore. A spacecraft kidnapped the cat-like Knytt from his home but crashes on its way back, sending pieces of the ship across a mysterious planet. Your job is to traverse the barren world in search of the missing parts and try to get back home.

As Knytt, a tiny bundle of pixels, your only moves are the ability to jump, climb walls and shine a beacon of white light in the direction of the nearest item. You won't find any enemies to fight in the game, though there are some creatures who will be more than happy to force you to start over at the last save point. The game feels a lot like Within a Deep Forest but is purposefully less complex and easier to play. The idea is to sit back and explore a beautiful world, and the game does an extraordinary job of that.

Knytt really pulls you in with its atmosphere, something Nifflas has been working on for quite some time. Most of the sounds you hear are only ambient noises combining to create a backdrop similar to what you would hear standing outside in nature. Short clips of music are played at key points during the game and really enhance the dramatic feel of exploring an uncharted planet.

Knytt does a fantastic job creating a world for you to explore while keeping gameplay very simple. Nifflas has unleashed an extraordinarily epic game disguised in a simple package. It's one of the most charming and engrossing freeware platform games available today.

Download the free full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Not available.
Try Boot Camp or Parallels or CrossOver Games.

Thanks to Nicklas and Hapk_percar for sending this one in!

Note: A few users may experience random crashes while playing Knytt. The author is aware of the problem and is waiting on an upgrade from Clickteam to resolve the issue. The crashes are rare and harmless, so don't worry too much!


I highly recommend this game... Keep in mind it's more about the atmosphere, not the gameplay... Nifflas keeps you entertained with the little creatures and well placed music...

Check out his forum for discussions about Knytt!



The game sure has a beautiful mood and certainly isn't too difficult with the massive amounts of save points, but a little too short for me. With that massive world, much more could have been done with just a few more touches. Usable items, switch/door combinations, maybe even a few interactions with the (benevolent) inhabitants of the world and this game would have been brilliant. Could have been a second "Cave Story", but unfortunately ends being an easier (and shorter) Seiklus.


Hm. I almost feel like...why go to the trouble of building such a neat little world without adding in a few puzzles, plot, or dialogue?

On the other hand, without all that stuff the game is streamlined and integrated. Took me only about 20 minutes I think. Oh well.

Not quite as much fun as WaDF, but definitely as interesting.


Wow, this sounds perfect! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for posting it!

I really liked the atmosphere of Within a Deep Forest but I did think it was too hard. I like games that are about exploration.

HaPK_PerCar December 6, 2006 1:09 PM

you can always search for the secrets places and cheats that are in the game. that adds up, also, there is a minigame you can search for.


Wow, that was fun. I liked the music, but what was frustrating was

When I got the super-speed and super jump, i could lose control really easily

A good game, just takes a few hours^^


The game has an almost cartoony Samarost feel, but the backgrounds are less "busy" but it works. Certainly the music feels like Samarost atmosphere. I wish there had been more to do. I think that interactions with the inhabitants would have been fun.


Hmm, there are cheats and a minigame?
i must find them!


There's a mini game? Must explore further...

As for the secret places, by the time I finished it I did find a few *sneaky* passages, some are more hidden than others.

make sure you 'feel around' because there are quite a few surprise passage ways.

(not really a huge spoiler, the tags just make me feel special)
Cute, quick game. Well, okay, not so quick, but not 3 days long either.
And that whole "seek with the 'a' key" ability? Definitely a nifty feature.
*helpful hints for those as unobservant as I*

If you're having trouble differentiating harmful characters from background animation, ask the Knytt. No, really, he has a strobe-like red glow when he enters a frame with a harmful animation. Exit the frame, and the glow dissapears.
Also, watch the paterns the harmful characters move in. Some respond to the Knytt, some are on a pre-programed loop. So, when you enter a new frame, don't be afraid to just sit back and watch. Heck, do it anyway, just to watch the background animations move around and be pretty. And cute.

This game really is far too cute for words. It wasn't nearly as frustrating as WaDF (which really is wonderful), and it's easily finished in an afternoon. (Took me an hour and a half, but I tend to think it was more luck than skill). Fast download, quick installer, all in all, fun game.

I didn't experience any crashes, freezing, lag, or basically any annoying glitches or bugs. Other than the creepy evil spiders. Yuck.

Great review, JohnB! And that's one of my favorite screens of the game. I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out what those critters were supposed to be, and finally decided they were dogs with their heads stuck in coffee cans.


I like the little critter more than the ball in the other game. It's so energetic I start to feel like I'm watching rather than controlling.

I finished it, but it's more fun to explore the game than to win it.


Just finished it!
i agree with yany and vole.
not as elaborate as WaDF or frustrating, but still elegant with the impressive scenery. great find!


Yay! So glad to see a sort of sequal to Within a Deep Forest! That was one of the bestest games I've ever played, although this game is quickly climbing the ranks!
I loved how at the begining it was the same village from WaDF, sort of continuing the sotryline. Simple yet elegant fun =)


Oooh, I _like_ this one. I actually could finish it, too, unlike WaDF, which I got stuck on. I really liked the motion and the wall-climbing feature, it got me really into the game, even when just traversing ground really quickly. Although I adored it as it is and it doesn't NEED anything, more nifty little bits like the moving platform would be a good addition.

baba44713 December 7, 2006 6:14 AM

Within a deep forest was a great little game with massive replayability. I must have played it through a few dozen times, trying to beat my best time over and over again (in the end I could finish it in less than 20 minutes!).

This game has the same feel, simmilar atmosphere, yet it feels too...empty I guess is the word I want. If I didn't know better, I would have thought of it as an early draft of a future, much more involving game. Also, those balls were a blast to control, and Knytt feels too much like a sluggish Mario clone. All in all the game is reminiscent of the old Dizzy serial, albeit that one had some ridicilously hard puzzles while this one merely wants to you to collect everything and that's more or less it.

All in all, quite an enjoyable game, but seriously subpar to a true gem that was WaDF.


Ok. so I beat the game in an hourish despite it being very fun it felt unrewarding.

Very beautiful ambiance to the game. The movement is perfect but the game lacks more to it. Not much strategy at all, very if not any puzzle solving, but you can sure expect some nice fun exploration.

Overall 7.5 out of 10.

Where are the mini games btw in here? and I never really got to use the "A" key too much. Maybe i missed stuff despite beating the game....


Wow. I really enjoyed WaDF and absolutely adored this game. The atmosphere was astonishing. Although there were no real puzzles, figuring out how to get to some of the pieces was fairly tricky.

I really liked how all the pieces that you found were visible at the end


First thoughts when i booted up the game, hmm.. not bad looks nice...

Couple a' minutes later: wow looks very nice, but there's not much to this game

Few minutes later: Wow impressive scenery, and quite fun

By the end: Wow i like the game a lot! looks wonderful and its really good fun.

In short, a very very nice and fun game. I like how there was some "puzzling" espcially with finding the correct route. The one thing that i thought was great was the simplicity and yet haveing to figure out the "puzzling jumps" as i call them. where to jump from, go there first then there? or over there first?

Very nice, quick, surprisingly big - took 5 mins to go from collecting last piece back to ship, and that was direct.

oh and by the way - i think those things pictured were some kinda blue horses with hats which had flags on them - amazing how one thing can appear different to so many people.


man, such a glorious, beautiful, astonishing game, with glorious, beautiful, astonishing scenery. all i can say is 'WOW'
also, it is rather hard to get some of the pieces, especially

the one guarded by the star-spitting snake.

i suppose i might never get that one.


This game is a blast! I love old Apogee platformers, and this was a fun throwback to that. The character moved around fast enough where even if I took a wrong route it didn't feel like it took forever to retrace my steps. Excellent job!

After I beat it I went back with the hang glider and the balloon for "extra" fun!


what's with the underground cart thing?
Do i push it and if so, how? :~^


I think that they were just blue cows with hats on...

But anyways, great game! I'm really into the whole exploring idea.


first off, yes, you can push the cart, dont worry it won't eat you alive; to push the cart, just walk up to it and keep walking in that direction: it will (or should) roll along the tracks


I love the ambience of this game! I agree that usable items would be nice, but there's a lot of work behind that apparently simple concept.

If you're trying to play this on Windows XP as a limited user, and it seems to be working but you can't do anything other than play the tutorial...

... you need to be running it as an administrator or the save slots won't be active and you won't be able to play the game proper.

Knytt looks a lot more like a monkey than a cat to me :)


Nezuji: That actually surprise me, but I suppose it do make sense. Knytt store it's save and settings files in the game folder, so in case it was installed using the game installer, the game must be able to write to the program files/Knytt folder

The solution is downloading the .zip version instead.


I love this game for showing that you can make unfrustrating arcadelike games! But yet its very enjoyable.

I also love that this one abandons the sterotype jump'n'run concept you see 1000oooo... times like you have X lives, a health bar, and you jump your enemies on the head ;)


Thanks JacobX... But what I meant was, how do I get
to it? I suppose that would be very hard to answer :~^


nevermind,i figured it out by myself!
did i mention i have mad skillz ;)


mmAARRhh dooooh - i cant get the last item, what do i do wrong?


I think I found a map by pressing shift and end button at the same time.


There's no need to press combination of Shift+End. Just press the "End", you will see the map.


I also love that this one abandons the sterotype jump'n'run concept you see 1000oooo... times like you have X lives, a health bar, and you jump your enemies on the head ;)

I do too, but there's a definite Commander Keen reference in there...

I think this game is WAYYYYYYYYYY harder than you're giving it credit for!


make more games like this. i found it very addicting and enjoyable. how or where do u get the super speed and jump after beating the game?


This game is so fun and relaxing. I think it's great.

Something that I don't think has been mentioned yet: this game is in stereo! If you put on headphones (or, I guess, if you have surround sound), as Knytt walks across the screen you'll notice the that the balance between left and right ear is only equal when Knytt is in the middle of the screen. Neat :)


This game is fantastic. More my speed, definitely my ambiance. The jump/climb aspect is fun. And lots of sneaky hidden hallways to explore. I can only hope they do more like this. WaDF is good, but I gave up too early. I like the atmosphere of this one much better.


Gahh. I'm stuck at the point where the little women is hanging off the ledge on the other side. How do I get to her side? Guh.

This game rocks socks. So simplistic yet habit forming. I do agree, though, There should have been a more puzzling factor.


To get past large expanses of water you must find another way down below or up above.

This game is friggin huge. I saw a map of the whole game and even though I got 9 out of 11 objects so far, there are many other areas I haven't gotten to yet. And from the looks of it I imagine some areas can only be reached using those teleporter lights.

I'm kinda playing both Knytt & WaDF on & off at the same time which can be quite confusing. I keep forgetting which is where.



hold down m and r keys...


Yes, fromk just gave a spoiler for extra speed:

m & r keys

, and for higher jumps:

g & l keys

. And just quit the game if you want to switch them off. You can continue from the last saving point and turn extra features on again after restart.

P.S. Don't open those spoilers if you want to earn them. You can find hints for extra keys also in the game. Map I haven't found yet.


Does any one know how the map works? I dont know what to make of the boxes colors


Found the map :)
But it is not in the game. Nifflas has published it on his gamepage. Notice that the map for Knytt is very huge png image, so it will take a while to download it. I was glad to find out that I already managed to find all places except one.


Oops, that gamepage I mentioned was not published by Nifflas but one of his fans. So I guess that you can call it as a fan site.


The "map" you see when you hold End is not an actual map. What it does, is displaying the game's music and ambiance engine, where I placed the triangles and squares representing the background sounds and songs that's supposed to be played on each screen.

Basically, triangles are ambiances (winds, water sounds, etc.) and squares are songs. Two triangles can be placed in the same position so two sounds can be played at the same time. That's how it works :)

I used the "End" button feature a lot when creating the game, but didn't actually see a reason to remove it in the final version. It's a fun thing I decided to keep :)


i want to play now


so i downloaded this game as soon as it was reviewed, and it sat around on my desktop until this afternoon.

so i finished it over the course of the day, and i don't think i've ever been so entranced by a game like this. ever. the graphics are sweet, the music is sweet, the whole thing is very sweet and very satisfying, for such a small/short game.

Felipe Fraga December 26, 2006 3:05 PM

I did like to play Knytt!

It makes remember how fun it was playing games like "Terramex" on the old MSX computer. Games like that should arrive more often.

Nifflas, congratulations.

I'm writing from Brazil and i'm afraid this writing is full of erros! :) But thats it!!!


Nifflas, you are an amazing composer. I mean the music is just sweet. Just like Aphex Twin or Boards of Canada.


I just found another cheat, but I'm going to let you find it on your own :)
But here's a hint:

sometimes what you think you see is just a distraction

need more?

think deeper


Here are a couple of extras -

Open up the Knytt folder and find the 'Settings page. Open it up, and at the bottom, under the tag [Secrets] (add the tag if it isn't there), type

Extra=Hang Glider (for a hang glider)


Extra=Balloon (for a balloon)


I've come to the conclusion that Nifflas is a genius. Within a Deep Forest was probably one of, if not the, best games that I've played all year. That list of games includes some of the best commercial stuff released, like Twilight Princess and Oblivion. It was a masterpiece.

Knytt is, no doubt about it, a very different game from Within a Deep Forest. It is easy and short. But both games share similarly designed beautiful worlds full of strange creatures, scenes, and locations. Both games feature great music and the ambiance that signals a Nifflas game.

The thing of it is, Knytt is supposed to be short. As the creator has pointed out movies rarely break the two hour mark and he sees no reason that games should have to either. I agree, especially when you aren't even paying anything to play the game. And really you can get more than two hours out of the game if you want to. There are secrets to be found and almost without a doubt you won't have seen everything after just one play through. The world is simply that big.

The game reminds me in some ways of Animal Crossing, which sets you down in a world and asks you to entertain yourself. In that game the entertainment is supposed to come from taking care of the village, but in Knytt the entertainment is similar to the experience of going through a walk in a favorite neighborhood. When you go on a walk you don't expect floating platforms and puzzles and bad guys to jump out and attack you. What you expect is comfortable scenery to walk through for a few minutes. Knytt creates the neighborhood, it's up to the player to enjoy the scenery.


I have been playing the game for a while now and call me stupid but the items signal seems to be pointing me into the sky with no obvious (or otherwise) way to get up there. Can someone point me in the right direction please?


WOW...I think I am the first to notice this since i dont see it posted here...have any of you come the lazer tank? there is a completely second secret word. Use the speed and jump cheats and you can go where you normally cant go... there is a place i stumbled upon...it was a falshing wwhite box, when i hit it it said see credits. I'm not sure yet exactly what that does, but anyway, continue left and you'll hit a telepprter. you will be transported to a whole new worl with amazing new thing that you need the super cheats to survive....anyone else find this wonder?


Dirk, climb up hig walls/mountains/castle etc. till you get to the top. the you'll see darker clouds, you can jump on those.

btw...I have some amazing screen shots of the second world, if you want them, email me @ [email protected]



From the beginning, go down into the cave and go as far right as possible (underground). You will come to a dead end. However, it's not really a dead end! Some parts of the wall are fake!

Andrew May 9, 2007 6:38 PM

Hey my name is Andrew.
Your game is pretty cool except...
well I kept coming back to it just because I wanted to find all the pieces. The gameplay lacks any real action or storyline. Sure, there is a storyline involved, but only before and after you collect everything. You can't interact with anything, or talk to people. This game is an amazing world, it's just not real fun to play. Yes, it's eye-catching, but after that...what.


This game is making me nuts... in a good way.

Downloaded it a week ago and want to nuke it from my system but I CANT!! I keep coming back to it and will until I finish! Darn you, cute little pixel Knytt!


how do you download the game?


Hey, if you think Knytt is too easy, try Knytt XH (eXtra Hard) Edition, a mod by Hempuli, here, in nifflas homepage http://nifflas.ni2.se

It's in the knytt tab, 3rd party mods.


Get all balls the easy way:

If you've saved the game a least once you'll see that there is a file called "savegame.ini" in the root directory of the game. So lets make some changes :p
If you don't have all balls they'll won't mention it so to add them place this in the file:
You can always delete the balls by just removing the line or turning the true value (1) into a false value (0)


anybody know what adobe program he used to make knytt?

Jacob X891 December 4, 2007 7:23 PM

nathan: i'm pretty sure he used MMF2, not adobe.


I know this is sort of supposed to be played in one sitting... but whenever I play it( and yeah I remember to save) quit and close it, then feel like playing again and open it, I cant. I cant click on the save slot and I have to go through the tutural and do it all over again.... does anyone else get this? =/



You will notice that the flashing white box in the clouds has a ant on it. When you save your game have a look at the credits and you will see a where there used to be two "?s" there is one, and the other has turned into a ant. Click on it to play the minigame. I am supposeing from the other "?" there is another minigame somewhere too...

PS I got the "not saving" problem in my above comment worked out. Sorry ( I just made a copy of the game and played that. I think. )


The other question mark:

Once you find the other question mark around the bottom western end of the game, the question mark in the box becomes a play button (like the one on music players). It's nothing much, it just enables music on the credits and main page.


What are you supposed to do? I don't see anything to pick up. Can you interact with the little people/beings? It's cute, but all I've been doing is running and jumping.


This game is great, fun and cool!! But after the file is unzipped and I go through the tutorial, play the game, save it several times and quit, then there is no longer a file to reopen. It doesn't seem to actually install anywhere or physically download to anywhere. I have all d/loads directed to the desktop through firefox but this file doesn't. The only way I can open it is from the "downloaded files" box and it's only there after I download it. Any suggestions as to how to save this file to my computer. Maybe I'm missing something but I've searched my computer thoroughly and can't find the file I "downloaded".

Bonesluce January 4, 2009 10:34 PM

I can't even play! How? It's obviously on home at first, ok? How do I start? I clicked on everything! Is it my computer?


Ah, I love this game. It's so beautiful and colorful. The world is so whimsical and nice to explore. Nifflas has one heck of an imagination.


These games will help you a lot - to improve yours skills.
I added a new game on 02121.com

Brainstorm October 27, 2009 1:38 AM

A beautiful, beautiful game. Just finished it. Enjoyed every moment, even when I was more than a little lost and couldn't figure out how to move on.

mirabelle October 31, 2009 9:01 AM

why does everyone love this game so much? the controls are so touchy that I found it EXTREMELY difficult to play without dying over & over again! it's very frustrating, and honestly doesn't have much incentive for me at all to continue playing when I can't even make a couple of jumps without dying every single time. bleh!


I didn't find the game too hard - a decent challenge from time to time, but fairly straightforward. I completed it. But I was left feeling "why?" There was just... nothing there. No unlockables, no new abilities, no interaction with characters, just... nothing. It's meant to be about the atmosphere, you say? I think there are plenty more games that have awesome atmosphere but also have rather more gameplay. I mean, I like exploration games as much as anyone - exploration is one of my favourite topics - but I think there has to be something to find, and this game didn't have any point in exploring. A bit too abstract for my tastes.


Not sure why so many people think this is so good. Okay, it's cute, you can wander all over the place but so what? Aside from the odd puzzle and avoiding a critter here and there and a secret passage or two the game quickly grows boring.

Patreon Donator deftwitch June 3, 2010 5:19 PM

Wonderful game. Its not difficult by any means... Deep Forest actually took some skill towards the end. Knytt isn't challenging as platformers (if you know what a wall jump is you're already an expert). The controls are crisp and you should be flying through any part of the game within minutes (takes about 45 min to an hour to finish) but its still LOTS of fun. I love the mechanics, graphics, sound, etc etc. I found myself walking around and places just to see them as you can skip large parts of the game as many paths to get to goals. Really is a must play... fun and relaxing!

Burl Bird June 22, 2010 3:32 PM

A great little game that helped me out a rainy afternoon. The game part is actually there just to make you go further and explore. Mazes, monsters, jumping and other platform elements are not forced, but are there to entertain. It could be longer and incorporate more interactive backgrounds, but still, crazy npcs that you encounter are just too cute! Look out for a green guy eating from a tree, or an underground colony!
Overall, highly recomended , and I can't wait to start "Knytt Stories"!


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